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Gather snapshots and detailed breakdowns of your Google Ads campaign performance. Skip the need for multiple logins and gather everything in one place.

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A Better Way to Deliver Campaign Reporting

Log in to one account and retrieve your most vital KPIs from Google instantly

Google Ads
Google Ads
Google Ads
Google Ads
Google Ads

Integrate Your Google Ads in Seconds

Incorporate your analytics just by logging into your account. Then, you can select the Ads Manager account and ad client you wish to capture within your Analytics app.

Google Ads

Capture Daily Snapshots

Populate your dashboard with the metrics that matter most. Review your impressions, clicks, conversions, spending, and ROI at any time.

Google Ads

In-Depth Performance Breakdowns

We pull every available KPI directly from your Google Ads accounts. Then, you can break down your performance by campaign, ad groups, and ads at will.

Google Ads

Dashboard Customization

You select which metrics matter most. Hide, reveal, and rearrange your data tables to your liking at any time.

One platform, endless possibilities

All the building blocks you need to run your business from within one beautiful platform

All apps work together seamlessly within the DashClicks ecosystem.
Integrate your favorite third party apps with our native integrations built by DashClicks.
Use our built-in utilities to make your life easier and speed things up that would take days.
Tap into our public API and create custom solutions for your business any way you'd like.
Connect with thousands of third party apps using pre-built zaps, or create your own.
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to integrate my Google Ads?

You'll need to log in to your Google Ads account. From there, select an Ads Manager and ad client to get started.

Can I add multiple Google Ads campaigns?

Yes. All data that is present in your Google Ads account will be mirrored directly into your Analytics app. Then, you can sort your data by campaign, ad set, or individual ads.

Can I make edits to my Google Ads through the platform?

No. The Google Ads integrations are available for analytics and performance breakdowns only. Changes to creatives or to the budget must be made through your Google Ads account.

Can I customize which metrics I want to see?

Yes. Every analytics tab grants you the ability to reveal, hide, or rearrange key metrics. No changes are permanent and you can modify your dashboard view at any time.

Can I export reports from the Analytics app?

No. However, you can get a snapshot of any period by using the date selector available within the app. This is available 24/7 for both you and the client and is meant to replace the need for standard reporting.

What types of metrics will my Google Ads capture in Analytics?

The Analytics app captures every KPI available within your Google Ads account. Your snapshot provides your most important metrics, but you can go as fully in-depth as you'd like by visiting your dedicated Google Ads tab.

Can I add Google Ads for my client?

No. You will need to send a sub-account invite to your client. Then, they will be able to utilize the Google Ads integration within their Analytics app. After this is complete, you will be able to review your client's analytics through your Projects app.

Can I unplug the integration after it's active?

Yes! Any integrations can be uninstalled with one button press in your account settings.

Does this show metrics for paused or past campaigns?

Yes. If you have an active campaign within your Google Ads account history, we can pull those metrics. You can then sort your campaigns by Active, Paused, or Removed with the toggle button featured within the Analytics app.

Can I add multiple Google Ads accounts?

You can currently connect one Google Ads account per DashClicks account. To check which Google Ads account you have integrated, check your account ID within the Analytics app.

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