What Prevents Agencies From Providing a Better Client Experience
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Dec 5th, 2022 at 10:42 AM

What Prevents Agencies From Providing a Better Client Experience

What do you think is a real game-winner for digital agencies? Is it mere creativity and expertise that attracts new customers? Creativity earns you accolades, but an unmatched customer experience makes them loyal customers, ensuring sustainable long-term growth.

However, achieving client satisfaction is easier said than done because of some insurmountable challenges, such as the ever-increasing expectations of customers. Another big challenge is increasing competition because of mushrooming freelancers and agencies across the globe.

Here are a few things that come in the way of client retention –

  • Lack of a proper understating of the project
  • Substandard work quality
  • Tall claims and over-promising
  • Lack of standard processes
  • Poor project management and execution
  • Lack of adequate communication

Client satisfaction is the biggest factor that ensures your agency’s success.

Challenges Preventing Agencies From Providing a Better Client Experience

Here are five challenges that most agencies face when providing a better client experience.

Challenge #1: Handling More Than You Can Manage

Most agencies fall into the trap of providing more services than they can handle. These services include web development, SEO, PPC, social media management, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, etc. However, these fields are entirely distinct and require additional hiring to keep up with the clients’ expectations and allow the processes to work smoothly.

If you don’t have the trained professionals to execute these processes, chances are you will not be able to achieve your client’s business goals through your campaigns. Some customers are extremely fussy about such issues, and they fire their agency when they notice that campaigns are off-track and results are not achieved.

Which of the Following is a Reason a Client has Ended Relationship With an Agency

Pro Tip: If you want to remain lean and thin and do not wish to add additional staff, you can simply focus on your core service and expand it. This way, you can not only market yourself as an expert in that particular niche but also charge premium prices.

To avoid hiring an additional workforce, you can outsource digital marketing services from DashClicks, a premium white-level company. DashClicks has large teams of trained digital marketing experts and certified SEO and PPC professionals who can help you achieve your client’s business goals. The platform also periodically helps you generate comprehensive performance reports to update your clients on the campaign’s performance.

DashClicks’ platform and fulfillment services are designed to help agencies scale and accommodate new projects and assignments without worrying about their existing workforce.

Challenge #2: Lack of Proper Understating of the Project

Writing a proper brief is a major digital marketing agency challenge. Even the most creative campaigns suffer because of a lack of a powerful brief. A well-written brief ensures that the project is executed per your client’s expectations and delivers the best results. But, to work with a proper brief, you should avoid putting all the information in a single document. Using project templates for specific purposes is the best strategy. It makes execution easier for the executives and creatives.

Pro Tip: A creative brief is a blueprint that helps and guides all your team members to execute and complete a campaign from ideation to completion. The creatives involved in the project can use it as a manual. You can also use a reverse brief; it provides a bigger picture of the project and what a client wants.

Creative Brief TemplateImage Source: HubSpot

It should explain the timeline, project goals, and scope of work and provide clarity about deliverables. If your team members struggle with creating good briefs, you can use templates that will be extremely helpful. These templates will also enable you to ask your clients the right questions so you can have an enhanced understanding and clarity about the project. The templates also help the agency staffers to work in greater collaboration and the right direction.

Challenge #3: Lack of Standard Processes

Sometimes, a process is more important than what you will achieve. Creating websites according to the client’s expectations is not a cakewalk. It involves the most intricate details and individual preferences of a client because it’s crucial to branding and their overall business objectives.

It becomes even more challenging when you serve numerous clients daily. If you don’t have a proper checklist, it will become a big mess that will leave clients unhappy and dissatisfied.

It will greatly help if you have standard processes to move ahead and offer a better client experience. Without well-defined processes, there will be bottlenecks in your projects, leading to disappointment for your team and your clients.

The Importance of Business Processes

Pro Tip: If your team is facing stress because your project is getting unnecessarily delayed, you need to focus on building standard processes for greater efficiency. Identify your client’s needs and what you need to do to resolve this, and then assign different responsibilities to each team member.

You might need several tools to execute this. DashClicks’ platform offers you numerous tools for automation and project execution. Apart from that, it allows you to work from a single dashboard to have a bird’s eye view of your project and immediately check the key metrics on the dashboard itself, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Challenge #4: Tracking Evolving Needs of a Project

When you start executing the project, you might need many things you initially didn’t plan or think about. Sometimes the project grows in size, and the client adds more features to their business portfolio. If you have a specific contract at the start of the project, it will save you from many issues emerging from such situations. You can effectively track the evolving needs of a project and communicate it to the client if it doesn’t match the scope of work initially agreed upon.

Pro Tip:  Your clients may not have the experience of handling a website or SEO project, which may come as a surprise because of the evolving needs. So, establish proper communication with your clients and educate them on the expectations as far as the scope and deliverables are concerned. It will prevent the project cost and time from getting out of control.

Challenge #5: Improper Handling of Feedback

If you have experience working with developers, you must be aware of the frustration clients go through when their feedback is not implemented as per their instructions by the developers. A lot of client churn happens when your project management is poor. If you continuously ignore emails from your clients and miss deadlines, you will quickly lose them.

Pro Tip: You can use DashClicks’ white label agency software to keep in touch with your clients through instant messaging and emails simultaneously. Moreover, the entire communication is visible to your team. If a particular person cannot address any concern, another team member or project manager will notice it and alert the crew.

Final Words

You will likely increase your referral rates if you offer an amazing client experience. It will bring you tons of business without advertising for it. Happy customers keep coming back and refer your agency to others. So, if you can resolve the above challenges, you will be in a better position to offer an excellent client experience.

Take advantage of the DashClicks white label platform and fulfillment services and familiarize yourself with their tools. You can sign up for the platform free of cost and enjoy using it right away.

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