What Would be a Suitable Offer for a Personal Trainer to Promote?
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 05:41 PM

What Would be a Suitable Offer for a Personal Trainer to Promote?


Personal trainer marketing works best if your client makes this one simple offer. What is it? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.


So we have another question from our Facebook group and they asked, if I have a personal trainer that I plan on running Facebook ads for and I have a Facebook ads and I build a landing page, what’s the best offer or promo that I can run to get the best results?
Usually for anything like personal fitness or stuff like that, the best thing that you can do is do like one free session. If it’s a personal trainer. Especially if like I was going to an a, if I was looking for a personal trainer and that person will train and say, hey it’s gum. Come do one free session with me. See how you like me, see you like my workout routines here, like my nutrition tips and see you like my fitness area. The I would actually probably stay if obviously everything was good, right?
So when you’re thinking about a promo, you’re not thinking about how to just give shit away for free. You’re thinking about like longterm and longevity. So I would highly, highly, highly recommend doing one free session and making sure that personal trainer is blowing the roof off the door or blowing the doors off the roof or blowing whatever the hell off that. I don’t even know if I’m saying the analogy right or the phrase right, but just blow it, make sure they’re doing a good job. Okay. Because if they’re doing a good job and they’re gonna start retaining clients, and then it’s gonna turn into a long lasting relationship. So the goal is if you’re running campaigns, start flooding them with free sessions. Do one like 30 minute or one hour free session, and then after that they’ll just stay. Hopefully not everybody will stay in. That’s completely fine. But if you sign up 10 people for a free session and even five [inaudible], that’s, that’s perfectly fine. It’s a 50% conversion rate. So hopefully that helps you out.

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