Convert Facebook Leads into Sales

List every lead from your Facebook Ads campaigns under one hood. Instantly sync their data with powerful software to help your sales team boost your ROI.

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Your New Destination for Facebook Ads Management

Optimize your lead capture process to give your sales team a competitive edge.

Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Lead Ads

Add New Campaigns in Seconds

Start capturing leads in just a few moments. Log in to your Ads account, select your Business Page, and grab the correct lead form. Our platform automatically handles the rest.

Facebook Lead Ads

Create Deals and Contacts from Leads

Create new deals and contact cards for your pipelines and CRM every time a new lead arrives. You'll never need to create or update those apps manually.

Facebook Lead Ads

Capitalize on Sales Opportunities

Let our software automatically assign leads to your sales reps the second they appear. The sooner you're able to touch base, the more likely you are to close the deal.

Facebook Lead Ads

Automated Notifications

Give your sales team an extra push by building custom notifications. Send out an SMS or email telling them about the lead for a particular Facebook Ads campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to integrate my Facebook Ads?

You'll need to log in to your Ads account and provide the permissions necessary to share data. Then, select the business you want to use followed by the lead form.

What software does my Facebook Ads leads interact with?

All leads initially go into your Inbound app. From there, you can automatically create deal cards that fit into your sales pipeline in Deals. Additionally, you can convert any lead into a contact card for your CRM.

How do I notify my sales reps?

You can create custom SMS and email messages for your sales reps. Any time a new lead arrives and is assigned to that rep, they'll receive your notification instantly.

When creating contacts, do leads get added as businesses or people?

Either! You get to choose what type of contact record you want to create when integrating your campaign.

Can I make changes to my Facebook Ads campaign through the dashboard?

You can only edit aspects related to lead data collection and assignments. If you need to make changes to your ad creatives, targeting, or budget, you need to do so from within your Facebook Ads account.

Can I add multiple Facebook Ads campaigns?

Yes. The number of campaigns you can add in Inbound depends upon your current subscription tier. Free users can try out the service with 1 campaign. Plus, Premium, and Platinum users can create 3, 10, and 25 campaigns respectively.

How does assigning a sales rep work?

When creating a campaign, choose the sales reps you want to use. You must choose at least one but can select as many as necessary. You can also opt for round-robin assignments, which help distribute the workflow efficiently.

What if I don't want to use Deals or Contacts?

These features are completely optional. Simply turn these off when setting up your campaign. However, we highly recommend taking advantage of every feature to help you get the most out of your platform experience.

Will my Facebook Ads leads get lumped in with my other campaign leads?

No. Every campaign you create is distinct with an assigned owner and sales reps. You can review all of your active Inbound campaigns and make edits freely at any time.

Do you offer any reporting for Facebook Ads leads?

The Inbound app breaks down your percentage of leads by form submissions and phone calls. You can also get a breakdown of how many leads your campaign receives by individual dates or over a period. For any more detailed analytics such as CPC or CPM, you can set this up within your Analytics app.

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