What’s a Typical LTV for a Roofing Company?
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 04:26 PM

What’s a Typical LTV for a Roofing Company?


Should you predict a customer’s lifetime value based on their industry? As a bonus, I explain why Google ads are preferable to Facebook ads for roofing customers.


Fida asked, what is the typical LTV, which is lifetime value, for a roofing company and should you be running Facebook ads for a roofing company?
My opinion on that, a good lifetime value really depends on the client, right? It’s not necessarily the industry per se. Because you can have a client, you hit a home run and you keep that client forever or the other side. Right? So my opinion to you is focus more on the client itself. Also, I don’t really recommend though, we’ve ran Facebook ads for roofing companies and we have done successful campaigns for that type of industry. For home services. I like to go on the Google ads side because it’s more of an intent based search, right? Somebody who’s physically searching for a roofing company, which means they need their roof fix right away, right. Versus Facebook, which is basically you’re just shoving that at and, and hoping, you know, you’re doing a shotgun approach and hoping that somebody, whoever sees that ad might need it for that time. Right. So definitely go with the sniper approach with it, which is Google ads, and get that intent based search. That’ll definitely increase your conversions, get you better quality leads, and that will definitely help you with your lifetime value of your customers. So hopefully that helped you out.

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