7 Hacks to Make Your Digital Agency More Productive
DashClicks Team
Nov 8th, 2022 at 10:03 AM

7 Hacks to Make Your Digital Agency More Productive

Digital agencies are facing a tough time worldwide because of increasing competition. Though it’s a lucrative business, you need to be careful about the quality and price of your deliverables.

Here are seven foolproof hacks to make your digital agency more productive and cost-efficient.

1. Clear up the Mess

When creativity meets loads of work, clutter is inevitable. Soon, this clutter may evolve into a messy situation that will suck all creative energy out of you and cause confusion. It makes things harder to find and causes extreme frustration, especially when you have a deadline looming ahead.

To ensure productivity, you must tidy up your desk and keep it minimalistic and clutter-free. Also, ensure the same for your office as well. Remember, less is more unless we’re talking about efforts!

Pro Tips:

  • Set aside 5 minutes to declutter your desk.
  • Clean the surface, and put all the things in small cardboard boxes.
  • Make it a habit; soon, it will take less than five minutes.

Messy Desk Affects Productivity

2. Allow More Natural Light to Filter Through

The color temperature of light revitalizes the human body. Research shows that an adequate amount of light is crucial to mental and physical well-being. And while good lighting boosts mood and energy levels, a lack of it may aggravate depression and lead to other deficiencies in the human body.

The nature of lighting directly affects mood, concentration, appetite, and many other aspects of human psychology and physiology. Bright natural sunlight is also associated with higher energy levels, heightened emotions, and creating a relaxing and calming environment.

So, arrange some natural light to filter through your workspace and try to keep the desks near windows. You can also use a natural light & air inlet system. Installing custom-fitted skylights, decorative glass door panels, and windows are also a good idea.

3. Boost Team Productivity With a Project Management Software

A project management software can make your life easy, no matter where your team works. It can speed up tasks, keep things transparent, streamline internal communications, reduce distractions, and help you manage the workflow easily.

The best feature of a project management software is that it allows you to assign and track tasks. It also allows team members to envision how their daily tasks connect to team goals. It makes prioritization of work easier, so team members can optimize the available time to meet priority deadlines.

Pro Tip: We recommend the DashClicks Projects App, easily the best project management software for agencies by a long shot. The white-label project management app provides the easiest and most effective ways to manage your projects, teams, customers, and more.

4. Improve Your Workflow Through Project Templates

Marketing templates work like magic, especially when performing intricate tasks. Templates are everywhere, from conception to execution. For example, a marketing template can help you create content, run campaigns, organize events, and launch products. All you need to do then is simply choose the right one that works for you!

A well-designed project management software allows you to manage your campaign without following multiple e-mail threads to get the latest updates. An agency collaboration template will give you a bird’s eye view of the project and progress along various aspects.

Here is an example of a campaign management template. It helps you coordinate different cross-functional tasks to hit your goals more easily.

Campaign Management Template ExampleImage Source

5. Use Automation Tools 

Most agencies work with automation tools to speed up recurring tasks and manage workflow. With automation tools, you can finish most daily tasks in a matter of hours that might otherwise take days or weeks to complete.

DashClicks’ white-label platform is created specifically for agency owners who want to scale their businesses. The platform boasts dozens of powerful automation tools — such as InstaSites and InstaReports — which can instantly produce bulk professional websites using niche templates and create performance reports within seconds, respectively.

With manual tasks like website creation and report compilation now dedicatedly carried out by automation software, your experts can focus their attention on what’s most important — scaling and growing!

Besides website building and client reporting tools, the DashClicks white label platform also brings you many resources to gain education and access a single dashboard to monitor campaigns.

DashClicks' Dashboard Software

Here are some of the most powerful and effective marketing automation tools the DashClicks platform offers. You can use these apps to streamline your marketing processes and manage your campaigns more efficiently.

  • The DashClicks ecosystem helps you experience next-level marketing and automation software to boost and scale your agency business.
  • Easily scale and generate more revenue for your agency through our white-label fulfillment services.
  • Create in-depth performance reports in seconds to help close deals faster through the InstaReports app. These reports also contain valuable insights to improve your campaign.
  • Leverage the power of automation when managing leads and deals within your sales pipelines with the help of the Deals app.
  • Create a well-designed, 60-page custom website in seconds from hundreds of niche-based templates using the InstaSites app and save tons of time and effort.
  • Make tracking analytics a cakewalk. Monitor and report on all your marketing campaigns in one place with the marketing reporting software.
  • Projects, the project management app, helps you manage your projects, teams, customers, and more.

6. Outsource Business Services

Outsource the services you don’t specialize in and reap the rewards of upselling and its low-hanging fruits. For example, if you are an SEO agency, your clients might be interested in social media marketing or paid Google and Instagram advertising as well.

You can easily outsource these services from the DashClicks fulfillment center and deliver the best results to your clients. It would be a win-win situation for both your agency and your clients as you would generate a new revenue stream, and your client would not have to look elsewhere for these digital marketing services.

DashClicks offers fulfillment services at the most affordable rates, so agency owners all around the world can benefit from them.

7. Arrange Productivity Workshops

Lastly, arrange regular productivity workshops and training sessions for your employees to coach them about global best practices. Every dollar you invest in training will bring you its rewards in improved productivity and high employee morale, so don’t skip it!

Final Words

Following these tips for a productive digital agency will help you in many ways. DashClicks shares a lot of valuable educational resources that will help you improve your processes and reduce operating costs. We also conduct specialized coaching programs for digital agencies, so even solopreneurs can function as an agency without hiring any professionals.

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