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Other Dashclicks built-in Apps:


View analytics associated to your clients marketing campaigns within our digital marketing campaign project management software.


One platform to run your entire business

Save time, hit your goals faster and create a transformational experience by leveraging the DashClicks ecosystem.


Auto project creation

Once a service is purchased from the fulfillment store, automate the creation of a new project.


Mirrored analytics with sub-accounts

Connect your clients sub-accounts right from within your dashboard and view all metrics, as if you were in their account.


Automate onboarding docs

Once a service is purchased form the fulfillment store, automate the creation and sending of onboarding documents to your clients.

One platform, endless possibilities

All the building blocks you need to run your business from within one beautiful platform.

All apps work together seamlessly within the DashClicks ecosystem.
Integrate your favorite third party apps with our native integrations built by DashClicks.
Use our built-in utilities to make your life easier and speed things up that would take days.
Tap into our public API and create custom solutions for your business any way you'd like.
Connect with thousands of third party apps using pre-built zaps, or create your own.
Frequently Asked Questions
What types of integrations are available within Projects?

The Projects app effectively mirrors everything that’s available in the Analytics app. That means that you can integrate the following:

- Facebook Ads
- Google Ads
- CallRail
- Google Analytics
- Listings Manager (Add-on subscription purchased in our fulfillment store)

What types of projects can I manage for sub-accounts?

Currently, you are able to manage the following for all of the sub-accounts associated with your main account:

- Track and manage analytics
- Manage forms and form submissions
- Track website analytics and utilize the website editor
- Upload and manage files
- Create and update client-related notebooks

How do I get a website to appear for my sub-account?

You must first create a website for a sub-account through the InstaSites app. After you purchase the website for the account, you’ll be able to access it through the Projects app when selecting that sub-account.

Can I track onboarding documents for my sub-accounts?

Yes. To review onboarding document submissions, click on the sub-account in Projects, then go to your Forms tab.

If a client disconnects an integration on their end, will it also disconnect in my Projects app?

Yes. The Projects app is a mirror image of what the sub-account is seeing on their end. Changes on one side will also occur on the other side.

Can I change which metrics appear in my sub-account analytics?

You cannot add custom metrics to any of the analytics widgets. However, you can customize what information is displayed in the table and where by utilizing the Manage Columns feature.

Can I integrate analytics on behalf of a sub-account?

Yes, but it is not the recommended method. The client will be able to integrate their own services through their Analytics app. If this is not possible, you can do it for them through your Projects application by selecting their sub-account first.

What types of files can I upload for my sub-accounts?

Accepted File Types:

- Images - JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP
- Text - Plain, CSV
- Audio - X-WAV, MPEG, WAV
- Application - MSWord, Zip, PDF,

What happens if I purchase a fulfillment service for a sub-account?

Our system will automatically create new projects for the sub-account after we confirm your fulfillment purchase. For example, if you purchase Facebook ads for a sub-account, you will then find Facebook Ads analytics in Projects when reviewing that sub-account.

What happens to a project if my client or sub-account cancels their subscription?

You can easily hide any inactive projects by checking the appropriate toggle within your account settings. This helps to keep your project management dashboard clean and up-to-date.

Can sub-accounts see what I’m doing within the Projects app?

No. While you can observe and interact with the sub-account’s analytics and website, your files and notebooks are for your team only.

Can I only review active campaigns?

No. Each analytics integration has a toggle to filter Active, Paused, or Removed campaigns. As long as that campaign was active long enough to populate information in the dashboard, you can always go back and review previous campaign information.

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