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Quickly integrate your PhoneSites pages for optimized pipeline management and contact collection

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Keep your mobile leads close and boost your conversion rates with the help of our digital marketing software suite


User-Friendly Integrations

Connecting the PhoneSites integration is simple. Just provide your page URL and start capturing your mobile leads in seconds.


Automated Round-Robin Assignments

Choose the team members responsible for your leads. Our platform automatically assigns the new lead to the next sales rep in line.


Custom, Templated Notifications

Instantly notify your team the minute a new lead arrives. Personalize your SMS and email messages to use names, contact details, and URLs related to the campaign.


Optimize Your Sales Pipelines

Automate new deal creation based on new lead details. Get your prospects in the pipeline flow, allowing you to leverage a variety of additional sales tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to integrate a PhoneSites campaign?

All you need is the URL of the PhoneSites page you want to use. Then, we'll provide you with a webhook URL you'll need to connect your account.

Which apps will PhoneSites interact with?

You can set up the integration within Inbound to assist with lead and sales management. You can also link your campaign up with Deals and Contacts to automatically create new deals and contact cards within those apps respectively.

Can I set up a PhoneSites campaign for a client?

No. You will need to invite your client to set up a free, white-labeled sub-account. Then, they can set up the PhoneSites integration from within their Inbound app.

Can I make changes to my PhoneSites page from within DashClicks?

No. If you wish to make changes to the copy, design, or targeting parameters of your PhoneSite, you will need to do so from within your PhoneSites account. This integration is for reporting and sales management.

How does DashClicks notify my sales team of new leads?

You can set up custom SMS and email notifications when creating your campaign. Any time we receive a lead from PhoneSites, we automatically send those messages.

What are the benefits of integrating PhoneSites?

Our platform makes it easy to collect all of your leads from multiple marketing channels in one place. Connecting your PhoneSites pages allows you to add those leads to your DashClicks workflow.

Can you set up the PhoneSites integration for me?

The client is responsible for setting up their own integrations. If you need additional assistance, you can check out our free help center for handy text and video tutorials.

What kind of reporting features does the PhoneSites integration offer?

The Inbound app automatically lists your deals-to-date by the percentage of form submissions and phone calls. Additionally, you can check out your progress by monitoring your leads by period. Additionally, you can monitor your deal progress by date, industry, and sales reps if you link up with the Deals app.

Once I set up the integration, is it permanent?

No. You can easily disconnect an integration at any time by clicking one button within your account settings.

Can I make edits to a campaign once it's live?

You can make edits to the following: custom messages, deal card creation, contact card creation, and sales rep assignments. Furthermore, you can turn off or delete a campaign at any time.

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