How to Turn Your Agency Into a Reporting Powerhouse With DashClicks
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Jul 22nd, 2022 at 08:36 AM

How to Turn Your Agency Into a Reporting Powerhouse With DashClicks

Reporting is an essential but perhaps sometimes tedious task, as it consumes your productive hours. Tackling complex data might take a few hours to several days, depending on the number of clients you have.

If your agency client needs a smaller reporting frequency, i.e., weekly, it might become quite taxing for your team. What makes it even more challenging is that you need to be meticulous while preparing those reports as marketers use them for critical decision-making.

What Is a Reporting Tool?

A reporting tool for an agency, or marketing reporting software, is a system that fetches information from various channels and re-arranges it in graphics charts, tables, and visual presentations. It makes the complex information easy to understand, interpret and consume for better decision making.

If you want to turn your agency into a reporting powerhouse, here are a few tips:-

1. Customize Your Dashboard

Different clients have different priorities, so you need custom metrics for each. However, one thing is common among them – most want to evaluate their performance across various channels. You can combine data from different integrations into a single exclusive metric to communicate the campaign performance as per the client’s requirement.

Custom metrics give you the needed flexibility because generalized metrics only give you an approximate idea of what is happening.

DashClicks uses multiple metrics and integrations to present data into one organized dashboard. So, you can see your campaign performance according to other channels. All you need to do is drag and drop the items to communicate your campaign’s success.

2. Manage Everything From a Single Dashboard

Too much data can lead to analysis paralysis, which is why most clients prefer to keep it minimal. They find it convenient to control everything from one dashboard. It allows you to pull necessary data and use the relevant metrics for crucial decision-making through numerous integrations.

Using a visual dashboard, you don’t need to look further. It can paint a good picture of how your campaign is faring.

It allows you to use the specific metrics you should track. Marketing today has become highly complex with too many channels, increasing competition, and exploding volumes of data. You might need to switch between platforms, consuming a lot of time extracting the information you’re looking for.

Using a platform like DashClicks, you can easily connect numerous digital marketing channels in a few clicks. DashClicks offers 30+ integrations with channels such as Facebook ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business Insights, etc.

You can combine these channels with digital marketing tools such as a keyword rank tracker. Besides a white-labeled dashboard and fulfillment services, DashClicks offers a whole marketing ecosystem for agencies. Its software apps such as Contacts, Deals, Analytics, Inbound, and InstaReports come equipped with built-in tools.

It will make your life easier!

3. Use Storytelling

You can make your reports even more engaging by storytelling. It is the desired value addition you can provide to your client. You can set goals and keep clients updated on the campaign’s progress by highlighting the achievements.

If you fail to communicate your successes, your clients will never realize the value you’re offering. Furthermore, you can use data and visual elements to tell the brand’s success story, saving time and increasing engagement. It’s also suitable for your agency’s branding.

4. Make Your Client Feel Special Through Personalization

Adding personalized insights and commentary to the report is an excellent way to make your clients feel special.

You can easily do it on your custom dashboard by adding specific comments for each section in the report and providing an overall campaign summary at the end. Based on it, you can also make recommendations that will make decision-making easier for your clients. If there are any unusual data patterns, you can highlight them, and your clients will appreciate that.

DashClicks Dashboard MenuSource: Video (Time – 2:10)

To ensure more accuracy while automating your reports, you can set up mechanisms such as getting prior approval for each report. A brief review will make sure that the report doesn’t miss anything.

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to double-check each report’s content before they are automatically sent to the client so that you can find the opportunities to upsell and identify the faults in the campaign. A brief review of your report can significantly enhance your report’s face value by opening the doors for upselling and improvement in the campaign.

5. Use Visual Elements

Sometimes your clients cannot interpret the complex reports because they are unaware of the specific metrics used. It often happens because they don’t have the time to study marketing and the related jargon.

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Data visualization will go a long way in helping such clients. Your visuals should be arranged in a story format with different scenes that weave an exciting story together.

Visual elements can make the report lucid, clear, and precise, so even a naive person can interpret it.

Search online for marketing report samples and see how you can creatively use visual elements to present stats and facts in your digital marketing reports.

6. Organize and Streamline Your Workflow

Streamlining your workflow inside your agency is a crucial step you need to take to scale and grow your agency, and it begins with effective delegation. Therefore, you should learn to delegate smartly.

Using a white label platform helps you seamlessly delegate tasks. You can create staff accounts on your white label platform and assign them different campaigns.

The platform provides them access to the tools they might need during the campaign. DashClicks allows multiple employees in your agency to access their platform using different login credentials. So, they can use it according to their needs, improving the workflow.

The platform will also allow you to track your agency’s overall performance on different campaigns. You can improve the overall performance of your ad agency and its success rate through intervention.

7. Make It Easy for Your Clients to Access Their Data

One significant advantage of using a white-label platform is that it builds trust by offering tremendous transparency.

With the rising trend of on-demand services, most customers want to access their data per their needs.

DashClicks provides you and your team members with access to its dashboard. So, your clients can log in and see their campaign performance in crisp detail.

It simplifies client management and makes it convenient for your clients to review the campaign performance across different channels in one place.

It also allows you to navigate different accounts and find the information you want in a few clicks.

8. Share Reports in Different Formats

You can export digital marketing reports in various formats such as XLS, CSV, and PDF. You can also send it through email.

You can use these formats for ease of use and convenience for different clients.

You can directly share them from the dashboard using marketing reporting software like InstaReports, which can generate the entire campaign report within a few seconds.

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InstaReports is a highly convenient reporting tool for agencies that saves them time and effort. You can utilize this time in other productive ventures such as marketing and project management. The reports created by InstaReports are easy to understand and full of graphics and illustrations.

9. Use Pre-made Templates With DashClicks’ Template App

DashClicks’ Template App offers many dashboard templates, such as email and SMS templates. You can choose them according to your convenience and priorities in the marketing ecosystem.

These templates allow you to personalize your messaging by injecting data from apps, team users, contact records, and other data sources.

Final Words

DashClicks’ automated reporting system is a game changer. Make life easier for you and your clients and save countless hours doing repetitive and monotonous tasks such as generating reports.

With numerous integrations and an intuitive dashboard to find the data you are looking for, you can easily track your campaign’s performance through DashClicks’ white label reports. These reports can be the greatest weapons in your arsenal for decision-making.

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