What Niches from InstaSites are we Seeing the Most Success From?
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 05:11 PM

What Niches from InstaSites are we Seeing the Most Success From?


How do you choose what niche(s) you want to prospect leads from? In this video, you’ll hear the process we recommend for discovering your niche.


Chris asked a great question, what InstaSites niche are we seeing the most results for?
And really, Chris this is a very broad question because you know, every template that we have in our InstaSites section they’re all really, really great templates and for every single interest industry that you see in those templates section there are going to be highly qualified business owners who are in need for a business revamp or a website revamp like the ones you see on in society. And I’ve done multiple videos on how to find low hanging fruit for this. But one easy way that I can mention right here is going to the yellow pages. Yellow pages has a website building platform that business owners put their business on because they don’t have another alternative. So if you find a business on yellow pages looking for more information, you’re going to get geared away because it’s not something that’s attractive to you.
So as a consumer, you know, yellow pages isn’t the place that you want to find a business, especially if you’re looking for their websites. So finding businesses on what on yellow pages will allow you to find low hanging fruit and businesses that are in need for site revamp. Like for something like insta sites and just literally calling them up and saying, Hey, I noticed your site was a bit outdated. I’ve found it on yellow pages and I went out of my way and built you a site from scratch. Where can I send it? So you could check it out and take a look at it, right? That’s going to be the approach you’re wanting to use. And you can literally even scroll down on Google and click on everybody’s website as long as they’re in within one of the niches and InstaSites and see if that site itself needs a revamp by just looking at it and judging it for yourself.

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