White Label SEO

White Label SEO

Impress your clients and get their website ranked #1 for multiple search terms in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO reseller plans starting as low as $199/month.

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Starting at $199/mo
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On-Page & Off-Page SEO
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No Contracts
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Client Dashboards
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Direct Communication

Revolutionary white label fulfillment services

Save time
Save time
We instantly deliver white-labeled onboarding documents directly to your clients. Check the status of the onboarding through your Projects app at any time.
Select Your Target Keywords
Select Your Target Keywords
Choose the keywords you want your website to rank for along with your SEO optimizations. Our team will always pursue your requests but recommend improvements or alternatives based upon our expertise.
Provide Account Credentials
Provide Account Credentials
To provide effective SEO optimizations, our experts will require access to your website’s backend. You can expedite your service by providing credentials at this time.
Establish Account Access
Establish Account Access
Our team will utilize your credentials to gain access to the website you want our team to optimize. Once access is confirmed, we begin work immediately.
Initial Website Health Report
Initial Website Health Report
Our experts will perform an initial diagnosis of your website as a starting point. We’ll advise you on errors that are present and begin recommending optimizations moving forward.
Confirm Keywords and Content Selections
Confirm Keywords and Content Selections
Our team will either confirm your keyword selections or suggest alternatives that will yield improved results. We will also confirm topic selections for the content pieces that go along with your SEO subscription plan.
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Regular Website Optimizations
Our team will regularly update and optimize your website for the best results. This includes improving page speeds, optimizing content, link-building, image compression, schema markup, and much more.
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Monthly Work Summary
We provide SEO clients with detailed white labeled SEO reports of actions taken each month. This allows you to keep track of progress, monitor existing errors, and stay up-to-date on what we plan to improve in the following month.
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24/7 Analytics & Keyword Tracking
Keep tracking of your rankings and website activity at all times by using your Analytics application. You can also change or add new keywords for tracking at any time.
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Ongoing Competitor Research
Depending on your seo reseller program, our team will devote a set number of hours each month to researching SEO strategies used by your competitors. This helps to boost your search performance against rivals in your industry.
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Link-Building Strategies
Our team will work to implement proper internal linking strategies throughout your website. We’ll also regularly submit toxic backlink disavow requests to Google regularly on your behalf.
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Monthly SEO Content Delivery
For our Plus plans and above, you can expect at least one SEO content article for your blog each month. We’ll provide you with a selection of topics, and you choose the ones you want us to pursue.
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Regular Reporting
We generate and send reports regularly for overall website ranking, keyword ranking, and a work summary for the month.
Fulfillment by SEO Experts
Our team of experts has years of experience working in organic search. We assist all industries with any website size from a single landing page to e-commerce sites with 100+ pages.
Results Supported by Case Studies
We can verify the power of our white label SEO fulfillment services with our countless case studies found within our fulfillment store. Regardless of industry, we’ve helped clients improve their ranking for numerous keywords organically.
Experienced with Google Analytics & Search Console
Our team is trained to utilize these essential tools to assist with goal tracking and website health improvement. We’ll gain access, improve errors, and make effective use of your crawl budget.
Expert Content Writers
Our SEO is worked by our expert content writers, the same individuals who provide our content fulfillment service. Expect high-quality, well-researched content for your website each month.
Ongoing Support
Have questions about the service? Our team is on standby to answer your concerns within our dedicated communications channel.
Game changing tech.
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White label SEO reseller services

Impress your clients and get their website ranked #1 for multiple search terms in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Let DashClicks be the extension within your business to help you grow faster, without the headache of doing all the work.
SEO specialists ready to service your accounts.
SEO specialists ready to service your accounts.
Frequently Asked Questions
When does work begin on the SEO account?

Work on an SEO account begins right after the purchase of the service, most times within 24 business hours of the time the service is purchased. The initial work on the account will include the setup phase and first round of optimizations

Do I need to pay both setup and month one’s service fee together?

Yes. Both are charged on the same day when purchasing the service.

What happens when/if the service is cancelled?

When and if SEO services are cancelled, the work will not stop right away. The client will receive what is owed and what was paid for in that billing cycle. Once the billing cycle ends, work will stop and the company information will be removed from our softwares.

How long does it take to start ranking for keywords?

Every campaign is different, and some keywords have more search volume then others, which means they are more competitive and harder to rank for. We recommend telling your clients that it takes anywhere from 3-6 months to start seeing significant ranking improvements for competitive keywords. That way, we can overdeliver in case they start ranking earlier than that timeframe.

What is white label SEO reselling and how does it help SEO businesses?

White label SEO reselling allows an agency to sell outsourced SEO services under its brand. Our entire platform, including the client reporting dashboard, is white-labeled. It means your clients will always see the work coming from your agency.

White label SEO services are designed to make things as simple as possible for agency owners. You focus on the fundamental building blocks that make a business run -- selling, billing, HR, and more -- while the white label solution provider handles the complicated minutiae that an SEO campaign typically requires.

What makes white label SEO better?

A white label SEO provider has the same goals as any other SEO agency, helping improve a client's traffic and search engine rankings. However, white label SEO experts also help you scale. As they work with many different clients, they have proficiency in using Google’s algorithms to their advantage.

White label local SEO providers also allow you to save time and effort in managing directory listings. They use advanced tools and can automatically add your business information to dozens of local directories, giving you more visibility in local searches.

Can I see the specific optimizations done on an SEO account?

Yes. Our team will provide you with a full work summary report every month so you can see exactly what has been done on the account.

What is offered on my account as far as reporting?

Reporting for rankings, analytics, and a work summary will be provided to you every month to check progress. Besides that, we have the dashboard available to you and your clients 24/7 (the dashboard's purpose is to replace many of the needs of actual reporting). If you need any type of other data, you can make the request to your customer service representative in the communications platform.

Your clients can always login to your white-labeled dashboard and view their campaign metrics.

How do I know which SEO reseller plan is good for my client?

Our white label SEO packages are built on different tiers based on the website’s page size. For example, if a website has 1 to 10 pages, they should be in the SEO Pro plan. If the website has 11 to 20 pages, they should be in the SEO Plus plan. If the website has 21 to 30 pages, they should be in the SEO Premium plan. If the website has 31+ pages, they should be in the SEO Platinum plan.

You can still sign up a 30-page website for the SEO Basic plan, but it will just limit the performance and speed to rank for keywords. That’s why we recommend sticking to that tiered structure for the best results for your clients.

There are issues on the monthly report, will these issues be fixed by the SEO team?

If you are seeing issues on the white label SEO report, these are things that the DashClicks SEO reseller team knows about and are addressing. These issues are usually taken care of during optimizations, however, given the time allotted and other SEO factors that the SEO team has to take into consideration, it may take some time for our team to find and fix all of those issues. If there are any issues that our team cannot resolve (content expansion for example), then this will be brought up to you so you can try to resolve on your end with your client.

What are the main benefits of using white label SEO services?

White label SEO offers turnkey processes and deliverables to agencies. Agencies can scale and add new SEO clients without any add-on investments. Furthermore, the SEO reseller plans are more cost-effective, allowing agencies to improve their profit margins substantially.

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