Transform Phone Leads into Conversions

Instantly notify your sales department of new leads from your call tracking campaigns. Build multiple campaigns, create automatic assignments, and automatically add new contacts to your Contacts CRM.

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Innovation That Every Sales Team Requires

Compile leads into one place, automatically assign sales reps, and generate customized progress reports with the click of a button.

Callrail Leads
Callrail Leads
Callrail Leads
Callrail Leads
Callrail Leads

Create Customized CallRail Lead Campaigns

Gather lead data instantly using your CallRail API. Automatically generate new deal cards and assign the sales reps you want to oversee your campaign.

Callrail Leads

Distribute Leads Your Way

Delegate new leads to specific sales reps as the phone calls arrive. Alternatively, utilize round-robin assignments to ensure your team has the bandwidth to give each lead the care they deserve.

Callrail Leads

Issue Customized Notifications

Notify your sales reps of new leads by creating unique email and SMS templates. Your team will never miss the opportunity to strike while the opportunities are hot.

Callrail Leads

Seamless CRM Support

Choose to automatically create contact cards and deal cards for instant use within the Contacts and Deals apps. Store lead contact details and visualize their journey within your custom sales pipelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How many CallRail campaigns can I have active at once?

The number of campaigns you can create is dependent upon your current platform subscription plan. Free accounts allow you to test the feature and create 1 campaign. The Pro, Platinum, and Elite plans offer 3, 10, and 25 custom campaigns respectively.

Is there a limit to how many leads I can collect with my account?

No - your new leads will continue to be added to your account as they come in through your CallRail tracking number.

Can I set up notifications for new leads?

Yes! When creating your CallRail campaign, you can create your own custom SMS and email notifications. Every time a new lead arrives, the assigned sales reps will receive those notifications.

What type of CallRail campaign reporting features do you offer?

The Inbound app offers a breakdown of all leads across all campaign types. You will have a lead breakdown of form submissions and phone calls. This will also show you how your campaigns perform over a designated period of time. Finally, you can monitor campaign progress by individual lead rep performance.

Can I make changes after a campaign goes live?

Yes. You can make several edits to your campaign settings including automatic contact card creation, automatic deal card creation, and sales rep assignments. You may also alter or turn off your custom notifications.

How is CallRail Leads different from regular CallRail analytics?

CallRail Leads refers to your ability to integrate your CallRail campaigns into the Inbound app. There, you can monitor campaigns from all third-party platforms in one place. This includes assigning leads to sales reps, creating new deals in your pipeline, and adding information to your Contacts app.

What options do I have in regard to sales rep assignments?

You can manually assign individual reps to campaigns as needed. You can also utilize round-robin assignments to pass every other lead between all of your reps or a designated group. You will also be able to reassign leads at any time.

What is lead freshness?

Our lead freshness metric describes how recently you received a new lead. A "hot" lead is less than five minutes old and is a prime target when looking to boost your conversions. Likewise, a "cold" lead is active in your dashboard for over an hour. We will automatically track lead freshness for every lead.

Can I turn a campaign off through the DashClicks platform?

Turning a campaign off through our platform will stop new leads from populating the dashboard. If you wish to stop or terminate your CallRail campaign entirely, you will need to do so from your CallRail account.

Can my clients review their CallRail leads?

Yes. You can invite your clients to sign up for a white-labeled DashClicks sub-account. There, they can take advantage of the Inbound app and CallRail integration.

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