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6 Tips for Better Inbound Marketing Lead Management

6 Tips for Better Inbound Marketing Lead Management

Studies indicate that you have about five minutes to make contact with a lead if you want conversion.

Yet, you probably take hours if not days to catch up on your recent list of submissions. That means the individual likely forgot about you, found another brand, and already made a connection.

If your lead management system's results sound like this, you need better solutions.

Here are six tips for better inbound marketing lead management you can start implementing right now within your company.

1. Segment All of Your Inbound Leads

When you run a digital ad campaign, you're likely to get clicks and submissions from a variety of users.

From there, your sales representatives look at the contact data, then try to verify email, prepare their pitch, and attempt to touch base. They repeat this process until they've exhausted their list.

This approach is a mistake.

Though interest in your products or services is a common denominator, not all of your audiences will share the same characteristics.

According to a survey, 62% of marketers purport to utilize segmentation to better communicate with leads. The reason for this is that highly-personalized advertisements show a much better response rate than general-purpose ads.

How to Do Market Audience Segmentation

You can segment your inbound leads in the following ways:

  • Marketing channels used
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income levels
  • Occupation
  • Interests/hobbies

When you filter your leads into one or more of these pools, your team can build a better picture of that persona.

For example, a local landscaping company likely does business with all local properties including homes, businesses, and even municipal buildings. However, they would want to tailor specific ads to target homeowners and business property owners respectively for best results.

Fortunately, most advertising platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Ads will automatically gather data when available.

Of course, you can further qualify any leads by asking the right questions on your landing page's submission form. If your offer applies to customers of a certain income threshold, you may wish to ask for an approximation in addition to their contact details.

You'll need to test and balance this to avoid overburdening potential leads with too many questions that ultimately drive them away.

Finally, you can better optimize inbound lead management from all platforms by utilizing superior inbound management tools. One such type of software is the Inbound app offered through the DashClicks platform.

Inbound allows users to integrate their campaigns from a variety of third-party tools including:

  • Facebook Ads
  • CallRail
  • ClickFunnels
  • Instapage
  • Kartra
  • ManyChat
  • PhoneSites
  • Unbounce

Instead of checking in to each of these accounts, all of your leads will automatically show up in one unified dashboard.

From there, you can set the campaign to automatically delegate lead responsibilities to specific sales reps or via round-robin assignments. This serves to help speed up response times and avoid overburdening your sales teams with more leads than they can handle.

Organize Your Leads in a Superior Way With Dashclicks

2. Remarket to Specific Buyer Personas

After you've done the work of segmenting your audience, it's time to get to work on creating better-optimized campaigns.

We highly recommend creating individualized PPC campaigns designed to attract segmented users.

While this may seem difficult at first blush, it's easier for content creators due to a better understanding of the target. Instead of trying to make ad copy that works for everyone, they can freely write messages to one specific type of buyer.

Without Segmentation vs With Segmentation

Customers can and will identify when your copy is speaking to them personally. Once you have their attention, you seal the deal simply by listing the benefits they can gain by shopping with your brand.

If you're working with a limited ad budget, you may need to score leads to determine which types of campaigns you wish to pursue first.

You can score leads and audiences by the weight of actions taken when interacting with the campaign. Clicking on an ad is meaningful, but filling out a form or responding to an email is more significant.

Finally, remember that segmenting your campaigns will improve your ROI overall. That means a smaller cost-per-lead and more budget available to use toward more unique campaigns.

3. Create Highly-Targeted Landing Pages

This is more a continuation of the last tip but bears noting nonetheless.

Your ads should not only target specific audience segments but should direct them to highly personalized landing pages.

The landing page equates to an in-person or over-the-phone sales pitch. Any representative with experience will tailor their approach to what they know about that individual or group.

Using this same practice when designing a page, uploading images, and writing your copy will result in:

  • More clicks
  • Longer session duration
  • More form signups
  • Better email marketing metrics

Furthermore, any sales representatives assigned to this specific campaign will already know about the leads they're dealing with ahead of time. This grants the opportunity to continuously analyze and refine your sales tactics for that audience segment.

4. Implement Chatbots for Superior Response Times

While we already acknowledged the importance of a quick response, there are limits to every sales team.

Thanks to modern tech and a bit of know-how, you never need to worry about leaving potential leads in limbo.

There are countless chatbot platforms available for marketers and business owners to implement in no time at all. Sites like Chatbot and ManyChat provide you with all you need to set up your bot script and get the leads the information they require.

This is superior to leaving users with a message like We'll be in touch soon on your landing pages as nothing beats instant satisfaction. Furthermore, you leave users feeling empowered by keeping them in the know and directing them to resources that can help with their purchasing decision.

Lead Management With Chatbot Assistance

Chatbots not only help users feel heard but can help you to continuously qualify leads that have already demonstrated a high level of purchasing intent.

Tools like ManyChat are among the list of previously referenced integrations that you can incorporate into your DashClicks account for better lead management overall.

5. Offer Trials or Demos

What's better than getting a lightning-fast response?

Taking away something useful for absolutely zero cost.

Successful marketers know this, and that's why so many ad campaigns and landing pages come complete with some form of lead magnet.

A lead magnet is any free item or service that offers immediate value and benefit to the lead simply for providing their contact information. The less information they need to provide, the more likely the lead magnet is to swing the conversion in your favor.

Lead magnets do not need to be particularly elaborate or expensive to put together. A common tactic is to put together short eBooks that help educate the customer about aspects of your brand. For example, real estate agents often push eBooks that teach buyers what to look for when shopping for new homes.

However, the best type of lead magnet is one that allows the lead to sample the product or service.

Offering something that doesn't hurt your brand's bottom line can make for excellent conversion tactics. These might include:

  • Free classes
  • 7-day free trials
  • Trial-sized products
  • Free professional consultations
  • Free software demos

There's no better way to sell a product or service than to let it speak for itself. Think of ways that you could create a free, cost-effective experience for leads to make more sales.

6. Nurture Real Relationships

Finally, the best tip of all is to treat each new lead like the individual they are.

This can prove to be difficult for unprepared teams, but there are technologies available to help with audience nurturing.

By real relationships, we mean going above and beyond the standard marketing messaging.

When customers show interest by filling out the forms on your landing pages, send out a message addressing them by name thanking them for their time.

If customers take the time for a call and hear your pitch, let them know that their time is valued and appreciated. Showing your customers that they're worth more than their wallet goes a long way in not only landing a sale but building customers for life.

Improving your ROI is not just about capturing leads for less ad spend, but building a relationship that increases customer lifetime value.

Other tactics like sending exclusive sales and discounts to loyal customers are another great way to help them feel appreciated while providing an incentive to make additional purchases. Customers love to know that their business is more valued than someone new to the scene.

10 Lead Nurturing Tactics

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Better Lead Management is Readily Available

With so many platforms and automation tools available, poor lead management should never be something that holds your business back.

Not only do PPC platforms like Facebook and Google automatically provide segmented data, but platforms like DashClicks can also help unify all of those metrics into one place.

With all of this personalized data on your side, your paid ads and content teams should have an easier time curating ad content and landing pages for specific groups. The better focused your content is, the more likely you are to drive conversions.

Finally, valuing the customer's time is essential. Make sure to be quick with your response times by having reps ready to call or a chatbot ready to point users in the right direction. Strong lead magnets will also help leads remain engaged and empower them to make informed purchasing decisions.

You can refine all of these tips in a way that works best within your existing lead management system. The better you are at establishing and nurturing relationships, the more likely you are to improve your ROI over time.

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