How These 3 Agency Tools Can ACTUALLY Take Your Digital Agency to the Next Level
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Dec 27th, 2021 at 10:07 AM

How These 3 Agency Tools Can ACTUALLY Take Your Digital Agency to the Next Level

For most digital marketing agencies, scaling remains a sweeping challenge. Most agency owners struggle with workforce-related issues such as lack of resources, idle resources, and workflow issues. Managers are busy firefighting as they find their employees rebuilding everything for every new client without a standardized workflow.

Apart from that, managing client relationships is the second biggest challenge faced by many digital agencies, as explained by Arsalan Sajid, startup community manager at Cloudways.

What is Startup Scaling?

Startup scaling is directly related to a startup’s ability to survive and flourish in the wake of fluctuating demand. Since the fall of 2019, we have been experiencing these market fluctuations, when the deadly pandemic broke out that is still active across the globe.

A scalable business is flexible and can efficiently handle an increased workload without any disruption in its workflow. When an agency can scale successfully, it can increase its workload without compromising quality and performance.

The best way to deal with these challenges and scale your agency is to leverage proven agency tools and technology. Here are the three game-changing tools that will transform your processes and workflow:-

1. InstaSites Builder: For Instant Websites

DashClicks’ InstaSites Builder helps you achieve customer delight by easing out the painstaking process of creating professional websites. On several occasions, agencies need to develop websites for their clients. This tool allows agencies to create hundreds of niche-specific websites within seconds. An added advantage—you don’t pay anything unless you make a sale.

My InstaSites Dashboard

You’ll be surprised and thrilled to know that it doesn’t require any coding or any technical knowledge on your part. Choose a niche-specific website template from hundreds of readily-available templates and enter your client’s business information. Now you have to press the build button, and the software will automatically create a niche-specific professional website for your client within seconds. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

DashClicks InstaSites Pricing

What’s more? You can share this newly built website with your prospects using an inbuilt send function. It will help you make an excellent first impression on your clients and speed up the entire process of prospecting and closing the sale.

As you know, website development takes a lot of time. Building a professional niche-based website is even more time-consuming and tedious. It includes spending time with the developers, arguing with them, and still not getting a website according to your specifications and expectations. DashClicks’ InstaSites Builder comes as a breather for agency owners in such kinds of situations.

InstaSites Niche-Specific Templates

The Benefits of InstaSites Builder:-

  • Has the capacity to build hundreds of niche-specific websites instantly and swiftly
  • Creates SSL secured websites
  • Offers numerous latest design templates
  • Comes with advanced features
  • Creates ready for use websites that turn sales in autopilot mode

2. InstaReports: For Instant Data-Driven Reports

Reports are an integral part of digital marketing. Both the agency and the client are curious to identify the digital blind spots and strategy mistakes to maximize their ROI on digital marketing.

However, creating reports is time-consuming and a tedious task that takes up a lot of productive time. Luckily, technology integration can save your life and time spent collecting data from different analytics tools and presenting it in an easy-to-understand format.

With DashClicks’ InstaReports tool, you can create detailed data-driven reports for your clients in a matter of seconds. InstaReports tool is powered by Google Maps and can directly pull data from different channels such as the website, Facebook, and mobile. It can also fetch data from online listings and other places on the web for the local SEO and directory listings.

After collecting data from several resources, the tool creates a detailed report in an easy-to-understand format. It also highlights the problem areas where the project requires maximum attention, helping maintain transparency and keeping the client and the agency on the same page.

My InstaReports Dashboard

DashClicks InstaReports Highlights:

  • Offers Complete Analysis
  • Offers Listings Analysis
  • Provides Social Analysis
  • Provides Google Ads Analysis

Apart from that, the reporting tool offers several other analytics and reports.

How to Use InstaReports for Prospecting?

In these competitive times, prospecting can be a challenging game. To win a project, you need to exhibit your capabilities and prove that you are better and unique than the rest. A presentable report created by DashClicks’ InstaReports tool will not only throw a positive impression on your prospects but also will explain how it helps them identify the weaker areas of their marketing campaign. The eye-catchy stats-based reports are sure to win the hearts of your prospects.

The tool delivers a solution-oriented analysis and highlights the gaps in your digital marketing strategies.

How Can InstaReports Help You in Prospecting?

Here are some of the InstaReports features that will boost your conversion rates during prospecting:

A. Offers in-depth online business reports within seconds
B. Helps you make an excellent first impression on your prospects by creating multi-channel business reports on the fly
C. Highlights gaps within your marketing strategy and helps you tweak it for better results
D. Helps you manage all incoming leads, saving both you and your team valuable prospecting time.
E. Helps you close more deals by providing instant in-depth marketing reports

How Does InstaReports Help Increase Your Sales?

InstaReports helps you present a great sales pitch to your demanding prospects. It will help you win their trust and convince them about your capabilities as a professional and global digital marketing agency. Since the report mainly highlights the problem areas, it will help you convince the prospects that they will immensely benefit from your services and expertise.

It will help you gain more and more clients in the long run. Here are some of the features InstaReports offers to help increase your sales.

  1. InstaReports is a tool powered by Google Maps that allows you to automatically pull in business data and create business reports
  2. Helps you deliver beautifully crafted business reports in seconds
  3. Provides your prospects with the most accurate insights
  4. Helps you identify the biggest pain points of your client’s business
  5. Provides relatable solutions to your campaign, conversion, and sales issues

3. Agency Website

We have already discussed how DashClicks’ white label resellers services allow you to use fantastic agency tools to build bulk websites and generate professional reports. These tools can prove to be your most lethal weapons during prospecting and adding new clients to your portfolio. Apart from these, DashClicks also offers an Agency Website tool that helps you create your agency website in a few seconds. This website is professionally designed and optimized to attract more and more clients for you.

DashClicks’ white label tools such as agency website software help you save time and scale your operations by instantly creating a professional niche-based website. If you are an agency owner, you must be familiar with the pain of creating a professional website that converts.

DashClicks Agency Website Tool

Choosing a template to tweak the design and add content is a time-consuming task, and developers can further add to your woes by delaying things and rendering a web design you don’t like.

If you want to create a professional website that quickly loads, converts, and positively impacts your clients and visitors, use DashClicks’ Agency Website tool


59% of businesses think that the primary reason why agencies hire white label services and tools is cost-cutting, but it would be akin to just scratching the surface. The actual benefit of hiring white label services is the access to a platform that empowers the agencies and clients and helps them manage and monitor their campaigns.

A white label agency platform helps them transform their workflow and drive their business. It also includes access to the above three tools that can be game-changers for a startup agency. These tools resolve some of the most significant issues you face in your day-to-day operations. Prospecting is a big challenge, but these tools give you an edge over your competitors during prospecting and help you swiftly seal the online marketing contracts without doing any additional legwork.

Tools like InstaReports, Agency Website, and InstaSites Builder will keep your clients happy and help you generate more business. Visit our website today to know more.

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