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How to Seamlessly Integrate White Label Fulfillment into Your Marketing Agency
How to Seamlessly Integrate White Label Fulfillment into Your Marketing Agency

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for agencies.

One key strategy that can elevate your agency's offerings and streamline operations is integrating white-label fulfillment services. This approach allows you to offer a broader range of services without the overhead of developing them in-house.

This blog will explore how to seamlessly integrate white-label fulfillment into your marketing agency, highlighting the benefits and practical steps to get started.

What Is White Label Fulfillment?

White-label fulfillment involves partnering with third-party service providers to deliver products or services under your brand name. This strategy enables agencies to expand their capabilities without the need for additional resources or expertise.

By leveraging the skills and infrastructure of these third-party providers, businesses can offer a wider range of services and products to their clients. The white label partner handles all aspects of fulfillment, from production and packaging to delivery, ensuring your clients receive high-quality services branded as your own.

This allows companies to focus on their core competencies, such as marketing and customer relations, while still offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet their clients' needs.

Why Your Marketing Agency Needs White Label Fulfillment?

Integrating white-label services in your agency can be a game-changer. Here's why:

1. Cost Efficiency

  • Lower Overheads: By partnering with a white-label provider, you eliminate the need for additional staff, technology, and infrastructure investments.
  • Economies of Scale: White-label partners often have the advantage of bulk operations, allowing you to benefit from reduced costs without compromising on quality.

2. Expanded Service Offerings

  • Diverse Capabilities: Offer a wide range of services such as SEO, PPC, content creation, and email marketing, without needing to develop these skills in-house.
  • Client Retention: Provide a one-stop-shop experience for your clients, making it less likely for them to seek services elsewhere.

3. Focus on Core Competencies

  • Specialization: Concentrate on what your agency does best, be it strategy development, creative design, or customer relations.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With operational tasks outsourced, your team can focus more on innovation and delivering exceptional marketing campaigns.

4. Scalability

  • Meeting Demand: Easily scale up or down based on client demand without the challenges associated with recruiting and training new staff.
  • Flexibility: Quickly adapt to market changes and client needs, providing a nimble response to new business opportunities.

5. Quality Assurance

  • Expertise: White-label partners are typically experts in their field, ensuring the services provided are of the highest professional standard.
  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent quality of service across all project deliverables, enhancing your agency’s reputation.

6. Brand Enhancement

  • Brand Visibility: Deliver high-quality services under your brand name, reinforcing your agency’s market position.
  • Client Confidence: Build trust with your clients by consistently meeting their expectations with comprehensive, branded solutions.

By integrating white-label fulfillment into your marketing agency, you can leverage these advantages to not only grow your business but also enhance the value you provide to your clients.

Choosing the Right White Label Partner

Selecting the right white-label partner is crucial for the seamless integration of their services into your marketing agency. Here are key factors to consider:

1. Reputation and Credibility

  • Track Record: Look for partners with a proven history of delivering high-quality services. Check client testimonials and case studies to gauge their performance.
  • Industry Recognition: Evaluate their standing in the industry. Awards and recognitions can be a good indicator of their credibility.

2. Expertise and Capabilities

  • Specialization: Ensure the partner has expertise in the specific services you intend to outsource. This could include SEO, content marketing, social media management, etc.
  • Quality of Work: Request samples and references to assess the quality of their output.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

  • Adaptability: Your partner should be able to scale their services up or down based on your needs. Flexibility is key to accommodating growth and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Innovative Solutions: They should offer solutions that can evolve with market trends and technological advancements.

4. Communication and Transparency

  • Open Lines of Communication: Effective communication is essential for a successful partnership. Ensure the partner is responsive and transparent about their processes.
  • Progress Reporting: They should provide regular updates and detailed reports to keep you informed about the project status.

5. Pricing and Contracts

  • Cost Structure: Understand their pricing model and ensure it aligns with your budget. Look for a balance between cost and quality.
  • Contract Terms: Carefully review contract terms, including service-level agreements (SLAs) and termination clauses, to avoid any future disputes.

6. Support and Customer Service

  • Responsive Support: Evaluate their customer service responsiveness and the support they offer. Reliable support can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems.
  • Dedicated Account Management: Having a dedicated account manager can make the liaison smoother and more efficient.

Choosing a reliable white-label partner can significantly impact the quality and reliability of the services you offer. By considering these factors, you can ensure that the partnership aligns with your agency's goals and delivers consistent value to your clients.

DashClicks, for instance, offers a range of white-label services designed to complement your agency's offerings seamlessly.

Understanding DashClicks' White Label Services

DashClicks provides a comprehensive suite of white-label services designed specifically to enhance and expand the capabilities of marketing agencies.

Their range of offerings includes SEO, PPC management, content creation, social media marketing, web design, and more.

By leveraging DashClicks' expertise, agencies can deliver a full spectrum of high-quality services to their clients under their own brand name.

Key Services Offered by DashClicks -

1. SEO Services

  • On-Page SEO: Includes keyword optimization, meta tags, and content enhancements to boost organic search rankings.
  • Off-Page SEO: Focuses on link building, social bookmarking, and other strategies to improve site authority.
  • Local SEO: Tailored solutions for businesses targeting local markets, including Google My Business optimization and local citations.

2. PPC Management

  • Google Ads: Campaign setup, management, and optimization to maximize ROI.
  • Social Media Ads: Targeted advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach the right audience.
  • Remarketing: Strategies to re-engage site visitors and increase conversion rates.

3. Content Creation

  • Blog Posts: High-quality, SEO-friendly articles to drive organic traffic and engage readers.
  • Website Content: Professional copywriting for web pages, ensuring clear communication of brand values and offerings.

4. Social Media Marketing

  • Account Management: Posting regular, engaging content and managing interactions to build a strong online presence.
  • Content Creation: Designing visually appealing graphics and writing compelling copy tailored to each social platform.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Monitoring performance and providing insights to refine social media strategies.

5. Facebook Ads

  • Audience Targeting: Utilize Facebook's sophisticated targeting tools to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviours, ensuring that ads are seen by the most relevant users.
  • Ad Creation: Design visually stunning and compelling ads, including carousel ads, video ads, and sponsored posts that capture attention and drive action.
  • Campaign Management: Continual monitoring and optimization of ad campaigns to enhance performance and achieve business goals effectively.
  • A/B Testing: Conduct A/B tests to compare different ad variations and strategies, ensuring the optimal approach is implemented for maximum impact.
  • Performance Analytics: Comprehensive analytics and reporting to track the success of ad campaigns, providing actionable insights for future optimization.
  • Budget Management: Efficient management of ad spend to ensure cost-effective campaigns that deliver high returns while staying within budget.

6. TikTok Ads

  • Creative Ad Production: Develop eye-catching and dynamic ads, including short-form videos and interactive content that align with the platform's unique style and trends.
  • Campaign Optimization: Continuously monitor and refine ad campaigns to enhance performance, employing data-driven strategies to achieve optimal results.
  • Performance Reporting: Provide detailed analytics and reports to track the effectiveness of ad campaigns, offering insights for ongoing improvement and strategy adjustments.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Implement efficient budgeting techniques to maximize ROI, ensuring high-impact campaigns that align with clients' financial plans.

7. Backlink Services

  • Comprehensive Submissions: DashClicks ensures your business information is submitted to a wide array of reputable online directories, increasing your online footprint.
  • Consistency Across Platforms: Ensure your business details are consistent across all directories to avoid confusing potential customers and search engines.
  • NAP Alignment: Maintain consistent Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) across all listings to boost local search rankings and improve user trust.

8. High-Quality Link Building

  • Manual Outreach: Conducting strategic outreach to relevant, high-authority websites to secure valuable backlinks. This includes guest posting and creating share-worthy content.
  • Content Promotion: Leveraging content marketing techniques to promote valuable content that naturally attracts backlinks.
  • Local Citations: Securing backlinks from local directories, business listings, and community websites to boost local SEO efforts.

By incorporating these services through DashClicks, marketing agencies can offer their clients comprehensive solutions without investing in additional resources or expertise. This partnership allows agencies to focus on strategic growth and client relationships while ensuring the delivery of top-notch services that meet their clients' expectations.

Integrating White Label Fulfillment into Your Workflow

Start by identifying the services you want to outsource. Next, establish clear communication channels with your white-label partner to ensure seamless collaboration. Develop a workflow that incorporates the white label services into your existing processes, ensuring that your team is aligned and informed.

A. Training Your Team

Educate your team on the new services and how to sell them effectively. Provide them with the necessary tools and resources to understand the benefits of white-label fulfillment. Regular training sessions and updates will ensure your team stays informed and confident in offering these services to clients.

B. Marketing Your Expanded Services

Promote your newly expanded services through various marketing channels. Update your website, create engaging content, and utilize social media to inform current and potential clients about your enhanced capabilities. Highlight the benefits of these services and how they can meet your clients' needs.

C. Building Strong Client Relationships

Maintaining strong agency client relationship is essential when integrating white label services. Ensure transparency with your clients about the services you offer and how they will benefit from them. Regularly communicate the progress and results achieved through these services to build trust and satisfaction.

D. Monitoring and Quality Control

Even with a reliable white-label partner, continuous monitoring and quality control are necessary. Regularly review the performance of the white-label services and provide feedback to your partner. This practice ensures that the services meet your standards and client expectations consistently.

E. Scaling Your Agency

White-label fulfillment can significantly contribute to scaling your agency. By leveraging these services, you can take on more clients and projects without the constraints of your in-house capabilities. This scalability allows your agency to grow sustainably and remain competitive in the market.

F. Addressing Common Concerns

Some agencies may have concerns about losing control or compromising quality when using white-label services. However, with the right partner and proper integration, these concerns can be mitigated. Ensure your partner understands your quality standards and maintains open communication to address any issues promptly.

G. Future Trends in White Label Fulfillment

The demand for white-label services is expected to grow as agencies seek cost-effective ways to expand their offerings. Stay informed about industry trends and advancements to continuously enhance your agency's capabilities. Innovations in technology and service delivery will further streamline white-label fulfillment processes, making them even more accessible and efficient.


Integrating white-label fulfillment into your marketing agency can elevate your service offerings, reduce operational costs, and enhance client satisfaction. By partnering with trusted providers like DashClicks, your agency can seamlessly offer a variety of high-quality services under your brand name. Start exploring white-label fulfillment today and take your agency to new heights.

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4 Emerging Trends in White-Label Software for Digital Agencies
4 Emerging Trends in White-Label Software for Digital Agencies

Nowadays, 83% of businesses report harnessing the power of AI to conquer challenges in automation and efficiency. This transformative technology allows industries to refine their operations, from vigilant system monitoring and peak performance optimization to robust data security. Beyond these technical feats, AI also revolutionizes customer interactions, offering personalized experiences through intuitive chatbots and voice assistants.

It’s no wonder that an increasing number of businesses are embracing white-label AI solutions. This post will overview the key aspects of white-label software in 2024, providing decision-makers with the insights needed to choose the perfect white-label product tailored to their needs, aligned with the latest trends.

White-Label Software Explained  

White-label software developers create solutions and sell them to agencies, which then rebrand the software, making it appear as though it was developed in-house.

Here is a typical scenario:

In essence: The software provider sells to the agency —> The agency sells to the client.

Key Benefits of White-Label Software

We've put together some of the main reasons to illustrate why embracing AI white-label solutions could be a game-changer for resellers digital agencies:

A. Quick Market Entry With No Technical Skills Required

Digital agencies can swiftly enter new markets with ready-made software, avoiding the time and expense of developing products from scratch. Additionally, there's no need for programming expertise or a deep understanding of artificial intelligence. You get a turnkey product ready for resale, unlocking a lucrative new income stream with ease.

B. Expanded Product Offerings

To sustain growth and keep customers engaged, companies must continuously innovate and broaden their product lines. White-labeling chatbots accelerate this expansion by enabling businesses to introduce new products swiftly without tapping into internal resources. This approach helps attract more customers and boost revenue, all while maintaining a competitive edge.

C. Enhanced Brand Recognition

White labeling empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate their brand identity such as logos and design elements into pre-existing products and services. This strategy not only amplifies brand visibility but also nurtures customer loyalty.

D. Cost Savings

Building a chatbot from the ground up can set companies back thousands of dollars. However, with a white-label chatbot, you can enjoy the same cutting-edge functionality without the hefty price tag, making it a savvy and cost-effective choice. By bypassing the expenses tied to in-house software development, resellers can redirect their resources to other crucial areas of the business. This not only enhances profitability but also boosts overall efficiency, making the organization more agile and competitive.

Unveiling the Future of White-Label Chatbots: Find Your Perfect Fit

With the rise of ChatGPT and the swift evolution of AI, staying abreast of what's in demand and crucial for white labeling can be challenging. In this landscape, ChatGPT stands out, revolutionizing marketing strategies and streamlining a multitude of technical aspects. At the same time, its influence brings about new trends in software management, notably in the realm of chatbots.

Selecting a ready-to-use chatbot solution that remains relevant for years is no easy feat. To aid your decision-making, we've compiled the key trends that will guide you toward the right choice.

1. Advanced Data Privacy and Compliance

As Apple and Google roll out new data regulations, companies are under pressure to securely store data and refrain from transferring it to third-party providers. This mandates that new white-label solutions comply with stringent privacy requirements.

Moreover, the emergence of strict regulations such as GDPR and CCPA has raised the bar for digital marketers even more. White-label agencies, including those developing a HIPAA-compliant chatbot, are now prioritizing compliance to safeguard client data, uphold their reputation, and ensure long-term viability in the industry.

2. Application of Generative AI

Over $50 billion has been invested in Gen AI globally to date. It has revolutionized the landscape of chatbots and white-label solutions, ushering in a new era of innovation and customization. By harnessing the power of advanced algorithms, gen AI enables chatbots to engage users in more natural and human-like conversations, significantly enhancing user experience.

Moreover, generative AI enables white-label chatbots to adapt and evolve. By analyzing vast amounts of data and user interactions, these solutions can continuously improve their performance and effectiveness, ensuring that they remain relevant and impactful in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Here are some Gen AI use cases for digital agencies:

  • Customer Support. Generative AI powers conversational agents like chatbots and virtual assistants, enabling them to engage in natural and contextually relevant conversations with users. These AI-powered assistants can provide customer support, answer queries, and perform tasks autonomously.
  • Data Analytics. Gen AI can enhance data analytics by generating synthetic data for training machine learning models, augmenting existing datasets, and simulating real-world scenarios for testing and validation. Furthermore, Generative AI can assist in exploratory data analysis by generating visualizations, summaries, and reports that help analysts and decision-makers understand complex data structures and relationships. For example, generative AI algorithms can generate interactive data visualizations that highlight correlations, outliers, and trends in multidimensional datasets, enabling data scientists to explore and interpret data more effectively.
  • Content Generation. Gen AI can create diverse content types, including articles, stories, poems, and even music. This is particularly useful for content creators, marketers, and media organizations looking to produce engaging and personalized content at scale
  • Healthcare. Generative AI has applications in healthcare, such as medical image synthesis, drug discovery, and patient data analysis. For instance, generative models can generate synthetic medical images for training AI algorithms or simulate the effects of potential drugs on biological systems.
  • Content Generation for Virtual Worlds. In virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications, gen AI can create dynamic and immersive virtual worlds in real time. These AI-generated environments can adapt to user interactions, preferences, and environmental conditions, enhancing the realism and interactivity of virtual experiences.

As the technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative use cases emerge in the future.

3. Advanced Branding & Personalization

Advanced branding and personalization are paramount for businesses striving to stand out in a competitive marketplace. White-label chatbots offer a unique opportunity for brands to deliver tailored experiences that resonate with their audience and integrate their corporate style such as:

  • Character: a distinct identity for your chatbot that resonates with your brand ethos, and a tone of voice that captivates and connects with users authentically. Imagine acquiring a white-label chatbot fluent in California slang, effortlessly channeling the laid-back and vibrant essence of your brand! Or vice versa, a strict and reserved virtual assistant for traditional banking institutions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: a visual identity that harmonizes with your brand's essence, selecting colors, typography, and design elements that reflect your brand guidelines and evoke the desired emotional response from users. Consider the iconic brand identity of McDonald's, meticulously curated and consistently echoed across every channel, instantly evoking a vivid image whenever the golden arches are mentioned.

4. Voice Chatbots Are Setting to Disrupt Customer Experience

Traditional websites and run-of-the-mill in-app chatbots are swiftly becoming outdated. Today's users crave support that transcends platforms and embraces diverse communication formats. Among these, voice technology has surged to the forefront, boasting speeds up to 3 times faster than its text-based counterparts. It is no wonder, then, that integrating a voice-based chatbot into your business arsenal adds unparalleled value.

Voicebots not only slash wait times and deliver consistent service but also offer exceptional accessibility. They streamline communication for visually impaired individuals, providing a more comfortable avenue for accessing online customer support. As voice technology continues to advance, white-label chatbot providers are incorporating voice-enabled interfaces into their solutions, allowing users to interact with software using natural language commands and voice prompts.

By embracing these trends and leveraging white-label software strategically, digital agencies can unlock new opportunities for innovation, growth, and success in today's dynamic market. 

DashClicks: A Leading Provider of White-Label Software for Businesses

When searching for a reliable and innovative white-label software provider, DashClicks stands out as a premier choice. Specializing in delivering comprehensive, ready-to-use solutions tailored for digital agencies, DashClicks offers a suite of tools designed to enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Their platform includes everything from automated marketing software to analytics and reporting tools, all branded with an agency’s unique identity.

By partnering with DashClicks, agencies can expand their service offerings, improve client satisfaction, and drive revenue growth without the steep development costs. With a focus on delivering high-quality solutions and robust support, DashClicks helps businesses stay competitive and agile in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, white-label AI solutions present unparalleled opportunities for digital agencies to diversify their offerings, boost profitability, and enhance brand recognition. With the integration of advanced technologies like generative AI and voice-enabled interfaces, these solutions are positioned to remain at the forefront of industry trends.

By leveraging the benefits of quick market entry, expanded product offerings, and significant cost savings, agencies can meet the growing demands of their clients and stay competitive. Partnering with a reputable provider like DashClicks ensures access to cutting-edge white-label software, empowering agencies to lead with innovation and drive meaningful growth.

Embracing these advancements will not only future-proof your business but also establish a robust foundation for continued success in the dynamic world of digital transformation.

Elevate Your Digital Agency's Offerings With DashClicks!
White Label Reselling vs. Doing It All Yourself
White Label Reselling vs. Doing It All Yourself

The world is changing drastically and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the problems for businesses worldwide.

With agencies facing new challenges, the same set of techniques and business practices that helped them previously are now becoming ineffective. There is no option but to ride this wave of change and adapt to the “new normal.”

Traditionally, agencies were doing it all themselves until the market disruptions such as the global financial crisis happened in 2008. With increased economic uncertainties, agencies preferred to stick to the lean business model.

According to new research by Harvard Business School’s Shikhar Ghosh, 75% of all start-ups fail. The “lean start-up” has emerged as the less risky model as it can survive in the toughest conditions.

Many agencies are now switching to white label reselling which allows them to scale without actually increasing their team size.

What are Significant Challenges Faced by a Marketing Agency in 2021?

As a marketing agency, you come across many challenges: some of them are listed below:

1. Getting more customers

Marketing a digital agency can be tough because of stiff competition. Differentiation is the second biggest issue. If you position yourself as a jack of all trades, you have only marginal chances to succeed as an agency. You must find a specific “niche” and prove your worth, so that people may notice you.

2. Finding and keeping talented people

To build a successful agency, you need dynamic leadership, a core competence area, the right people, and an affordable price. However, it’s quite expensive to hire and retain the best talent. Most of the best folks are working at high paychecks and head-hunting may not be as easy as it sounds.

3. Facing difficulty in increasing the basket size

You want to expand your basket size from your current customers but may feel thwarted by an inadequate workforce. It limits your operational capabilities and makes you vulnerable to sudden business fluctuations.

4. When your customers ask for something you don’t specialize in

You can be an agency specializing in PPC, but your customers may ask for social media marketing, websites, or SEO-related services. It often puts you in a fix as it’s difficult to recruit trained professionals at short notice.

5. Your agency stopped growing because of the limited services you offer

Your agency has stagnated as you’re primarily offering one stock service, whereas your competitors are succeeding by successfully positioning themselves as full-service agencies. As a result, when an opportunity knocks on your door, you’re not ready to grab it.

6. You’re struggling with a lack of resources and infrastructure

You want to scale your operations when needed, but you’re working with a lack of resources and infrastructure. It means that you’re not in a position to say “yes” to many of your customers.

7. You face difficulties pitching to more prominent clients

You have a hard time pitching to bigger clients because of a poor track record and weak branding. If you utilize white label services in time, this situation may turn in your favor as you’ll have a more extensive portfolio and high-ticket clients under your belt.

8. Day-to-day operations keep you busy

You want to focus on your core competence business development, but repetitive and unproductive tasks keep you busy all through the day.

If any of these sounds relatable, it’s high time you consider white label reselling as your go-to strategy.

What is White Label Reselling?

White labeling is no longer a new concept. These days, businesses don’t shy away from deploying the products and services delivered by another company under their own brand name. It offers many benefits, the most obvious one being that you don’t have to design solutions from scratch.

You can see it happening everywhere. At grocery stores, you may see foodstuff and cereals being sold under their brand name. These stores aren’t usually in the production business. All they do is source this stuff from another company, rebrand them and offer it to their customers as their product.

Move over tangible products, a significant share of global white-labeling business comprises online services such as digital marketing, web designing, and content marketing. We also term it as white label marketing.

According to the 2015 Marketing Technology Strategy survey, the businesses’ top four marketing technologies were email marketing, social media marketing, marketing analysis, and sales automation, respectively.

White label marketing is not limited to SEO, PPC, social, inbound, and email marketing. It also includes several other services such as web development and design, mobile app development, videography, video marketing, professional photography, social media creatives, and print advertising.

White Label Reselling vs. Doing It All Yourself

Here is a brief comparison between white label reselling vs. doing it all yourself.

White Label Reselling vs. Doing It All Yourself Infographic

Why Should You Use White Label Marketing Services?

According to the 2016 Marketing Maturity Benchmark Report issued by LeadMD, the top three concerns of the business owners were as follows:

  1. Qualified Lead Pipeline (92%)
  2. Customer Retention (81%)
  3. Lead Pipeline Velocity (66%)

In the spooked business environment marred with day-to-day emergencies, white-label marketing comes as a breeze of fresh air creating a win-win solution for both you and the reseller agency. The white label agency saves all the heavy spending on branding, marketing, and finding clients. It allows them to focus only on the service development while keeping the costs low.

On the flip side, your brand can focus on your core business expertise and business development, while the agency will give you ready-made solutions that you can sell to your clients.

Here are some more reasons why you should use white label marketing:

1. To Leverage the Latest Innovations, Research, And Updates

If you wish to sell a premium product to your client, such as automation software, you might have to reinvent the whole wheel, developing the solution from scratch. On the flip side, if you use a white label service, you can outsource it from people who have been doing it for years and have the right expertise. They have access to the right people and technologies to design software and services using innovative methods.

Disadvantages of doing it yourself: First of all, being an agency, your core focus should be to market your solutions and deliver the best customer support. White labeling these services allow you to get direct access to expensive new tools as they are launched. Agencies keep themselves up-to-date and take care of all the latest development in the products and services they offer.

2. To Take Advantage of the Growing Market

The market for digital marketing solutions is rapidly expanding, and there is a huge demand for services like boosting web traffic, growing online presence, and maximizing conversions. As a trend, more and more companies are opting for marketing automation.

According to Forrester’s Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, in 2023, spending on marketing automation tools is estimated to reach $25.1 billion. If you are not able to tap into this tremendous opportunity, you are already losing a potential fortune. If you are in the business but cannot handle demand, you may be losing out on revenue. Your clients may be interested in market automation solutions and other premium services. If you want to grab your share of this booming market, you should try outsourcing white label marketing automation services.

3. To Save Time and Effort

With such fierce competition in the marketplace, it’s essential to get your processes right. Market analysis and development of products and marketing solutions are time-consuming tasks, and you need to devote a lot of time and effort to accomplish this. White labeling will free you from such time-consuming processes. So, you can focus on developing offerings for your customers.

4. To Cut Human Resource and Infrastructure Cost

When you try to deliver Digital Marketing Services as an agency, you need to hire several skilled professionals. The recruitment, onboarding, and training costs can be overwhelming for a startup, not to mention the infrastructure cost such as office space, furniture, and workstations. White labeling frees you from all such worries, so you can focus primarily on business development and leave the rest to your white label partner.

5. To Tap into Other Marketing Services

Sometimes digital marketing agencies offer limited services such as SEO and PPC, but the changing market dynamic requires you to be agile as an agency. You wouldn’t want to lose clients if they want additional services such as video marketing, influencer marketing, or Facebook marketing. In such a scenario, white labeling can be a panacea for you. It will allow you to expand your business without getting involved in daily tedious and repetitive tasks.

6. To Amplify Your Profits

The most significant advantage of white label reselling is that it increases your profits without any significant investment, and helps you develop extensive portfolios with a large number of clients.

Reselling Allows You To Add to Your Spectrum of Products

The most significant advantage of reselling is that it allows you to add to the spectrum of products and services you offer. So, if you provide web design services, you can add SEO, social marketing, and reputation marketing to your kitty without hiring an entire team of professionals. Since reselling services already have trained in-house teams, they allow you to accommodate additional clients at any point. So, you can deliver a powerful package of services with limited personnel and infrastructure.

White Label Vs. Co-branded Products Or Services

There is a difference between white label and co-branded products and services — they are mutually exclusive. In a co-branded service, the product has the branding of both the supplier and the reseller. In white label products, only a single brand appears on the end product.

Private Label vs. White Label: What’s the Difference?

Although both these terms can be used interchangeably, private and white labels are entirely different things. A private-label service is custom-designed to meet the client’s particular needs, whereas a white label service is more generic — so you can resell it “as is.”

What To Look For in A White-label Partner?

Here are a few things you must look for in your white label partner to make the best out of your collaboration:

1. Similar goals and vision

Your white label partner should echo similar goals and vision to deliver solutions that are in line with your business ethos and culture. As your strategic business partner, both of you must be on the same page.

2. Your white label partner must have a solid reputation

Values such as honesty, transparency, and proactiveness can’t be discounted. That’s probably the reason why a good industry reputation is so vital for your white label partners. So, before you sign a contract, do a little homework to know how long they have been in the business and whether they are considered an expert in their domain.

3. They must have experience as a result-oriented white label company

White labeling is not just about adding a logo to an existing product and reselling it to your clients. It has to be a more involved process where you can frequently communicate about strategic steps and quality results. White labeling will not work if it’s not result-oriented.

4. Should be able to generate exhaustive reports that are full of insights

Reporting and analytics are essential indicators of the professional services offered by a white label agency. For example, DashClicks uses software known as InstaReports to generate reports that are loaded with data and insights. Such reports can be a delight for your clients as they can use them for strategic decision-making.

DashClicks InstaReports Tool

5. They should have clear contract terms

They should have written terms of the contract, so there is no ambiguity. Transparency guards you against many possible events which can come as a surprise. For example, if there is a minimum lock-in period, they should be upfront about it. Ask questions before you sign a contract.


While reselling white label services can be one of the best strategic steps to scale your agency, it doesn't mean you would lose your brand's identity in the process. You can maintain your brand value by sticking to the basics ā your company vision and goals. Offer something different that adds value and provides top-notch customer service to differentiate your agency from the competition.

To make it look even more authentic and unique, add some original content and inputs to help your clients. Reselling white label services comes with tremendous value for your agency, and it's often more advantageous than doing it all yourself.

Choose DashClicks To Add Value To Your Efforts
When Should You Consider Hiring A White Label Marketing Agency?
When Should You Consider Hiring A White Label Marketing Agency?

Online marketing includes several strategies such as content marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and lead generation. However, most digital marketing agencies and startups are proficient in just one or two streams, making it difficult for them to efficiently handle all the varied activities.

It is why many reputed brands are now choosing white label agencies for their marketing requirements. There are many advantages of outsourcing to a white label agency and reselling their ready-made solutions to your clients after branding them as your own.

Some of the primary benefits include:

  • It saves you time, money, and effort. It allows you to cut time and cost incurred in recruiting and maintaining experts and training new hires
  • It enables you to create new revenue streams for your agency
  • It allows you to focus on your core strengths and business activities by taking care of all else

However, collaborating with a white label company can be tricky if, as a business, you are resistant to change, fear losing control, and are inflexible to new ideas and ways of working. But hiring white label services can do wonders for your business, especially if you are facing the following challenges:

1. You Want to Expand Business Services Across Domain

Because of market uncertainties and unpredictable product life cycles, businesses are advised to grow fast and lean, to scale up or pivot. They need to expand if a new business opportunity arrives. However, most companies cannot capitalize on such opportunities because of many bottlenecks, such as lack of staff, infrastructure, and expertise in a niche field.

For instance, you run a digital marketing agency, and you get a bulk order to develop websites and apps. You can't take on this opportunity if you do not have the trained workforce to provide the requested services. A white label agency can help here. You can outsource web and app development to a white label website design agency proficient in it and provide other services your client requires using in-house teams. This way, you can retain the client and expand the contract's ticket size.

2. You Don't Have the Budget to Hire Additional Workforce

Most startups and small businesses have budget constraints. So, they hire only a few employees to run in-house operations. When such a company wins a series of contracts to provide specialized services, it will struggle to meet the requirements with its small in-house teams.

No Need to Hire Additional Workforce

In such a situation, instead of wasting time, effort, and money on running aggressive recruitment campaigns, the company should hire a white label agency that specializes in the needed field. Investing in hiring bigger teams can be overkill for a startup, especially given the market's fluctuating demand.

3. You Can't Deliver the Quality Your Clients Want

Sometimes, you don't have in-house staff to provide the kind of quality service your client seeks in addition to the existing services you provide. For instance, suppose you offer social media marketing services. In that case, your client may also need you to arrange a copywriter to write their website blogs in sync with their social media branding. It can be highly time-consuming and tedious to hire an expert copywriter.

If you could actually meet the expectations you set. That would be Great

Moreover, it may not be a sensible business decision to hire people for this position permanently when copywriting is not one of your primary services. Hiring a white label copywriting service can be the best option in this case.

4. You are Failing to Meet Your Business Goals

Startups often struggle with operations and meeting their business goals and revenue targets. In such a situation, it becomes crucial to keep the company afloat. Though they may be good at running their core business operations, most startup owners find it challenging to identify and plug loopholes. A white label agency can assess the underlying issues and bring in the much-needed fresh perspective. It will help you identify areas that need improvement and implement new strategies to put your business back on track.

Meet Your Business Goals with DashClicks

5. Your Business is Not Growing

It's a major red flag when a company stops growing. During the pandemic, many companies that were either not growing or were operating at a steady pace with a limited number of clients went entirely out of business and had to pause operations.

It happens when there is a slump in demand or during economic downturns. The situation may aggravate if you don't have a sound strategy in place to face it. As your existing clients leave, your revenues plummet. Partnering with a white label marketing agency is the best way to navigate such sticky situations as it allows you to expand operations and build cash reserves. The support of financially strong clients during lean business periods keeps small businesses afloat.


White labeling is a highly cost-effective business practice. It is also the most feasible solution when your business is struggling with fluctuating demand and market uncertainties. It allows you to stay agile and expand business operations without compromising on client satisfaction and service quality. However, you should do thorough research before hiring a white label agency. It should be competent, experienced, accountable, and have a successful track record of delivering quantifiable results.

Meet Your Marketing Requirements With DashClicks!
Your Complete Guide to White Label Reselling
Your Complete Guide to White Label Reselling

"I am incredibly busy serving clients."

"My employees are not always as motivated as I would like them to be."

"I am always caught up in solving internal challenges. I have no time to add new clients."

Sounds relatable?

Do you also face these conventional agency pain-points?

It's tough running a digital agency if you are limited by resources, technical expertise, and slow-moving workflows.

The digital landscape is so complex and fast-paced is that an agency's production line is always over-packed and overloaded. There is hardly any breathing space or, for that matter, the time for agency owners to focus on prospecting and scaling.

Is there a way for agencies to grow at scale? Is there a magic wand to turn the tides in their favor?

Yes, off-course there is!

It's called White-Label Reselling.

Table of Contents

  1. What is white-label reselling?
  2. Who can be a white-label reseller?
  3. How does reselling work?
  4. What are the benefits of reselling?
  5. Tips for choosing the best white-label partner
  6. Tips for reselling better, reselling fast
  7. Learn the art of reselling at DashClicks

What is White Label Reselling?

White Label reselling simply means rebranding and reselling already existing products and services. The products and services belong to a third party. White-label resellers simply buy them, rebrand them with their company logo and name, and resell them forward at a price they like.

Are you already thinking that this is the exact business model your agency wants and needs?

Check out our white-label fulfillment services for free!

Finding It Hard To Scale Due To Limited Resources

Who Can be a White Label Reseller?

There are no prerequisites to being a white-label reseller. Anybody can be a white-label reseller.

All you need to do is find the reseller program that strikes the perfect balance between your business goals and your clients' requirements. Pitch the white-label services to your clients and start reselling.

Freelancers, first-time marketers, entrepreneurs, agency owners, marketing professionals, and anybody who wants to be their own boss can be white-label resellers.

(It's always a plus if you have experience running an agency!)

How Does Reselling Work?

It's simple and straightforward.

Start by signing up for a reseller account with your chosen white-label partner. Next, select from the range of white-label services that your clients need and are ready to purchase. The white-label partner will begin fulfillment the moment your client is on board.

Still, feel it's too good to be true?

Why don't you see it for yourself?

Sign up for a forever free DashClicks account now and get instant white-label agency platform access now!

How does White Label Reselling Work

Why Do Agencies Fail to Grow?

To truly understand the benefits of reselling, let us first look at the common reasons why most agencies fail or simply stop growing within the first few years of business.

Reason#1: Lack of consistency

Reason#2: Lack of productization

Reason#3: No plan for the future

Reason#4: Focus is more on fulfillment and less on business growth

Reason#5: Inability to innovate and stay updated with ever-evolving industry trends

Through white-label reselling, agencies can overcome all the above challenges and a host of other roadblocks that prevent agencies from growing at scale.

White Label Reselling Benefits:

1. White-Label Reselling is Lightning Quick:

Talk about speed!

White-label reselling is lightning quick.

The white-label agency platform automatically gathers all essential information from clients and sends them secure onboarding credentials within seconds. And in case there are delays, the platform automatically shoots email reminders as well.

2. White-Label Reselling is Easily Expandable:

So many times, agencies turn down revenue opportunities just because they don't have the budget or expertise (both in most cases ).

But with reselling, agencies can cross-sell and upsell marketing services that they have never offered before to clients on the fly.

3. White-Label Reselling is Scalable:

Not just cross-selling, a white-label partnership makes scaling easy as well. Whether agencies resell services to one or a hundred clients, the white-label partner takes care of every fulfillment need hassle-free.

4. White-Label Reselling Offers Consistency:

Agencies can rest assured they will receive uncompromised service quality and excellent ROI for clients. The white-label partner is equipped with certified experts and top-of-the-line digital marketing professionals.

5. White-label Reselling Keeps Clients Happy:

White-label providers use best practices and strategies to ensure maximum ROI for clients. The reporting is in an easy-to-digest form, which means clients always have a clear picture of their marketing expenditure-output.

Clients can access campaigns in real-time and get real-time snapshots of their online presence from wherever they want, whenever they want.

Is there anything more, you ask?

Yes, there is lots more to the benefits of white-label reselling.

At DashClicks, we have fully optimized our process workflow for a genuinely transformational reseller experience. Our white-label platform fully automates the fulfillment process, providing agencies with time and resources to focus on business growth.

Furthermore, the platform equips markets with software and tools to market services on the fly.

Resellers can use demo prospecting accounts to give clients a free tour of the platform and showcase the services. They can even use the InstaSites tools to build them a fully-functional business website within seconds!

Tips for Choosing the Best White-Label Partner

Now we move over to the most crucial part!

With so many white-label providers to choose from, the question is: how do you choose the right white-label service partner?

How about using a perfect litmus test to decide whether to choose or ignore a white-label service? Here it is:

#1. Look for That Extra 10%

Right products solve a problem; great products change the way people solve that problem for the better. It's all about that extra 10% value that great products bring to the table.

In the case of white-label solutions, the extra 10% comes with opting for a simple, intuitive platform that leaves no room for complaints.

For instance, the DashClicks white-label agency platform makes the entire fulfillment process more convenient and productive. From automated onboarding to billing, the platform offers countless features for a frictionless agency-client relationship.

#2. Reseller Plans Must Resonate With Client Needs

You don't want to be in a situation where you are selling only apples when your clients mostly ask for oranges. Besides the white-label services you resell, make sure that they are affordable and perfectly resonate with client expectations.

#3. Settle For Nothing Less Than Excellent Customer Service

You want to associate yourself with a white-label partner who responds to your client's queries and issues instantly. If there are gaps in customer service, it will ultimately impact the client's service experience.

At DashClicks, in addition to a well-rounded customer support team, we assign dedicated project managers who look after every fulfillment need.

#4. Ensure Reporting is Clear, Insightful, and Instant

Reporting should never be a guessing game. If your potential white-label reseller company doesn't have a clear and precise reporting structure, watch out.

There's no point in using a reseller program when the reports leave too much room for guesswork. Besides the services you choose to resell, your clients will enjoy real-time reporting through our white-labeled platform, all from one simple login.

Check it now for yourself with a free sign up!

#5. Don't Ignore Control

Your white-label reseller company may automatically organize and look after every fulfillment on your agencies' behalf. Yet, it's always wise to protect your clients' sensitive data.

Choose a white-label solution that allows your agency to be in control. DashClicks' white-label platform comes with pre-built user management features. You can manage roles easily and create custom access controls for specific users. As far as your clients are concerned, they have access only to white-label reporting dashboards and nothing more.

Tips for Reselling Better, Reselling Fast

Now that you have decided to be a white-label reseller, you must step up your reselling game.

Remember, as far as the reselling landscape goes, you are not the lone warrior, there are hundreds of other resellers too.

While the white-label partner looks after the purchased services, you must offer an excellent service that offers unmatchable and unbeatable value to your clients.

#1. Learn To Keep Your Customers Happy and Interested

Do you know a business is 2x more likely to share a bad experience than a positive one on social media?

This means your clients won't mind shooting a negative tweet if they are not satisfied with your service.

The rules for keeping clients happy are almost the same as you applied to judge your white-label reseller company.

Your clients expect

⇨ Fast response times.

⇨ Regular engagement.

⇨ Well structured and valuable customer journey.

⇨ Timely response to feedback, referrals, and grievances, whether on email or social media.

Half of the reselling battle is won at the beginning if you can manage uncompromised quality service across all these fronts.

#2. Turn Your Customer Support From Good to Great

Is your customer support slow-moving? Is it ready to handle a steady influx of new clients? Do you have the learning structure to train new staff?

If the answer to these questions is still a no, you better start hustling now!

With fulfillment taken care of, your agency must focus on customer support and service that improve your client's customer journey, from onboarding, to fulfillment, and billing.

#3. Create Your Ideal Client Profile

Who is your ideal client? Which industries do they majorly belong to? What services do they seek?

The answers to these questions will offer a tremendous boost to your prospecting efforts. Try to get a better and detailed understanding of:

  • Client demographics
  • Client purchase behavior
  • Client common marketing goals, dreams, and wishes

Once you have a clear understanding of your ideal clients and their needs, you can reach out to them with the right messages and value propositions that perfectly align with their business goals and objectives.

#4. The DashClicks Advantage

We have already discussed stepping up your customer service, improving online engagements, and polishing the ideal client profile. But what about tools, softwares, and solutions that make reselling easy and quick?

At DashClicks, we have created the perfect white-label prospecting tools for agencies with InstaSites and InstaReports. Learn more about these amazing marketing tools for agencies here.

Master the Art of Reselling at DashClicks

This brings us to the end of this complete guide on white-label reselling.

Phew! Hope you had a great time reading.

But wait before you go.

What if we said you can learn the art of reselling white-label services for free?

In fact, not just learn but actually master it and quickly grow your agency into a 7+ figure business!

That's what we want for you, and that's why we have created the best education platform for freelancers, marketing professionals, and agencies.

And the most amazing part is it's absolutely free.

Yes. We are not charging anything for it!

We just want you:

To Master Reselling


To keep Growing


Signup now for free!

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