Your Complete Guide to White Label Reselling

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Your Complete Guide to White Label Reselling

"I am incredibly busy serving clients."

"My employees are not always as motivated as I would like them to be."

"I am always caught up in solving internal challenges. I have no time to add new clients."

Sounds relatable?

Do you also face these conventional agency pain-points?

It's tough running a digital agency if you are limited by resources, technical expertise, and slow-moving workflows.

The digital landscape is so complex and fast-paced is that an agency's production line is always over-packed and overloaded. There is hardly any breathing space or, for that matter, the time for agency owners to focus on prospecting and scaling.

Is there a way for agencies to grow at scale? Is there a magic wand to turn the tides in their favor?

Yes, off-course there is!

It's called White-Label Reselling.

Table of Contents

  1. What is white-label reselling?
  2. Who can be a white-label reseller?
  3. How does reselling work?
  4. What are the benefits of reselling?
  5. Tips for choosing the best white-label partner
  6. Tips for reselling better, reselling fast
  7. Learn the art of reselling at DashClicks

What is White Label Reselling?

White Label reselling simply means rebranding and reselling already existing products and services. The products and services belong to a third party. White-label resellers simply buy them, rebrand them with their company logo and name, and resell them forward at a price they like.

Are you already thinking that this is the exact business model your agency wants and needs?

Check out our white-label fulfillment services for free!

Finding It Hard To Scale Due To Limited Resources

Who Can be a White Label Reseller?

There are no prerequisites to being a white-label reseller. Anybody can be a white-label reseller.

All you need to do is find the reseller program that strikes the perfect balance between your business goals and your clients' requirements. Pitch the white-label services to your clients and start reselling.

Freelancers, first-time marketers, entrepreneurs, agency owners, marketing professionals, and anybody who wants to be their own boss can be white-label resellers.

(It's always a plus if you have experience running an agency!)

How Does Reselling Work?

It's simple and straightforward.

Start by signing up for a reseller account with your chosen white-label partner. Next, select from the range of white-label services that your clients need and are ready to purchase. The white-label partner will begin fulfillment the moment your client is on board.

Still, feel it's too good to be true?

Why don't you see it for yourself?

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How does White Label Reselling Work

Why Do Agencies Fail to Grow?

To truly understand the benefits of reselling, let us first look at the common reasons why most agencies fail or simply stop growing within the first few years of business.

Reason#1: Lack of consistency

Reason#2: Lack of productization

Reason#3: No plan for the future

Reason#4: Focus is more on fulfillment and less on business growth

Reason#5: Inability to innovate and stay updated with ever-evolving industry trends

Through white-label reselling, agencies can overcome all the above challenges and a host of other roadblocks that prevent agencies from growing at scale.

White Label Reselling Benefits:

1. White-Label Reselling is Lightning Quick:

Talk about speed!

White-label reselling is lightning quick.

The white-label agency platform automatically gathers all essential information from clients and sends them secure onboarding credentials within seconds. And in case there are delays, the platform automatically shoots email reminders as well.

2. White-Label Reselling is Easily Expandable:

So many times, agencies turn down revenue opportunities just because they don't have the budget or expertise (both in most cases ).

But with reselling, agencies can cross-sell and upsell marketing services that they have never offered before to clients on the fly.

3. White-Label Reselling is Scalable:

Not just cross-selling, a white-label partnership makes scaling easy as well. Whether agencies resell services to one or a hundred clients, the white-label partner takes care of every fulfillment need hassle-free.

4. White-Label Reselling Offers Consistency:

Agencies can rest assured they will receive uncompromised service quality and excellent ROI for clients. The white-label partner is equipped with certified experts and top-of-the-line digital marketing professionals.

5. White-label Reselling Keeps Clients Happy:

White-label providers use best practices and strategies to ensure maximum ROI for clients. The reporting is in an easy-to-digest form, which means clients always have a clear picture of their marketing expenditure-output.

Clients can access campaigns in real-time and get real-time snapshots of their online presence from wherever they want, whenever they want.

Is there anything more, you ask?

Yes, there is lots more to the benefits of white-label reselling.

At DashClicks, we have fully optimized our process workflow for a genuinely transformational reseller experience. Our white-label platform fully automates the fulfillment process, providing agencies with time and resources to focus on business growth.

Furthermore, the platform equips markets with software and tools to market services on the fly.

Resellers can use demo prospecting accounts to give clients a free tour of the platform and showcase the services. They can even use the InstaSites tools to build them a fully-functional business website within seconds!

Tips for Choosing the Best White-Label Partner

Now we move over to the most crucial part!

With so many white-label providers to choose from, the question is: how do you choose the right white-label service partner?

How about using a perfect litmus test to decide whether to choose or ignore a white-label service? Here it is:

#1. Look for That Extra 10%

Right products solve a problem; great products change the way people solve that problem for the better. It's all about that extra 10% value that great products bring to the table.

In the case of white-label solutions, the extra 10% comes with opting for a simple, intuitive platform that leaves no room for complaints.

For instance, the DashClicks white-label agency platform makes the entire fulfillment process more convenient and productive. From automated onboarding to billing, the platform offers countless features for a frictionless agency-client relationship.

#2. Reseller Plans Must Resonate With Client Needs

You don't want to be in a situation where you are selling only apples when your clients mostly ask for oranges. Besides the white-label services you resell, make sure that they are affordable and perfectly resonate with client expectations.

#3. Settle For Nothing Less Than Excellent Customer Service

You want to associate yourself with a white-label partner who responds to your client's queries and issues instantly. If there are gaps in customer service, it will ultimately impact the client's service experience.

At DashClicks, in addition to a well-rounded customer support team, we assign dedicated project managers who look after every fulfillment need.

#4. Ensure Reporting is Clear, Insightful, and Instant

Reporting should never be a guessing game. If your potential white-label reseller company doesn't have a clear and precise reporting structure, watch out.

There's no point in using a reseller program when the reports leave too much room for guesswork. Besides the services you choose to resell, your clients will enjoy real-time reporting through our white-labeled platform, all from one simple login.

Check it now for yourself with a free sign up!

#5. Don't Ignore Control

Your white-label reseller company may automatically organize and look after every fulfillment on your agencies' behalf. Yet, it's always wise to protect your clients' sensitive data.

Choose a white-label solution that allows your agency to be in control. DashClicks' white-label platform comes with pre-built user management features. You can manage roles easily and create custom access controls for specific users. As far as your clients are concerned, they have access only to white-label reporting dashboards and nothing more.

Tips for Reselling Better, Reselling Fast

Now that you have decided to be a white-label reseller, you must step up your reselling game.

Remember, as far as the reselling landscape goes, you are not the lone warrior, there are hundreds of other resellers too.

While the white-label partner looks after the purchased services, you must offer an excellent service that offers unmatchable and unbeatable value to your clients.

#1. Learn To Keep Your Customers Happy and Interested

Do you know a business is 2x more likely to share a bad experience than a positive one on social media?

This means your clients won't mind shooting a negative tweet if they are not satisfied with your service.

The rules for keeping clients happy are almost the same as you applied to judge your white-label reseller company.

Your clients expect

⇨ Fast response times.

⇨ Regular engagement.

⇨ Well structured and valuable customer journey.

⇨ Timely response to feedback, referrals, and grievances, whether on email or social media.

Half of the reselling battle is won at the beginning if you can manage uncompromised quality service across all these fronts.

#2. Turn Your Customer Support From Good to Great

Is your customer support slow-moving? Is it ready to handle a steady influx of new clients? Do you have the learning structure to train new staff?

If the answer to these questions is still a no, you better start hustling now!

With fulfillment taken care of, your agency must focus on customer support and service that improve your client's customer journey, from onboarding, to fulfillment, and billing.

#3. Create Your Ideal Client Profile

Who is your ideal client? Which industries do they majorly belong to? What services do they seek?

The answers to these questions will offer a tremendous boost to your prospecting efforts. Try to get a better and detailed understanding of:

  • Client demographics
  • Client purchase behavior
  • Client common marketing goals, dreams, and wishes

Once you have a clear understanding of your ideal clients and their needs, you can reach out to them with the right messages and value propositions that perfectly align with their business goals and objectives.

#4. The DashClicks Advantage

We have already discussed stepping up your customer service, improving online engagements, and polishing the ideal client profile. But what about tools, softwares, and solutions that make reselling easy and quick?

At DashClicks, we have created the perfect white-label prospecting tools for agencies with InstaSites and InstaReports. Learn more about these amazing marketing tools for agencies here.

Master the Art of Reselling at DashClicks

This brings us to the end of this complete guide on white-label reselling.

Phew! Hope you had a great time reading.

But wait before you go.

What if we said you can learn the art of reselling white-label services for free?

In fact, not just learn but actually master it and quickly grow your agency into a 7+ figure business!

That's what we want for you, and that's why we have created the best education platform for freelancers, marketing professionals, and agencies.

And the most amazing part is it's absolutely free.

Yes. We are not charging anything for it!

We just want you:

To Master Reselling


To keep Growing


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