Write Copy to Turn Your Audience into Brand Ambassadors – w/ Jeff Hunter
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 01:19 PM

Write Copy to Turn Your Audience into Brand Ambassadors – w/ Jeff Hunter


What is your copy writing strategy?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks is joined by Jeff Hunter and talk about how to write copy that turns your audience into your brand ambassadors! This is the second video of our YouTube series, Influencer Secrets.


What’s going on everybody. Hey, what’s up? Everybody was Skilling on start a couple of minutes early. I’m going to wait till Jeff gets on your, we got a special guest for today. Let’s see where their use. Mr Jeff is in the house. What’s going on, Jeff? Hey. Hey. Hey. All right. We’re going to let everybody load in. I know we’re a couple minutes early. We surprised them,
Right? That’s what we do. Your dashboards, so I can surprise you, like to surprise you, so we’ll let [inaudible]. I was going to be over here on my cool production desk, but I said I thought you know what? The people adapt clicks. They can, they can understand and appreciate a behind the scenes kind of guy.
Oh, I love it. I love the behind the scenes stuff. I love it. What’s up Phillip? I see who’s on here. Let’s get some people on. Let’s get some people lung. All right, participants. Oh, what’s going on? Dave? Duane. Henry, Jason, Jeremy, coral, Michael Guys. Can you drop a one? A drop a one. If you can hear us drop one of you can hear us drop a one drop a two if you can hear Jeff.
John got me number two. You can hear me.
All right. One, two. Somebody said one, two that was taken here, but what? I mean they can here. Just so you guys know, I’m for all of you guys, I have and I’m not randomly looking away and have an Instagram phone right here capturing all this on Instagram and we decided today for us to hook up our DSLR camera, which is right here on top of me.
So they viewed you look fantastic and I was going to say it’s not the lotion on the face, it’s the DSLR. It’s not the lotion. Awesome. So we’re getting some people to join in. Jeffrey is going to kill it.
Yeah. What? You gave me a good idea. I’m going to, I’m going to shoot, I’m going to get my people on here too. For Instagram. I forgot the grants of love, man. My Instagram, I don’t show him enough love.
I’m going to also port this over. I’m going to roll it over to Facebook, Jeff, and if you want you can just go to my page and just share it so everybody can see it.
Boom. It’s going to be live on your Facebook profile or on your page.
On our, my personal Facebook profile is a going live in two seconds. I’m setting it all up. Alright, zoom of course takes forever.
Before we start by asking questions to people, cause I want to make this super focus.
Yeah, hundred percent. Okay, cool. I’m actually going to tag you in this. Sweet. Let’s get this going. Let’s get Schiff. Jeff Hunter. Awesome.
I got to say feeling excited. All right, awesome. So that’s pushing live and that should be live on Facebook in about less than a minute. And then Jeff, you want to go and just share it? Perfect.
Yeah, we’re gonna share it right now as soon as it notifies me. There it is. Boom. Chad, tag
Facebook on mine and then we’re gonna get this party started. People. Oh, oh finally. We actually got some good quality here cause the last one we did, I did it on my Logitech camera and it looked like shit.
Well now I’ve got you. Okay, now I have to add that file. Share this. Hey, we’re good.
All right. All right. See It’s good to couple get a couple of minutes early. We’re prepared. We’re prepared. People. It’s two o’clock. What’s going on everybody? You guys show shows a little bit of low Phillips that Chad’s dodge mean Dallas as we did it not do in Dallas. I wish I could have. I was actually speaking at Ryan Stewman event at the funnel closers event. I was there yesterday and the day before out in asking texts. I’ve never been to Texas before on, I’m really gonna do, doing a Texas accent, but I’ve never been there before, so that’s pretty cool. That was an awesome experience. And we also have little sneak peak whether you’re dying here. We have Ryan Stewman coming on. I think it’s on the 15th. Stewman the hardcore closer maybe. Oh, we got Ryan coming on the 15th. We have already good skis actually flying out on the 16th.
He’s going to be here going to show you guys how to build a Facebook group and do some really cool stuff with it. We have Bob Manga that’s going to be coming in. I forgot what date. I think it’s like a week after that we have Dennis you that’s coming on on March 28th. We got a good buddy of mine from La Meaty group that’s also going to be coming out, is going to show you guys how to shoot videos and share it with the world really, really easily. So a lot, really good lineup and we’re going to start it off with mystery Jeff. So I’m super excited.
Super excited. I said, oh baby. That’s what I’m talking about. All right, so while you guys are joining in, I’m really curious. So Chad, you’re going to have to help me because I can’t look at the zoom chat and the Facebook chat. It’s just way too distracting for me. Sure. So if questions come in, if a comments come in, make sure you pick up my way. So guys, I’m gonna, I’m gonna give you guys a little bit of copyrighting deliciousness today. Ooh, I promised, I promised Chad I’d show you guys some of the tricks that I use and I made a post this before this video just to show you guys how this works, just to show you guys that I’m not full of crap, that I am, that literally, if you know these five basic elements to copywriting that I’m going to teach you today, that you can straight up be the high piper of copy wordsmith.
Perfect. Perfect. Jeff, maybe you can, right before we get started, maybe introduce yourself, tell them a little bit about what you do, who you are, where they can find you in case I want to follow you after this.
Boom. guys, for those of you just joining in my name is Jeff J. Hunter. And you’re wondering why the J M it stands for Jesse. My middle name obviously also is my grandfather’s name and my son’s name. Which are really important to me. My grandfather was the number one inspiration for me to be where I’m at today in my life. I’m not to add, dad love you for watching this, but my grandpa, he really pushed me to go to school. He always taught me that if I wanted to make it in life, I had to self study and learn by myself and really be invested in learning my whole life. Working for someone else. The rest of it. Yup. And so that’s Jeff J. Hunter guys and obviously you can find me on Facebook or anything. Just type in Jeff J. Hunter. now that I’m a Forbes contributor I’ve, I’ve been featured on inc.
I’ve been featured on entrepreneur. I’ve been on probably, I dunno, 50, 60 podcast appearances over the past couple of years. I’ve spoken at several stages. I’ve given multiple lessons at digital marketer headquarters in Austin, Texas. I’ve been able to work with some really incredible people. I’ve got to hang out with people like Ashton Kutcher Jack Canfield, the author of chicken soup for the souls. I’ve got to hang out with ty Lopez. And not just like, Hey, get your selfie but like actually work with these people. And how is the exact same reason that I’m going to show you guys today which is getting a really solid personal brand and how to build that by having really engaging fun content and actually becoming an authority and influencer in your space. You don’t have to have $1 million, you don’t have to have $100,000. You don’t have to have a gigantic following. You don’t have to know people or have connections. Yup. You have to do is be very intentional and strategic with your content. So I’m going to be showing you guys how to do that today.
Guys, can we get like a 333 for whoever is ready to hear Jeff unload all his secrets and literally help you guys scale your agency.
Wait, so my office isn’t quite as cool as yours. I need, I need to up my game. I do have the Logitech Cam, but I guess I’m looking okay on it. Look sexy. No worry. There it is. Now what I’m going to do now is I’m going to try and share my screen and hopefully this will work. So I’m going to do one thing, Jeff, before you, before you unload all of these hidden secrets that these guys came out here to see as. Want to make two quick really quick announcements. I’m going to share my screen for one second and then Jeff, I’m gonna let you take it away right after that. Okay, here we go. All right guys, let me get out of this.
Just to give you like a quick little update. For those of you who have not gotten your agents who website, the agency website is unfortunately out for the next probably week or two. So if you didn’t get it, you probably have fomo if you want it. However, all you gotta do, just log into your dashboards account log in your districts account, you’ll see this agency tool section and this is our first agent agency tool that we add. It’s called agency website. And our system will actually build the entire website for you. And then you can just go preview and check out what it looks like. So this is basically what the website looks like. So you can actually get a completely built website for you. Literally not now, but it will be an available in about a couple of days. So go check this out. That’s the first really important topic that we need to speak about.
And then second, I’m going to drop a link in the chat really quick that where’s the chat? Where’s the chat? All right, should I just go to it too and I’ll drop the link in the chat guys. So check this out. So this is actually our new Facebook group. So as you can see, there’s tons of people waiting to jump in the group. We’re not letting anybody in yet. We’re going to let everybody in on February 15th. So who wants to join the group? Can I get like the 300 if you want the link to join the group, can I get like a 300 if you want the link to join the group? 300 people. 300 alright, awesome. Everybody wants to join the group. There is a lake guy, so you guys can click that link and you can join the group. We will let everybody in on February 15th one thing that you guys need to know is we’re going to cap this out at 250 people for a couple of weeks because those 250 people, we’re going to give them a bunch of freebies and stuff and we’re going to spoil them.
So if you’re not within the first 250 people, like if you see that link and you haven’t clicked on it, I don’t know what you’re doing. Okay. I don’t know what you’re doing, so I’m going to let Jeff take it away. All right, cool. Let me see if I get my my presentation here to work. I’m using Google slides and it’s giving me a little bit of a problem today. No worries. Let’s go one on Instagram. We’ve got a bunch of people live on Instagram to integrate and you guys are behind the scenes. You’re not going to be able to see his screen, which is going to really suck for you. So the only real way to see that is two things. One, you need to sign up for dash.com just go to [inaudible] dot com you’ll get your free account, customize your platform, everything is free, free education, free all. So jump into doctorates.com you can register and jump right into this webinar or two. You can just go to our Facebook page. You can either go to a chat cadery on Facebook or Jeff Hunter. This is live on Facebook right now. You’ll be able to see our screen. She about to take away.
Go, go, go. Woo. Alright, so first off, let me let me switch back to the beginning slide here. Guys, this is what you really came here for. And this is what I’m going to show you. I’m going to show you there’s five key elements that you have to think about before you create any type of content. Chad helped me out so I can’t see the chat when I’m sharing my screen at one giant spring here. So if you guys can see my screen, give me some fives. Give me fives. Yeah, let’s get a five [inaudible] across the door. Okay, good. Alright. cool. So for those of you that are just tuning in, again, my name is Jeff J. Hunter. They call me the king of Allosaurus z because I’ve built giant teams. That’s one thing Chad and I both have in common. And I primarily use my team to build brands and I found out the best way to do that is through engaging awesome content. And before I started teaching the lesson, I want to show you that I’m the real bill. So I want to show you the Facebook posts that I made today just for you guys. Let’s take a peek and see. Yeah. If you guys, you guys can see my, you guys good? Yeah. Drop a three 33. You can see Jeff screen, we just to make sure that everybody can see the screen. Three 33
Oh also check that’s in here now. I see. Perfect. So here’s the Facebook post I made two hours ago. You’re watching this right now. Literally two hours ago I made this Facebook post and by the way, this is for real last year in two thousand three thousand seven hundred and seventy six how does the amount of 2018 a thousand dollars in copywriting, coaches and team members to actually get this done? Like literally hired copywriters had stuff written for me, wrote my own self and then I had team members. Did you go through and actually document all sorts of data from the post? Like what type of content works best? The length of post, the type of images, the types of videos, types of stories, all sorts of other data points. And I had them put it all together in this job, cell spreadsheet and Google and literally I have month by month by month data from January all the way to December. Yeah, one 768 different posts. I mean, imagine much the posts a day. Well, if you do that math 365 divided by 3,768 divided by three, that’s over 10 on average. So I don’t think there’s ever been an exhaustive research done like this.
I mean I collected everything you could, all the way down to how many likes they got, how many comments they got. And and the, the level of engagement. It’s just absolutely insane and I’m going to show you what that data has literally found. Then if you look at this post that I made two hours ago and I’m asking people if they want to come into a training, a Webinar like this, and I said, if I get 200 people that comments, show me on this post, I will do a training on it. So far I’ve got 34 in two hours. Oh, by the end of, I’d say 24 hours. I’m going to have long, long over 200 I mean, this is two hours ago. I’ve got 30 something comments. It’s going to blow up. I’m going to show you guys how you can do the exact same. I see some of you guys on here following me on Facebook now. Thanks. I feel special. So here we go guys. Guys, wait, who are like, this is like top secret stuff right here. Right? So this, let me just like find really quick. This is Jeff collecting. How long has it been? How many years of data was that? How many posts? Well that’s just 2018 and I’ve done this before. I do this every year. I’ve been doing this.
Okay. Is collecting my Facebook posts and organize them, analyze the data every day. That’s what they do guys. So you can’t get this anywhere else. These are his actual posts. These are the data from his actual posts guys. Okay, so he’s about to show you something that you can just can be done on your own. So Jen, in 2017 I wasn’t as aggressive on my posting. So what I did in 2017 was I did my posts and I followed 10 different mega influencers that have huge followings to find out exactly what was working for them. In 2018 I took all the strategies I learned from everyone else and myself and I applied it to my own copywriting with my own copywriters and my own copywriting style of myself. And I wrote an entire content for 2018 and now I’m revealing all the results from that.
So this 2018 one that I haven’t even, I haven’t literally haven’t even made the training yet. I haven’t even put it together in a PowerPoint slide or thing yet. Like this is like fresh stuff. And if you guys know of anyone on the planet that has documented and analyzed over 3000 posts in one year, please, I’d love to know who this person is because I’m pretty sure that as of right now, I’m the only person in the universe that has done this level of crazy analytics to find out exactly the type of content that works to literally understand Facebook’s organic algorithm. It’s very rare for you to find a post on my Facebook account that has less than, you know, 30 40 50 likes. I mean some of them, I mean even this post that I made last night at midnight about this call right here has nine comments and 13 likes.
And here’s another one. I just took a screenshot of a training I did last night. 35 lights. Here’s something with 80, 80, 83 lights, that 56 comments yesterday, right? Here’s a, here’s a picture of my son. Now that’s not even fair because he’s so damn cute. He gets 143 comments. You know, like I’ve put all sorts of time and effort into writing a post about how lonely it is to be an entrepreneur. I write something like this, Hashtag dimples and my son makes funny faces way better than the stuff that I tried to write. I always know. It’s funny cause you know what I realized too, every time I posted it, like a family oriented picture or picture of my daughter, the, the, the engagement goes skyrocketing. It’s crazy. So, and that’s not just it guys. And here’s the crazy part. It’s not just Facebook. This right here is my linkedin.
I’m showing off a, a link, a post I made on Linkedin here about Gary v, one of these that has 52 comments, 74 likes and almost 5,000 views. And I’m sure right now it’s probably over that on linkedin. So what I’m going to teach you today, it doesn’t matter if you’re on Facebook, linkedin, Instagram, or whatever. The truth of the matter is, this content works. And if you have an intentional content strategy, here’s a new video that I just posted yesterday about how to sell on Linkedin. It’s just an audio and it has 49 likes, 34 comments, 1200 views in less than one day, right? Gary v want to be video? Oh, it’s up to almost 8,000 views. 59 comments, 92 likes. And you know what I mean? Crazy. You know, you know what’s crazy is, is people think that views is just like views.
These are actually, these are real people. Imagine putting yourself in the room with 8,000 people. That’s like the power of social media. It’s crazy, right? Look at this video. 241 likes 128 comments and 7,300 views. Here’s, here’s something I want to just explain to you guys is mind boggling. Look at the comments on these. This is why guys, if you’re not using linkedin, you totally should because this isn’t like Instagram where just bots are replying to stuff. These are full on, straight up essay responses to this stuff. Like people are writing me huge responses like this one. Glad to see this post this. These are all professional people. Look at this. I love this. I talked about turning stay at home moms and to work at home moms. It’s a huge strategy that I’ve, I’ve been polluted my own business because most of my team, matter of fact, 100% of my team are remote workers.
Meaning I don’t even have a single employee in my office. Every single person is a remote person. All 50 to 75 people that work for me work from home. And a lot of that is about stay at home moms that sacrifice so much from their own life because they have kids, even though they’re probably smarter than their husband, they’re actually the ones that have the true drive and stuff to care about their kids. You know, men are so stupid, they’re out working their lives to death. They don’t even know where their kids are. You know, cats in the cradle and the silver spoon. And that’s just the cycle of life. And if you look at what brook says, this is the, this is just one, right? She talks about how she’s a work at home person. Look, she wrote and hold. When do you get a response or comment on like on Facebook or Instagram? Never. Right. So anyway, the point is guys, I’m showing you guys this stuff because like if maybe I got lucky, you know, and maybe I’m in my garage with my Lamborghini, you know, like that’s not me. What I’m trying to show you is like real results, real actual scenarios that you can look on. Jeff J. Hunter on any platform, including even my Instagram that has 11,000 or 10,000 followers or whatever I’ve got and all of my content always does good. And it’s because of the stuff I’m going to teach you today.
All right. Yeah, and I’ve been following Jeff just so you guys know for like over a year now and I’m one of those likers and harders on every single one of your posts. I’m one of those 300 comments or you know, your content is great and that’s the reason why I decided to bring you out here. Also, just a side note, I think what we’ll do is cause some people are starting to ask me questions and I think what we’ll do Q and a at the end guys. So just stick all the way until the end and then now you can ask me or Jeff any questions that you want and we’re more than happy to answer them for you. Okay? Stay all the way until the end of this. We’re going to be giving away some swaggy baggies. Okay. So see all the way we’re going to get some swag bags away. Swag bags. You know, I’m doubting you ain’t gotta send me a hat bro. I’m gonna send you a whole bag that we got you.
All right guys. So, and I, and I’m looking at some of these questions that are coming in. They’re really good questions. So I will actually keep hold of this. I can see that I’ve got friend requests, I’ve got a, and by the way, I see someone says they’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. That’s good. That’s really good. That’s called a go time. I think every entrepreneur in the world has to have add, ADHD. If you don’t, then you might as well go work for someone else because it takes something like that. So here we go. All right guys. So first and foremost, this is the number one thing. Like if you just logged on here and only had five minutes and had to learn one thing valuable, this slide, okay. The first element to copywriting is understanding who you want to help. So if you look at my Facebook posts, if you look at stuff, and I’m going to be switching back and forth guys to show you real deal.
Like this is how I do it myself. Like I practice what I preach here. So if people want to actually learn how to write really good content, which is most of the people in the world, right? They want to start growing a brand. They understand the importance of having really good content because the Internet, guys, I hate to say this, but social media is the contest. Social media is the contest. And I don’t care about people that say, well, it doesn’t really matter how many likes and comments I have. I posted a really great content, Eh, you don’t get likes and comments because you don’t post really great content. If you’re posting really good content, people engage or you’re targeting the wrong people or you’re posting at the wrong time. We’re gonna talk about that today. So understanding your target audience and what they desire, what they really want is really the first step is the first key to understanding how you should be doing your content.
So I want you to think about that person as the specific person. Let’s use you Chad as a perfect example because we know that you have a white a white labeled like basically dashboard for agencies. You’ve got an awesome platform for people to use. And your target demographic is of digital marketing agency, right? That’s exactly, Yep. Yep. So, and I know that because this is the type of people that I target for my business. I looking for people that are, that have digital marketing agencies that own SAS products like yours. You know, software as a service because I’m the old school first original SAS s a s is as in service as a service, right? So what is their name? Put an actual name to somebody. There’s a really cool and free tool, hubspot’s persona builder. You should totally rip that off and do it for your clients.
By the way, the hubspot persona builder, such a great tool. You put a real name to somebody, you know John Eli, right? What does this person do? They own a digital marketing agency. They probably have five to 10 clients. Maybe they have two or three people on House and staff, or maybe they contract on upwork to get some stuff done. Maybe they have a graphic designer in house. Maybe they have a Facebook ads person in house, or maybe they contract that out, right? What is their role? They’re organizing. They’re trying to do fulfillment for their clients, right? Who Do they report to? They report to the client. Usually they’re agency owners, so they have to get results for their clients or they fire them, right? So there’s no marketing angles of everything, man. Say it again, Chad. The results is everything. I keep preaching. Like if you get, you don’t get results, you’re not going to get paid.
So that simple, boom. That’s right. And you know, and we live in a more competitive space where know we as digital marketers, we have to compete with really incredible talent across the world. Let me tell you guys, like most of my teams in the Philippines, and you know, I hate to say it, but it’s a wake up call for everybody. I’ve got people on my team, the Philippines, way smarter than me. No way much more about digital marketing than me. Better graphic designers than anyone I could ever find in America. Like we have to be on a global scale. It has to be about results. And you have to think about this like if they’re a business owner, right? If you’re a digital, I’m not a big, I’m gonna make this very specific to digital marketing, acs and I, here’s why guys, I want you to comment one, two, three.
If you are running a digital marketing agency or you are a business owner in marketing, oh, we got a lot of one, two, threes. One, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three. Let’s go guys. All right, that’s it. So this is going to be very specific to you guys and see how I have entrepreneur John here. Entrepreneur. John owns a company that hasn’t reached $1 million each and he really wants to get there. His business as a marketing agency that builds funnels and run Facebook ads for local businesses. I wonder why I put that persona in this thing here. I wonder if that’s anybody’s goal. Any of you guys in the spot, you haven’t made $1 million yet, but you want to get there and you build funnels and run Facebook ads for your clients. Anybody that’s five, five, five if that’s you, do you want to make $1 million building funnels and five let’s go.
Everybody look at him. So boom. This is the type of people that I like to work with. I like people that are super ambitious, they, they’re successful, but they just, they’re, they’re repeat debt and that’s what you’re working with to chat and like you’re ready to help people scale and take their business to the next level to add services to their offering that they can’t do themselves in house or they just don’t like doing right. That’s the point. Exactly. 100% so it’s really, do you see how important it is guys? Do you see how I already know you were, we’re on this webinar right now, but I already know you. I already know you. And every time you create content, you already have to know about that person. And here’s where it gets really fun. What time do they go on social media guys? Are you targeting up clients in Australia targeting clients in America? You’re targeting clients in Canada, right? Are you targeting, are you targeting millennials? Millennials stay up later. You can get some of the best content I post is at like eight o’clock at night, California time, which is like 11 o’clock at night eastern time. And that is like a really great time for me cause I know a lot of the people that I work with, they’re hustlers. Man, they’ll work in too much. They’re working too hard, they don’t have time. That’s why they need me. That’s why they need guys like me. And nutria.
And, and what type of media do they consume? Are they on Friggin Facebook? Are they on, are they reading Forbes articles? And the reason why I say that is, and really do your time to think about this. Where do they consume news? Are they looking at Facebook’s fake news feeds? Are they looking? Are they going to frigging the blaze.com a conservative website? Are they going to MSNBC? Like where did these people live? And the reason why is because you want to start building relationships with the media companies that those people live on. See, the reason I got featured on Forbes, the reason I’m getting featured on these magazines is specifically because I’ve decided to build relationships with them. I have a PR person who also helps me with that, but for the most part, you know, I’m being asked to come to these events like you, like you, you know the type of content I can see that you’re consuming my content.
You know what I’m putting out there, you know it’s going to be valuable to your people. Boom. Thus, hey, the fireworks one off. Chad says, Jeff, I’d love to have you on my, on my show and show, oh, what? You know that could help them in their business. And I’m like, and that literally is the exact process that I’d been consuming this content. Like I said for like a year. I’m like, I gotta Have Jeff On. I got to and and see. I think too many people are transactional with their relationships. Guys, I make Facebook posts all the time that don’t sell anything but people still want to buy. I’m going to give you another example. Here we go. Check this out guys. Here’s a post that I made two days ago. All right, here’s a, here’s a two day ago post about me learning a lesson the hard way about how I don’t take any client about how a client approached me and I bet you guys are going to feel this one.
This is probably like you’ve probably been in this situation. I’m going to explain. Let me, let me zoom in. I want you guys to be able to read all this, right? I learned a lesson the hard way. I was approached by potential clients and help them with a marketing campaign and wanted me to do social media graphics for posts and Youtube thumbnails that cover images for Facebook group and landing page with a three step funnel followup emails. They want me to transform their youtube videos and the cool Instagram videos with borders and captions and loading bars like Gary V. Pretty easy, right or wrong revision. After revision, we didn’t capture their vision. The problem is they don’t even know what their own vision was. Guys, how many of you have worked for somebody who literally doesn’t even know what they want for themselves and they expect you to figure it out?
Give me three, three, three. Give me three, three, three. If you’ve had a client, they want you to fix everything. They have zero idea what they’re supposed to be doing in their business, the entire world. Just drop a three, three, three right person in here, three 30 and see, I know this because I know my market really well and I know this is the same problem we have and see I’m bringing in some motion here. Look, I’m frustrated because now I have to create a brand for them cause they don’t even have a clear vision and I have compassion for them because a couple of years ago I felt the same way because I didn’t a clear vision for my, for my brand. And then I tell them exactly why they need to have a strong brand. They need to have a liquid experience for people. So they have a uniform, a consistent image.
And to reduce waste to confusion in your design process. Cause you have a clearly defined brand guide that says, Oh, here’s what I’m doing. Right? And then I talk about how, how much life is easy for them. And then the first thing someone asks me, look at this 57 comments. The very first thing someone asks is, Jeff, do you have an example of a brand guide? Then I sent him a couple examples of brand guys I’ve done, right? It’s just that simple. I look at my call to action at the end. I don’t say, hey buy my stuff. I say strategic clarity. That’s what branding is. Well who knows? I want to have clarity in the business, of course. Right? So think about what people really would think about what they’re willing to consume and what kind of results they want, right? Guys, that’s what’s really important here.
This third bullet point here saying, what results do they want? Super important to understand what they want because you need to be showing them that you are the answer to what they want. You can show life how awesome it is. Like all I did in that postal say, look, now it’s so awesome. I have such clarity in what I’m doing and my client does too. And everyone says, I want that type of clarity, right? Like you have to make them come up with the answer and then, oh my God, you’re the answer. If you tell them, hey, I’m the answer, they’re like right? Everyone’s so burned out on people selling them, selling them, selling them. If you can show people something valuable. That’s what’s really important about content marketing guys because it gives people the ability to understand what you’re about, what you’re doing without you selling them because it’s so much easier if they come to you and ask you if you can help them, then for you to go to them and say, Hey, I can help you.
Everyone’s got an ego. They don’t need help. Right? So here’s, here’s something else that that you have to think about. You know, do they have a reliable team? Do they have the systems in place to help them grow? Because these are you guys as an agency. This is an upsell you’re able to do. Not only are you able to go in there and identify a problem, but you should be doing a little review with the little bit of add additional value, right? Value added service, value added service, vas. That should be one of the number one things as an agency that you think about. If I’m solving a social media problem, they want me to make social media posts. What other problems do these people have? They probably have a contact, they probably aren’t doing blogs. They’re probably not having a reliable, consistent content marketing message on Linkedin.
Maybe they don’t even have a presence on Instagram, right? These are all things that you can see, and I help them identify problems that can actually help them grow their revenue and start being building their brand. More. Think of positioning yourself as helping them build their brand. I think if you as an agency owner, think about helping them build their brand and spreading their image. I mean, who’s going to say no? Like, no, I don’t want more people to see my brand. No one’s going to say that. Okay, so the next piece of this guys is the pain. Now this is going to be fun. It’s going to be interactive. I want you guys to type in the pain points. What are the things that your clients complain about all the time that they need you for? So type in some stuff that your clients hate dealing with that you know, hurts them, right? Like they’re busy working on the business. They don’t have time for stuff. I want to see you guys type in the chat. What is a pain point? What is something that your clients don’t do that you know they should be doing no money. I got news for you. Delete those clients.
I figured somebody’s dropping in. I’m jumping in first. I once had a, I once had a, I once had a client of mine one of my students who I asked them, I said, who’s your ideal client? Who’s your ideal client Avatar? You know, who is your persona? Who the you want to work with? And they told me someone with lots of money and I kind of laugh because I be technically yes, that’s true. But at the end of the day, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s just funny how the brain thinks like you want someone with money. But that’s, that’s, that’s like a very like, external thing really. What you’re w what you should be saying is you’re looking at working with successful companies that longterm, longterm clients, you know, great retention rates, low churn rates. That’s really what you guys should be looking for. I love some of these responses guys.
These are really great effective sales copy confusion about traffic generation to use converting leads, converting funnels, maintaining ads, managing them, building funnels. OK, great. Follow up. Yeah. See, these are all pain points that your clients are dealing with that you can write about all day long, right? So think of it like this. I love this. I love this analogy guys. I call it the banana peel. Okay? Use the banana peel payments, a banana peel. Most people walk around and they have egos and they don’t no that they have a problem because they, they just, they’re there. They got their blinders on. There’s walking down life. And your job is to remind people that they have problems. Your content should be reminding people. Did they have problems? So what you’re doing is you’re just throwing these little banana peels out there. Okay? They’re walking along blindly and your job is to throw these banana peels.
So here’s, here’s what you do, right? So have you ever had clients that they don’t convert? They don’t turn into sales? You’ve, you’ve wasted all this time. You put proposals in front of their face and the next thing you know, they disappear. That goes, you never see him again. Well, I know. Yeah, I know. As an agency owner that’s a horrible thing and it happens all the time because you waste all this time putting proposals together and working on these clients and helping them identify the value added services and stuff that you can help them with. And next thing you know, they disappear and they ghost and you’re like, dude, I just wasted all this time I was banking on this client. Or if they say they’re going to pay and they don’t, right. So now you’ve learned people in and then you offer them the solution.
Do you have a CRM? Are you using active campaign or it using a and software cheaper, whatever it is. And, and you’ve got all these different solutions that your clients can use to keep those relationships moving. And you talk about it. And then at the very end you say, I had a client who had a close rate of about 22% and now it has a closed rate of about 47% that’s like 250% close rate because they put in x, right? They put in a new information, you know, CRM system that automatically reminds the sales person on our team to give them a call and the follow up instead of just 30 days later you follow up and say, Hey, yeah, I guess we forgot about you. Right? You got strike them all. They’re hot. So then you use those stories to illustrate and then see people, if they see a story through someone else’s eyes, they go, hmm, interesting.
I wonder if I can get 250% you know, increased on my clothes. Right? I wonder if I can get one more sale and then what you do is you say, look, if I could get you one more sale a month, that’s $2,500 a month. I’m going to pay for myself. Right? If you have a $2,500 retainer as an agency or even a $1,500 or whatever, and you’re going to help them get a client and it’s going to, they’re going to have a estimated lifetime value. You know, let’s say three, four, five grand, would they pay you $1,000 to get a $5,000 client all day long? Sign me up, baby. Hell, I always recommend the mind to mind to my clients. I said, shoot, here’s the minimum retainer and then you know, I want a bonus. You know, if I’m able to get you x amount of sales that I want to, percentage of the business.
Now that’s a cocky thing to do guys. But if you, but if you can land it the right way, if you can propose it in a, in a way to where you can see that they get the result from the work that you’re doing for them. And I think especially if you’re doing Facebook ads at leads and stuff, like you can set a base price and say, look, I’m also going to help you close these sales by putting this new technique in place. You can charge more money for it and you get a percentage or even just ask for a percentage of the end. So think about that. So go on to the pain. If the people aren’t getting the leads, if they’re not getting customers coming in the door or whatever and you can alleviate that pain if you can help them. That gets us into the fourth element. This is really cool. This is why, why do they need, but you have to offer and why are you the solution? Why should they go to you instead of going to the 50,000 other self-proclaimed digital marketing experts online?
Well I think this right here is like one of the huge ones are we got, we get those questions all the time. Time, right? Like what differentiates you from the million and a half other digital marketing agencies in a 10 Mile Zip code of view? Right? So super important guys.
And why are you the person that can help them do this, right? Like you have to really have that unique selling position, right? The USP, that’s what they call it, the unique selling position. Why is your service better than someone else’s? And guess what? Here’s the beautiful thing about it, the content strategy guys, when you’re actually writing good content, you can just say, look at this. Right? And inbound marketing guys, everyone talks about inbound marketing. It’s so crazy how many people don’t get it. Most people think inbound marketing is SEO. Like just placing yourself on Google for specific keywords. I mean, yeah, that’s a part of it though, marketing. But if you’re not living it on social media, if you’re not literally, I only work with people that are obsessed with what they do. That’s the point. Even clients, clients, strategic partners, whatever. Like that’s one of the reasons why I like chat guys. Freaking obsessed. Guy Is on here all the time showing what he’s up to. Oh, stop it. Yeah, I mean looking at, he’s got a, he’s got a hole. Hey, if you got, you got an office like Chad, you are obsessed with what you do. Hands down. Can’t say anything. If you gotta giant wood panel just for going live and a in a, in a second desk just for going live in production over here. That usually I would literally move my stuff. Usually I would do this man. I’d usually look way more professional or you got an eight foot whiteboard in your office and an easel.
You are obsessed with what you do. That is right. I feel like we need to wake people up. Cat Right now. Can you drop a 3001 three zero zero one of you in the chat. Drop it right now. Let’s go wake up people. I want to make sure you guys are here. 3001 3001 you’ve got Eric [inaudible] and Jeremy. Damian, Phil, Walter, Jason, Philip, Rebecca swag bag. Chatty Joey. Ahmed.
Somebody wants a swag bag. That’s all I gotta say.
I can see it. Dwayne Jr. Check weeds. Joey fill up. Ooh, we got a bunch of people in here. You guys who wants a swag bag? Should be like [inaudible]. Let’s see the word swag swag, the swag bag. Who wants a little bit of the swag? We get some tee shirts. We get some
Bags, mouse pads. Who wants to let just a little bit of swag wagon now? Lag Times infinity. That’s what I’m talking about. Swag now. All right, so we’re going to get into the fifth and final element, which is really important. People want to be transformed. People don’t want to just improve. That’s boring. You want to show people that things can be different, that there’s a transformation that happens in life, and I’ve found through my own journey that I learned the most through my own transformations. You want to show people the old life they’re living in, what life can look like after, and it has to be a transformation. If you’re not able to give somebody a transformation, then you’re not working hard enough. You’re not doing good enough. You don’t have a that ass offer. You want to show someone how to transform. Let’s go back to my Facebook posts.
Look at this guys, right? I’m talking about a transformation of their brand, right? Let’s go back up to the top here. We’re talking about a transformation of how you are able to write, and I talk about even leading up into this right now. I made a post talking about this 11 hours ago for with Chad and I said, I’m going to be going over some copywriting secrets to grow your brand. We’ll be talking about growing your authority influence through persuasive business poetry. Okay? That’s what I’m showing you guys how to do persuasive business poetry rival only to the beautiful notes played by the Pied Piper so that you can use words to render people bloody in your hands. Okay? Putting your hands. Discover how you can turn social media networks in to your pumpkin patch, right? For the picking. That’s a transformation, right? That’s not just like, Hey, do you want to learn how you can get a couple more people to like your posts on Facebook and stuff.
I see that so much, so much. I see that stuff. So the transformation has to be tied to the pain. The pain has to be tied to the transformation. How crappy is it when you I’m going to do a perfect example for you guys right now. How crappy is it when you go on social media and you make the Facebook posts and you put so much time into it and thought about it, and then when you hit post, you get like your mom liking it, right? Like that’s it. Like your mom’s your biggest fan and she likes 331 mom, you’re my biggest fan.
She comments and posts on all lists and you know, two years ago, I’m gonna tell you a funny story about transformation in 2016 November. You know, so you know how Facebook has memories that says, Hey, one year ago or two years ago, right? Yep. So Facebook in November said two years ago, your most liked post. And I’m like, what was my most liked posts of 2016 and I clicked on it. It had 21 likes, 21 likes, my biggest post of 2016 guys. Wow. Just what the post was. It was a picture of my wife on our anniversary on November 22nd saying I can’t believe she stayed with me for the past eight years.
That was my most popular posts of 2016 now I post the w I can literally post anything and I’m going to get 50 60 70 lights and a dozen or so comments. It didn’t have, I think I maybe had two or three different comments on there. One of them was probably my wife saying, yeah, I’m still here. So I think about this transformation and how you can illustrate a transformation. Okay. So I’m going to go back through these elements really quick cause I think it’s going to be fun to do an experiment together. So if you guys are ready to actually apply this to your business and your personal brand right now, I want to see three one’s one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one jumping in the chat. Let’s go. People wake up. All right. One, one, one, one. We got one across the this.
Put your hand up. Make it awkward. You’re in your room alone. Just put your hand up. It’s okay. Get awkward hand up. I want you to move. Here we go. What the hell is this guy doing with his hand up? Oh shoot, Chad, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t guys, I promise you. I’m going to give this to Chad afterwards. I actually have a pdf file that you guys can download and print off with the slides I’m going to show you. Okay. or if you’re like me, sometimes I just start like screenshot, screenshot and stuff. But what you can do is, this is very specific information that you need to think about before you write and I, and not enough people put the time into thinking about who the people that you actually are. So right now, the next five slides are going to be actionable.
Like literally do it now. Actionable slides that you’re going to be able to use to actually understand your market and then start writing better coffee. So this is probably the, I mean, now I’ve showed you what it’s all about. Now I’m going to actually work with and that not only that, just to throw one thing out there guys, we’re also, for those of you coming in now and are not aware, we’re also gonna have a replay this entire video on youtube. So if you’re not following us and subscribe to us on Youtube, there’s a link right there. A lot of people keep asking us when the replays are gonna be right and it takes time because we’ve got to upload them youtube. Then we got to edit them. Then we got to send them to our developer and then upload them into dash glyphs. So if you want instant access to second, we upload the videos, all you gotta do is just click that link and follow us on Youtube.
All the replays we usually on dash clicks or if you’re watching right here on Facebook or on Facebook, or if you’re on Instagram, you should be ashamed of yourself for watching us. You can’t scream. You should be should be in the registration. If you’re on Instagram right now, you better, you better click that leg, you better go over to dash clicks right away cause we’re going to get in there. You need to be on this Facebook group too. I know there’s only 250 people in there. So here’s the thing. Think about the age guys. If you’re talking to millennials or you’re talking to a 50 60 year old business owner, you better have different language. If you’re using the same language, man, that’s, that’s like copywriting one oh one guys, you want to have like if I’m talking about Fortnite, no 50 year old man so they know what Fortnite is.
Okay. But a millennial is going to be a playing that with them, with the lights off until two o’clock in the morning. Okay? You got to think about the age yet. The thing is your target market, mainly men or women because the things that you say are very specific to those genders. There are things that men understand that women don’t and women don’t th that women do that men don’t. And it’s just the truth. It’s just the way that we think about stuff. You know, you can talk about gender equality and whatever else. At the end of the day is we think differently. You know, we are different, genetically different and it’s really important that you play into the audience that you’re working with. You have to think about what their job is, what they’re doing, how much income do they have, who they report to, and where do they get the news.
Remember, I set it up the news earlier guys, where they get the news as important to build relationships with. Because if I would’ve even told myself two years ago, I would be a frigging writer for Forbes, I would’ve laughed. I would have, I got featured in Forbes three times in January and I have a full on article in December about delegating and building virtual teams. I would have never expected that to happen in my life. Okay. this is just really incredible stuff that’s happening all because I’m being intentional with my content and thinking about what my, my readers, they, they go to fours, they go to Inc, they go to entrepreneur. You know, they go to founder, they go to all these different things. They go to traffic conversion summit, digital marketer. I build awesome relationships there. I’m going to be hanging, I’m, I’m literally speaking on stage at digital marketers headquarters in Austin giving lessons to people for digital marketing.
That’s a dream come true. I can’t even believe it, especially since I’ve only been a marketer for it. I’d say three years now, left a corporate job. I was a fortune 100 project manager working at Phillips Electronics as an IT project manager and I had a six figure day job. I had a company car, had a company phone company, computer company, printer 401k. I had a $75 a day food allowance, which is how I got fat and I left everything and I just started my own thing and I still can’t believe it’s possible today and that’s why I’m rooting for everybody, man. Like this is possible. If you do the exact thing, and I’m telling you, if you follow this, if you actually do copywriting the right way and build a really good content strategy, you can do this stuff. Do they have kids? Why would you say, do they have kids, guys, people that have kids, they’re like me, I’ve got to read it.
I got one fun moment. And there’s different responsibility levels guys. There’s different responsibility levels. As we as adults, it’s not about us anymore, right? It’s about our next generation. It’s about who is next in line and are you building a legacy for your kids? Most of the time, single people or people that don’t have kids, they’re more worried about their own self. And that’s, you know, I’m not saying that there’s a lot of mom and dads out there that aren’t like that, but for the most part, even the way you market to people is differently depending on if they have kids. So think about that. I wonder if you guys even have, do they have kids as a, as an actual criteria before you write something? Most people don’t. Okay. And then here this is a case. So screenshot this and whatever. I’ll make sure to get you the PDF afterwards too.
But what do they really want? And then here’s the big piece guys. How are they measured? It’s really important to understand how other people are measured. I know that you guys, as a digital marketing agency, that you need to have ROI for your clients 100% if you don’t, and the clients don’t see that there’s value in having you, you’re, they’re paying you $1,000 a month and you’re not making them at least a thousand dollars a month, then you’re probably not going to have a very long relationship. If you can help them get two, three, four, $5,000 a month, just like I said earlier, if they’re paying you $1,000 a month and you can get them $5,000 for the sales, well that’s a no brainer. As a matter of fact, at that point in time, I started looking for a race. You know we’re doing really well with you.
We’re gonna have to go 60 a hundred dollars. Or, or do you go back to making $5,000 a month less in fines and you take your chances on finding someone else. I know that sounds Super Shady, but if you’re only charging $1,000, you making them $5,000 you probably aren’t charging enough. Okay. So how are they measured? Productivity output. Do they want more time? They want more freedom in their business? Do they wake up every day with a passion for what they do? If not, that’s an awesome opportunity for you guys as a marketing agency to take that off their plate. Most people don’t wake up excited to friggin do Facebook ads. Most people aren’t excited every day to do content development, right? Most people, they just want to do their jobs. They just want to do what they’re passionate about. So you have an awesome opportunity to get in there and show them how you can do things that they don’t want to do.
Like I don’t like doing SEO, right? Like Chad and I are going to have a great conversation about that because I don’t like love it. We love it. Exactly right. So, so think about that. What do they really want? Okay. And then think about their pain points. Man, this is what’s beautiful and I have this specifically for you guys, marketing agencies, because I know the number one thing that people come to me about when they come to me for help and they probably come to you for help, is that they don’t have the right resources on their team. They don’t have the right people to do graphic design or social media posting or whatever. They have people that do other things and they don’t have a knowledge. They don’t have the knowledge base to do the stuff that you guys do. You guys are fricking specialists, right?
They don’t have enough clients. Usually they’re usually disorganized. A F, there’s just not enough time in the day. For most business owners, they’re tired, they’re super tired, and you, you know that you know that these are all things preventing them for reaching where they need to be. So if you can align yourself strategically and how they can get to the next level and put that into your content marketing, you can say, hey guys, let me tell you a story about Chad. Chad is an awesome business owner. He has a SAS software that shows other people how they can actually leverage and scale their digital business through using this tool to do SEO, to do this, to do all this stuff that people don’t have time to do in their lives and their busy schedule. But here’s what’s beautiful. As a digital marketing agency, I am on the hook whenever I sell a product of service to clients, and I can’t rely on certain people that I don’t trust to do this work, and when I work with people like Chad or Jeff or whatever, they know that they’re going to get a quality product.
It’s going to be hands off. You know they’re going to be taken care of. Now that is an incredible message. That’s a relief right there. That is a relief. That’s a huge pain point that people have. Okay, so think about the pain points. Next piece is the why, right? What are your qualifications? They l should anyone work with you? Are You hubspot marketing certified? Are you a digital marketer certified? Are you a podcast? Are you on? Are you being featured on podcasts? Are you a Forbes contributor? Are you speaking on stage? Like how, why would someone look at you and work with you compared to someone else who has a strong personal brand? Hmm. Now what if I told you something really interesting guys? I know people that have really strong personal brands that suck. They literally suck and all they do is have a strong personal brand.
Now if you compare and and really have this marriage between a strong personal brand and a really strong product, it’s just astronomical growth guys. So this is going to say y story case study example that they can relate to. All of that needs to be inside your stories. Okay? And remember, it has to be an, you guys have the opportunity to join me and chat today to learn how to do copywriting. You have the offer. The offer was that I’m offering you the ability to learn and grow and actually transformed the way that you write today and the way your personal brand is viewed today and become like me. Like Chad, like Dennis, you like all these people that get to work with like Ryan Stewman who me and Ryan Stewman hung out two nights ago in Miami. Oh there too. Right? All these people that you know, you and I have been able to align with and connect with because of the strength of our personal brand and I promised you guys that I’d show you how to use your copywriting skills to grow your authority, your influence and your profits and this is happened like I’ve literally shown you the blueprint of how to do this and of course guys I want to show you if you guys want to learn a little bit more about that case study that I did.
Do you guys want to learn about all these posts that I literally made right here? I’ve got a whole case study. I’ve got my 2017 case study and everyone who got my 2017 case study, I’m going to do an email for you guys to have access to my 2018 case study. So everything that I did last year, okay. If you guys want to learn how you can go ahead and destroy the Internet using Facebook content and not just Facebook but linkedin, Facebook, whatever. You guys can just go to go dot Jeff j hunter.com it’s a completely free case study. There’s no pitch on it. There is a pitch afterwards about my copywriting. If you want to learn more about my specific copywriting styles, you can, you can check that out. But this is completely free. I use my easel that I’ve got right here and I break down exactly the type of content that works. Like you can see that I’m, I break down the exact type of content that I have and Chad, I’m super excited to be here because one of the things that I’m in a, I don’t know, chat, am I in your Facebook group? I dunno. You gotta Click.
You better add me in. John, guess what? We’re going to be opening guys for those of you also coming in late, the Facebook group for dash clicks marketer’s mindset by Dash is opening on February 15th. I know a couple of people keep asking me here and in Facebook. So go ahead and just join the group and we’re gonna let everybody in on the 15th. Okay. And the reason I say that Chad too, is because I’d like to post inside there the pdf file or you can post it or whatever because all that goes along with this. So you guys can fill out all this information about who you’re writing for because you need, every time you write something, if you want to get results, you need to think about it. And the case study that I did was thousands of Facebook posts and linkedin posts, how I analyze all these thousands of social media posts to find out the best elements, the best things, the best stories, the best types of content, usable to actually gain traction.
And of course all that stuff. If I could, if it’s cool with you, Chad, I’d like to invite you guys if you want to learn more about eating or scaling, I’m using the copywriting stuff. You know, specifically I have a group branded media dot. Io forks slash. Group. Yeah, that’ll take you to my Facebook group and I started a show just like this with you. And you’ll, you’ll learn from cool people like he’s going to have on his show. Dennis, you that suits all my screen right now. We talk about don’t, don’t waste the money on your personal brand. We talk about strategic different ways. Of course, we have a fun community where you can describe your business with a Jif. I always love it when people come in there and post on that. He’s got 74 comments already. But, but that’s it.
I got the show that Chad, you’re going to have to be on my show by the way. I got it. Let’s do it. It’s focused on growing your personal brand and I call it brand personality. And the brand personality guys is super important because the content that you put out, I’m going to use Jeff Bezos, his words, people. You know what? Before I give this answer, I want to see guys, I want you guys to comment what you think your personal brand is. What is a personal brand? What is a personal brand? I’m really curious what you guys think of what, what a personal brand actually is.
Jumping in the Czech guys. What do you think your personal brand can be? Maybe you can give them some examples. Let me give you some examples. I’m going to give you a no. I’m going to give you what Jeff Bezos says. Jeff Bezos says that your personal brand is what other people think and say about you when you’re not in the room. You guys agree with that? Do you guys agree that your brand is what other people think about you? Yes. Okay. All 400 guys in chat, that’s something that you feel like you can connect with and agree with. 400 below. Let’s go online. Reputation. Someone says on their reputation. Yeah, so, and I have to tell you guys right now, it’s so much easier today than ever before to have a awesome brand because most brands are digital. Most brands are digital and it’s fast and easy to grow a personal brand online.
You can use your Facebook to make content, your linkedin, to make content. You can have a fancy Facebook cover to, to look good on there. If you, if you guys take a peek at my my own personal Facebook you know, I’ve got to practice what I preach here guys. See that? There you go. There I am. I’m building iconic brands, guys. There it is. I got my cool little picture. I got everything going on that I’m doing in my life. Virtual teams to build iconic brands that king of outdoorsy featured on Forbes, ABC, CBS, Inc. I’m a writer at forthright global, Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, that’s really cool. And, and that’s a, that’s part of your brand, right? It’s the same thing on linkedin and see how consistent and uniform it is. What look what, how am I, Gosh, what’s the chances of that Chad? It looks a lot like my Facebook, right? And this is, this is what’s really important. Do, are you really showing your brand personality? Are you really putting the effort in to have intentional content? And Are you really trying to sculpt what people think about you?
I know this sounds crazy guys, but I would go to your Facebook page, to your linkedin or whatever it is, and I will start scrolling down and saying, is this what I want people to think about when they see who I am and if not, I click the little button that says delete, delete. Everything that you say that probably could be construed as a bad thing. I like to use polarization a bit. I made a global warming posts here. It’s been snowing in San Francisco for the past couple of days, which is unheard of. I think at the last time it was like 1932 so I made a provocative posts about global warming and I knew that it was going to bring out a bunch of crazy people on both sides. So I made a post to the very end. My call to action wasn’t a statement. It was actually saying, I’m actually worried about the the genius comments I’m going to get from this post.
Right, and it’s engagement. It’s smart, it’s a smart tactic to use. You get more comments, you get people engaging. The more people that come on, the more views you get, the more people that know who you are. Guys. It’s like a domino effect. Yeah. I’m someone saying that my link, it’s, it’s not Jeff hunter.com. It’s actually Jeff J. Hunter. So if you guys didn’t see that, it’s actually Jeff J. Hunter. Someone in the chat says it’s not working. It’s go dot Jeff j hunter.com. So I was asking for that link. Perfect. It’s Joe Jeff J, hunter.com. That’s the case study guys. Hopefully that worked for you. And let me click it to make sure. Yup. That’s the one guys. It’s working. Beautiful. All right, so let’s do, let’s do some Q and. A. Yeah, let’s do some Q and. A. Let’s do it. All right guys. So we’ll get this to load up. Let’s see here.
Jeff, on your own, if you want to exit the the screenshare, that way we can give both of us big. There we go. Boom. All right guys, let’s do some Q and. A, and then we’re going to do some swag, baggies to any questions you guys have. Guys, me and Jeff will answer them for you. Drop any questions that you guys have. Now that we’ve had so many frigging comments. Oh, can you still hear me? Yup. Okay. You’re frozen on my end. So now you’re really getting hit. Now you’re really going to have to scroll up and help me out. Cause there were some really good questions that people posted that I can’t see now cause my zooms roads, I’ll go to it. All right, so let’s see what, let’s see what some people ask. I’m scrolling through.
So a lot of stuff in here, a sound Duh, Duh, Duh Duh Duh. Dude, how do you come up with your topics? Phil said, whew. Nice one grasshopper. All right, so I have a very specific way and if you guys, if you guys pop into my, if you do end up getting into my copywriting course let me, let me show you the, I, I don’t know if I can share my screen now that it’s froze. Let’s see. Yeah, it will. Let me, let me show you something cool. I should probably shouldn’t show you this, but I’m going to, I’m going to show you the members area here so you guys can see exactly how I do it. And I’ll, if you guys want to take a screenshot of this unethically without paying me, you could you could, I don’t, I don’t do this for the money, man. You know, the 97, I was selling this for 300 bucks. I just put it in 97 bucks. I don’t do this for the money to be honest with you. I think the fun part about doing this is actually seeing the results. You know, just like you guys, I’m really excited about the results of how this stuff looks. So it’s just the click funnels little area. Let me see if I can share this now.
Let’s see. Sure enough, my mom just liked my post Mala in the, Hey, when I share my screen, it’s working good. I can see you guys. All right, cool. So right here there’s a bunch of downloads inside here and let me see. Can I edit this lesson? Oh, I gotta see, usually my team does all this for me in preview. You can preview it. Okay. I, yeah, here I’ll show you. What did you get out of there? Well, now. Okay. It’ll, it’ll let you preview the whole course. It’ll probably just be easier for you. Yeah. If you go to, I’m publishing on the top right?
Nope. Sorry. Go back to overview page. Open an editor or that, there you go about that. And look at that. Arnie Gheskio go figure. So, boom, here you go. So I had this top, so I have this topic wheel inside the course and you guys wanna take a shot. I will send you this right now. Boom. You can drop that if you want to drop that comment in the chat. There you go, guys. So inside inside the members area for that copywriting course, there’s this bonus topic wheel. There’s like an eight minute video that I talk about it and I really, I really break it down into four main categories, right? Pain, benefits, common impact. And I talk about that. Common beliefs, understanding the pain that they experience, and then talking about the real benefits of working with you. Remember what I said back during the training is you have to understand why they should work with you.
Why are you qualified to do this? Why are you the answer to their problem? Right? So this is yours. You have to think about the benefits and you also have to think this really blows people’s minds. But see right here where it says common beliefs, you want to actually describe common beliefs that people have that you can destroy. Like for example, because I’m an outsourcing, a lot of people always think that outsourcing is taking advantage of third world countries. That is completely, well, I mean in some degree, I mean there’s probably people out there doing it, but you know, the people that worked for me, they make the most money than anyone in their family ever has. Okay? I absolutely love hiring people overseas because a, they work really hard. The real reason why I hire people overseas, especially in the Philippines is because they have a loyalty that’s unmatched.
I have people on my team that have been working for four or five years and I can tell you this right now, the average tenure of an American employee is 1.8 years in the tech space. 1.8 years. I’m just curious here, you guys down in, in the chat here, I’m curious how many of you guys have worked with freelancers in America? You’ve worked with American freelancers, and let me ask how long they’ve lasted. Just just curious. I’m not trying to get an answer from you guys a specific answer. Just comment. Let’s do it in years. One year, two years, less than one year. Give me some answers. I want to see how many people are you able to retain on your team for a long period of time? Come on guys. I think most of them will probably just say dad.
And it’s for every, we’re retaining them forever though and says a week. Dwayne said, Chad, you better not leave us at the 200 clicks forever. That’s what I’m seeing right now, going anywhere. We’re right here. So I think I’ve proven my point. Right. so thinking about common beliefs and how you can destroy them. And then of course, think about stories. I want to say something that’s really incredible that I wish I would have learned many, many years ago. When you tell people facts and figures and benefits and features, they don’t remember them. But if you tell people stories, they retain that. And guys, stories have been the best way to relate to people since the beginning of time when man was writing images with all a wall with blood in the cave. Okay? Like this is how the world works. If you look back to the historical times of the Torah and the Bible, still the biggest books ever sold.
It’s a collection of stories, right? And we all know the story of Jonah and the whale and we know Sodom and Gomorrah, we know all these different stories from the Bible and stuff. Even if you’re not a Christian or from Judeo backgrounds, it doesn’t matter because these stories are encrusted. You can’t go a single day without learning from a story or example from biblical or before days. Right. Chad, would you agree? I agree with you 1000% and all of you guys know the story. All of you guys know story from back in the day. Dan’s is truth. Yeah. And that’s just the facts guys. And you know, like for me you have to think about how you can relate to people’s stories. Just like the stories guys have given. So many stories on this call I’ve talked to, I literally have given you, and you probably don’t need, subliminally you don’t even realize it, but I, I’ve shared so many stories with you guys and even the story about stories, it’s you, you can essentially relate to a cave drawing.
That’s the very first form of communication ever found documented in human history is a cave drawing about a story. It was a story written up on a frigging thing. It was, you know, like you can see like some, something’s happening in the scene. It’s a story. And that’s why as kids, we know all these little things, even the songs that we remember is the bitsy spider walked up the water spout. We know it’s a story. It’s visual and, and you have to paint a picture for people. It’s funny, Huh? It’s really funny, Huh? That we used hieroglyphics 4,000 years ago and now they’ve made it back in society as Emojis, right? Like we’re using emojis now. It’s like we’ve done full circle 40,000 years later, we’ve gone from hieroglyphics to emojis. So that’s how I create my content. Hopefully I’ve lived, I left that up there a long time.
You guys can screenshot and steal it from me. That’s totally fine. Or if you’re ethical and want to get into my program, that school too. We got a, we got another question from Robert Nelson. He says, what is the most powerful branding strategy you can suggest? Branding is a very important thing to do. And I think having a clear, concise strategy and vision for what you’re doing, I’m putting together and, and Chad can have more information about that. How, how to really build a brand, you know? I don’t, I’m not taking anything away from you Chad. So I would say from my perspective for the lesson today is to have a very clear vision and message that is very specific to a target market you’re trying to reach and positioning yourself as an authority, an expert on that position. So for example, the different articles that I’ve been featured in Forbes I’m talking about competition and how to stand out amongst the competition.
And I talk about the importance of building a strong personal brand. The difference between someone working with you or your competitor is a brand who has a stronger brand, right? It’s the same thing. If you look at Nike, Adidas and all these different things, like when you go to buy a shoe, what’s the first thing you think about? Well, the only brands you can probably think about are Nike, Adidas, Puma. I mean, what else is there? Timberland, you know and of course my friend Brian Smith, he’s a mentor of mine. He started of boots, you know, I had lunch with him just a couple months ago and we talked about stuff I’m working on. And the only reason why I’m able to get in front of these people and get access is because I have a strong personal brand. I’ve been able to be up on stage with some really incredible people I’ve gotten to hang out with.
Like I said before, Ashton Cooker and you know, Jack Canfield and ty Lopez and Tom Bilyeu who started very, yeah, yeah, yeah. And, and you know, fun, fun, influential people like, you know, Dan Fleshman and then Sean Whalen and you know, these are all people I get to not only get to finagle with, but they recognize me at a party like Dan Fleischmann who, who has worked with some really big brands like that, mill it and stuff like that. And he’s at a party that he hosts called the elevator series. And we’re at this party. And next thing you know, like, you know, he’s getting bombarded by all of these people and ask questions and do interviews and this and that, whatever else. And I’m just kind of chilling the back. And he walked, he recognized and he comes over and he gives me a hug. And people were like, dude, what’s up?
And it’s about the value that you can bring. See if you are the leaks at a party, if you’re the person who’s over there by the beer cans, you know you’re always the person who’s just like trying one, one, one, one, one. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Nobody likes that. You have to be in a position where you can give value. That’s how you build your authority is by increasing your value in awareness. Love it. Love it guys. Guys, do you agree Joe? 4,028 if you get right down in the chat, let’s go. Let’s make a little bit of noise and you can’t clap and again, do the crops. Let’s do some numbers for 28 in the chat. Wrong. Now, who wants some swag bags? Guys? I want some swag. 350 the chat right now. If you want to swag three 50 right now. If you want some Super Wagga, I will do something fun. Jeff, I’ll let you ask a random question and whoever’s the first person to get the answer right, we’re going to ship them a swag bag. Oh my gosh. Well, it’s gotta be something related to the lesson today. Let’s see who is paying attention. Yes. Let’s see who’s paying attention and I’m going to say what is the very first thing you need to do and understand before you write anything.
What is the, you said pain audience. It was Brock. Where’s broad audience Brock? What’s going on Bro?
Audience, clients, Avatar. Those are all the same. Pain is actually not guys. Pain is not the first thing. Pain. You don’t understand the pain until you understand your audience guys, you’d have to know who the correct answer is. Fu, so I think we’ll give that one to Brock.
Brock, what’s your agency name and your shirt size and it should be out a swag bag. Agency name and shirt size eight one six media, large home. He’s living large baby unit Brock, in case I forget if Carl’s isn’t in the room with me today, he’s usually the one writing this down. Just open up a live chat dashboard. Say, Hey, I want a swag bag. I’ll remember you and we’ll ship it. Yeah, we should be out of swag bag. Let’s do another one. Let’s throw ship another one out. Go ahead, Jeff. Ask another question. All right guys, this one everybody should get, so this is going to be a race.
People are so used to getting sales pitches and all sorts of crap. The only way that you can break through the monotony, the only way you can break through everyone else is by providing somebody a, we got ROI, USP, story, bring value to shell transformation. Here we go. Michelle. Two lists, eight different naming shirts as… You know what? Even better. Michelle, do me a favor. Just open up, open up a chat inside of dashclicks and I’ll take care of you. Yes, exactly. Open up the chat. We’ll ship you out a swag bag. Oh, I’m going to ask a question. Who’s ready for it? Who’s ready for it? Can I get a 333 three three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three. Let’s go. Got To get people away. I’m getting, and I’ll do a fast one too. Everybody should know this because I said it at the beginning of the chat. It’s all over my Facebook, so fastest one to type it. Who is the influencer event that I spoke at yesterday in Dallas, Texas.
No, Ryan Stewman. Walter Garcia. Just go ahead and open up an eight shot in desk clicks. We’ll take care of you guys. Go to the clickfunnels event. Anybody go to click funnels? Jeff, are you going to be there? Million person tried to course me to go. Who’s going to be at the click funnels and guys drop a one in the chat if you’re going to be in the click funnels event and was going to track the conversion summit and I know I gotta go there too. Okay. Where’s my tickets? Speak to Ryan. Ben Isn’t giving me a ticket now come into Watson. You don’t even have to have a ticket. That’s what I said there. There’s so many awesome things and there’s like mastermind parties every night like it’s incredible man. Traffic conversion summit guys, the go to for sure. Guys. I want to thank Jeff Hunter so much for joining us.
It’s been so awesome. He came in and dropped bombs for you guys. Literally dropped bombs. Hopefully you guys took a ton of getaways aside from the swag bag. Don’t be greedy side from the swag bag. Tons of tons of value from this man right here. So can we get like a quick like 97 in the chat? Let’s give him a little round of applause of the 97 guys, that’d be so much. Jeff and Jeff in case they want to reach out to you. Where’s the best place that they can go? You guys, you can just go to Google. Type in Jeff J. Hunter, I’d love to connect with you. My Facebook. I do have to warn you guys. My Facebook is full. I have like 9,000 pending friend requests. So the best way if you want to get like connected fast to me is on linkedin. Jason asking me, catch you on my space.
You know what? The last time I used my space, I got my, my wife from my, from my space to my place and I married her. Oh, there you go. There you go guys. Guys, keep in mind, don’t forget next week’s marketer’s mindset. We usually do it on Thursdays, but it’s Valentine’s Day, so I don’t want to take that away from your loved one. So we’re going to do it on Friday, which is the following. They were going to be bringing on Ryan Stewman. He’s going to be coming and dropping some serious, serious bombs on you guys. Okay guys, so keep your eyes out on your email. Keep your, got to keep your eyes out inside of the inap messages and Dash quicks. Keep your eyes out inside. Make sure if you’re not in the marketer’s mindset group, we’re going to be posting the registration link there. Jump in the marketer’s mindset group. The link is below. If you’re on Facebook, the link is pin. If you’re on Instagram, you shouldn’t be on Instagram. Guys, thank you so much for this. Thank you. This has been episode seven of marketers mindset. We’ll see you next week for episode eight. Thank you again, Jeff, much appreciate it, brother. Thank you for coming on. My pleasure. All right guys. Have a good one. Bye.

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