Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Analytics

Gain Insights from Every Conversation

Access and review every phone call from your Call Tracking Metrics campaign with one login.

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Track Every KPI with a Single Software Solution

Listen to calls and track key metrics for both your agency and your clients.

Call Tracking Metrics
Call Tracking Metrics
Call Tracking Metrics
Call Tracking Metrics
Call Tracking Metrics

Recording Playback

Retrieve any phone call from your campaign and listen to your conversations with the press of a button.

Call Tracking Metrics

Seamless Account Integration

Quickly attach your CTM account using your API key. Access any campaign for any account with a simple dropdown.

Call Tracking Metrics

Filter Your Calls

Sort every call by name, location, referral source, and other key factors.

Call Tracking Metrics

Customized Campaign Reporting

Take advantage of key snapshots and insights to focus on the KPIs that matter most for your objective.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How many Call Tracking Metrics campaigns can I track?

This integration allows you to review every campaign available under your selected account. From your Analytics app, you can sort your calls and metrics by each campaign.

Can I edit my campaigns from within DashClicks?

No. This integration mirrors all of your account analytics into your dashboard. Doing this for all of your campaigns across multiple third-party tools allows you to check in on progress with just a single account login.

Can I download phone calls?

Yes. If there is any audio file available, you can download it with the press of a button through your dashboard.

Can I set up this integration for a client?

No. You must send your client an invitation to create a free sub-account. Then, they can set up their CTM integration through their Analytics app. Once this is complete, you can review your client's analytics from within your Projects app.

Can I manage my Call Tracking Metrics leads?

Yes! However, this is in reference to a separate integration available within our Inbound app. There, you can have your new leads populate in your dashboard the minute a new one appears. Check out Call Tracking Metrics Leads for more information.

What do I need to integrate my Call Tracking Metrics account?

You will need your account API key found in your account settings. When prompted, enter your API key into DashClicks to sync up your account.

Can I listen to phone calls?

Yes. Any phone call recording that is available can be listened to from within your dashboard.

What types of metrics does this integration capture?

This integration captures every metric available within your CTM account. This includes call sources, names, locations, numbers, and even the audio file itself.

Are there any security risks with using this integration?

No. This process simply allows us to mirror your account analytics. DashClicks will never be able to access or make changes to your account at any point.

Can I disconnect an integration after it's installed?

Yes. You can easily disconnect any integration at any time just by hitting "disconnect."

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