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Supercharge your Coaching Program

You can now leverage the DashClicks ecosystem in your core coaching offerings. Let your students experience next level marketing and automation softwares to help them propel their business forward, faster.

Bring Their Ideal Sales Process to Life
Help students visualize and create various pipelines with unique stages and automated tasks. With unlimited deal records, they’ll always be on top of things.
Illustrate Employee Management Strategies
Optimize operations by rapidly managing sales rep assignments and making adjustments on the fly. Notify team members of new leads instantly.
Prioritize Campaign Leads for Successful Deals
Get alerted of fresh leads as soon as they enter the dashboard. Learn how to capitalize and close the sale while the iron is hot.
Monitor & Refine with Analytics
Improvement is impossible without constant assessment. Give clients an all-in-one solution that’s compatible with third-party analytics software.
Coaches have the power to transform businesses and discover success. Offer them the tools they need to turn your lessons into actionable plans.
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Help Students Achieve Their Goals
Earn additional income and make customers for life by delivering an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform that can make anyone’s business goals a reality.
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Optimized Workflow and Task Management
Oversee all of your sub-accounts and stay up-to-date with their performance. Automate countless tasks and send out important notifications on your designated schedule.
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Build Employee Accountability
Monitor business performance down to individual employees. Identify opportunities for improvement and capitalize on existing successes to move toward the goal.
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Elevate Your Coaching with DashClicks

Don’t settle for lessons like every other coach. Bundle in a completely white-labeled platform that’s perfect for any business in any industry...

Your Company

Our Platform

Increase your revenue
Automatically generate sub-accounts for every new student. They gain full access to the platform, while you earn additional income.
Business management solutions
Each application is designed to help businesses improve performance, manage tasks, decrease churn, and increase sales. Give clients the tools they need to get to the next level.

Our Services

White-labeled marketing solutions
Help businesses reach new audiences by reselling our digital marketing services, all under your brand.
Add-on solutions
Further drive your client’s success with low cost, add-on subscriptions that you can purchase at any time.

Our Team

Dedicated support
Leverage text and video documentation for every application and fulfillment service on the platform.
Veteran marketing experts
Work alongside a marketing company with over a decade of experience helping hundreds of industries.

Our Process

Simplified service delivery
We deliver so that you never have to lift a finger. Let us know what you need, and we deliver the rest.
A comprehensive solution
Our goal is to identify your pain points and deliver real solutions. Our platform delivers everything you need.
Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide