One source of truth for all your data.

Use dozens of pre-built widgets across all your apps and pull your data into one unified client dashboard software.

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My Dashboard

Create your own white label client reporting dashboard view using our drag and drop widgets to create your perfect view.


One platform to run your entire business

Save time, hit your goals faster and create a transformational experience by leveraging the DashClicks ecosystem.


Create the perfect view

Customize your client dashboard view from dozens of different pre-built widgets to create the perfect view.


Real-time data updates

No need to refresh, as data changes within your apps, all widgets get updated in real time.


Your profile, your view

All users within your account can customize their own white label dashboard to see the most important data relevant to them.

One platform, endless possibilities

All the building blocks you need to run your business from within one beautiful platform.

All apps work together seamlessly within the DashClicks ecosystem.
Integrate your favorite third party apps with our native integrations built by DashClicks.
Use our built-in utilities to make your life easier and speed things up that would take days.
Tap into our public API and create custom solutions for your business any way you'd like.
Connect with thousands of third party apps using pre-built zaps, or create your own.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I customize my client dashboard?

Yes. You get to choose which widgets you want to appear. You can also place them in any order you’d like on the screen.

Can I change the period that my widgets are currently focusing on?

Yes, when applicable. Any widget that has this feature will have a button that allows you to select periods ranging from this week to this year.

Can I change which metrics appear in a widget?

We currently do not offer this functionality for the dashboard widgets. If you want to see more data beyond what is currently available, you will need to visit that application.

Can each user on my account customize their own dashboard?

Yes. Each user can choose which widgets they want to prioritize and where they want to place them in the white label dashboard software.

Can I restrict an account user from seeing certain widgets on their dashboard?

No. However, you can create custom permissions regarding what the user can interact with within a specific application in your settings.

Can I add my own custom widgets?

No. However, we are working toward adding new widgets and features in the near future.

What kind of widgets are available?

We currently have one widget available for each application available on the platform. There is also a dedicated widget that allows you to focus on your most recent notifications.

These widgets provide a quick snapshot of relevant details that are happening in that app.

Can I change a sub-account’s dashboard?

No. Each account has the freedom to customize their dashboard in the way that they see fit.

Can I change what types of notifications appear in the Notifications widget?

Yes. You can completely customize your notification settings for the entire platform or for each individual app through your account settings.

Can I use the widgets to jump to what I’m looking at in that specific app?

Yes. Clicking on a metric within a widget will cause you to jump to the most relevant page or tab within that app.

Do I need to do anything to refresh data in a widget after taking certain actions?

No. Your widgets will always update in real-time.

Can I change the style or color of my dashboard?

You cannot do this directly within the Dashboard app. However, you can control the way your entire account looks by managing your branding in your main account settings.

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