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11 Marketing Tools to Help in Providing Business Solutions to Your Clients

11 Marketing Tools to Help in Providing Business Solutions to Your Clients

Technology drives business and marketing more than any other time in history.

Brilliant minds develop new software and techniques at a rapid pace. If you hesitate at all as a business owner, you'll find yourself falling behind the competition. Failure to adapt to changing practices can be the difference between forging ahead or watching your brand suffer an untimely failure.

Thankfully, those same technologies are more user-friendly and accessible than ever. Even the average user can leverage powerful marketing automation tools to reliably provide business solutions to clients.

Below, you can learn about 11 new marketing tools that can help in providing business solutions to your clients for little to no cost. And so that there is always room for new tools on your device, read more here about memory cleaners.

Marketing Analytics & Performance Tracking Tools

1. Analytics

Analytics is singlehandedly the most important driver of marketing and business success.

Without a reliable way to track and measure the performance of your advertising and sales efforts, there's simply no way to achieve a desirable ROI.

Many brands are likely already familiar with free online analytics platforms such as Google Analytics. This is in addition to built-in analytics that is featured within popular PPC platforms like Facebook or Google Ads. All of these technologies actively track and measure your website traffic and campaign performance 24/7.

However, not every client has the bandwidth or resources to actively track and manage all of these accounts simultaneously while running a business.

Analytics by DashClicks allows users to seamlessly integrate all of their analytics into one location from the following services:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • CallRail
DashClicks' Analytics App

In addition to these integrations, users can also syndicate all of their online directory listings in one central location. It's as simple as filling out your business profile within the app and instantly submitting your details to every directory available within your geographic location.

Finally, this marketing analytics tool also allows users to add and track a number of keywords for SEO purposes. They'll be able to visualize rankings for these terms over time without any additional input.

The Analytics application is free to all users with full access to all of the aforementioned integrations. The only exclusion is the Listings Manager tool, which requires an additional monthly cost to actively maintain listings with those providers.

Analytics can benefit both marketers and their business clients alike. Learn more about the application by visiting the link here.

2. InstaReports

InstaReports is primarily a client prospecting tool that generates comprehensive marketing reports about a business.

While these reports will help guide your client acquisition, these reports contain valuable, actionable data that can help your clients better understand their digital marketing efforts.

The application utilizes existing contact data you have on file about a specific business. It then locates all information about that business online regarding the following categories:

  • Directory listings
  • Online reviews
  • Social media performance
  • Website analytics
  • SEO rankings
  • Google Ads performance

These are marketing areas in which websites grant readily grant access to the business's online history. We then compare that data to the top-performing businesses within the same industry sector as the business you are targeting.

DashClicks' InstaReports App

You can then present this data to a business client to illustrate which areas they are successful in and which require additional attention.

However, instead of leaving your client with a general grade of their activities, the report also contains in-depth suggestions for the following:

  • Improving web page loading speeds
  • Fixing notable website health errors
  • Inaccuracies or errors within listings
  • Cost-benefit analysis of targeted keywords
  • Suggestions for improvement within social activity
  • Suggestions to retrieve more business reviews on popular sites like Google or Yelp

These analytics and error reports give the client actionable data to begin improving their online presence. This will greatly enhance the effectiveness of their marketing and sales efforts over time.

You can learn more about the InstaReports application here.

CRM Marketing Tools

3. Contacts

Contacts is a free CRM software application that allows users to add, track, and communicate with a minimum of 500 unique contacts. That limit can be expanded to a staggering 250,000 contact records with the highest-tier platform plan.

For zero cost, marketers and their clients can leverage these contact records to quickly manage essential notes, reminders, and file attachments about the individual or business. For the starting paid plan, Pro,ā  users can also create segmented lists for private or teamwide use.

Finally, your clients can still take advantage of their existing contact records by importing them into Contacts within seconds. You can utilize the data transfer feature to retrieve data from your current CRM.

Where Contacts truly distinguishes itself from your existing CRM is its ability to seamlessly communicate with an entire ecosystem of sales and marketing applications. Once your contact data is saved, you can automatically call on names, phone numbers, and addresses instantly from any other software within the platform.

You can learn more about your new CRM by visiting the link here.

4. Deals

Deals is a sales CRM and marketing automation tool that allows you to create and manage multiple sales pipelines and deals therein.

With free account signup, your clients will be able to track and manage an unlimited number of deals within a given sales pipeline. Their entire team will maintain a clear visualize of where prospective customers are in a given stage and be able to plan their strategies from there.

Perhaps the most significant feature of this software is the ability to fully automate several tasks when a customer reaches the next step in the sales process. For example, when a customer moves past the initial point of contact, the system can automatically send out follow-up emails or text messages for nurturing or scheduling appointments.

This alleviates the workload of your sales team, and, instead, allows them to focus on the tasks that will better help them to close deals successfully. Your sales agents can also receive immediate notifications when a customer moves to a certain point in the sales pipeline, ensuring that you're always proactive throughout the sales journey.

The Deals app also monitors your deals in real-time through a dedicated reporting tab that illustrates your deal success rate overall, success rate by stage, and success rate by team member. You can then use this real-time data to guide and refine the entire sales process.

Finally, if you're using existing deal management software like Pipedrive, you can instantly import all of your sales data into the platform without missing a beat.

To learn more about this improved pipeline management app, click here.

Lead Management Marketing Tools

5. Inbound

The Inbound app by DashClicks provides your clients with one convenient place to manage and track all inbound leads from a variety of platforms.

Without much effort, you can quickly log in to the following lead management platforms:

  • CallRail
  • ClickFunnels
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instapage
  • Kartra
  • ManyChat
  • PhoneSites
  • Unbounce
  • Forms by DashClicks
DashClicks' Inbound App

After integrating these third-party accounts, all of your lead data will automatically appear within the Inbound dashboard. Your sales reps will never need to manage login information for those separate accounts and can see everything they need to within the new dashboard.

The software automatically filters all of your leads by integration type and by one of two lead types: form submissions or phone calls. This means you can quickly segment your lead lists with the press of a button.

In addition to this, the Inbound app will automatically filter all of your leads by how freshā  they are. This is vital as studies show your sales reps are 100x more likely to connect with new leads if they contact them within five minutes. Simply filter new leads by freshness and know which leads to contact and which are likely long gone.

Finally, you can set your campaigns to automatically notify the designated sales rep by phone or email of a new lead. This enables your team to be proactive and take advantage of every new lead you obtain. No more missing out on leads because you forgot to check the right platform. Everything is now accessible and manageable with one easy-to-use tool.

If you also would like to track all of your leads in one place, click here to learn more.

Website Management Tools

6. InstaSites

Though your business client will not be the actual user of the InstaSites app, they will receive immediate benefits when you take advantage of it.

The InstaSites software is a website creation tool that allows you to rapidly generate brand-new websites in a few short steps.

Simply select an existing template within the app by sorting through hundreds of unique industries. When you find a website you like, you can select your business client from your list of contacts and automatically inject their unique business data into the relevant web pages. This includes:

  • Business name
  • Business logo
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Google Maps location
  • Business hours
  • Social links
DashClicks' InstaSites App

You can also add custom fields at any time through the drag-and-drop website editor. This feature allows anyone to make professional edits to any website template with zero IT or coding knowledge required. You're free to play with any existing template and create temporary websites for zero cost.

Finally, unlike most templates which contain generic lorem ipsum text, every InstaSite comes preloaded with industry-relevant content, making it easier than ever to present new website solutions to your clients without any additional effort.

When your business client falls in love with their new website, you can purchase it for them at any time. Because the preview build already contains their information, the design and content will be ready to go. After that, simply change the website domain to your liking, and the client will have a beautiful new website moving forward.

Each new website you purchase for a client comes with:

  • Monthly web hosting by Amazon Web Services
  • SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 access to the drag-and-drop website editor

Websites can also support eCommerce for an additional monthly fee. The additional cost is contingent upon the number of product listings you need for the new site.

To start building new websites for free, click here.

7. Sites

The Sites application is a sister app to InstaSites and is where users can manage their brand-new website.

The Sites dashboard contains regularly updated metrics including total visits, click-to-calls, map clicks, and form submissions. It will also display the status of the domain and SSL certificate at all times.

DashClicks' Sites App

The Sites software contains a full-blown analytics tracking tool. This contains a more detailed breakdown of what you'll find on the dashboard, allowing you to set up custom tracking periods for your website metrics.

You'll also be able to track your website visitors by geolocation, website browser, and operating system, giving you a better examination of where you're obtaining most of your website clicks.

Most importantly, the Sites app grants every website owner full access to the same drag-and-drop editor featured in the InstaSites app mentioned above. That means that your business clients can make any changes necessary to their site without the need for web design knowledge.

The editor is fast, responsive, and will empower your clients to take an active role in their own success. It's easy to upload images, modify the text, add widgets, and store backups of any existing pages. Owning and managing a website has never been easier.

To check out a preview of the Sites app, click here.

Template & Form Builders for Marketing

8. Templates

Successful digital marketing requires teams to frequently complete several easy, yet time-consuming, monotonous tasks. Among these includes the creation of personalized emails and text messages to send to prospects and customers at various stages of the buyer's journey.

The Templates app alleviates this by enabling your team to create hundreds of pre-written templates that you can use for any client. This is made possible by utilizing the Personalize feature. When you utilize this tool to add personalized data, the Templates app will automatically inject the correct data for that contact.

For example, let's say you wish to send out an introductory email to every client that signs up for an offer or promotion. Because the email content will likely be the same for every person, you can write out the subject line and body as necessary.

However, instead of adding details like the person's name, you can utilize Personalize to automatically update the template with the person's name that is receiving the email.

Instead of writing your subject line as:

Thanks for signing up, Bob Smith!

The template on your end would look something like this:

Thanks for signing up, Person Name

Then, whenever you send that email to someone in your contact book, the software pulls the name from the contact book automatically.

In other words, you create one email template that you can suddenly personalize for an unlimited number of recipients. This creates an enormous time-saver and allows your team to focus their energy on more important tasks.

Furthermore, if you have any doubts about the app's ability to correctly inject data, you can utilize the Fallback feature. This essentially allows you to create an additional customized insert that the app will use if there is an error or if you do not have the contact data on file.

To check out more information about the Templates app, click here.

9. Forms

Forms are another invaluable tool that any digital marketer wants on their side. You can utilize a form on your website, on a landing page, in sales funnels, and much more. It's the primary way of obtaining basic lead information online.

However, like website design, the technical knowledge required to create beautiful forms often gates your clients from being able to do this themselves.

The Forms app presents your clients with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor where you can create a full-fledged form in minutes.

For basic forms, all you need to do is grab the information fields and drop them in any order on the main page. You can easily rename any pre-built field at any time for further customization. The app automatically saves your form and provides you with the embed code necessary to add your form to a web page.

DashClicks' Forms App

The app also presents more in-depth possibilities including timers, date/time selectors, multiple-choice potions, and much more. You can also customize the form style by editing borders, fonts, and colors. The layout menu allows you to alter the page format by creating rows, columns, or wells.

The Forms app automatically stores any form submissions received. Users simply click on the form from the list to review every submission received to date.

Click on over to the Forms page, so that you can see firsthand what's possible.

Project Management Tools

10. Projects

The Projects app is a suggestion that provides an indirect benefit to your client.

Projects allows you, the marketing agency owner, to easily manage a variety of projects for every one of your clients within one application.

Whenever a client signs up for the DashClicks platform, they'll exist as a sub-account beneath your main account. When the client utilizes apps like Analytics or Sites, you'll automatically see that data reflected in your Projects application.

With this, your agency can stay readily informed regarding any activity about your client's activities. You'll have access to the same campaign or website analytics that they do at all times.

DashClicks' Projects App

In addition to this, you can use Projects to store and share files, create customized notebooks, and make edits to your client's website on their behalf. In short, this allows your client to retain full control over their account, while still granting you immediate access to the knowledge you need to help guide their success.

You manage an unlimited number of projects within the app, making it your go-to solution for client project management. This is significantly easier than managing credentials and logging into accounts for every single client every time a change needs to be made.

Get an idea of what the Projects app is all about by clicking here.

Marketing Dashboard Tools

11. Dashboard

The final marketing tool suggestion on this list is the Dashboard application.

This app, in many ways, is the summation of all other applications discussed in this article. Within Dashboard, you can automatically gather critical insights from every other marketing tool you happen to be using on the platform.

Every user can fully customize their dashboard to their liking with several widgets. There is at least one widget for every other app and you may place these anywhere you like. Each widget contains a degree of customization, which allows you to determine what type of data you want to highlight as well as the period you wish to track.

DashClicks' Dashboard App

The Dashboard can serve as a meaningful time save by providing a quick snapshot of the metrics you care about most. You won't need to navigate to other apps and dig through reporting tabs to find out what's going on with your latest marketing campaigns.

Every user can customize Dashboard to their liking. This also means that alternate users logging in to the same account can customize their dashboard without affecting their teammates.

Check out your new dashboard by visiting the link here.

Provide Business Solutions to Clients with These New Marketing Tools

All of these recommended marketing tools provide your client with a host of benefits at zero monthly cost. Compared to most other digital marketing websites, no platform allows businesses to accomplish so much with so little investment.

More importantly, because all of these tools exist on the same platform, they're designed to work together for the greatest impact. Any time spent in one application generally equates to time saved within another. Data in Contacts can be instantly utilized in Deals, InstaSites, Sites, Projects, and Analytics, for example.

Your client needs solutions that allow them to focus on doing what they do best - running their business. By taking advantage of any one of these tools, they'll be able to save money on monthly subscriptions and direct their entire team to one unified system.

To try it out for yourself, be sure to sign up today. Take a look and see if these marketing tools are reliable enough to provide the business solutions your client needs.

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