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How to Create a Blog That Generates Continuous Traffic and Revenue (Ep. 7)

How to Create a Blog That Generates Continuous Traffic and Revenue (Ep. 7)

Welcome to episode seven of Whiteboard Wednesday. Today, we will address a serious issue most agencies face; attracting traffic to their blog. With a staggering 7.5 million blog posts published every day, this problem becomes even more critical.

We will Whiteboard the entire process of creating killer blog posts that will help you attract traffic to your website. It will ultimately help you generate tons of revenue for your business.

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How to Convert Blogs Into Hard Cash?

The mission of DashClicks is to help agencies do business successfully. So, here we will share the step-by-step procedure of leveraging your blogs to increase traffic and revenue for your website.

We will also share some pro tips that will help you increase conversions.

Step #1: Buy a Professionally Designed Website From the DashClicks Platform

First of all, you need a professional website. Using a niche-based template, you can create a 30-page website with our website builder software. The tool creates a content-ready website that can readily host several products and service pages.

Make sure you have a blog section on your website. Most websites have a built-in blog section, so you need not create that separately. All you need to do is to post new blogs on it regularly. We suggest making a well-defined content calendar for this purpose.

Have A Blog Section on Your Website

Source: Ep. 7 ā 02:05

Otherwise, you will pump out random blog articles without any proper schedule and oversight. It is not going to work for you or your team.

So, let's dive into the entire process of generating traffic through your blogs.

Step #2: Conduct Proper Research

Pay attention. This is Important. DO NOT write blogs before conducting proper research. Research is where the magic happens. Randomly creating blog posts without having proper facts at hand will not yield any results.

How to Research Blog Topics?

Find trending topics using tools such as SEMrush or BuzzSumo. You can also use Google Trends. Enter a title into SEMrush, and it will provide you with trending topics having high search volume.

Since we have years of experience and expertise in SEO, we will share highly effective tactics that we use here at DashClicks.

We recommend using SEMrush for topic research as it provides different categories to choose from.

For example, let's say we want to write a post about SEO.

There can be several categories, such as:

  1. SEO secrets
  2. SEO tactics
  3. SEO algorithm updates

You should also check the search volume of each blog.

A blog with a search volume of 3000 is better than one with just 50. Blog posts on trending topics will create an impact on your target audience.

Step #3: Choose The Ideal Frequency of Blog Posts

You can start with ten blog posts a month. If you have an excessive workload, you can start with one blog a month and increase the number as you go.

However, one blog a week is a good number, to begin with.

Open Google Docs. The first thing you need to do is write the blog's title. You should use your title as a clickbait. It should be attractive, and something people love to see in their search results.

Your blogs should follow a specific structure to rank better.

Step #4: Add Interest and Intrigue to Your Title

Here, we consider the title:

"Top 10 secret SEO tactics that will help you drive conversions for your website."

Aim to create a title like this. Such headings add interest and intrigue to your blog and attract eyeballs.

Also, make sure that you have the focus keyword inside the title. It should be the keyword that you are trying to rank for. SEMrush and other software can also help you with the title.

If "SEO secrets" is your focus keyword, it should be in your title. It helps in ranking your blog at the top of search results.

Step #5: Optimize Your Meta Description, HTML Headings, and Meta Tags

You should also pay attention to your meta description and meta tags and optimize them with the focus keywords.

The H1 tag also helps in ranking your blog, so make sure you have an H1 tag on your blog.

Now let's discuss the structure of your blog. You need to add a lot of stuff to your blog to optimize it for search engines.

Our focus keyword in this example is "SEO tactics." We can find different variables of this keyword.

Research the Right Blog Topic

Source: Ep. 7 ā 05:52

Here are some of the variables for the keyword “SEO tactics.”

  1. SEO secrets for 2020
  2. Top 10 SEO secrets
  3. SEO secrets you can’t live without
  4. SEO secrets to help you generate more traffic

After searching such variables using any of the software mentioned above (i.e., SEMrush, etc.), you can start incorporating these keywords into your blog.

Pro Tip: Divide your blog into small paragraphs to make it visually appealing and easy to understand and read. Chunking the content into meaningful small paragraphs makes it interesting, otherwise, it may appear as a boring, monotonous long-form article.

Divide Your Blog Into Small Paragraphs

Source: Ep. 7 ā 09:38

Pro Tip: To explain complex facts and make the text easy to comprehend, take the following steps:

  1. Use bullet points
  2. Add quotes and descriptions
  3. Use formatting to highlight text
  4. Put specific phrases in bold and italics if needed

Step#6: Turn Your Post Into a Masterpiece

To make your article a masterpiece, start with the title.

Pro Tip: Use an opener. It can be a one- or a two-liner to tell the reader what they will learn from the article and how they can use this information to improve their campaigns and processes.

The idea is to pull people to your blog.

As people read the blog from top to bottom, the content at the top should be exciting, amazing, and unique. It should be so compelling that the reader feels gravitated to go down the article and take action on your CTA.

Pro Tip 1: Write your CTAs carefully as they are crucial for conversion.

Pro Tip 2: Brainstorm to find ways to keep people on your page.

Pro Tip 3: Have a sidebar and post your call to action (CTA) as a form.

Emulate SEO agencies while designing your form (with CTA) on the sidebar. You can offer a free business report or content piece that may provide value to the reader. Keep it floating on the side. So, if somebody scrolls up and down, it should be static and shouldn't move. It's where your primary CTA should be. In this example, we want readers to fill out the form.

If you want a phone call, the box should contain a phone call button, and so on.

A Foolproof Formula to Succeed With Blogging.

If you don't have an account, go to and get your free account now.

If you don't have any automation tool in your arsenal, you can start with InstaSites and InstaReports. These two are unique tools. So, if you are an SEO agency, you can get the form filled out for instant digital marketing reports and instant websites. Once you receive the filled form, you can send the report or the link to the free site created using the InstaSites tool via email.

Your readers will get value from filling out the form as they access a professionally created niche-based website.

So, you can successfully add them to your sales pipeline and start the conversion here as your CTA leads to a valued offer. They are likely to become a paying customer if they like the instant website.

Pro Tip: Write good quality articles if you aim to bring traffic to your website.

Here are the three steps to producing quality content.

  1. Focus on your copy, title, headlines, and other things first and foremost
  2. Make your article interesting and engaging
  3. Focus on fixing the sales pipeline and conversion

On the DashClicks platform, as soon as the visitor fills out the form, it goes to the “My Deals” application and becomes a part of the sales pipeline.

In the next stage, you should focus on retaining this customer. So, you can embed a video at the top of your blog post, as shown on the Whiteboard below..

Start Collecting Traffic to Your Blog

Source: Ep. 7 ā 17:21

The blog you are reading is also created using the video shot by Chad and posted on our YouTube channel. So, you have both the original video format and the copy on the landing page.

You must be wondering why we suggest embedding the video in the blog on your website. We usually create 20-minute videos, which help increase a crucial Google metric known as “Average Time on Page.”

It decreases the bounce rate and signals to Google that we have amazing and engaging content on our website.

As a result, Google starts pushing up your rankings.

Your bounce rate becomes extremely low when you upload more such videos and blogs based on those videos, and conversions go up. Remember, Google notices this quickly and rewards your website by boosting your rankings.

The practice helps you keep people on your site. Now you need to do the following:

  • Add descriptions
  • Add bullet points
  • Add images with CTA

Make sure the graphic you use as CTA:

  • Are Small
  • Aren’t overwhelming
  • Aren’t blocking the article content
  • Are correlating with your message
  • Are focusing on the intended result
Fuel Your Business Growth With High-Quality Content

Step #6: Leverage Content to Boost Your Rankings and Conversions

Sign In to the DashClicks platform today, and we'll do all the legwork for you, including writing superb blog posts.

Log into your dashboard and select from various content packages available.

Our content packages start from $59 a blog. It is a reasonable price as it entails research, formatting, writing, optimizing for SEO, and editing.

We create content to help you boost your rankings and conversions. So, it can be a boon for your agency.

Now, onto how to leverage your blog to boost your rankings and conversions. First, add a random CTA to connect. And then add the primary CTA. Add a comment section below, and your blog is good to go now.

As you start riding up the search engine ranking ladder, you'll see exponential growth in your traffic.

Suppose you are at the number three spot and attracting 5000 visitors a month; two months later, you can be at the number one spot with 15000 visitors a month.

It happens automatically as Google notices that people spend more time on your site. The formula remains the same, and you don't have to do anything to boost rankings. All you need to do now is post a blog with a video.

Take care of the blog's structure while posting it, such as headings, subheadings, small paragraphs, bullet points, images, CTAs, meta titles, meta descriptions, etc.

Also, use a focus keyword, optimize the title with it, and use its several variables throughout your blog post.

You are now ready to scale.

Learn from DashClicks

In the last 12 months, DashClicks has posted about 200 blog posts.

Dashclicks Has Posted About 200 Blog Posts

Source: Ep. 7 ā 21:06

We have targeted several keywords, and now these optimized blogs are floating on the web, attracting Google's attention. These posts attract traffic to our website on autopilot and bring much-needed conversions.

Step #7: Share Our Link With Your Content Team

If you want to know how to crack the code of using a blog to boost traffic and conversions on your site, visit DashClicks' blog section.

Focus on topic selection, optimization, structuring, and using CTAs and content chunking. If you are the owner of an agency, share our link with your content team so that they can study it.

Call to Actions

Our primary call to action is getting people to sign up for a free account on dashboards, so we use our blog post-CTAs to speed up these sign-ups. Connectors bring even more visitors to our blog.

Pro Tip: Blog about the content you have a connector for.

Your blog topics should be related to the services you offer. There shouldn't be a topic mismatch. For example, if you provide SEO services and blog about a spaghetti recipe, you'll attract food lovers to your website, and they will wonder how SEO services will help them. It's a sheer waste of time and money.

You can get a form filled out for your agency, and DashClicks will run a free report for you. We will provide you with SEO and blogging services for your clients.

At DashClicks, we have a target to publish at least one quality blog post every week. It starts getting traffic for the target keywords, and with time, it gets stronger and stronger; it collectively lifts our website's domain authority. When the entire website acquires a high domain authority, it has a domino effect on other blog posts. The whole process helps you achieve some significant results.

Step #8: Consistency Is the Key to Success

If you go to our dashboard and buy just one blog package, you will likely see no results.

Pro Tip: Blogging is an ongoing investment, and results come with consistency.

As I emphasized at the beginning of this blog post, we continued publishing blog posts for about one year and didn't see any significant results until we reached 200.

DashClicks is comparatively young when it comes to domain age. It was created in June 2018, just three years and nine months old.

So, if you are thinking of posting only a few blogs, don't do it as it will not yield any results. You need to dedicate at least a few hours every week to this activity to attract quality traffic. Google crawls your website almost every day, so be consistent with publishing.

As Google notices that the website owner has published a terrific blog titled "SEO secrets in 2022," they decide to push your rankings. Google needs fresh content, but they also check whether or not you're publishing consistently.

Takeaway: Consistency is the key to success and driving real blogging benefits.

Before we sign off, we again recommend you to publish killer blogs on your website and do it consistently for a year or more. You'll likely be surprised with your rankings and traffic by the end.

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Please leave your comments below, and if you are happy with this session, you can also leave some positive feedback here to encourage us!

See you in the next session of WhiteBoard Wednesday. Have a fantastic day!

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