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Create and manage your websites using our white label drag and drop website builder for agencies.

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My Website

Once your Sites add-on subscription is activated, your custom website will be available in your Sites app. Connecting your custom domain name takes just a couple minutes, then you'll be live on the web!


One platform to run your entire business

Save time, hit your goals faster and create a transformational experience by leveraging the DashClicks ecosystem.


Template selection

Select the perfect template of choice and have your new custom website built within seconds, automatically.


Drag & drop agency website builder

Use our website building software to create, manage and optimize your website without needing any coding knowledge, or tech experience.


Detailed website analytics

Use our detailed website analytics to check the stats of your site to see how it's performing.


Hosting & SSL certificate

Our Sites include hosting which is done on AWS, and an SSL certificate to make sure your site is protected.

One platform, endless possibilities

All the building blocks you need to run your business from within one beautiful platform.

All apps work together seamlessly within the DashClicks ecosystem.
Integrate your favorite third party apps with our native integrations built by DashClicks.
Use our built-in utilities to make your life easier and speed things up that would take days.
Tap into our public API and create custom solutions for your business any way you'd like.
Connect with thousands of third party apps using pre-built zaps, or create your own.
Frequently Asked Questions
How many website templates are there available to choose?

We currently offer ten unique website templates. Simply select your template, purchase your site, and it’s yours to modify to your liking.

After I purchase the website, is it mine to keep forever?

Yes. The initial purchase covers the cost of your website. It then belongs to you entirely. However, you will continue to pay a monthly fee to cover the cost of website hosting through Amazon Web Services as well as your SSL certificate.

Can I do eCommerce with my site?

Yes. However, there is an additional fee for eCommerce sites. This fee will increase depending upon the number of product pages you need for your new site.

The basic eCommerce plan comes with a 100 product limit at $35/month.

Do you offer any help with the white label website editor?

We have a full-fledged help center devoted to using the agency website builder software. With that in mind, the drag-and-drop editor is designed to allow users of any skill level to create beautiful agency websites with ease.

Can I edit the mobile versions of my site?

Yes. Our easy website builder software allows you to access different site views including desktop, tablet, and mobile at any time. You can build with confidence knowing that you’re providing a quality UX regardless of the device being used to visit your website.

What happens if I want to select a new website template?

Once you select and purchase a website template, you cannot make a change. However, you will have full access to the website editor, so that you can make as many edits as necessary.

Does my website come with a custom domain?

To get a custom domain, you will need to change this within the website editor. After you enter your custom domain in the settings, you will need to point your DNS records to the new domain. This will be the account owner’s responsibility.

Why does my sub-account’s Sites app look different?

Due to the white-labeling process, we provide your sub-account with a message to contact your team about purchasing a new site. This provides you with an opportunity to build them a new site using the InstaSites app.

After they approve and purchase their new site, it will now appear within their Sites app.

Can I edit my website or a sub-account’s website?

Yes. You can edit your own website at any time by clicking on the “Edit” button within your Sites app.

You can edit a sub-account’s website by visiting their account in your Projects app. Then, navigate to the “Website” tab to find the “Edit” button.

Does the Sites app offer any reporting?

Yes. The sites app currently tracks the following information regarding your site:

- Visits
- Form submissions
- Calls
- Map clicks
- Page views
- Unique browser visits
- Unique OS visits
- Geolocation data

What happens to my site if I change my business profile in my account settings?

You can actually sync your account business profile with your website. If you make any changes to your address, contact details, social handles, or company name, the changes will automatically be reflected on your website.

Can I integrate my existing website into the Sites app?

No. You must select and purchase a new website within the application to utilize the Sites app fully.

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