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Create custom email and SMS templates and start unifying your messaging across your entire organization using our templates app.


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Personalize Messages

Personalize your messaging by injecting data from contact records, apps, team users and other data sources.


Text Editor

Use our custom text editor to customize your formatting on your message to create the perfect design.


Fallback Text

When using a template for automations, sometimes we don't have certain data points about a contact. Use our fallback feature to replace text in case the field is missing so you never end up with a blank field.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How many templates can I build?

The number of templates you can build depends upon your current subscription plan:

Free - 5
Pro - 50
Plus - 100
Premium - 500

Can I personalize a template to the individual I’m attempting to contact?

Yes. When creating templates, the subject and body lines contain a personalization menu. When you select a personalization option, the email or SMS will automatically update to show the information that is unique to the contacted individual.

For example, if you personalized the template to read “Hi First Name,” it would replace the text “first name” to read with the individual’s true first name.

Is there a limit to how long my templates can be?

For emails, there is no limit to the message length. You will spend 1 email credit regardless of the email template size.

For SMS templates, you will expend 1 template credit for every 160 characters that you enter into the message. If you utilized 165 characters, you would then spend 2 SMS credits.

Is there a way to organize my templates?

Your white label Templates app classifies all templates as email or SMS under respective tabs.

You can also modify your table of templates and remove any unwanted information columns. The only information you’re required to keep is the template type and the template name.

Can I test templates before using them?

Yes. When creating templates or notifications, you will always see a field that reads “Test your email/SMS” at the bottom. There, you can enter a name and email/number to test your template. Be aware that this will expand email or SMS sends.

Are there any pre-built templates?

No. Templates are primarily used for personal messaging. We strongly encourage users to personalize their templates in a way that is fitting for their business and their audience.

Can I use my email and SMS templates in other apps?

Yes. By building templates first, you can rapidly move through creating notifications in other apps without any additional effort on your part.

You can utilize your templates in Deals, InstaSites, InstaReports, and Inbound in place of creating new messages.

Is there any security option to protect me if my personalizations do not work?

The Templates management app also offers a fallback feature. This permits you to enter custom text to utilize in the event that a personalization option fails to take effect.

Can I delete templates or do I have to edit an existing one?

You’re able to perform either action. Deleting a template will free up a slot toward your allowed template builds. You can also easily edit a template at any time.

Can I add attachments to templates?

Yes. Simply click on the “Attach” button in the message field to add files. There is a cumulative attachment maximum size of 20MB. You can add as many files as you would like as long as the total size does not exceed this limit.

Is there a way to copy a template if I just need to make small changes?

Yes. Every template will feature a duplicate/clone button. This way, you can quickly copy and revise a template for a new purpose without much delay.

What if my personalization option makes my template longer?

The Templates app will display a warning message each time you utilize a personalization option. Due to the unpredictable lengths of your personalization option, it’s possible that it will cause your message to exceed the character limit. If this happens, we will charge your account for one additional template credit. If you notice that this occurs, you will need to revise your template if you do not wish to spend unnecessary credits.

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