Metrics Reporting: How to Use it to Prevent Your Marketing Campaign From Falling Flat
DashClicks Team
Aug 25th, 2022 at 08:46 AM

Metrics Reporting: How to Use it to Prevent Your Marketing Campaign From Falling Flat

The success of a marketing campaign heavily depends on tracking the right data points, eliminating the less useful stats and insights, and creating a marketing report that doesn’t take hours from your productive time.

Choice of metrics is crucial to your results because it decides what data points are relevant to your needs and what you want to measure.

The presence of fluff baffles the marketers even more. If you want to measure engagement on your website, “average time spent on your website” is a more relevant metric than the “click-through rate.”

What Is Metrics Reporting?

Metrics reporting quantifies and tracks the most relevant data points that help you assess your performance in the campaign and what it takes to hit your business goals.

When you have real-time access to these data points through a dashboard, you can measure your performance in real-time and know what’s working vs what’s not. It will help you to divert your marketing dollars in the desired direction and minimize wasteful practices.

How to Do Metrics Reporting?

You can do metric reporting in multiple ways, but most methods require manual inputs. You may need to source data from various channels and perform complex calculations to track the desired metrics.

However, thanks to increasing automation in this industry, you’ve platforms like DashClicks that provide integrations with numerous third-party apps. You can easily track the desired metrics through the marketing reporting software in one place.

How to Create a Metrics Report Saving Time and Money?

You might need to track numerous metrics. If it takes a lot of time tracking those metrics, there are chances that you may miss many of the insights.

You can sign up for a robust metrics reporting tool like DashClicks to automate reporting, and it will throw the actionable insights in no time. The Analytics app helps you monitor and report all your marketing campaigns in one place, whereas InstaReports generates the report within a few seconds.

DashClicks platform provides you with real-time updates about your campaigns. It helps you boost client satisfaction and build your brand. Here is what the dashboard looks like.

DashClicks' Marketing Dashboard App

Here is a software tour of DashClicks explaining how you can use our dashboard to manage your campaigns and get multiple data points as per your needs.

It provides you a snapshot of the various metrics that will help you in decision-making meetings.

How to Choose the Right Metrics?

Choosing the right metrics is not a child’s play. Combine them with the wrong ones and it will soon become a maze of confusion with a lot of fluff. Before we discuss the most relevant metrics, let’s explain the difference between metrics and KPIs.

While metrics are created around processes and activities required to achieve a business goal, such as traffic or engagement, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are related directly to business goals.

If you compare the two, metrics provide more context than KPIs and tell you how close you are to your commercial objectives. Metrics are the superset of KPIs, so each KPI must be a metric, but a metric isn’t necessarily a KPI.

A single KPI can have multiple metrics. So, metrics are mostly tied to business processes and their efficiency, while KPIs tell how you are faring against your business goals.

Metrics => Used to assess the performance of specific business processes

KPIs => Used to ensure that you are hitting your business goals

To achieve your business goals, you need to find the closest metrics. For example, if you want to achieve a high-quality standard, you can use metrics that tell you the number of faulty products and the number of units produced every month.

You must also know how many defective products are delivered to the customers and how many are detected and screened out by your Quality Control professionals.

Right Metrics You Should Track

How to Use Analytics App in Dashclicks for Metrics Reporting?

DashClicks’ Analytics application allows you to integrate all your analytics and tracking tools into one central dashboard. With the Analytics app, you can track a quick overview of each service and detailed breakdowns for each integration, such as SalesForce, HubSpot, Facebook Ads, Unbounce, Google Ads, etc.

Our Analytics app currently supports the following analytics and tracking tools:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • CallRail
  • SEO
  • Listings Manager (an add-on subscription)

Track Different KPIs With DashClicks' Analytics App

If your online marketing campaign primarily depends on these tools, the analytics application is for you. The following video will walk you through the basics of the application.

How to Access the Analytics App?

To access the Analytics application, follow these steps:

Step – 1: Click on the app drawer icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on the App Drawer Icon in the Top Right Corner

Step – 2: Click on the Analytics icon within the app drawer.

Select Analytics App From App Drawer

How to Update the Tracking Period?

Finally, you can easily track your performance by updating the tracking period in the top right corner of the page.

Update the Tracking Period in the Analytics App

Click on it to see a mini-menu where you can select the specific period for your analytics to display. You can click on any of these preset periods from the left side column.

Select the Specific Period for Your Analytics

Final Words

Metrics reporting is inevitable while improving your marketing campaigns. It allows you to assess your campaign performance and achieve your business goals.

Each analytics and tracking tool in DashClicks’ Analytics app features unique metrics and in-depth customization tools. It’s instrumental in ensuring high precision while tracking your performance.

DashClicks’ automation tools simplify your life through easy integrations with numerous tools and software programs. Sign up today if you want to achieve your business objectives with more precision and certainty.

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