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Create in-depth performance reports in seconds to help close deals faster with our digital marketing audit tool.

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Select from almost a dozen of performance and white label marketing audit reports to build from, closing deals has never been easier.


One platform to run your entire business

Save time, hit your goals faster and create a transformational experience by leveraging the DashClicks ecosystem.


Easy data does the trick

Data is complex, so we've created reports everyone can read, not just marketers. Just like school, now your InstaReports have an easy to understand grading scale to make decision making a breeze.


Stack em' up

Our white label website audit tool stacks your prospects’ performance results alongside their competitors to showcase comparisons. We gather data from hundreds of sources to create accurate averages across almost every industry.


We'll do the heavy lifting

Compiling complex data like this manually would take days. InstaReports not only gets the job done in seconds, but also uses machine learning to enhance the data making it more relevant and precise.


Send them to the queue

Have a list of businesses you want to build InstaReports for? Bulk upload your contacts, then set it and forget it. Our queue system will build each performance report behind the scenes, then send custom messaging out to your prospects on your behalf.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How many InstaReports can I build?

The number of InstaReports builds you have available per month depends upon your current subscription plan:

Free - 1
Pro - 10
Plus - 100
Premium - 200

What does the audit report entail?

The General Overview report details the following:

- Listings
- Reviews
- Social Media
- Website
- Google Ads

In the white label audit report, we’ll compare the business’s performance to the industry average. We’ll also diagnose the business website for errors and recommend fixes and optimizations to improve performance.

What details do I need to build and send a report to a client?

To build an accurate report, we require the following details:

- Business Name
- Phone
- Email
- Industry
- State
- City

You can pull this information directly from an existing contact record in Contacts or by uploading a CSV file.

What kind of details can I see on my end regarding my digital marketing audit reports?

You can instantly access an existing report by selecting it from your My InstaReports table. This will also contain all of the data we have on file for that specific contact. You can also see who built the digital marketing audit report along with the exact date and time it was built.

Are there other types of reports available?

We plan to introduce individual reports for each of the following areas listed in the General Overview at a later date.

Are the reports white-labeled?

Yes. Each online marketing audit report will show your business name. It will also provide the name of the sales rep assigned to the report along with their contact information, so that your prospects have an easy way to get in touch.

Can I build more than one report at once or do I have to do them all individually?

All account types can build InstaReports in bulk. Simply select the report type you want to use, then select all the contacts that you wish to build a report for at once. You can confirm how many InstaReports credits you are using before you complete the process.

Is there a way to keep track of who’s reading their audit reports?

Yes, the app allows you to easily track the marketing audit reports you’ve sent as well as which ones have been opened by the recipient.

Can I automatically notify a client of a report?

Yes. During the build process, you can create custom email and SMS notifications, while also choosing the individuals you wish to contact.

You can also automatically notify your sales reps that a new audit report was built and sent to an assigned lead.

Does the InstaReports app offer any type of reporting?

Yes. The dedicated reporting tab will keep track of how many InstaReports you successfully built versus how many were actually viewed by the recipient.

You can also track the above percentages by specific industries.

Is there a report for Facebook Ads?

No. Unfortunately, Facebook has strict policies regarding the access and sharing of account information. For this reason, a third party cannot obtain the necessary information to create a meaningful and actionable report.

Does resending a report to a client expend another InstaReport credit?

No. You only utilize an InstaReport credit for the actual build. Once it’s in your app, it’s yours to share as often as you would like.

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