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My Reviews

Compile all of your business reviews in a single dashboard. Track your ratings and publish replies with one software tool.


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Save time, hit your goals faster and create a transformational experience by leveraging the DashClicks ecosystem.


Every Existing Business Review in One App

Access all your customer reviews, from every source, in one dashboard.


Send Review Requests

Collecting new reviews has never been easier. Send customers review requests via email or SMS to share their feedback.


Improve Your Customer Service

Take control of your brand and solve customer issues by managing all your reviews in one place.


Track Your Progress 24/7

Gain insights regarding your ratings and performance on each review platform.


Filter Your Business Reviews

Managing your reviews is made simple with custom filters for ratings, sources, and messages awaiting a reply.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which integration sources are available to use in Reputation?

You can currently integrate your Facebook reviews and Google My Business reviews. We are rapidly testing new integrations and looking to add more in the near future.

How often does Reputation fetch new reviews?

Our system checks for new reviews from all sources approximately every five minutes to help you stay as up-to-date as possible.

How does the review request work?

You will have a review page available within the Reputation app. This features a message asking users to leave feedback along with links to your review sources (you get to choose which to include). Simply click send request, choose a contact, and deliver an email and/or SMS instantly.

What reporting features does Reputation include?

Reputation features a dedicated reporting tab. This highlights your average ratings over time, your top review sources, and your best and worst months overall.

How will my replies appear to users?

A reply to a review will appear as being from the business account tied to that source. For example, if your brand is known as "ABC Agency" on Facebook, the reply will appear as from ABC Agency along with your Facebook profile picture. This is true for all available sources.

Does the Reputation app only track new reviews post-integration?

No! After you integrate a source, Reputation will automatically begin pulling your entire history of business reviews from that platform. This includes all existing reviews as well as your replies.

How can I sort my reviews?

Reputation features built-in filters that allow you to sort reviews by star ratings, likes, dislikes, and review sources. You can also quickly highlight any reviews that are awaiting a reply. Finally, you can use the calendar widget to highlight reviews from specific periods.

How easy is it to integrate a review source?

Connecting a source requires zero expertise. Select the source you wish to integrate, log in to your account, and watch your reviews populate in real-time.

Will I be able to identify users that leave reviews?

The user's name and profile picture will appear alongside their review. Facebook is the exception to this due to its unique Privacy Policy rules. You will need to click the handy link that takes you straight to the Facebook review if you wish to inquire about the identity of the individual.

How do aggregate rankings work with platforms that don't use the star-rating system?

Currently, Facebook is the only source that opts for a system of either recommending (thumbs-up) or not recommending (thumbs-down) a business. Because of this, we feature a separate aggregate and report for those rankings. All other sources that utilize a rating out of 5 stars are aggregated.

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