How to Efficiently Outsource Digital Marketing Services (Ep. 12)
DashClicks Team
May 27th, 2022 at 10:02 AM

How to Efficiently Outsource Digital Marketing Services (Ep. 12)

In this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, i.e. episode 12, Chad Kodary, CEO of DashClicks, discusses efficiently outsourcing digital marketing services. So, if you are a marketing agency looking to offload all the hard work instead of doing it in-house, read on.

I’ll also discuss how to use an outsourcing partner efficiently. To begin, you can do the following:

  • Scale-up fulfillment
  • Focus on the front-end of your business, i.e. sales
  • Let a white labeled company like DashClicks handle all the back-end work

It will keep your hands free to focus more on sales and revenue for your agency. So, first and foremost, let’s talk about why agencies cannot scale.

Here at DashClicks, we provide white label fulfillment services. DashClicks is a white label platform for marketing agencies and your clients. Thousands of agencies use our platform and white label fulfillment services, and we’ve been doing this for a long time.

How to Scale Up Efficiently?

We’ve seen a lot of trends, and one of the biggest trends that we’re shocked to see here at DashClicks is the number of agencies failing to scale. Why does it happen? Why do agencies fail at scaling their fulfillment and their services?

How to Scale Your Business Using White-Label Fulfillment Services?

There can be different reasons for that. So, let’s discuss how to avoid those issues and scale up efficiently.

Disadvantages of Using Multiple Vendors

The first reason most agencies fail at scaling and creating scalable fulfillment is that they use multiple vendors. For example, someone uses DashClicks for SEO services and other white label fulfillment partners for their Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and content requirements.

The drawback of such a practice is that it leads to chaos as different vendors have different processes, contact persons, and schedules. Such a matrix leads to a management disaster that can drive you insane. Furthermore, it prevents scaling, especially if you have numerous clients. This system may collapse if you have 50-100 clients.

Imagine your team members interacting with a dozen teams and white label partners. It makes it very difficult to keep the data streamlined and organized in one place.

Reporting is another issue that you might confront. Imagine outsourcing on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks, and directory listings from several freelancers on Fiverr, UpWork, PeoplePerHour, etc.

The entire practice may become inefficient if you put 50 clients through these processes.

The Takeaway: Never fall into this miserable matrix of using multiple fulfillment partners. This process is not sustainable.

Experience the Difference With DashClicks

At DashClicks, we offer all fulfillment services in-house. We don’t source it from the marketplace. Instead, we have full-time employees and trained teams to take care of your campaigns. It ensures reliability, timely delivery, quality, accountability, and robust communication. The entire DashClicks ecosystem is designed to help you scale faster.

We are already past the experimental stages and have a proven track record of solid white label fulfillment partnerships with agencies. We have built a system that ensures your success.

What makes this entire ecosystem conducive to the success of agency business? It’s fast and hassle-free, and has the following advantages:

  • Allows you to order white label fulfillment with the click of a button
  • Enables you to automate the onboarding process
  • You speak to one team through the Slack workspace
  • Sign in to one reporting dashboard in DashClicks to log in to the platform
  • Your clients get their own client dashboards where they can see their reports

Apart from that, there is no need to deal with different freelancers when you use our platform. It increases your overall efficiency.

What Makes Fulfillment Services Perfect for AgenciesSource: Ep. 12 – 05:33

Disadvantages of Using Freelancers

There are many disadvantages to using freelancers. They disappear suddenly, citing different excuses, and they may steal your clients. And that’s not the way you would want to scale up your fulfillment partnerships, especially at the beginning.

The most efficient way to do it is to get it all done by one vendor. They will produce quality results and help you maintain consistency. The most significant advantage of using reliable white label partners is that they will help you scale, whether you add five or 100 clients.

The Takeaway: You can use freelancers in an emergency, but you shouldn’t make it a long-term strategy. It’s not a sustainable practice.

Scale Your Way up Using a Single Dashboard

While choosing a white label service partner, you need to ensure that you can offload all of your customers. They should have one dashboard to log into, so you can easily manage and track all your projects, quickly.

Life becomes more manageable when you create a system that can do things consistently to scale your business. On the flip side, management becomes a nightmare with multiple vendors, and you are always busy firefighting. So, hiring a reputed white label fulfillment partner is a winning solution for your business. With just one team to speak to, you can save almost 70% of your productive time.

Benefits of Having One Point of Contact

When you order fulfillment services from DashClicks and get onboard for the first time, you get a 30-minute onboarding call with your account executive. You’ll interact with the DashClicks team using Slack Workspace. You can also give its access to your employees.

We assign a dedicated account executive and a client success rep to your account. They will help deliver your work with our fulfillment teams on the back-end.

Our trained teams are always at your service removing all the hassles of hiring, recruiting, staffing, payroll, vacations, software expenses, and equipment. We’ll manage all the stuff for you, so you can focus on just one thing — getting clients. This is the best thing about outsourcing from a white label fulfillment partner.

An Amazing and Powerful Dashboard

Secondly, our dashboard is fantastic. This is a blessing for both agency owners and their clients. You can check analytics and results right on the dashboard. Apart from analytics and reporting, you also get a built-in CRM, automations platform, and many other features in the dashboard.

Our analytics app offers cross-channel reporting and supports multiple integrations such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, call tracking, Google Analytics etc. You can do these integrations with the click of a button.

Use the Power of DashClicksSource: Ep. 12 – 10:34

Leverage Our Expertise & Robust Processes

We have been doing this since 2009, so we know how to deliver digital marketing services. We specialize in many digital marketing services such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media posting, and directory listings.

Our teams have provided these five core services for the past 13 years. As a result, we have successfully built a solid process around these.

Very few people know the importance of processes in successfully running an agency business. To deliver outstanding results month after month, it’s extremely important to streamline your processes.

Final Words

We are not talking about your efficiency at the front end of the business. To produce quality results at scale, you need to have robust processes in your fulfillment department. To achieve that, you should avoid the following:

  • Missing tasks
  • Not making and working on a schedule

The inability to make a routine and stick to it is also responsible for the failure of many businesses. Along with energy and resources, you should also have a winning strategy and robust processes.

To explore DashClicks’ incredible features, create an account today and go to your dashboard. You’ll be amazed at the level of automation it offers.

We’re super excited to speak with you, so feel free to discuss the challenges you’re facing or ask away ‌questions‌.

See you in the next episode of Whiteboard Wednesday. Have a fantastic day!

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