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How to Use a CRM System to Maximize Sales and Growth

How to Use a CRM System to Maximize Sales and Growth

If you think CRM is just another work tool and a way to keep track of your sales team's targets, you are wrong. Selecting the right CRM software and scaling your business through it are the two most crucial things ensuring the success of your enterprise.

The right CRM is a prerequisite for boosting sales. According to a Martech Zone study conducted in 2020, 50% of sales teams boosted their productivity using mobile CRM.

A CRM tool will help you manage data and automate follow-ups. It will also help you run better-optimized campaigns by maintaining a high degree of accuracy and giving you crucial sales stats. With dynamic reporting, DashClicks' white-label platform will simplify your business and help boost your sales and productivity.

Here we will discuss how you can use your CRM software to maximize sales and growth for your agency.

We will also share the features you should look for when choosing CRM software for your agency. After going through this article, if you feel your CRM is not offering these features, it's time to switch to a better CRM software.

1. Improve Lead Generation Process

CRM is a crucial source of customer information, providing you with a 360° view of the customer data, including leads. All you need to do is to integrate it with marketing automation software. It will boost your sales effectiveness. A CRM system will also help you identify the hottest leads and target them. It will immensely help your sales team by minimizing their frustration and wastage of time. Improved sales processes increase the overall enterprise productivity.

CRM competently monitors form fills and hence informs you about the fresh leads. The data you gather from CRM also helps in lead nurturing. According to The Annuitas Group, nurtured leads make 47% higher order value purchases than non-nurtured leads.

You can prioritize your current leads in your CRM software.

Prioritize Leads in CRM Software

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You can easily differentiate the best quality leads from not-so-good leads and appropriately allocate the resources. You can also set reminders for follow-ups with those prospects. The CRM goes one step ahead and allows you to tag your teammates to take care of the leads to complete the sales.

2. Improve Customer Service

Customer data holds enormous power, and harnessing that power can significantly improve the customer experience. It will also help you keep your customer journey personalized and offer tailored services to match their needs. Timely support can dramatically improve the overall customer experience.

Data-driven customer support heavily relies on available information to help you deliver efficient and personalized customer service. Modern CRM systems use this information to issue customer support tickets for timely action.

A CRM system will also record all the customer interactions, purchases, and significant customer issues. It helps the customer service representatives quickly understand their problems and resolve them on priority.

Your customers may judge your brand on various parameters and experiences, including handling their complaints. So, you need to take their complaints and issues seriously and resolve them promptly. You can link your website to your CRM software to provide better customer service.

Chat support is an excellent way of offering great customer support to your website visitors. Some of the complaints can be resolved on the spot, whereas for specific issues, you need to divert the user to the relevant department.

However, most customer service requests and interactions are related to inquiries for a new sale or basic information about products and services. The chat option can also be used for lead capturing so that the sales team can act on it.

You can also tap into the real-time information provided by the CRM to provide an enhanced customer experience, especially during the complaint resolution on call. Your ability to handle grievances helps you build your brand image, build trust, and bring stability to your business.

Steps to Using CRM for Customer Service

3. Increase Sales Opportunities

You can get strong buying intent signals if you have access to customer data. This data can be easily transferred from your CRM to other cross-functional teams, especially the sales team. It helps you identify many sales opportunities and quicken the process by acting on these signals without any delays. For example, if a customer constantly asks about a particular product or its features, it reflects a strong buying intent. You can instantly identify it and communicate it to the sales team.

You can boost sales and increase revenue by using CRM software. The built-in tools of a CRM will help you better manage customer relationships and promote engagement. You can identify decision-makers and influencers to boost your sales.

According to a Demand Metric survey, 78% of the customers feel a bond with a brand that uses custom content and personalized interactions. So, personalization is the key to success for companies. A robust CRM software helps you handle personalization on a massive scale so that you can push your revenues with more certainty and consistency. The software also enables you to recognize and grab the best sales opportunities and further expand them. The sales team receives extensive data about customer interactions and history. These insights can multiply their sales many times over by helping you in the following ways:

  1. Boost engagement and establish rapport with your customers
  2. Establish regular communication through updates and custom content
  3. Identify and explore customer needs and personalize their buyer journey
  4. Don’t miss the opportunities to cross-sell or upsell
  5. Launch well-times referral programs

Various studies reveal that retaining a customer is comparatively cheaper and more accessible than acquiring a customer. Therefore, customer retention is pivotal to your success as a business and revenue growth.

The right CRM software can help you boost conversion rates and minimize the cost of sales through customer data.

Benefits of Using CRM Software

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4. Create a Standardized Sales Process

Rather than shooting in the dark, your CRM can help you build a detailed blueprint for closing sales deals that your sales team can bank on.

The objective is to decrease the sales cycle and maximize the value of each transaction. When you have a pre-defined sales process to follow, you can access vital data to review your performance and analyze different sales methods.

When you have access to the customer data, you can quickly identify the reasons for lackluster sales performance. You'll also find methods to resolve these issues and prompt the sales team to deliver their best performance.

Sales Process Blueprint

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Standardized processes also help sales managers make accurate sales forecasts and suitable marketing and promotion plans for the future. It gives you better control of your business and ensures profitability. It also helps you efficiently train new sales recruits to start performing better by learning customer insights.

5. Review Your Marketing Strategy and Improve Campaigns

A CRM system records customer data and also includes information about how the customers found your business. So, you can easily track the best marketing channels with the highest ROI.

Your marketing team may use the CRM data containing customer history and their previous interactions with your brand to study their buying behavior. They will also be better positioned to answer their prospects' FAQs and address their concerns.

Furthermore, content marketers can use these insights to create relevant content for their prospects in other sales funnel stages.

6. Improve Team Coordination

We have already discussed how CRM can be a game-changer for the sales department, but it's not limited only to sales. The customer data provided by CRM software can be tremendously helpful for marketing and customer service. You gain many valuable insights and information during customers' interactions with your business. If your marketing department is proactive and alert, they can capitalize on this info.

For example, during the COVID-19 lockdown and following work-from-home culture in 2020, businesses registered high demand for frozen but nourishing food, sanitizers, masks, ergonomic chairs and tables, business-grade laptops, tablets, office stationery, printers, exercise equipment, inverters and batteries, and casual clothes. Most people were working from home, and smart businesses made massive money because of the rising demand for the products that people needed to make their work-from-home lives easy.

For example, suppose your audience starts showing interest in a specific product, such as ergonomic chairs. In that case, marketing can start their advertising blitzkrieg, and procurement teams can focus on sourcing quality office furniture. When all units come together, businesses flourish beyond your imagination.

So, you can integrate your CRM with cross-functional teams. As a result, every department will benefit. If you share CRM data with production, finance, marketing, and sales, you can connect inventory with purchasing to ensure uninterrupted supply and maintain the required stock. Similarly, you can connect sales with finance and automate the ordering process. You can also differentiate the profitable parts of your business from the non-profitable parts.

Impact of CRM on Organizations' Performance

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7. Use CRM Data to See the Big Picture and Current Trends

The Reports and Analysis section of your CRM offers immense value to the managers of different departments. If sales managers get proper access to the analytics data and track each stage in the sales funnel, they can get hold of their sales process and scale it as they want.

Analytics data also provides you with crucial information about your customers, so you may identify loyal customers and the ones you should focus on for your marketing efforts. It also gives you insights into how to bridge gaps and improve sales.

8. Accelerate the Sales Lifecycle

Is your sales team performing up to the mark, consistently meeting their targets? Are you able to swiftly move your prospects through the sales funnel? What information and clarity do the prospects need to move ahead in the funnel?

You can get all such information through the dashboards built into a white-label platform such as DashClicks. DashClicks' InstaReports tell you what's working and what's not. These reports also suggest you the strategies you can implement for improvement.

DashClicks' InstaReports

Through InstaReports, you'll also get to know where the prospects are drifting out of the sales funnel and abandoning the sales process midway. It will help you take the corrective measure for the issues in the sales funnel.

9. Predict Buying Behavior

Move over old-fashioned bar charts and dashboards; sophisticated CRMs are now armed with machine learning and AI. These tools provide you the insights to help you track your sales performance and predict the trends that might modify the buying behavior overnight.

The most significant benefit of using advanced analytics is that it provides insight into the prospects who are more likely to buy based on their interactions and previous buying behavior. It helps you divert your resources in the right direction. It will also help you ensure that the accurate inventory is maintained to meet the demand.

If you can accurately predict buying behavior or surge in demand, you will be able to fulfill orders faster and spot negative demand patterns before they hit your business.

10. Automate Processes

It's crucial to create a sales cycle for your business and implement it in your CRM. Automated workflows immensely help your processes, so have it everywhere! Similarly, automated follow-ups will save you a lot of time and person-hours. However, you should set it at a controlled frequency to avoid annoying your customer. You can also set automated reminders for your team.

Automation is sweeping the industry faster than you can imagine. The sudden rise of automation is primarily because we have limited resources and tons of tasks to execute to survive in the market in the present times. It gives you a distinctive edge over your competition.

Biggest Marketing Automation Benefit

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According to a Gartner Research study, businesses that automated lead management experienced a 10% or more increase in revenue in less than nine months.

11. Get Crucial Alerts

Without CRM software, you can't manage your business processes as swiftly as you need to. The alert function in a CRM will notify your team members of the tasks they need to perform. Sometimes there are important events that need to be taken care of by the marketers, and the CRM can send alerts to your team about that. If the delivery has missed a shipment or a lead turns negative, the CRM software will inform your team.

Lead Management through Deals App

Sales and lead management can be a nightmare for businesses. To make your life easy, DashClicks has launched a powerful app named Deals. This application is available via the DashClicks' white-label platform.

This app allows you to create a variety of sales pipelines so that you can visualize the entire sales process and monitor various deals. It splits the sales process into small parts and steps to make it more manageable. This way, you will make various sales tasks easy to execute and track progress at a granular basis. With the Deals App, you can hold your sales personnel accountable if they are not performing up to the mark.

Navigating the Deals Application

Go to the Deals application, and click the tab My Deals. You can use this interface to have a look at your latest sales pipeline and also your active deals. First-timers won't find any active deals. Now, have a look at how this page shows numerous stages in your sales pipelines.

Stages in Your Sales Pipelines

Click on the table view and you'll be able to see lists of your deals followed by various columns containing relevant information.

Clicking the Table View

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Let's have a look at the list view. You can find all the stages of your sales listed here in vertical order. Click on any of the stages to expand the view and find the sales deals that fall under that stage.

Click on the Stages

You can search for a specific deal through the search field located next to the toggle button. You can export all of this information through the Export button. You can also create a new sales deal and add, edit, or reorder a sales pipeline through the App.

Add, Edit, or Reorder a Sales Pipeline

Deal Automation

Go to the Deal Automations button, which is the most powerful feature in this App. Your sales team will probably commit mistakes while working a pipeline and completing repetitive tasks such as sending follow-up emails or text messages.

You can automate these tedious tasks at various stages of the sales funnel with The Deal Automations feature of the Deals App. Currently, the platform allows Email and SMS automation. Apart from that, it also allows you to create instant websites through its InstaSites feature and generate reports for your clients with its InstaReports feature. These are the two of our most powerful prospecting tools.

Utilize the Deal Automations feature, save time and decrease your workload. There are lots of helpful articles that will make you a digital marketing pro in very little time. Here is a list of the automation features that the DashClicks platform offers.

To know more about this app, click this link.


It's obvious now that CRM is a blessing for businesses to boost sales and your organization's overall growth. But, how can you implement it? Companies with a long sales cycle and those struggling with client communication must undoubtedly be ready to embrace CRM software.

It will prevent you from losing sales opportunities and getting caught in a messy situation while organizing your processes. It becomes even more crucial if you run a startup and lead generation is your top priority. But, when you grow and your customer data increases manifold, you start missing free opportunities coming your way.

A robust CRM will not let you miss out on those opportunities and help you meet the demands of growth.

When you access DashClicks' white-label platform, it brings you all the benefits a robust CRM software can provide. Our CRM system tracks incoming leads coming from the campaign we manage. We follow leads through call tracking, website form submissions, and ClickFunnels form fills (if we run the campaign).

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