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Filter every lead from your landing pages, email campaigns, store, and more directly into the DashClicks ecosystem.

Other Dashclicks built-in Apps:

Run Campaigns from Every Platform Side-by-Side

Propel your sales team to success by managing leads from all third-parties in one key location.


Effortless Campaign Integration

Name your campaign, grab your Kartra page ID, and get ready to roll. Rapidly integrate new campaigns in seconds.


Send Leads Directly to Your Pipeline

Get the ball rolling and add new lead data to your Deals app automatically. Take advantage of sales automation features that help you drive engagement and boost your ROI.


Automatic Sales Rep Assignments

Decide who's in charge of your leads before the campaign launches. Create custom SMS and email notifications to guide your team at any hour.


Natural CRM Synergy

Tired of juggling multiple platforms to manage lead contact data? Instantly add information from your form submissions directly to your Contacts app.

One platform, endless possibilities

All the building blocks you need to run your business from within one beautiful platform.

All apps work together seamlessly within the DashClicks ecosystem.
Integrate your favorite third party apps with our native integrations built by DashClicks.
Use our built-in utilities to make your life easier and speed things up that would take days.
Tap into our public API and create custom solutions for your business any way you'd like.
Connect with thousands of third party apps using pre-built zaps, or create your own.
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to integrate a Kartra campaign?

First, you'll need the page ID of the Kartra landing page you wish to use. Then, we'll provide you with a custom URL you can use to set up a webhook through your Kartra account.

What apps does Karta interact with in the DashClicks platform?

You'll set up your Kartra campaign within Inbound - our lead management software. You can then choose to automatically create deal cards within the Deals app and contact cards within your Contacts app.

Can I set up a Kartra integration for a client?

No. You will need to send your client an invitation to create a white-labeled sub-account. Then, they can set up their integration through the Inbound app.

After I connect an integration, is it permanent?

No. You can easily disconnect any integration with one button press in your account settings.

Are there any reporting features included?

The Inbound app categorizes leads from all of your campaigns as form submissions or phone calls. You can then check out a lead breakdown by date or select a custom period. If you choose to create deal cards from your leads, the Deals app offers additional insights regarding your won versus lost deals.

What is the benefit of integrating my Kartra campaign?

By creating a Kartra campaign in DashClicks, you can track all of your leads alongside those from other marketing channels. You'll collect all of your campaigns' leads within DashClicks and manage your sales from there.

Can you set up my Kartra integration for me?

It is the client's responsibility to set up integrations. However, our platform and free help center offer step-by-step text and video guides to make the process simple.

Does it cost anything to use the integration?

No. You can set up one campaign with a free DashClicks account. This provides you with an opportunity to test out the features before subscribing.

How does DashClicks notify my sales reps of new leads?

You can set up custom notifications when creating your campaign. Create your own SMS and email notifications, select your sales rep's contact details, and you're all set.

Can I make changes to my Kartra campaigns through DashClicks?

No. This integration is for lead management and reporting purposes. Any changes to the design, copy, or other elements will need to be done within your Kartra account.

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