How to Use Marketing Dashboards to Ethically Upsell Your Agency Clients
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Jul 19th, 2022 at 01:03 PM

How to Use Marketing Dashboards to Ethically Upsell Your Agency Clients

To sustain your business, you need to upsell your services. Upselling is the second most crucial phase of running a successful business by creating loyal customers.

Your journey as a business begins by helping your clients reach their goals, but to sustain them in the long run, it is crucial that you retain them. To do that, you need to understand their goals and pain points.

However, upselling is not as straightforward as it sounds, regardless of your agency’s strategic advantage over others or the service quality you offer.

Luckily if you are a data-driven marketing organization using marketing analytics and a web analytics dashboard, you can quickly identify the critical areas of improvement in your campaign. Accordingly, you can offer additional services to your clients to plug in the loopholes and further improve the KRAs.

What Is a Marketing Dashboard?

Marketing dashboards are powerful tools to evaluate your campaign performance and check analytics in real-time. Data visualization and intuitive graphs help your client understand the campaign performance for different marketing channels.

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It helps a lot in the decision-making process, especially when you decide to add new agency services. Here are ways to use a marketing dashboard to upsell your clients.

1. Understand Your Clients’ Goals and Setup Goal Tracking

The overall goal of any marketing agency is to help scale your clients’ businesses by using different marketing strategies. You must set goals to evaluate your performance and keep track of your direction.

To achieve this, you must first understand your client’s specific needs and priorities. It helps you decide your strategy in a better way. Make a sound proposal after identifying these particular needs. You can set your goals based on those needs and achieve them in a coherent and organized manner.

You should prioritize the tasks your client desperately wants to accomplish and move on to other low-priority tasks that most clients are reluctant to pay for. The advantage of using goal-setting is that it prevents analysis paralysis and gives your client a precise idea of how they are performing.

DashClicks provides clients access to their marketing dashboard when they sign up for their white-label platform.

It ensures a higher degree of agency-client transparency. Your clients can easily track their performance in real-time just by logging into their DashClicks account. They can also use their dashboard to check other analytics using software integrations.

2. Identify Your Clients Who Need Additional Services

It would help if you explored your clients’ needs as it is comparatively easier to sell a service to an existing customer than to a new one. That’s the reason most marketers stress selling to existing customers.

“Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%. The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70% while selling to a new customer is 5-20%.”

Source: Outbound Engine

If you have a retainer, you can look for more opportunities to add additional services apart from the existing ones.

For example, if you grab a brief PPC project, you should find an opportunity to expand their traffic and revenue using SEO and content marketing.

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Sometimes setting extensive goals lead to failure because they don’t get the required marketing support.

When you review your clients’ marketing goals, you identify the discrepancies between your services and their goals.

Do you have bigger traffic goals but aren’t planning any PPC campaigns to achieve those goals? Maybe all you want is a website upgrade.

If you thrive on email marketing, you must worry about your bounce, open, and click-through rates. So, if you want to improve your email campaigns, you can take the assistance of an intuitive marketing dashboard like DashClicks.

However, not all of your customers need that upsell. You’ll get multiple opportunities to upsell if you can conduct result-oriented conversations with your clients using the digital marketing dashboard.

It would help if you positively tried to impact your clients. Even if you’re using automated reporting to save time and schedule, your agency should meet your clients monthly to discuss their issues and find opportunities for upselling.

Furthermore, it gives them a personal feel which brings extreme customer delight. Keep your communication line open and carefully listen to them to discover their core objectives and pain points. It will also prevent you from appearing overly salesy.

3.  Audit Your Clients’ Content and SEO Strategy and Offer Complimentary Services

Digital marketing uses several variables such as devices, channels, landing pages, campaigns, etc. A lot of overlap happens here as well. You can find multiple opportunities to offer complementary services.

For example, your campaign analytics reveals that the Google Ads campaign is going great, but a particular landing page is not yielding conversions as desired. Your agency can offer an additional service to optimize that page to achieve its objectives better.

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All you need to do is to use Google Analytics integration. Analytics gives you a comprehensive picture of your digital marketing campaign with different marketing KPIs and metrics. Most dashboards use SEO metrics as part of their marketing KPIs.

Together, landing page optimization and SEO will boost your rankings, page views and conversions. The key to upselling is using logic, a data-driven approach, and goal-oriented strategies.

Your client should be under the impression that you are catering to each of their business interests. You should also be able to deliver quick wins. To achieve this,‌ audit their content and SEO strategy and identify the problem areas in their website. The next step is to get them fixed. It creates a fast sales funnel.

4. Use Your Digital Marketing Dashboard to Share Relevant Data With Your Clients

Data is an integral part of your agency’s value. You can establish your clients’ trust by achieving minor successes and gathering the data to prove it. The data will speak for itself with your chosen metrics and a user-friendly dashboard like DashClicks. You can customize your dashboard to highlight the most crucial KPIs and metrics. Always focus on your client’s ROI, especially when trying to upsell. It will justify the additional spending required.

Remember, it’s not hard to convince the client to pay for an additional service, but there should definitely be a genuine reason. If data supports it, that would be the icing on the cake. When you have the data to display how your additional service will help them achieve their goals faster, they will happily accept your offer.

Final Words

Your marketing strategy is assessed based on your client’s goals. Numerous marketing metrics are used to evaluate the success of your marketing strategy.

DashClicks’ marketing dashboard is a powerful reporting tool that eliminates the use of lengthy and confusing spreadsheets and challenging-to-understand metrics. Specific KPIs support it.

DashClicks dashboard’s data visualization and stunning graphics help your client understand the campaign performance in a better way. It is also used to demonstrate your agency’s performance and increase client retention.

Your team can also use these reports to upsell services that are essential for your campaign’s success, and your clients will be grateful for that.

Goal tracking is a valuable exercise which you can do through dashboards. Precise goal tracking will help you address your client’s needs and pain points.

How to Use Marketing Dashboards to Ethically Upsell Your Agency Clients

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