How DashClicks Helps You Manage Brand Consistency
DashClicks Team
Oct 4th, 2022 at 01:25 PM

How DashClicks Helps You Manage Brand Consistency

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson.

Brand consistency is the ultimate objective of any business because of its enormous benefits. It is the positioning that showcases a brand’s values and identity. It’s crucial because if you practice brand consistency, your audience can recognize your brand’s characteristics through your brand’s messaging.

What brand elements do the companies want to engrain in the minds of consumers, so they can remember their brand? These elements are as follows:

  • The tone of messaging
  • Logo
  • Visual brand elements, such as colors and themes.

Together these elements help people easily recognize your brand across different marketing channels.

It’s crucial to differentiate your brand by practicing brand consistency, so it stays top of mind even amid growing competition. It will also boost customer loyalty and brand authority.

So let’s discuss how to practice brand consistency.

Is it as simple as that sounds? No way, it can be quite challenging!

What Is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency is maintaining communication and marketing positioning according to your business values. It also involves the elements that create its identity.

Cosistency is Key Example - Coca-ColaImage Source

What if a Coca-Cola ad looks like this?

Coco-Cola AdImage Source

Does it even look like a Coca-Cola ad? It seems more like a Pepsi ad and can confuse its loyal customers. That’s what makes brand consistency so crucial.

Now, look at the following ads for Nescafe. Look at the brand colors, themes, and tone in their messaging:

  • Recharge yourself
  • Charge your brain
  • Warm up to the rains with Nescafe
  • Enjoy a cup before the chaos

All the ads point to its basic appeal — “To recharge and refresh yourselves for important occasions.

The target audience is tired people looking for a little caffeine to refresh them.

Nescafe Ad - Enjoy a Cup, Before ChaosImage Source

Nescafe Ad - RechargeImage Source

Nescafe Ad - Come & Taste It!Image Source

Importance of Brand Consistency

Coke and Pepsi have been arch-rivals for more than a century, but Coke dominates the soft drink market. Many people think Coke is an older brand, but that’s not true. Pharmacists launched both brands in the US in the late 19th century. And you’ll be surprised to know that even though Pepsi tastes better, the brand value of Coke is $33 billion against Pepsico’s $18 billion.

Coke’s market domination can be attributed to its ability to weave its way into our lives. Look at the way the brand communicates with consumers and the way the brand stays true to its values and mission. Their logo and brand color instantly create a feeling of warmth, feeling better, revived, and energized.

The secret to their success is — brand consistency. Coke has kept its brand identity and product consistent for over 130 years.

How DashClicks Helps You Manage Brand Consistency?

DashClicks’ white label dashboard allows you to customize your reports, websites, emails, and communications with your clients. And we are not talking about the logo or the brand name; you can customize virtually anything, including the background colors, fonts, messaging, and reports, through various tools and templates.

What’s DashClicks?

DashClicks offers a white label platform and software to help agencies conduct their day-to-day operations faster and better.

DashClicks’ marketing agency software and ecosystem can make life easier for agency owners. It simplifies and streamlines everything, including marketing, selling, fulfilling, and servicing. The built-in apps will help you structure, create and automate. The biggest advantage of using the DashClicks platform is that it enables you to scale your business.

Here are the four ways we can maintain brand consistency using DashClicks –

1. Dashboard App

Our reporting dashboard is the one source of truth for all your data. It allows you to use dozens of pre-built widgets across all your apps and pull your data into one unified client dashboard software.

The Dashboard application acts as the home page for your entire platform experience. This is a fully customizable page so that users can personalize their page view.

Watch this video to learn how you can customize everything on the Dashboard as an agency owner to maintain brand consistency while sharing reports and data.

2. Sites App

The strongest armor DashClicks white-label platform offers you is their Sites App. The App gives you the freedom to create the website of your dreams. Create and manage your websites using our white-label drag-and-drop website builder for agencies. It means you can fully customize it as per your branding needs. The website builder allows you to take control of your website without any coding knowledge and change the background colors, fonts, images, messages, content, headers, and footers, whenever you want. Our custom content management system (CMS) makes editing your website a breeze.

Watch this video to learn how to use Sites Apps –

3. Analytics App

DashClicks’ Analytics App brings real-time marketing reporting software to your fingertips. With this App, you can monitor and report on all of your marketing campaigns in one place.

Apart from that, it’s also a powerful branding tool that allows you to customize your reports with your logo, brand name, colors, and fonts. With this App, you can easily share reports with your clients highlighting your branding elements and keeping your agency top of mind.

4. Templates App

It is another powerful app from DashClicks that helps you manage brand consistency. With the Templates App, you can stack your templates and unify communication.

It allows you to create custom email and SMS templates and start unifying your messaging across your entire organization. To manage brand consistency, you can use custom SMS templates throughout the agency ecosystem.

Final Words

DashClicks ecosystem offers many apps that helps you manage brand consistency. We have already discussed how crucial brand consistency is for business growth and customer loyalty.

The templates app allows you to keep your communications consistent across the entire agency ecosystem. So, if you want to keep your agency top of mind, and manage brand consistency, use DashClicks’ white label platform. Moreover, it comes with powerful automation tools.

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