What Email to Use when Email Marketing, Personal or Professional?
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 02:44 PM

What Email to Use when Email Marketing, Personal or Professional?


Before you run an email marketing campaign, you need to decide what email you’re going to use. Should your email include your first name, or should it come from a department?


So Yash asked, when actually doing email marketing a, should I use my personal email or should I use my company email if you’re doing any type of marketing in general, whether it’s email or marketing or whether it’s maybe even running ads or stuff like that.
I just prefer badly like to do it from my personal because people always respond better to personal touches and personal conversations versus a company emailing out to them and company emailing them. Might look and might come off as a little bit of spammy versus a person sending them an email and asking them a specific question, whatever it is you’re trying to do within your email campaign. So I guess I just answer that. I would definitely highly recommend using a personal email. Now it can be a personal company and so it can be, you know, Bobby at Bobby’s marketing.com is an example. That’s fine, but you definitely don’t want to send emails out from like, you know, sales at Bobby’s marketing.com because then that just looks a little spammy. So hopefully that answered your question.

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