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How to Create White Label SEO Reports and Automate Them?

How to Create White Label SEO Reports and Automate Them?

Just the idea of generating SEO reports may cause many to shudder. Yes, most digital marketers would agree that generating reports is not only time-consuming, it’s tedious. The truth is, you could do it within a few seconds using a white label automation software. What’s more, these reports are engaging, exhaustive, and beautiful.

White label SEO reports provide your clients with complete SEO analysis complete with insights into traffic and rankings of your website. People love them because they help them in decision-making. These colorful reports fetch data directly from the dashboard and present it in an easy-to-understand manner using the metrics crucial for decision making.

So, you can very well use it for prospecting and impressing your clients. Wish to leverage white-label reports to boost conversion, save time and increase productivity?

This article will discuss the advantages of and how you can set up white-label SEO reports.

This article covers the following topics:

  1. What is a white label report?
  2. What are automated SEO reports?
  3. What are the benefits of automated SEO reporting?
  4. How to choose an automated SEO reporting tool?
  5. How to create automated white-label SEO reports for your clients?

What is a White-Label SEO Report?

White-Label SEO reports are standard reports downloaded from a tool like InstaReports. They are different because you won’t find any traces of the software that created them. Instead, the reports carry your branding and logo.

White-Label SEO reporting tools save you enormous time by fetching data from various sources and arranging it in aptly presented graphics and charts. For many agencies, they are a life-saver as they would otherwise spend countless person-hours to generate such reports.

What are Automated SEO Reports?

Most agencies send SEO reports periodically to their clients. A lot of time and effort is required to generate such reports. On top of that, some of their most productive employees are assigned this tedious manual task, hurting their productivity badly.

Automation software comes as a blessing to help you in this. Automation tools such as DashClicks InstaReports can send reports automatically regularly. No hustle is required from your side.

Set up the most crucial metrics you want on your report, add the recipient’s name, and set the frequency, i.e., weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

InstaReports will gather your data and present it in a professional graphics-rich SEO report.

It saves you from:

  • Scheduling reports repeatedly
  • Errors while sending those reports, i.e., address and date mismatch, etc.
DashClicks' InstaReports App

What are the Benefits of Automated SEO Reporting?

Here are the significant benefits of using automated SEO reporting -

1. It Allows You to Invest Your Time in Planning and Other Strategic Activities

Ready-to-go reports save you time, money, and productive hours of experts. It frees you to devote your resources and attention to other crucial tasks such as planning campaign activities, content creation, measurement, and supervision.

2. It Allows You to Delegate Monotonous and Boring Jobs to Machines

Most agency owners love delegating monotonous and boring routines to advanced software and tools. And it has become a trend now.

3. It Saves You Enormous Time and Money

Every minute is precious for digital marketing strategists and executives, and you shouldn't waste that on meager tasks such as preparing reports and sending them to different clients.

The number of tasks you handle per day also increases with the business growth. You can automate certain specific tasks, but you can't automate all.

4. It Helps You Get Insights Into Your Business

Sometimes, the daily grind prevents you from analyzing the growth and rankings of your agency. With automated reporting, you can fetch your website's SEO reports and share it with your team, so they can fix the issues well within time and prevent loss of traffic and revenue.

Since it takes no time, you can add it to your weekly tasks to keep your SEO team informed about the latest developments.

Most agency owners know that they should involve their team members in their website's performance and overall business growth. A little effort in this direction will pay you recurringly.

How to Choose an Automated SEO Reporting Tool?

With increasing competition in the market, it's natural to ask how to choose an automated SEO reporting tool.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Don't Get Impressed by Their Marketing

Loud marketing doesn't mean that you are getting the best deal. Know your basics and assess how the software can help you deal with your specific issues and add value to your business. It should help you in your client retention.

2. Your Software Should Be Easy to Set Up

If it requires more time and hassle to set up, then it defeats the very purpose it's created for. DashClicks' InstaReports is easy to set up and offers many features that will stun you.

3. It Should Help You in Prospecting

Your automated SEO reporting tool should help you in prospecting. It's one innovative use of the tool that we recommend to our users. The beautiful reports presented by the tool can instantly be created and used to impress your prospects. This approach helps you get an appointment quickly. Here is the entire modus operandi of prospecting with InstaReports you can try for excellent results.

4. It Should Help You Structure Your Sales Process

Your SEO reporting tool should help you structure your entire sales process. The following video explains what each sales process step is meant to accomplish. It also explains how to structure your closing call. Learn what to say to your prospects and how to ask for money.

5. It Should Offer Real-Time Data

Since your reporting software is all about analytics, it must provide updated and fresh data. It should search, collect, and analyze the information in real-time. Since the reports are used for decision-making, it may affect the quality of strategic decisions if you don't get updated data.

6. It Should Allow Customization

Your reporting software should allow customization according to clients' specific needs. InstaReports is the best SEO reporting tool in the market as it enables you to choose the metrics according to your clients' needs and set different report-sharing frequencies. You can decide how often the reports are sent in a month and when. You can choose to send weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly reports from its frequency settings.

7. It Should Allow Keywords Segmentation

At times, you need to track thousands of keywords for different clients, and you also want your reports to be neat and clean at the same time. So, if your reporting tool offers keyword segmentation, you can easily separate branded keywords from popular ranking keywords. You can also combine keyword groups. It allows you to customize your reports' setup to get the required insights.

8. It Should Also Provide Insights About On-Page or Technical SEO

Your reporting tool should provide in-depth information about on-page SEO, also known as technical SEO. On-Page SEO is a crucial factor in ranking, and you can't ignore it, especially if you have a large website with multiple pages.

9. It Should Provide Progress Reports

The ultimate purpose of an SEO report is to provide a bird’s-eye view of the progress made. It should also figure out the milestones to achieve. Most users need the following information points in the reports:

  • Overview of position/ranking changes
  • Search volume and potential of the keywords
  • Traffic brought by different keywords
  • Distribution of positions across the website

To provide stunning SEO reports, your reporting software should use state-of-the-art technology and be glitch-free. Still, it can't be ideal for all kinds of customers as many use their tools for branded SEO reports. However, agencies should have access to a tool that offers impressive features, works in real-time, and provides insightful reports for quick decision-making.

DashClicks' InstaReports, for example, comes very close. Apart from monitoring the performance of your website, it also provides you with the action steps required to fix those issues.

Furthermore, you can use it for business purposes as it offers precise reports in seconds.

It's not a standalone software, as it works on the DashClicks white-label platform and is powered by DashClicks' ecosystem comprising many other applications.

How to Create Automated White-Label SEO Reports for Your Clients Using InstaReports?

InstaReports uses the contact information available in your Contacts app to generate standard SEO reports. You can use it to sell your services.

InstaReports will automatically analyze a user's website performance when you feed the necessary information to it. It also provides a list of errors in your website and the optimizations you need to perform.

To access the InstaReports app, go to the app drawer in the top right corner of the DashClicks white-label dashboard>>Click on InstaReports>>Go to Templates.

DashClicks' InstaReports Template

The default page contains eight unique templates. However, only one is currently available, titled “Digital Overview.”

It provides a complete overview of the client’s online presence.

It includes the following:

  • Social media presence
  • Directory listings
  • Business reviews
  • Google ads and Facebook ads
  • Website health SEO

A specific score is assigned to each metric. Click on “Preview” to see the demo report. Navigate further and see what it looks like.

Now hover over and click “Build.”

The second tab in the InstaReports app is “My InstaReports.” It includes the table of InstaReports your team builds. If a report is pending from your side, the table will appear empty.

For more details, click this video link.

Final Thoughts

Reporting is a necessary evil for many, but it shouldn't be taxing and time-consuming. We hope this article explains why it's so crucial to use automated SEO reports and how to use these reports for prospecting, evaluating website performance, and decision making. We also explained how to use these SEO reporting tools and the main factors that will propel you to use automated reports from now on. Let's hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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