Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Website Traffic Reports

Build a Website Worth Visiting

Never lose sight of your SEO or website traffic reports. Review your Google Analytics side-by-side with the rest of your marketing efforts.

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Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Monitor Daily Web Traffic

Gain a snapshot of daily users, sessions, visit duration, and bounce rate. Use your daily brief to guide your web design and SEO efforts.

Google Analytics

Filter Visitors by Source

Get a detailed breakdown of which browsers and operating systems are used to visit your company online.

Google Analytics

Find Your Visitors Around the Globe

Our geolocation heat map shows you where your visitors are throughout the world. Use these insights to further guide your targeting efforts.

Google Analytics

Manage Traffic for Any Client

Invite your clients to the platform and utilize the Google Analytics integration. Review those details from your Projects app.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to integrate my Google Analytics account?

All you will need is your Google Analytics login. After you enter your credentials and grant permission, you'll find your reports within the Analytics app.

Is there a way to manage all of my clients' Google Analytics?

Yes! The Projects app allows agency owners to manage all activities related to a specific client. Each client will need to perform the initial integration on their end. Afterward, you can select any client at any time to review their reports.

How easy is it to unplug a Google Analytics integration?

You can unplug any integrations at any time with one button press. Just go to your account settings, find your active integrations, and click disconnect.

Can I export my reports?

No. The Analytics and Projects apps are meant to replace the need for traditional reports. Both you and your client will be able to check in on progress at any time just by logging into your account.

Can I hide or omit certain metrics?

No. The Google Analytics integration captures the most important metrics for measuring website traffic. This makes reviewing your results manageable and convenient. If you want to keep things simple, you can stick to your Overview for the essentials.

Can I add my client's Google Analytics on their behalf?

No. You will need to send your client an invitation to create a white-labeled sub-account. The account is free and they will be able to integrate their own GA account with ease. After they add their analytics, you can view them from your account within the Projects app.

How can I check which Google Analytics account I am using?

You can find the ID of your Google Analytics at any time within the Analytics app. At the top of the tab, you can find an icon that reads "ID." You can identify the GA account there.

Which metrics will the Analytics app track?

The Analytics app mirrors all information recorded within your Google Analytics account. This includes visitors, page views, unique users, bounce rate, and more. You can also customize your dashboard reports to display a specified period.

Can I customize my Google Analytics dashboard?

For certain metrics, you can opt to switch your display between graph or table view. For geolocation measurements, you can choose to highlight sessions, users, or page views depending on your needs.

Does Google Analytics track SEO?

No. We have a dedicated integration for SEO measurements, which allows you to freely track keyword positions. The Google Analytics integration focuses on tracking how viewers spend time on your website and how they arrive there.

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