The White Label Reporting Software Every Growing Agency Needs
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Sep 23rd, 2022 at 09:22 AM

The White Label Reporting Software Every Growing Agency Needs

The key metric of whether you’ve succeeded is what fraction of your employees use that dashboard every day.

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An SEO report serves two purposes. First, it helps your client know their position regarding keyword rankings, traffic, and revenue generation. Second, it boosts your branding. The first look at an SEO report speaks volumes about your agency’s professionalism and brand.

Nobody likes to see a torrent of data on standard documents without any logo and your agency’s branding. So, if you want to build trust and authority, send an SEO report that includes your agency’s name, address, contact details, logo, and brand colors.

Usually, it takes an entire day to generate a powerful SEO report with a dedicated employee completely immersed in fetching data from dozens of channels. Apart from that, manual processes are also prone to errors.

You can effectively address all these problems and save valuable time and person-hours by using white label SEO reports. Imagine generating a detailed report using data from 70+ third-party channels and with all your branding stuff on every page using automated tools. What if you can generate this report with a single click of a button? Yes, using DashClicks’ dashboard is that simple!

DashClicks - White Label Reporting Dashboard

So, if you want your agency to stand out and save productive hours, white labeling your marketing dashboards is the best solution.

The power of white-labeling your marketing lies in scalable personalization.

This article discusses the best ways to leverage DashClicks’ white label dashboard to streamline and automate your agency processes.

A Robust White-Labeled Reporting Software for Agencies

Marketing is no longer a cakewalk; you’re pitted against hundreds of freelancers and independent agencies ready to trigger a price war in the market every day.

The only way to deal with such competition is to ride the value ladder and differentiate your agency from the pack.

DashClicks makes everything a complete breeze to setup and optimize your marketing agency so you can focus all of your time on income-generating activities… it is beyond genius and I have 0 experience in digital marketing and now I know plenty to begin my agency and start scaling up as much as I can thank DashClicks team. I am in the process of prospecting now.. with confidence! Only a matter of time until I get clients!

Eileen Escobar, (Source Google Reviews.)

To build your trust and authority, you need years of experience, tools, and standard processes in your agency. Since most digital marketing is data-driven, automation tools give your agency an edge over others.

Manual processes are not only time-consuming but can also be tedious and inaccurate, as digging data from 50 different marketing channels and tools can be a nightmare for a human.

White-label tools for agencies eliminate most of your woes, especially when it’s supported by world-class fulfillment services. It enables you to run your agency on an auto-pilot mode, where scaling becomes easier. It also highlights your agency’s brand, so it stays top of mind.

DashClicks dashboard software and fulfillment services are created with a specific objective — helping agencies grow, adding more clients, managing several projects with automation tools, and scaling.

Fulfillment services enable you to accept multiple projects without worrying about your agency’s existing workforce.

This software has enabled us to reach out to our clients and customers in the most professional way. We have achieved a certain high productivity value in engaging our customers towards our services. We can easily perform email marketing with efficient analytics and reporting systems. We can also gather user insights with custom-made surveys which allow us to be more interactive and fully professionally engaged with our user market. We can also easily view all the analytics or can even customize the tool according to our requirements.

eGlobal Client Center, (Source Google Reviews)

How to Use DashClicks White-Label Software?

DashClicks’ white-label platform offers many features that are no less than a blessing for agencies. Watch the entire video for a walk-through of the platform.

Major Benefits of Using a White-Label Reporting Software

Here are some chief benefits of using white-label reporting software that is crucial to a marketing agency’s success.

1. Saves Your Time Pulling Data to a Centralized Dashboard

DashClicks’ marketing agency reporting software is the one source of all your data. So, it prevents a lot of back and forth and time wasted in digging up and arranging data to prepare reports.

It happens through dozens of pre-built widgets across all your apps that help pull and integrate your data into one unified client dashboard software.

See, how you can manage and view all your campaigns on a single dashboard in the following screenshot.

DashClicks - White Label Reporting Dashboard

2. Helps Boost Your Brand Awareness

You cherish your brand and keep it near to your heart. You work hard to build a brand that your clients recognize, trust, and love. It makes investing in brand continuity mandatory, especially in the reports you share with your clients.

DashClicks allows you to customize everything and connect to numerous data sources with 65+ integrations and APIs. So, you generate reports that are highly useful, data-driven, and rich with your branding.

3. Gives You Full Control Over Your Reports

Apart from enabling you with 100% branding ability, white label analytics and reporting dashboards allow you to change the look and feel of your reports the way you want. These reports are irresistible because they enable you to deliver trailblazing insights and almost real-time visibility on your campaigns’ key performance indicators.

DashClicks - White Label Analytics

4. Allows You to Scale Your Business

The custom reports generated by digital marketing analytics software make you stand out, adding value to your current offerings and allowing you to scale hassle-free.

So, by using with DashClicks platform, you can add and serve more and more clients and keep them happy. Moreover, it enables you to do scalable personalization, which is crucial.

5. Helps You Maintain Brand Consistency

The unmatched ability to infuse your branding in your reports, especially your logo, brand colors, palettes, domain name, lingo, headers & footers, and custom email, helps you maintain brand consistency throughout your communications with the client. It further strengthens your brand and enables you to make it top of mind.

6. Helps You Improve Customer Support

Since your DashClicks Dashboard can send real-time reports, it helps you offer top-notch customer support with everything at your clients’ fingertips. So, if they wish to get the current status of the KPIs or see the impact of a tactic they have recently implemented, instant reports (InstaReports) are your go-to option.

DASHCLICKS- InstaReports - Preview

7. Builds Custom Dashboards

Your DashClicks software enables you to build custom dashboards for SEO, SEM, social media, email, and paid campaign reports fetching data from numerous resources. A custom dashboard allows your client to see different kinds of campaigns you’re handling for them. Custom dashboards can display the crucial KPIs and metrics on the home screen, saving you enormous time going deeper into the platform.

Access Your Dashboards With Single-Sign-on

The best thing about using DashClicks white-label software is that you can access it seamlessly with a Single Sign-On. You can have a bird’s eye view of the campaigns, fetch and share reports and instantly know the KPIs. No need to re-authenticate for different clients or campaigns.

So, working with a centralized Dashboard makes your projects easy to manage. It also makes sending reports a pleasant experience.

The Dashboard app acts as the home page for your entire platform experience. What makes it unique is that you can fully customize the page according to your preferences, so you’ll get the updates that matter most on the home page itself.

Final Words

With increasing competition and improved quality standards, agencies can’t survive without using a robust reporting and analytics platform that can integrate with hundreds of third-party software applications and data sources.

DashClicks white label reporting software also helps you boost your brand and help you maintain brand consistency. It helps you improve your customer support and enables you to scale with a high degree of certainty. If you combine it with our fulfillment services, scaling would feel like a cakewalk, and you’ll be able to focus more on business development and marketing.

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