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A-to-Z Guide to White Label Solutions for Marketing Agencies

A-to-Z Guide to White Label Solutions for Marketing Agencies

Since this is a guide, let us first begin by understanding what white-labelā  means.

What is White-Label?

So what is white-label? Let's say you are a freelance copywriter with an impressive list of clients from diverse industry segments. Over time, you realize that some of your clients' websites aren't as user friendly as they should be, and they aren't optimized for SEO.

In this case, there is an opportunity to upsell and earn some good revenue. The only problem is that you lack the skills as well as the resources to offer these add-on services to your clients.

Here is where the white-label solution provider steps-in and takes care of your every need. The white-label provider can save you from the headaches and troubles of building your own team and managing everything from start to finish.

All you need to do is ensure that client needs and timelines are well- communicated to your white label partner. The white-label provider takes care of your clients' every need while you take credit for all the work.

So this is what white-labeling is in a nutshell:

It is an agreement in which one company produces goods and services for another company, which later repackages and resells the products and services under its own brand and logo.

Going back to the previous example, the copywriter will buy website development and SEO services from a white label partner and later rebrand and resell the services to existing and future clients.

Table of Contents

  • What are the benefits of a white-label partnership?
  • Types of white-label products and services
  • White-label impact on Digital Agencies
  • Tips for choosing the best white-label partner
  • A few words before you go!

What Are the Benefits of a White-Label Partnership?‍

White label products and services are now used extensively by companies all over the world. If you're wondering why this way of doing business has become so popular, here are some white label benefits you must consider:

1. White-Label Partnerships Save You Valuable Time

The first benefit is a no-brainer. From our previous example, it's pretty evident that the copywriter neither had the technical knowledge nor the experience to build a website from scratch. Even if the copywriter tried to build a website, it would take them months. The client may not have the patience for that, and the copywriter might lose money by missing out on more copywriting opportunities.

With a white label partner, the copywriter would be able to deliver website development and SEO services to more clients and save time to focus on other vital areas, such as prospecting and scaling.

2. White-Label Partnerships Save Your Money

A white label partnership helps you prevent the substantial upfront costs and add-on expenses that come with managing an in-house team. You get all your needs fulfilled at almost a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be spent on in-house teams, resources, and a dedicated workspace.

3. White-Label Partnerships Eliminate Risks

If you have no prior experience of building products and managing in-house teams, you will probably have to spend most of your time juggling between product development and a slew of other critical managerial responsibilities. This could have an undesirable impact on your product or service quality, causing problems throughout your entire business.

With a white label partnership, you don't have to worry about product development and service delivery. A white label company has a dedicated team of experts who do all the heavy-lifting on your behalf. The result is uninterrupted, risk-free product and service delivery.

4. White-Label Partnerships Offer Flexibility

White label companies allow you to be flexible when offering products or services. You can choose the one that best fits your needs. For instance, DashClicks offers multiple digital marketing services plans for agencies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. These plans are designed to suit the marketing needs of every business type and size. All you need to do is register for free to explore our white label offerings. Try it for free now! (No credit card required.)

5. White-Label Partnerships Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Remember, the success of the white label partner is tied to your success! If your business does well and clients are happy, it will eventually open up new opportunities to upsell more white-label services.

Hence, a white label partner is more dedicated to ensuring flawless service for your clients. For instance, DashClicks's white-label platform for marketing agencies has an all-in-one client dashboard for automated onboarding, visualized reporting, KPI monitoring, and lots more.

This transformational focus on ensuring end-to-end value has helped agencies significantly improve on their customer lifetime value. To explore our fully white-label dashboard for agencies, register for free now.

What are the Types of White-Label Products and Services?

Now that we know about the benefits of a white-label partnership, let's take a closer look at the types of white-label products and services:

1. White-Label B2B solutions: The reseller resells third-party white-label products and services to other companies.

2. White-Label B2C solutions: The reseller resells third-party white-label products and services to end consumers.

3. White-Label SaaS: The reseller resells rebranded softwares to other companies. The software solutions are sold over the internet on a subscription basis under the reseller's logo and trademark. However, the reseller has no ownership over the software's IP, which the white-label partner owns.

While the above are the three primary categories of white-label products and services, there are other, more industry-specific white-label services.

For instance, DashClicks offers a range of white-label products and services aimed primarily at digital agencies and entrepreneurs. Their range of products and services include:

  • DashClicks White-Label Dashboard: One single dashboard for clients to manage all the subscribed services.
  • DashClicks White-Label Fulfillment Services: Single white-label channel for outsourcing your clients’ digital marketing needs. Purchase and deliver marketing seamlessly to your clients.
Types of White Label Products & Services

DashClicks White-Label Fulfillment Store:

  • Facebook Ads Service
  • SEO Service
  • Google Ads Service
  • Funnel Building Service
  • Social Media Posting Service
  • Directory Listings
  • Website Design Service
  • Content Marketing Service
  • DashClicks InstaSites: Build websites instantly under your logo and trademark.
  • DashClick InstaReports: Create multi-channel fully white-label reports for clients with the click of a button, all under one roof.
  • DashClicks Agency Websites: White-label agency websites with SEO optimization to attract new prospects and scale faster.

White-Label Impact on Digital Agencies?

So far, we have discussed the benefits of white-labeling and its various types. But let us delve a little deeper and unearth its real impact on digital agencies.

Agency owners are always walking on a tightrope. The digital marketing industry is ever-evolving, and keeping up with new trends and technological advancements is still a challenge.

Even if an agency has an excellent in-house team, it can never scale unless it has a flexible structure to support and promote continuous delivery. This structure will necessitate a seamless integration within the team workflows, project management, and client-facing departments.

This is virtually impossible for a modern-day digital agency, considering that more clients always lead to an expansion in resources, from new work systems to fresh hirings.

This is precisely where a white-label solution provider proves to be the #1 growth accelerator for digital agencies. Below we'll explain the operational and business impact of white labeling.

White-Label Operational Impact:

  • Ready to use and seamlessly integrated platform
  • Leverage new trends and technology efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Provide expertise across all aspects of digital marketing effortlessly

White-Label Business Impact:

  • Upsell services to clients easily
  • Focus on prospecting and scaling
  • Increase revenue and profits

Tips for Choosing The Best White-Label Partner

Now that you understand how a white-label partnership could add fresh momentum to your digital agency, here are some tips to consider when choosing between white-label partners.

1. They put your success first and foremost.

Your white-label digital agency partner must make your success a priority. The terms of the agreement must align with your agency's goals. If the policies reflect that the partnership is designed primarily for selling service and not results, it's not an ideal fit.

2. Their products and services fit your client's needs perfectly.

Choose solutions first and partners next. If solutions fit your agency well, you will likely enjoy a tremendous white-label partnership. Your client will be tied as much to the solution as your agency. Ensure that the dashboards, the client onboarding, the reporting, etc. don't force your clients to read a 'how-to' manual.

3. Their reputation speaks for itself.

It's a good sign if your potential partner is well-recognized and has made a name for itself, but don't judge them based on online reputation alone.

You must not forget that these guys are experts in digital marketing. Ranking high on SERP results or having a strong social media presence is little more than child's play. Instead, look for more trusted resources (e.g. other agencies who are already using their services).

4. They offer uncompromised customer service.

Your white-label partner should have a well-organized and detailed training program. This will allow the agency workforce to get quickly acquainted with the new process, tools, and other fine details.

In addition to this, you must also ensure that the white-label partner offers a proper roadmap for continuous learning and improvement.

5. Their reporting is transparent and detailed.

In marketing, numbers are the deciding factor as to whether your clients fall in love with your service or cancel after the first few months. As such, it is essential to ensure that the white-label partner offers detailed reporting and analysis tools.

For instance, DashClicks has fully white-label dashboards for dedicated client reporting in real-time. You can track, analyze, and report multi-channel performances, all under one single dashboard. Leads from inbound campaigns get imported into the dashboard, then organized and filtered for easy reporting.

6. They allow you to try it before you buy it.

Last but not least, your white label partner must offer you a one-time free pass, a sort of sneak peek into the platform, and other solutions. Just as you don't buy a car without a test drive, choosing a white-label partner on face value and promises alone is highly inadvisable.

At DashClicks, we put transparency before everything else. You can always contact our support for a detailed walkthrough of our platform, solution, and marketing services.

You can do it yourself too! All you need to do is create a DashClicks account for free by filling out a simple form and exploring our products and services yourself. It doesn't get easier than this.

A Few Words Before You Go!

As the above has hopefully shown, white-label marketing offers you the chance to scale your business while focusing on what matters the most to you.

Though a white-label partner will offer you the fulfillment services that your business needs, there are so many other critical aspects of the business that will require your un-compromised leadership and a clear vision.

Having seen, experienced, and lived the ever-competitive agency life, we know what an agency needs to push the needle forward and make an extreme impact. That's why we have created a dedicated education hub for agencies to learn and grow with us. While the white label partnership looks after all your fulfillment needs, our DashClicks platform incorporates education as well. Click Here to get your forever free DashClicks account.

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