Track Progress Against Key Objectives With Custom Goals Using DashClicks Platform
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Nov 2nd, 2022 at 03:41 PM

Track Progress Against Key Objectives With Custom Goals Using DashClicks Platform

Everything depends on your ability to help your clients run their sales engine. To win the trust of your clients, you need to consistently hit their revenue targets.

So, what’s your approach to ensuring you’re on track?

Goal-setting and tracking are the most realistic and productive tactics an agency can use to crank up its sales numbers.

These tactics would also help your campaign sail smoothly, besides keeping the ad spend on the budget.

But then the next big question is how to measure and track your performance as your campaign gets going.

Choosing a platform or software that enables you to easily track goals in your workflows can be a game changer for your agency’s success. The magic lies in numbers. So, let the tool quantify the existing or modified KPIs to measure your performance.

So, let’s discuss how to integrate goal tracking into your daily workflow.

Do you have clear performance benchmarks such as KPIs and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)?

If you don’t have a documented process for it and your team depends on lots of sloppy and vague calculations, chances are you’ll drag it until the end of the quarter.

This article will explain how to keep your clients happy through efficient goal-setting and add goal tracking to your performance reports.

How to Set Custom Goals?

Discuss your client’s business goals with them and set custom goals for them on an imaginary timeline.

Split the bigger goals into logically smaller ones and add them to the timeline.

These goals and timelines may vary with different clients. For example, you can easily break a sales target of $50 million by the end of the next year into four quarterly goals. The first goal can be a modest $10 million in sales by the end of March 2023.

You can set various other goals to achieve this target, such as increasing leads and conversions every month. You can easily calculate that if you know the size of your sales ticket.

You can further divide this goal into expected numbers from PPC, SEO, social media, and email marketing.

The results will clearly show how your agency is performing in vivid detail. You can use our InstaReports app to generate easy-to-understand reports with colorful graphics and insights.

DASHCLICKS- InstaReports - Preview

You can save time, hit your goals faster, and create a transformational experience by leveraging the DashClicks ecosystem. It comprises a white-label dashboard and different functional apps to automate and streamline your agency tasks.

For example, you can use our Deals App, a sales pipeline management software that simplifies the entire sales process. Or, you can use our Analytics App to track everything. Enjoy the power of automation when managing leads and deals within your sales pipelines CRM software.

On the Dashboard app, you can see the goals where you are on track, off track, or “already achieved” status.

General digital marketing goals also come in this periphery. For example, you can set a goal of making 50 backlinks on high-domain authority websites or increasing the number of leads through Facebook advertising by 100%.

Measuring these goals on a timeline will indicate your position.

Show the Value You’re Providing to Your Clients

When you set the right goals and achieve them, you show the enormous value you bring on board, but if you set the wrong goals, your entire hard work goes in vain. It may disappoint your clients. Setting false expectations is a major cause of client churn.

Pro Tip: Set achievable goals and adjust them every quarter after discussing them with your client. The more consistent you are in achieving your goals, the longer you will be able to retain your client.

Using a white label dashboard is extremely helpful in measuring and achieving your goals. It allows you to choose the most desired metrics on the Dashboard’s home page, making it top of mind. It keeps your entire team on the same page and encourages them to collaborate to consistently achieve their goals.

DashClicks - White Label Reporting Dashboard

Adding these KPIs to the performance reports will help your client understand what is happening, boosting transparency and trust.

Setting the KPIs and other goals and adding them to every report you generate also serves as the education your internal and external stakeholders need. Your teams are your internal stakeholders, whereas your clients are external stakeholders. Using specific KPIs and goals help your team to seamlessly collaborate and work in unison.

How to Track Custom Goals Using DashClicks Platform?

It is one of the easiest applications to navigate within the DashClicks platform. It is so important that it displays summaries from different applications through widgets, so you can have a bird’s-eye view of the entire campaign and where you stand. Colorful graphics make complex data easy to grasp and understand.

See how it clearly showcases the new leads, the leads won, and the leads lost, so your team can act in the right direction. You can easily customize your dashboard experience.

Navigating the Dashboard App

Below you can see the website analytics.

Website Analytics

The visitors and page view stats give you a rough idea of the incoming traffic pattern.

Here is a tutorial video on how to use our Dashboard App.

The DashClicks white-label platform offers 65+ integrations with third-party apps and platforms. Some of the integrations are mentioned in the following screenshot.

DashClicks Integrations

Here is the screenshot of the Facebook Ads summary from the Analytics App

Facebook Ads Metrics - Analytics App

The Facebook Ads tab provides you with the summary.

The new overview section will appear when you integrate your Facebook Ads account with the DashClicks platform.

So if you want to see how many times one of your ads appears on screen for a user, check” “Impressions.”

Check for Impressions

Here we can also check CPM or Cost Per 1000 Impressions.

Check for Cost Per Impression

You can also check Conversions, which is an important metric.

Check for Conversions

Conversion often hints at an action a customer must complete, such as signing up for the newsletter, adding an item to a cart, downloading an eBook, or making a purchase.

The Dashboard will also tell you the amount you spent on completing a single conversion.

Check for Amount Spent

And finally, check the ROI on your Facebook ad spend.

Check for ROI

Similarly, you can also get campaign insights in DashClicks.

Campaign Tab

Campaign Insights

Final Words

This way, DashClicks” white-label platform makes life easy for agency owners. You can save time and money through DashClicks” automation tools. Ensure your success by automating your agency’s goal-tracking process. It brings all the insights to your fingertips without wasting your time in too much back-and-forth in calculations.

It also allows you to focus on each campaign your agency runs and perform in-depth analysis. Transparency would pay off in a big way soon. Tracking goals will ensure your agency’s success by managing client expectations. Last but not least, quickly identify problem areas to fix and showcase your success.

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