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How to Successfully Optimize Your Agency Processes with DashClicks

How to Successfully Optimize Your Agency Processes with DashClicks

Ever wondered why most agencies fail and only a few succeed in digital marketing?

In the agency business, your success lies in your ability to effectively optimize systems and processes. So, first, you must set up the right processes and create templates for them.

The idea is to identify the monotonous processes and create successful internal methods to boost efficiency, reduce human error and wasteful practices and build strong client relationships.

Right agency processes aren’t limited to the systems in place. They also include communications being sent, meeting schedules, and management of systems the agency uses at every level.

It ensures the effectiveness of your digital agency at each level.

In this article, we will discuss the three fundamental elements of a successful agency business, and they are:

  • The agency processes
  • Building optimal agency processes
  • How DashClicks can help you become an effective digital agency?

What Are Agency Processes?

Consider the systems at work in a business, especially the following things.

  • How are the communications taking place within the organization and with the clients?
  • How do you communicate with your clients and exchange messages?
  • How do you share and exchange various documents?
  • How do the meetings take place?

So, these are more like the management systems we use in different fields to run operations. These include:

  • Methods
  • Systems
  • Technology
  • Human Resources

Furthermore, these elements are dynamic, so the changes have to be regular for consistent improvement.

So, setting up the processes is the desired practice the creative agency will ultimately benefit from.

How to Optimize Your Agency Processes?

Agency business is quite competitive, and if you don’t optimize agency processes, you may soon find yourself in troubled waters. Here are some of the agency process best practices.

In an agency business, your profits and revenue primarily depend on how efficiently you execute your projects and run your processes.

Agency owners confront many things at a time, including resource crunch, lack of time, looming deadlines, wasteful and repetitive practices, lack of coordination among team members, and communication issues within the teams and with the clients.

So, first of all, we need to fix these issues. Identify and eliminate unnecessary processes and ensure a smooth workflow across teams. Remove the friction points if there are any by clearly defining the specific roles of each team member.

Sometimes, employees face annoying operational challenges and complain about repetitive tasks. You can address this issue by developing robust processes.

1. Audit Your Processes and Workflow

You should begin by auditing the processes and workflow in your agency. Meet your team members and discuss the friction points to eliminate wasteful practices that cause unnecessary delays.

List all the challenges, including repetitive tasks in different processes such as client onboarding, reporting, and executing various tasks while running campaigns.

Also, identify the instances where productive time is lost in tos and fros and repetition.

For example, ‌prioritize the issue if more than two persons complain of the same repetitive tasks while running campaigns. Even account managers find themselves stuck because of inefficient practices and repetitive tasks. If it is happening consistently, you need to optimize the process.

2. Set SMART Goals

Setting smart goals in the agency business, i.e., Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based, is crucial. Goal setting is the best strategy for productivity and success, but vague and unspecified goals won’t help you much as with such goals, measuring or tracking your performance becomes highly impossible.


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For example, if your target is to grow your agency, you should set a specific goal: “I want to reach the $3 million revenue mark by the end of this year.” This goal will motivate your entire team and push them to work harder instead of vague goals such as growing the agency’s revenue.

Your goals should be relevant. Suppose you want to achieve increased visibility for your agency; your goal should be to increase your social media followers, increase traffic on your website and boost engagement on all your social media channels. Just growing your traditional marketing budget and the number of billboards would not serve the purpose.

Last but not least, if your goals are not time-bound, your teams wouldn’t be motivated enough to achieve these goals. Therefore, it becomes crucial to attach a date to your goals.

3. Collect All the Necessary Information From the Client

You should collect all the necessary information from the clients, including project details and company credentials. It saves a lot of time wasted back and forth.

It will give your teams a precise idea of the deliverables and make the onboarding process smoother. A crystal-clear picture of your campaigns will ensure step-by-step progress and client satisfaction.

4. Get the Right Tools

Seamlessly sharing information among team members and establishing robust internal and external communication require the right processes and tools. Slack, Google Chat, and Microsoft Teams can save you a lot of hassle, but nothing is better than using a platform that offers an integrated dashboard.

DashClicks’ white-level platform allows you to have a bird’s eye view of your campaigns, manage CRM, and automate all the communications, including emails and SMSes, during the different stages of the customer journey. Even if you use third-party team management tools like Slack, DashClicks will help you with real-time updates about your campaigns, boosting client satisfaction and helping you establish your agency as a brand.

DashClicks' Dashboard Software

Here is the software tour of DashClicks that will explain how you can use the different white-label tools and apps to save time and effort.

5. Prioritize Tasks and Provide Creative Briefs to Your Teams

It is important to prioritize tasks and provide creative briefs to your team members. It will increase your efficiency in an agency business if your tasks are prioritized and completed in time.

To avoid confusion, repetition, or duplication of work, you need to assign specific roles to each team member. You should also provide creative briefs to your teams at the beginning of a project. Encourage them to ask as many questions as possible and keep the client in the loop so that everybody is on the same page.

You can build a highly organized agency with minimum wasteful practices if you assign specific roles to your team members and accordingly develop the processes.

It makes each person responsible for their deliverables, deadlines, and quality. You can also create a workflow chart for your organization.

Use DashClicks' project management tool to effectively manage your projects.

DashClicks' white label project management app provides the easiest and most powerful way to manage your projects, teams, customers, and more.

6. Leverage Automation

You can leverage the power of automation and boost your business beyond your wildest imaginations. You know that developing a website is a tedious task. Companies waste a lot of time creating professional-grade websites and writing content.

Apart from that, the websites should be SEO-friendly and offer a good user experience. They should be eye-catching and should download quickly. Businesses have a tough time getting such websites developed by the developers as they waste a lot of time.

DashClicks allows you to create instant websites through its website building automation tool InstaSites. Watch this video to know more about InstaSites.

Similarly, you can create automated reports and save much of your productive time.

DashClicks enables you to create instant reports through its report automation tool InstaReports. Watch this video to know more about InstaReports -

You can customize your reporting to suit your branding and functionality needs.

7. Automate Deals and Manage Sales Pipelines

DashClicks allows you to manage leads and deals in the sales pipeline through its Deals and Inbound Apps. Doing it manually takes time and is prone to human errors.

Deals is a sales pipeline management software that brings automation to life when managing leads and deals within your sales pipeline CRM software. Watch this video to know more about using automations through the Deals app -

With the Inbound app, you can easily manage all your inbound leads across multiple third-party platforms and distribute them to your sales team so they can instantly follow up with prospects.

Watch this video to know more about using automations through the Inbound app -

We have added six new automations recently to the Deals App -

Final Words

DashClicks is a comprehensive platform that can revolutionize your agency processes. Apart from offering you numerous crucial automation, it allows you to share your work between team members. It will help you during the auditing process, where you can identify your team's pain points and wasteful practices.

Many apps and tools included in the platform will make your tasks a cakewalk, saving you enormous time and effort. Employing SMART goal-setting, you can ensure productivity and efficiency. DashClicks' robust reporting tools will help you measure your campaign performance and your team's efficiency effectively.

In the sales funnel, DashClicks will enable you to automate your communications with prospects at different stages in their buyer's journey. Overall, DashClicks offers a platform with indispensable tools for your agency business.

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