How to Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity With DashClicks’ Lead Management Software
DashClicks Team
Aug 18th, 2022 at 10:39 AM

How to Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity With DashClicks’ Lead Management Software

In this age of tools and automation, your sales performance is directly linked to your tools and processes. With lead management automation, you can quickly increase your revenue by 10% within six to nine months.

To clinch more business deals, your sales team should consistently receive an uninterrupted flow of leads. With increasing competition, you can’t overlook your lead management anymore. Businesses must fix their lead management processes, from lead acquisition to the time they are transferred to the sales team.

What Is Lead Management Automation?

Lead management automation involves everything that ensures that the leads are sales-ready before they are transferred to the sales team. Therefore, it involves acquiring leads, monitoring your prospects’ behavior and online activities, and nurturing them into qualified leads. It’s impossible without leveraging tools and technologies in B2C or B2B environments when you deal with a lot of sales data.

The only way to integrate sales and marketing is by leveraging technology because manual processes will not work in the current complex sales environment. It will also ensure that your sales team gets better quality leads without wasting precious time and effort.

To implement this, you need lead management and automation tools like DashClicks that will give you an edge over others. It will help you manage the sales pipeline more effectively, increasing productivity and revenue and decreasing the lead decay rate.

Here is how DashClicks’ sales management & automation apps Deals and Inbound can help you!

How Does DashClicks’ Pipeline Management Work?

DashClicks is a popular sales and lead management software that automates your workflow with deal automations. It enables you to send custom emails and SMS messages to your prospects, taking all the manual burden off your sales team.

Moreover, with DashClicks’ white-label platform, you can quickly change deal owners’ information and even set reminders.

You can also customize the software so that it automatically triggers InstaSites and InstaReports formation, the other robust automation tools the platform offers to create instant websites and online marketing reports.

DashClicks’ automated sales pipeline CRM dashboard lets you gain relevant insights and showcase your leaderboard. Together, it creates a truly transformational experience for your sales team.

The dashboard also enables you to track all deal automation history logs and separate the successful automations from the unsuccessful ones. So, you can retry and skip options and take even more actions.

Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity Using DashClicks’ Sales Pipeline and Lead Automation Tools

Known for having a direct impact on sales, the lead management and sales pipeline automation tools like DashClicks will not only boost your sales productivity but will also help you craft the right strategy. Here are a few techniques you can try.

1. Use a Robust Lead Tracking Tool

The most tedious and time-consuming task of sales pipeline management is lead tracking. It becomes even more exhausting when you have a high volume of leads from different platforms. Investing in DashClicks will make your life easier while tracking and nurturing leads.

It will help you manage your leads using a single dashboard and track your leads’ position in the sales funnel. It will also help you minimize the “leaks” and “lost leads” during this journey. The software also provides you with crucial data that will help make sales more efficient.

DashClicks' Lead Tracking Tool

2. Use a Lead Scoring System to Prioritize High Intent Leads

DashClicks, the leading sales lead management software, will help you accumulate meaningful data that will provide you with solid signals about customer intent and interest. It will allow your sales team to identify the leads closer to converting, so they can make a separate list and prioritize them. It will save your salespeople a lot of time and boost conversions. An efficient lead scoring system will also help optimize your sales team’s overall performance.

Prioritize High Intent Leads

3. Focus On Impactful Lead Nurturing

Nurtured leads are 20% more effective in terms of the sales opportunities they provide than qualified but not nurtured leads. It is no wonder marketers emphasize engaging and interacting with prospects at every stage of their buying journey. Lead nurturing is the surest way to achieve a higher conversion rate. Besides boosting your sales numbers, it also helps increase customer loyalty, which alone pays off in the long run.

4. Maintain Constant and Effective Communication

Automation shortens the lead response time. Lead nurturing helps you understand customers’ needs in a crystal clear manner so that you can plan more targeted messaging. DashClicks’ sales pipeline and lead automation software allows you to send emails and SMS automatically to your prospects. Right messaging speeds up the process of conversion in the sales funnel.

Effective Communication Through DashClicks Deals App

Here are the four major automations that DashClicks offers –

5. Monitor Campaign Performance With InstaReports

Reports are the soul of a digital marketing campaign. DashClicks’ InstaReports automation tool generates professional-grade reports illustrated with easy-to-grasp graphs and charts. These reports provide the insights you need to tweak your campaigns and eliminate the wasteful and unproductive processes and practices.

DASHCLICKS- InstaReports - Preview

They also help you assess the performance of your sales and marketing teams. So, you can quickly identify the weaknesses in your sales plan and reprogram it to yield better results.

Final Words

With the advent of automation and a gradual phasing out of manual processes, you can quickly increase your sales team’s performance using robust lead management and sales pipeline management software. Furthermore, it eliminates the chances of error when dealing with copious amounts of data.

DashClicks’ Deals and Inbound Apps are specifically designed for high-wired sales teams and provide working solutions to the major challenges faced by them on a daily basis. DashClicks’ automation tools take all the load off your shoulder by helping you automate lead communication in different stages of their buying journey.

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