What’s holding your agency back from hitting seven figures?
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:08 PM

What’s holding your agency back from hitting seven figures?


What’s holding your agency back from hitting seven figures?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks walks you through the factors that might be holding you and your agency back in hitting the seven-figure mark and how to overcome this! This is a live video recorded on the Marketers Mindset by DashClicks Facebook group!


What’s going on with the mindset guy said they weren’t talking about something important. Yeah. This is more of a mindset video. This was more of a mindset video for you marketers. We can change that mindset because you guys want to make a little bit of money, but the problem is your mind is holding you back. So I’m going to go through a couple of different things with you. I’m going to actually open up this video really quick. Hang tight and tight. Get right and get a get ready cause it’s about to go down here. Hold on. We just get some stripe payments. Either they open this bad boy up. What skill were known every body. Yeah, you’re doing me a favor. Like I just got back from vacation. I’m back into the zone. And man, Shit’s about to go down. I’m about to show you guys some awesome.
Sabrina, what stuff everybody. Philip is in here. Guys do me a favor. I want you to do any quick fever. I want you to basically drop right here in the comments there. Guys, I just want you to know a couple of things before you start. One, I’m drinking a monster. I am about to go from zero 100 really quick too. I just got back from vacation or I didn’t work for like five days. So I’m super excited to drop some bombs over here for you guys, but I need your guys’ help. So do me a favor. I want you to, to let me know what’s holding your agency back from hitting seven figures. Okay. Well I want you to guys to just drop in the comments below and we’re going to break those barriers right now together, guys. So go ahead, drop it in the comments below.
Also, if you’re watching the slide hashtag why, what’s going on, Walter, what’s going on, Ethan? I’m going to literally just sit here for like a half hour and what’s going on more than I’m going to just break through all the mindset barriers with you guys. And I’m going to talk about some of the mindset barriers that I had when I was growing and scaling latency and how I just broke those down, broke that whole wall down, raised through that, like the bowl and just like out pass everything. So go only had guys, I need your help. So drop it in the comments. But let me know what is holding your agency back from hitting seven figures. Like what’s the number one thing holding you back? Okay. And that can be things like, I don’t know how to get clients. I don’t know. I’m not a good salesperson, so it’s hard for me to sell for my clients.
It could be anything guys. Just drop it in the comments below. Everybody’s different, everybody’s got a different mindset. So let me know what is actually holding your agency back from hitting seven figures in recurring revenue. And I’m going to just going to break though the break, cause those barriers with you right now. And we’re going to do a complete mindset shift. He’s dropped in the comments and below. What’s going on guys? What? Boy, it’s good to be back, man. It’s good to be back. It’s good to see you guys could be back in the zones, can be back in the office. We’re gonna let some people pilot here and then we’ll go through that together and I’ll talk to you guys about some of the mind shifts that I had during my agency, some of the roadblocks that I had, some of the things that like I needed do to get past them.
And then I’m gonna help you guys with your mind shift issues and where to do that. And I got about 30 minutes to dedicate to this live video. So quick trucker comments below. Guys, drop him a little. What’s holding your agency back? If you’re, if you’re watching this video and you haven’t disrupted comment, that means you’re already hitting seven figures. If you are not getting seven figures and it didn’t drop a comment, then you’re not engaging and x, it’s not cool, right? To step it up. Jot comments and guys, let’s get this goal. This is a Facebook group. This is a place where a group of people come in, they talk, they check problems, get fixed solutions happen. Like this is the place to be. So go ahead and drop your comments and below what’s holding you back. That’s talk drop it. It get vulnerable.
You on that. You get vulnerable. I can get vulnerable too. I’m gonna start talking about some stuff. I’m going to start talking about some stuff. Yeah. So I’ll talk about some stuff all we let people piloting and what we let some comments going. So some of the things I can tell you that was holding me back was in the early stages and when I’m starting, my agency is one, I’m doing everything myself and wearing all the hats. And I’m sure you guys might be experiencing that, right? At least for those of you guys who are maybe getting clients or in the zone of getting clients or half clinics or whatever the case may be, you’re right, where it, all the hats is so difficult. Right? So when I first started my agency, some of the hats that I would wear in with sales, I was the only sales rep I was going out.
I was doing all the sales, right? Then what would happen is I would get an order that was my second hat that I would wear on the fulfillment team. I would go out and now we build websites. And for those of you that don’t know, I’m also a website developer. I’m a graphic designer, I’m a marketer. I actually do all of these things. So it’s not just me sitting here like talking to you about it. I’m right actually do these things right. So I would an order would come in and actually before you can hit production, sorry, I was a building person. I would go out and they’ll build their credit card. I’ll put the invoice into quickbooks. I would charge their credit card on strike. I will go through that whole process, right? And then I would actually do the work, right? And then I would also get the, even getting, even getting the contracts.
I’m like, think about all the different hats. There’s so many that I’m even forgetting stuff, right? So there’s a lot of moving parts to that. After after doing the fulfillment I was also the project manager, I was managing the projects and I was calling the customers and seeing how are things going and going over reporting with them. And if the client wanted to cancel and ended up actually being the retention department, I would go through that and figure out why do you want to cancel? But the issue, how can we fix your problems? Right? So think about like all of these different hats. Like you can only a person can only handle so much. We’re all human, right? Only handled so many hats. We can only wear so many hats. Or like if you think about it, like how is it possible to scale and hits the vigorous if there’s always going to be that cap in that barrier?
Right? So for me, what I did to solve that issue was I started building a team and at first it was a small team. It was just one person that hired. And I’ve started taking all of these days and delegating them to that one person. Right? And these can all be things that just maybe took a lot of, they do a lot of stuff that was like grunt work, right? A lot of stuff that, that, that required a lot of my time and I knew my time was valuable so I to make sure that I can delegate properly so that I can keep my time and I can take that time, that little slot of time, cause you know, a window that I had during the day back then it was actually a lot more than I was like 12 or 13 hours.
Those works in the day. But I would take that time and how can I slot that time properly? How can I use that and not going to get the most valuable out of this little, little, any bit of time that I had, which is less than half of a day. Right? What can I do with this was actually third of a day technically, right? So what can I do this slot of time? How can I make it the most valuable? And by me like going in and getting on the phone with customers like that, that’s not what I want to do. Me sitting there building a website for guts, it’s more like killing all of my days. It’s not something that I want it to do. Me going in there and running in a seal campaign or running to do the landscaping or a Facebook campaign, it would take all my time.
It was not something that I wanted to do. Right? So I hired somebody, I hired somebody that was a mix between a project manager mixed between, I’m helping prospect and schedule calls and doing like all of that first level stuff so that I can focus on, you know, if I had 10 hats that I was wearing, I would say four or five of my hats. I would take them off and I would just push them over to this person. I will train them. I would build that protocol, built it that system with them and now they were wearing hats I wasn’t worried to have today where I was wearing these six hats. And I would get really, really good at these six acts and then it slided up my time where I had more time to work on these. Right. A delegated, that’s it. Those are found another, you know, our billing department, you know, taking that, taking that hat off, delegating that to somebody else.
Right? Then going in and in, in figuring out like the sales process and prospecting like that took so much of my time. How do I take that down, take that hat off and hire somebody to do sales and prospecting and delegate that off. Right? And it’s not just about delegating. Most of you guys are probably thinking about like, oh, that’s cool. Like I can go hire a VA and they’ll just do all my shit. Right? Fortunately it doesn’t work like that. Like I went through multiple employees. I’ve been through probably hundreds of employees until I figured out and found the right team, especially for production or I think that’s why dash lights is so valuable. The fact that you actually don’t need to hire your production team, you can just have us do all the work for you. And all these guys that we have are like vetted you know, they’re rock stars, they’re marketing gurus.
They’ve been vetted by our team that have been trained Bertine, they’d been here for years. So they’ve been inside of the culture, they’ve been inside of the agency. Like they’ve, they’ve gone through all of our protocols or processes or software trainings like everything from a to Z, right? These are the guys that are working with your Kelly, you guys going through and having to do that is difficult. I did that for you. So you don’t have to do that. So that’s the beauty of Dashboards, right? But then going out and like building like the sales team and like, how do you like build a sales team? How do you delegate that off? Like, do you know how complex it is to to hire staff, train, create protocols create scripts create like literally everything. Like commission structure is like everything for a sales team and sales to look like.
I’ll think it was almost like 17 or 18 people between our fronters and closers. Maybe even more than that at one point. I don’t even know. Somewhere around there. Right. It’s really, really difficult. Okay. It’s really difficult. So it takes, it takes a certain set of skills and a, I sound like a one stop moving certain skin cells and then lose whatever. But anyways, it’s, it’s, it’s time consumption. It’s something that, you know, that alone is a full time job just managing a team. My that, right. So Phillips had sales in the hiring. Yes. So sales and hiring the right people so I can work on my business and not on it. Yeah, I agree with you 100% man. That’s actually just how your comment now, even after you said that, so you just literally like hit the nail on the head, right?
So it’s like breaking through that mind shift of what do I do first? Right? So some advice I can give you guys is start delegating now because you’re going to get to a point in your business where if you know if he have zero clients right now, you shouldn’t even be focusing on delegating cause there’s nothing fitted out at you. Obviously you should be building your system, you should be building, your agency should be building your protocols, building your sales structure. And by the way, guys, these are all things I talk about in the bootcamp. I’m not going to go into right here and try to sell boot camp, but if you want to join, it’s still got some seats left that starting April 1st which is in like a couple of days. You just go to www.dashbootcamp.com like I’m going to elaborate on all this like 10 x or a hundred that’s right in the bootcamp.
But anyways, going back like these or these are like these are the things that you should be focusing on to get zero clients. That’s a tier that you’re in. It’s not a problem. You’re just starting. It’s okay, but you shouldn’t be focusing on how do I get clients, right? How do I get clients, how do I prospect and how, how can I do this or I can start picking up some clients and getting some revenue. Then once you get some clients and you’re like a different buckets or a different tier, right? You’re segmenting yourself and your agency and once you have that, then you can actually start figuring out, okay, what saving the most time? What can I take in duplicate and create a protocol for and delegate out to a VA or better yet like dash lights, like dashboards you can delegate all of your production to, right?
So you get an orange. All you have to do is get the payment and then you can just upload that client dash trace. And we do everything in the only hat where there is just literally project management, just managing the clients, the expectations, ancient high questions, things like that. But you actually have to do the work, which is the most, that’s the one all the time consumption is actually fit is physically sitting there, building the website, physically sitting there and you know, running a Facebook campaign that she takes hours, man. So you know, that’s the stuff that you just push out to the Ashley’s, you don’t have to worry about it. Right. And then you can hire a VA, which you need to need a higher together and you guys are going to hire your VA. But I’ve done the whole VA thing like way back in the day when I had no employees.
And that even when I, when I had employees and I was building my team, I still had some that were doing like small, small stuff that were that had very little room for error. And there was a very precise protocol for them. So they would go in there and there was like literally like the sheet of paper that they have. Is it step one, click here, step to go here, step three, do this, that for do that. All right. So everything was like literally notated down on this paper and they would go out and they would just follow that protocol. It was just a bunch of grunt work. Right? So I use VA for current work style stuff. I don’t use VA’s for stuff that needs a lot of logic and thinking and stuff like that. Right? That that’s something that you don’t want to use a VA for.
Nothing against the A’s. It’s just that like if you’re gonna go out to hire like a really cheap April at three bucks an hour or something like out of the country or whatever it is, then you know, it’s, you don’t want to give them really time. Not Time continued. You remember really like high level tasks. You should be dealing with those that you should be delegating and stuff. That takes a lot of your time. Right? Because I say you keep like the quality of workup, right? That’s what I do in my business. Right? I think most of you guys can probably have knowledge. Like what’s happening is like even with our new business development department, I was going in and I was taking all those calls, right? And I build the structure, I build the protocol, I built the structure of the phone calls.
Then we had an angel that came in out. Angel basically took that over and now he basically doing what I was doing. He’s connecting me to the killer job. Right? So like, that’s what you guys need to think about. Own, you know, prospect or on the closer fill a book fell when I was smoking about the bootcamp man. Like I think you find your way in somehow because we have a whole one of the whole days is talking about how to find farmers, how to find closers, had a train them how to build script from them. How to build a protocol, had a 10 x, it had to do it also out of the country to get through this cheap, how to build it entirely integrated into a system that that alone is going to be insane. Zo, you know, if that’s the one thing that you’re struggling with is a mix between that and like sales and hiring and finding the right people, then like the boot camp is going to be perfect for you brother.
You really need to get in there. And that’s like a whole thing that we’re going to be doing because it is the big thing. Like think about it, you’re hiring a sales team, you’re going out and you’re hiring people. These are human beings that need to be able to follow you, follow your lead. You know, you’ve got to be the leader. You’ve got to lead these people into success. You’ve got to create the protocols, the system. You’ve got to be able to do that, right? And if you can do that first, then you can’t go out there and hire somebody. It’s impossible. Right? So, so that’s what you need to do. Like you need to first first. Like for anything that I do in my business, like I do it first. Okay. It’s the number one thing that I do is, and most of you guys like shit, like I don’t want to do this.
This is annoying. Like I don’t want to sit there and do like 50 cold calls in a day. But like if you think about it, like how were you going to go hire somebody to do to do cold calls and prospect for you if you’ve never done it first and they don’t even know what they’re doing. They’re just like, they’re just going out and doing whatever they want all willy nilly. Right? No. Like you should be able to do it first. Build the system for it, and then when you hire somebody, it’s like, okay, this is what I know works. I did this for three months and I know that this works. Like I started doing this in the beginning, don’t do this. This should didn’t work. Okay, I want you to do this. This is what work do, do be. Forget about a Doobie. This is the way that I want you to do it.
I want you to follow this script. I want you to see this. When somebody jumps on the phone, I want you to send an email with this exact copy. I want you to use this tool to scan their website and run an audit report. And when they say this to read off the report, oh, these are the things that I want you to focus on, when to focus on when you’re doing that, that company audit. Right? So those are the things that, yeah, no, Douglas, myself, those are the things that you need to focus on, right? You don’t need to focus on, you know, hiring somebody. They’re coming to work for you. Okay. And A, if you’re not building a system, you’re not building a protocol to actually you know, Passover push on that girl at work is going to be impossible for you to actually run and scale a profitable business.
You need to be in what I call the hot seat. Right? Why do you think when most of you guys are opening up support tickets? Inside of Intercom, which is the live chat feature that we use, you’re speaking to me. You’re speaking to that, right? Why do you think finding that is? Because I’m using that to build a protocol and be using that to build a system. I’m using that to build all of our canned responses and using that to build hot health arguments. I am dissecting the issue that you guys are having and I’m figuring out solutions for it and building a protocol. Right. And that’s why I’m answering your tickets. I’m not going to be sitting there answering to tickets forever, but I’ve been answering them for five months right now because that, that is like the brain of our operations, that live chat.
That’s where all our inquiries come through. Right? So like I need to be there, I need to be there. I need to figure out a system for it very soon. The next couple of weeks, hopefully, fingers crossed. We have a plan that I’m not going to be in that live chat anymore. I’ll be in there for something I need to answer, but I’m not going to begin answering the generic questions that we get anymore, right? There’s going to be somebody else on our team that’s going to do it because they have a protocol for it. They know that if somebody asks question a, they give the answer for question B and it’s precise and it’s not like saying that we’re robotic and we’re just firing off generic responses, but we’re firing off responses that we know that these are the interests of the questions that you’re asking right now.
We’re giving like a detailed response so we can help you guys. Right? So like think about that. Like put yourself in the hot seat. When I built my call center, it was me and Tommy that we had that we were going in and we were actually building the scripts. We were the ones that, you know, we had, you know, 13 seats in our call center as an example. We were the only two in the call center that we were just calling dialing and taking the calls. Right. And figuring out how it all works. We did that for weeks, months. And then once we had the system down pack, then we went out, we hired, we delegated those types. Right. So Phillip says, I called and gone to businesses also had messaged on Facebook but haven’t done it long enough and consistently you’re right and I agree with you.
Yeah, I feel like once again, man, dude that that boots that’s, you know, for those 35 people that are going to be in that bootcamp man. And I’m just going to get on the vulnerable side and talk to you guys a little bit about that. And once again, I’m not raping and just like when you believe in something so much, it’s like, you know, you want to share that with the world. Right? So like that boot camp, because I had been working on that shit for like, I don’t know, like a month now. Like building out the whole program and like I’m still working on when I get off the slide video, I’m going in there and I just, I’m looking at and optimizing it. It’s like, dude, I can add this in here. I’m just making it better than that and better ads.
There’s so much value that’s going to be added there. And these are like, so these are like the 10 years in an ad. Literally this is how I built the bootcamp is crazy. Like I went through the process in my mind I was like, okay, out of 10 years and that’s due. That’s a lot of storage in your brain through a chill like that. But you know in year one what worked for me and your two, what worked for me? Three, four, five I can, I took all of these little nuggets that work for me. Okay. And then I’m like okay, we’re in 2019 some of these stuff don’t work anymore. You know, cause we’re oversaturated. Too many people are doing it. What’s working right? That right now basically took all of those things right. And I created a program. I’ve been, that’s the bootcamp, right?
Those are all the things that work and a lot of you guys are probably like, Holy Shit Chad. Like, what am I just going to sit there and listen to you talk for two hours every single day? No, you’re actually going to, I’m going to be sharing my screen with you and you’re going to have your screen open and you’re going to be building your agency with me. I’m actually walking you through. I’m gonna open up this tool. I’m gonna say, all right guys, today’s lesson, we’re going to be building out these three or four tools, and this is what it’s going to do for your agency. So I want you to go to this, like, I want you to create your free account. Let’s go in and we’re gonna start building this tool. So you’re going to click here, you’re gonna have to set up your account here.
We’re gonna start with that. Let me know when you’re done. Great. You’re done. Awesome. Now we’re going to go here. We’re going to click this and we’re going to add, this is the canvas sponsor. We’re going to click here. We’re going to add this as as an IP blocker. And we’re going to add this sappy here. And we’re gonna. And this is how it all works and this is how the system works. Then you just press plays, let that run. Great. Now let’s go to the next tool. Open up this tap so late. That’s what we’re going to be doing. The bootcamp. This is not going to be like, well let’s just listen to Chad [inaudible] for for 12 days. Not that this is like taking the stuff that work and putting it into the program, like actually walking through building it with you. So enough about that.
But like that’s like shifting your minds that you guys have to shift your mindset if you want to hit, you know, when I hit the six figure mark, it was a completely different mindset. Shift from zero to six figures was a complete different animal. Big Guys, and tell you this from experience going from $100,000 to $200,000 in revenue, complete different animal going from 200,000 to 500,000 and a half, $1 million in revenue, another complete different animal because your team is building new processes. We’re building, your client is building. It’s like you ever hear that money from Biggie, the Mo Mo, more money, more problems or whatever it is. Like it is like that’s how it builds. The more money you make, the more people you have to hire, the more you have to delegate, the more protocols you need to create, the harder you have to work.
Like he got to keep doing this to build it right. And then you go from a half way to a million right. Matches crazy. Like that’s, that was the biggest jump for us to go ahead. I think we did that. I think we did that. And like one year we jumped from like there half a million more to a million or something like that. It’s in one of the [inaudible] I did. I share all the numbers with you guys in one of the marketer’s mindset episodes. I think it’s episode two where they’re like a whole webinar. I have all the numbers they’re used. You’ll see like the jump of how we jumped from year over year and we just kept going up. But we keep going up, up, up, up, up. Right. And the reason why we do that is because we have these protocols. We have these hats and what we used to have already had 10 hats.
We now have a hundred packs, right? The houses were hacked as a circle on your agency and like there’s people in our, in our office that way, specific hats and they do their specific jobs and they’d come in in the morning, they had the protocol that the system, they know exactly what needs to be done. They’re not just coming in and we need shit. Like how many of you guys, and be honest with me how many of you guys come to work in the morning and you don’t know what you’re going to do? You’re just, you’re opening your computer. You’re like, shit, what am I going to do today? Do I got to do date drop a 300 in the chat that that’s you. And be honest. Cause I’ll do, I’m dropping 300 the check. There’s days that I come in for pain in that more or less she doesn’t happen anymore.
But I had no clue what I was doing. I’m still going to my computer and I was like, alright, what am I going to do today? Let’s figure out some cool I’ll go watch this youtube video. Oh, this looks cool. I’m just going to go start doing this. Told me don’t use 2008. Right? Then you spent eight hours and you kill your whole day. Right? So like if you think about that yeah, Phillip, you can agree with me. Right? So like that’s the problem. Like you don’t have, you don’t have that schedule, you don’t know what to do. You’re going out there and you’re weaning. Right. And I did that for years and I’m telling you, you guys that should prompt years of my life and I could’ve just not did that. It could have just shifted my mindset and create like a structure, pray, lay organization, create.
Like these are the things that you need to run your agency. Right? You need, you need to have that guys. I cannot stress that enough. Especially as you start scaling up, you know, once you hit like the 10 client mark, shit changes. Minute should change real quick. Do you contend client work that needs 20 client work? If 50 clients a hundred clients, then you hit the thousand clients, which is what I think we’re over. But I didn’t think about that shit that you, that’s, you know, that’s like next level, right? So like these are the things that you guys need to think about or like something that unders walking you through like that from my experiences that I went there and I’m just sharing some stuff that I went through and hopefully this helps you guys. Even if it’s just like one thing that I send this video can help you guys then.
Great. It was worth watching this 30 minute video or whatever it was. Right? So what’s going on, Peter, Chris Masood, Rodney and Michael, Les South, everybody, George Simon, gravy and Christian. What’s going on guys? So like these are the things that you guys really need to focus on. You need to shift your mindset to focus on scaling and focusing on bigger things, bigger productions, right? You need to start delegating your work properly depending on what bucket you’re on. Okay. And you need to make sure that you have a scheduled day. Like don’t come in and just start doing random shit. Like come in and make sure you know what you’re going to do today. Like I booked this shit out on my calendar. I live by my calendar, right? So I know today that I’m going to dedicate almost the rest of the day to building out more of the looping, just padding, tons of more value to it.
Right? So I literally went in my calendar and I blocked off from 12:30 PM all the way to 5:00 PM to four and a half hours I bought off that time. I’m not going to be doing anything else but working on the bootcamp stuff. Right? And that’s what I want to do for today. Okay. And my whole office knows that they know don’t come in here between 1230 and five. This is what I’m working on. Okay. And the everybody in the office friends, that way they have a protocol. There’s a system that, you know what colleagues they have to work on. There’s a project management system. Like it’s all organized. You have that, that organization, the organizational stuff when you’re scaling and growing your agency. And most of you guys are not thinking about this right now because you might not have clients where you might have a handful of clients and that’s not going to hit you right now.
But when you start scaling, you know, think about this for the future. You know, you guys remember this year in this business because you want to make $1 million, 2 million, $10 million a year. Even some you guys want to make six figures a year. Like that’s going to come. It’s going to come with adding more problems and more headaches your day and you need to figure out how to take those, chop them up, delegate like systemized protocols, right? So like, I cannot stress that enough. It’s organization protocol scheduling. Like do that stuff that says it’s going to change the way that you run your agency is going to change your life. Okay? Yeah. Folks. And being organized as key felt. I better see them, the boot camp. You’ve got to find a way to get it. And that’s really gonna Change Your Life Cause I see like some of the stuff that you’re writing here in the chat, dude, this is like a no brainer for you man.
All right guys, I’m going to head out for my day because getting pretty close to me hitting that calendar, mark and I got to answer a couple of emails before I do that. So hopefully, like I said, guys, I’m, you know, maybe not all of the things in here will apply to you, but if you need to get, just get a couple of golden nuggets out of this. If you did get any golden nuggets out of this video from one just Hashtag live, if you’re life hashtag replay for watching the replay, you got any golden nuggets out of this drop Hashtag Nugget Hashtag nugget in the chat and let me know because I want it off. I’m helping you guys, right? Everyone just saying you’re talking bullshit for a half hour wasting. Everybody saw it. So I need to know that so you can help me out with that. Hit the light button, build through that drops in commenting. NDAA, and then I’ll let y’all know if I’m doing a good job and I’ll keep doing more of these. Okay, so that’s pretty much it guys. Once again, if you haven’t joined the bootcamp, we’ve got a couple of seats left. Www dot dash. Who came that clown? You can go there and reserve your seat. All right guys. I’ll see you guys in the national. Have a good one. Bye.

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