Use Simple Posts to Get More Clients & Build Authority Online
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 04:28 PM

Use Simple Posts to Get More Clients & Build Authority Online


Do you use posts to try and get clients online?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks is joined by Arne Giske to talk about how you can use simple posts to get more clients and build authority online! This video is a highlight from the sixth video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


The more you can get going, the more you’ll start to figure out who can see the most value in what you have to offer. And that should be going up consistently. Like if your rates have been stuck at the same place for even three months, you’re not trying hard enough to find better clients.
We got on and just gave the house. What’s up guys? What is up?
And you guys can see it right now, but we have like maybe seven different examples of posts that I’ve used to generate clients, get business fill the pipeline and some of them are like crazy short and have produced massive results. So if you guys want to see those posts, you want to see me explain them, break them down, show you guys how you can use simple posts to get more clients and build your authority online. Stick around and that’s what you’re here for today.
Not only that, we are going to make you millionaires today by the end of the day. No, I’m just kidding guys. I want to show you how to do some crazy shit using Facebook, Facebook, right? Yup. Like has anybody heard of Facebook? If you’ve heard a Facebook, can you drop a 250 in the chat below? Drop a two 50 in the chat below. Has anybody ever heard of this little awesome, cool software that’s called group funnels? Anybody ever heard of it? [inaudible] Could’ve said yes sir. Anybody ever heard of group funnels? No? Amazing software. All Good Chris? I rather was hoping more people said no so we can educate them cause we just had most of you guys know we open our Facebook group marketer’s mindset, we opened that yesterday and that’s live and Arnie is gonna teach some stuff on here that we’re probably gonna use to. Okay. Yup.
So I’m personally using group funnels, so I personally vouch for it. It is amazing software essentially for us. Like what it does is, and I can kind of show you what happens, which I think is pretty cool. I’m not logged into Facebook. No, but anyways, that’s fine. So what happens is if you as, does anybody have a Facebook group in here? Alright, good. So some people said they have small Facebook groups, large Facebook groups. Good. So how annoying is it to like go in there and approve people all the time? Like if you have, like yesterday I think we approved like 400 or 300 people inside of the group. That shit is so annoying to go one by one and approve everybody. So one of the cool things that I liked about group photos is you can go in there and you can just click approve all, it will literally approve all of the people inside of the post.
But that’s not the sexy part. The sexy part is it actually captures all of the information. So in our group, we have three questions that we asked in order to get in our group. I don’t know what those questions are, I forgot. But I know the last one is what’s your email address? Right. So what group funnels does is group funnels actually takes all that information actually while it’s approving. It’ll send it over to their actual application, which is a chrome extension. You can then take that, port it over and push it over to a Google sheets, right? Google docs. And then after that you can do whatever the hell you want with it. You want to see what we did with it. We actually take all of your information. We poured it over and we put you into our intercom system using Zapier, which is super simple. It took us like 10 minutes to do it cost us like 20 bucks a month. Now what happens is anybody that joins our group automatically, we’re, we got leads. Like we literally input like 350 or 400 leads into our system yesterday. And we’re probably going to prove like 50 people a day into our group, which means we’re going to get 50 leads a day, guys. And this is group funnels. It’s so easy. It’s just a chrome extension. And where do they go if they want to get this on me?
So that’s a group and if, if we want to pull it up, I think we can show them a quick, we can, that’s the right there guys is the link. Yep. So let me go on and open up a new tab. Dan, go ahead.
All right. So I’ll show you guys how this works real quick. It’s pretty sick. So I got I got very lucky with this one actually. So I’m not a developer, I’m not techie. I’m a marketer. I knew we had the opportunity to start asking people for emails in those welcome questions. And my group is over 70,000 people. It’s called millennial entrepreneur community. And we’ve been getting hundreds of requests a day. And I was asking people for their emails, but I was just letting them slide. I was not even grabbing them. I was going to hire a VA to do that. Like, Hey I got this thing, I think you could sell to your audience. It’s amazing. It helps grab these emails right when you, for people in the group. So I was like, Ooh, that’s tons of awesome. Let’s, let’s check it out. So I, that day a group bonus was born and let’s see. And I’ll show you guys a quick video on it. Also, I want to give you guys another quick marketing tip. This has been one of the most profitable videos I’ve ever created and it’s less than a minute and I made it in my car in one day.
So don’t overthink things guys. I think we might have to play that video calls. Where can we get the video audio going into that video? Is it possible from here?
Let’s get that one up. Them to hear it because yeah, that’s probably important. Let’s go full screen. Let me know when to play. Let’s do it. It’s raining leads. That’s Kinda rude of that song. Who knows that song?
Who in in the stream right now? If I put a camera in your face and said, go and gave you 60 seconds, would you be able to make an ad for whatever it is that you have? Let me get a yes or no.
Yes, there were. Now, if we put a camera in your face right now, are you going to do it? Some people said some people. No. They said yes. All right. So David says he flopped. All right guys. I want you guys to practice this. As soon as we hop off the stream like that. This is one skill that’s helped me make so much money and save so much time is being okay with stuff not being perfect. As you can tell from that video, I shot it sitting in my car, I shot it in 58 seconds and I took one take and I was rushing. I had to go somewhere and then I look back at it later and I was like, you know what? This is a really good video. I’m gonna run with it. And we’ve split tested that against fancy produced stuff. You know, all these high quality out of all these different angles and editing all this stuff and the 60 seconds smartphone video worked the best. So what I’m going gonna do for you guys is I’m going to try and reenact this from my memory and give you guys the quick pitch on group fumbles and see what you like.
Alright? Got a round of applause. All right guys. So it’s raining leads right now. There are thousands and thousands of people going into Facebook groups every single day and they’re growing organically. That’s one of the coolest things when you set up your group the right way. So I have a group of over 70,000 people and I get hunter hundreds of requests a day without paying for ads. If you set up a group too, you can get all those people coming in. But the problem is once they all start coming in, you’re going to have to start dealing with approving them and grabbing their emails from the welcome questions, copying and pasting. Even even some people will screenshot those new emails come in. Well guess what? They never actually do anything with it. So what we created something called group funnels where all you have to do is press approve all of your filter and members and they will go click, click, click, click, click, click, click automatically like dozens of them per minute.
And it will just get all those people into your CRM, which means you have higher, higher engagement with your group because you have another touch point for your, for your audience. You can put them into a warm up funnel and guess what? A lot of your competitors are not doing this. So you have a huge advantage over everybody else in your space. If you have that automatic touch point, if you have that, another follow up, because as much as I love Facebook, everybody’s a victim of the algorithm, meaning you’re not going to get your posts out to everybody. But if you have emails, you have chatbots via Facebook ads, you can increase those chances a ton and that first step is getting them on the email. So if you use group funnels that will make that whole process extremely seamless.
Cool. Good, good. Damn funny. Like I can vouch for what he’s saying because I did a, I did an event, I think it was last week. I spoke at Ryan Stevens Event and I have one ad running right now for dash clicks. We haven’t run any ads. I started running one ad, it was about, I think like four or five days ago. We started running just for remarketing yet cause we had people coming to the website and they weren’t, some people were not 100% converted. Right. So I decided fuck it, I’m going to follow them everywhere we go. Right. So what I did was when I was live at Ryan’s event, I actually showed them how to shoot a video just like raw, just like already did right now. And why don’t I shot the video with a, it was like a puppet with a puppet and it’s hilly.
I can’t show it here but whatever. You’ll probably see it if you go to the dashboard’s website, makes it out without registering. Okay. Even though most of you are registered cause that’s shakes is awesome. However it had video basically we’ll follow you and I think we’re getting like $3 a conversion right now on a remarketing on a video that I whipped out and did that in front of like, I think it was like 50 people I shot at live just as like a little dummy video and I was like screw it. And I actually ended up being funny. I’m going to use it for an ad. So I actually want to do that again right now. I want to create a remarketing ad right now. I think we should do it. Let’s do it. Let’s, let’s do too, I guess I’ve got an idea.
One, let’s do one for dashclicks. Perfect man. Two, I want you guys to vote in the chat lit like say anything and we will sell it to you guys in an ad. We’ll create an ad in less than 60 seconds. The most obscure thing that you guys can say will make an ad for it and we’ll sell it. Adult diapers. Go on the child. I’m going to shoot this video right now for dash clicks. It’ll be less than a minute cause I know I’m going to run it over the Instagram and some other cool stuff. Sell. Chad is yellow. Lambo, toilet bowl, brush. Somebody else else’s diapers. All right. What else was diapers? Diapers, diapers, diapers, anything besides diapers. So I did this exercise before we went. My buddy is, and the thing we ended up selling was a auto diaper changers. I don’t know what, what’s with the guys in diapers?
You want to see some diapers, ads, but I think we can do better than those worlds. I’m going to shoot this video. You want to jump in here with me? Sure. Let’s do it. What are we selling? We’re going to sell dash clerks. Let’s do it. Alright. God is run on, just left the dash books website. I’m here with my good friend already. We’re actually shooting a live video when our studio right now, as you can see behind it’s videos like this that you get 100% of free when you sign up the dash clicks. So if you live, let’s try this again guys. Click the button, the ball, click the button below, go and get your dashboard to call before it’s too late. It’s pretty free. Either go.
Quick. That’s a remarketing video that I’m going to use probably for the next six months. Yeah, that’s the easy it is guys. That is how easy it is to shoot videos. So what are, let’s, let’s shoot another one with, okay. They said the Lambo get hype. I can do that. We can sell the Lambo. You want to sell the Lambo? Who wants to sell a Lamborghini? All right, let’s go. I want to wait. What is our audience? So that’s, let’s think about this real quick so we can sell whatever we want, but we have to target a specific audience, right? All right, so who’s the people that we’re targeting? Are we targeting people? See, let’s let’s sell it to people who really want a lambo and have no chance in hell of affording it. Okay? That can be a fun one. That’s going to be a fun one.
All right. How we’re going to shoot two takes. Okay. We’re going to shoot two takes. We’re gonna shoot one where I do it and I’m going to shoot one where Arnie, does it want to show you two different variations from two completely different mine. Is that cool? Are both going to be on it? Are you ready? [inaudible] Selling a Lamborghini to people who cannot afford a Lamborghini or do not want a Lamborghini or they want to live [inaudible] can’t afford it. All right, cool. This, by the way, this is going to be another dash. Collect three Morgan in video. All right, well, we’re getting older. You got to do his doors and dad’s critics, right? You can get the group, the software, open up a group really quick. [inaudible] Those leads inside of your actual CRM system. Call them cause them traveling the dash list for fulfillment. Make 10 k a month and go buy unlimited. Give. You’re told you gotta do. How easy is that that go. Go Click the button, click the button below. Go, go, go.
Let’s go chat. There we go. Yeah, so, so now it’s, I’m not sounding Lamborghini, but we’re selling the dream of the Lamborghini and then selling dash clicks. Beautiful. Double, double opt in. There we go. Dude. That energy drink is serious. [inaudible] Fourth monster of the day. Oh, you want to go? Let’s go on here. [inaudible] We’re going to, and by the way, if we know that you guys had a lot of these people might be gone to, I’m funnel hacking live. So for those of you guys, we’re funnel hacking live. Me and Ernie are both gonna geo-fence you like crazy. You’re going to see us all day when you log into Facebook all day. That’s the plan. That’s plan. I keep an eye out, click on our stuff. They’re not going to have an option. You’re gonna see us on Youtube. You’re gonna see us on Facebook. You’re going to see us everywhere.
Maybe even in your instant messages. Who knows? All right, y’all ready for this? Lambo number two and one number two take two. What’s up guys? Arnie Hirschi here. And if you guys want to get a awesome yellow lambo and be as cool as Chad, watch you gotta get dad’s clicks. Because listen guys, there’s nobody out there in the world that has a yellow lambo who isn’t a dash plugs member. That’s just facts. So we’re going to be here working on some amazing content in the studio right now, helping you guys, because if you want to get a lambo, you gotta. You gotta get that knowledge, Bro. You gotta knowledge up. You gotta earn that Lambo, get some dash clicks, grow your agency and make it happen. All right guys, click below. Check it out and a garden that Lambo. Let’s do it. No, you’re not a real internet marketing unless you have a lambo.
Go, go, go, go, go. There we go. Yeah, so guys, so I don’t think we’re sitting here like, wait, I’m going to just doing videos. So the point of this, the point of this, I’m sorry, I’m laughing at the comments here. The, the point of this guys is to just show you how easy it is, where if you, you can open an internet marketing company, you could open a digital marketing agency with this. This is literally all you need. You can whip out your phone, you can shoot a stupid video that’s not professional. You’re not hiring a 10 k camera crew. You’re whipping your phone out of your pocket. You’re going like this. You’re talking to the people who your target demographic is. You’re speaking directly at them and you’re uploading that, that, that video to Facebook and you’re either running ads, you’re putting it inside of your group, you’re putting it on your personal page, and you do that multiple times a day. Guys, all you need is this. You need a phone. That’s it. You don’t need anything else. Some of you guys are probably like, Oh my God, Chad and Arnie, I don’t have $1,000 a day to run ads. You don’t need $1,000 a day to run ads. You don’t even need to run ads. Now. All you gotta do is just build value. I mean, how many have you gotten to
Your group? Just by pure value, right? Most of them. Dolly, you guys, Dolly, you guys, I don’t even think you can run ads through a group anymore, right? Yes or no? There’s some ways we’ll share it. The people, how do you do it? How do you run ads without actually running ads through Facebook group? Awesome questions. So first I want to kick it off. Gigis give you guys some background in case you don’t know me. I’m Arnie Yeskie. I run a group that’s about 74,000 members. Maybe by the time you guys see this replay will be at 80 a hundred, 300,000. Who knows? But I’ve been training people on how to grow, monetize groups for the last couple of years. It’s my specialty is my bread and butter. It’s not my side hustle. So I’m your guy when it comes to this stuff. So first up I’m going to ask that by saying never run ads directly to a group.
A little bit counterintuitive. People say, oh, I want to speed up my group growth. I want to get things going. I want to run ads to my group, I want to pay to send people in. You know, it makes sense in practice, in theory, but in practice you want us to do it. So yeah. So, so we’ll, we’ll get that fixed. If you guys have money, you want to grow your group you want to have more contact points. So for example, one funnel I’ve done is a, a opted for a free pdf. And then in the pdf at the very end, it links to the Facebook group in the followup emails sequence, guess or links to the Facebook group and that follow up email sequence that also links to, or no on the thank you page for that pdf, it links to a chatbot.
Guess where that Chat Bot leads to, to the Facebook group. So you have to have multiple contact points when you are running your paid ads. I would never run directly to a group and I would never run directly to just one channel like email. You want to immediately get them on something else, like a chat bot, things like that. And a on on that note too, as soon as somebody opts into your funnel, which you want to do is you want to start running some retargeting ads to boost your credibility. You know, what’s that one thing like if you could say something to every possible person who is considering working with you, if you could say that message on autopilot, what would that be? I want that to be your guys’ first exercise on this training. Somebody who’s thinking about working with you, what’s the most important message that you have for them?
What do you really want to portray? What’s, what about you? What about your experience, your results, your credibility, how you work, what kind of results you get. Think about that. Then guess what, hold up your phone, make that video, start running retargeting ads for as low as five bucks a day. And you will see a huge increase in clients that’s getting clients hack number one. And we’re going to be showing you guys a bunch of other stuff with organic posts as well. So if you guys are pumped, if you guys are gonna put that to use let me get a yes down in the chat and I want to see you guys using it. Drop a yes in the chat or drop amazing or drop sexy drop. I can’t wait to do this. Drop it on the chat. Let’s go. Let’s go. Everybody took the sexy word. Of course. They always have to grab that one. Awkward. Drop it right in the chat. Sexy with an a with an a. Guys are, the reason why we’re talking to you about this is once again, you do not need to be a millionaire
To run ads. You do not even need to run ads. All you got to do is just build pure value. Dash Clicks was built off of pure value. We do lives like this for free. We’re not charging you guys to watch us teach you stuff. This is completely free so we can educate you and you guys will keep coming back. So that’s just a pure example of just value. Just give your audience value. Whether you’re targeting people, you know, whether you’re an agency, right? And you’re targeting, I don’t know, plumbers, right? Maybe you’re a plumber, maybe you’re awesome in that space. Show them how to, I dunno, pick shit out of a toilet efficiently without, you know, wasting a lot of time. Show me how to do something of pure value. Okay guys, whether you’re a, you know, maybe like a personal trainer, go out and showed somebody how to actually lose weight doing these 10 crazy pushup ideas, right? 10 sets of pushups and you lose 300 pounds in two minutes. Just like all of the, the weight loss commercials, guilt. Can I get the GoPro hit the go pro from me. Carlos gives them the back. Like I took that course. Gail, put your hand up, go get took the course. How to lose weight in 30 minutes by doing six pushups. Let’s go.
Let’s do it. Alright. So let’s see. I want to think, oh, one of the most important things to to start out with is a, a very good tip for you guys. I think it’s this one. One of my most important social media tips is try not to be boring and shit. Here’s the thing. I’m a marketer. You’re a marketer. We all have stuff you want to grow, promote and everybody’s using social media to do it. The problem is every single person I see is an agency carbon copy. They are not standing out as a personal brand. They are not telling stories. They’re not showing their personal lives. They have no good results to share or they don’t know how to share them. I want you guys to be able to stand out, user voice, user experience, really lean on this stuff that you’ve done in the past and let people know, be proud about those results and don’t be boring as shit or else you will fade into the background with everybody else in the space. You will look like every other person that says, I’m a digital marketing consultant and no one will care about you because they can’t tell you apart from anybody else. How many times have you seen people in our it all
Time? Who wants a free consultation? Does anybody want a free consultation guides? A free consultation is dead. It doesn’t exist anymore. Nobody wants a free consultation because everybody’s giving away free consultations. Yep. Think outside of the box. Do something else.
Oh, on that note too, I got a really cool lead gen posts that you guys can take and run with today that so I was, I was hanging out with one of my friends last week and I, I was doing a, like a private training for my, my student group, my course. And she was just in the background listening to me doing the stream and she was like, oh, that was really good. I made that post. I was like, oh, cool. You know good luck. Let me know how it goes. And then the next week she had booked up over a dozen discovery calls and the week following that she had closed over five k in new recurring revenue. So I’m going show you that it’s a cool take on the, you know, free discovery call kind of thing, but it actually makes people want to get on the phone with you.
So that’ll be a good one as well. All right. So let’s see what some other cool stuff that I want to show you guys. Who wants to see some posts on getting high ticket clients that had been super amazing and just crushing it with me. So I want to show you guys one that helped me between two posts. We ended up with 55 leads that turned into 35 long form applications, like long form. And that ended up in about half of those Meade declining immediately. The other half I got on calls and about a half of them, we got 10 new high ticket clients and partnerships that I’m super excited about. So with just these two posts that brought me all those bills, all that business. And I want to show you guys the post, but I want to give you guys to disclaimer.
Okay. This is something that I’ve been doing for a couple of years. I built up a network. I built up trust, I put out all kinds of posts and you know, had these calls and relationships and media features, all this stuff to build my case so that when I do make a post like this, I get dozens of people wanting to work with me. So this is something that you can start doing today, but don’t expect that you’ll get, you know, 55 leads off of one post immediately. But if you get three, that’s awesome. That’s a great start and it will get you going. So here’s what I did in this post. So I had, I said, I have a goal to do more performance based marketing projects in 2019. That means I help run your launches and marketing and only get paid when you get paid a lot more than that.
This would be for people who have proven offers and sold 10 k plus audience of one k plus relevant people. A great reviews me fans and proven results. So I’m going to just hit pause real quick on this and explain some of this. So the first thing you want to do when you’re making a post like this for generating leads, talking to people is set the stage. What you got to realize is when somebody is scrolling through Facebook, you have to take them out of everything else they’re doing and put them into your story, your situation, your your post. And for this one, this situation is, hey, I’m going to be doing more performance based marketing. Next up you have to do a qualifier. So if you’re running Facebook ads, you want to put the qualifier even closer to the top. And what I did here was I made this specific for one type of person.
And if they feel like they’re in that category, they’re going to keep reading and they’re gonna keep being engaged. If they’re not, then they’re not. That’s fine. I’m just trying to reach those people. So then I say, if that’s your way, be able to help you make a few hundred grand extra next year with no money down, up front, interested, drop a comment. So that is like, I could’ve just left the post at that and shut it off. So a couple of other things to note with this guys is most marketing agencies, they don’t want to do performance-based. They don’t want to do no money down. I totally get that. But this style can still be used without that exact type of wording. Just take some inspiration from it. Say, you know, let’s say if you do stuff for gyms, you can say, I have a goal to help a 100 gyms, you know, get fully booked or doubled their membership in the next year.
This is for gyms who have blah, blah, blah, blah. If, if, if that’s you I might be able to help you out, drop a comment and let’s chat. And it can literally be that simple so you don’t have to worry about all the other stuff down there. But let’s let’s take a look. So what else did I even put in here? Alright, so then I said I also partnered up with another company to help fulfill some of this so my bandwidth isn’t as limited as it used to be. One Launch Clyde at a time, so that that kind of stress from the exclusivity of it in the past of, hey, you know, we don’t do this for everybody. And then I have to jump in. Here’s super, super important guys is showing off the results. I said past clients, I’ve done as much as one 80 K in a week with a launch, a no less than 40 k.
We’re looking for a longterm partnerships, not just one off projects. Perfect for course creators and coaches. So once again, you got to flex their results a little bit. If you have a cool case study for you, have cool results, you want to go ahead and show that off so people know you’re the real deal, not just another carbon copy marketer who just took the course and has no real results and to try to get a free consultation. Yeah, let them are. So also note that line about perfect for course creators and coaches. That was one more little filter I had because I started getting more comments from people who had service based business or local business or e-comm or all this stuff and I didn’t want to work with them. So I edited it and I put that in there. So last last one.
If that’s you and you want a few extra zeros in your bank next year, let me know and we’ll see if it’s a good fit. Only taking the best of the best. Let’s blow up your business in 2019. I’ll take it. There we go. I’ll take it. One client. Boom, right here. Yeah. Yeah. So as you can see, we’ve got 67 likes, 47 comments one share off that one. And that was one of the two posts that helped me generate those, those 55 leads from new 35 apps, about half of those turn into phone calls and then another half of those closed as clients. So I want to hear from you guys real quick. I want to hear some feedback on why you think this post works so well. So go ahead and drop a comment. Let me know, share your thoughts. You, I don’t want you guys just being observers.
I want you guys to be critical thinkers and and sharing your feedback. So why do you think it works so well? Let me know in the comments. The best comment right now gets a swag bag already. We get to pick who the best comment is. Drop it in. Why do you think that this post works so well? Drop it in the chat. Go. That’s a good, good answer. So Antonio says they trust you already. The qualifiers are so important I think because you are so precise. Yes, those are good value qualifies authority, laser targeted speaking to a very specific audience. All right. What else, guys, you have targeted your perfect client and spoke to them, gave them numbers and scarcity. Results in exclusivity. Nice. Yeah. And I and all of this stuff’s get in the risk-free. That definitely gets a lot of attention for sure.
So I want to give you guys a some inspiration and warning for doing any kind of no money down. Risk-Free stuff is first up. You have to be a very skilled and once you do have proven results or else you don’t want to risk your time with no money, no money down upfront, any kind of per percent splits like I, so before I used to do more, you know, traditional agency stuff like copywriting and funnels and all that and I would never do performance based marketing. It wasn’t until, you know, we started getting this crazy launch numbers on the board were so that, that a 180 k launch. I’ve got a funny story for you guys on that one. So I got approached by my friend, she was running her launch and she was not happy with her launch numbers. She was getting a few sales in, but normally it would be a lot higher.
So she said you know, Arnelle I want you to help on this launch. I know it’s kind of last minute, it’s down to the wire, but I really think you can come in and, and deliver some value for us, boost up these numbers. So I took a look, and this was a, a women’s personal style course. This wasn’t internet marketing, this wasn’t anything, I don’t know much about women’s personal style, let alone men’s personal style. But I ran this launch process and I went through and I set up a contract with her. We said, okay, if we get, you know, x amount of students, you’ll pay this amount. That means I didn’t do my job that well. And you know, that’s nothing special. And then we said, all right, if we get x to x amount of, of new students for you, that will be like my normal base rate.
If you just hired me out, right to write this, this copy for you and help you run the strategy. And then we had like a bonus, a offer. We said, okay, if we get more than 20 students in your program for this launch, then you know, we get a boost. We, you guys pay the the, the top dollar, you know, the bonus. And that 20 plus would have been I think it was like a 30 grand launch for her or something like that. Yeah, it was $1,500 price point and you know, we wanted at least 20 more and she ended up getting 120 people in and making on her 180 grand. So that was the time where I should have done percentage. I was, I was,
Who wants to do like 180 k launch? Right? Can I get like a 300 300 in the chat if you want to do 180 k lungs right now?
Yes. And, and so once you guys start to understand your skills and figure out who can really benefit from them the most, that’s when you can start doing more performance based marketing. Really invest your time and don’t do that if you’re struggling for cash. Cause guys like I’m taking on some of these people, I’m working with them for, you know, two to four months before I get a pay out and then it’s big. So if you’re hurting for cash, just charge retainers, get, get going. But you can move to performance based stuff later on. Alright, so let’s see. That was that was that post what else? What else do we want to get in?
You know, we can do who, who do you think gave the drop the best comment here. Let’s send them a swag bag. They trust you. I love your qualifiers. Roz said, Phillip said values qualifies and authority. Eric said laser targeted Derby said speaking to a very specific audience, pure said you have a, you have
Targeted your perfect client. You spoke to them and you already gave them numbers and scarcity. I’m going to go with PR right there. So PR can get swipe bag. Boom. and I want to retouch on that one real quick. Why do you guys think I picked that one? Let me know. So you have targeted your perfect client, you spoke to them and you gave them numbers and scarcity. So I used to be the kind of like everything agency, which I’m sure a lot of you guys might beat. We offer this, that and the third. And you don’t specialize, you don’t know your ideal client, you don’t have your workflows down and it sucks because you’re probably not making 10 k a month yet. But the more you skill up, the more you kind of figure out where you can fit and where your strengths really lie and who can benefit from them the most.
That is why that laser targeted posts got me very high quality people who is going to be creating a lot of profitable relationships with. So I’m, I want you guys to think on that too. There’s your exercise, how can you go one or two or three steps deeper on who you want to serve and also who you can charge more for what you have. So I’ve got another story for you guys on that one too. So I used to do a lot of email marketing for e-commerce. So I would run these campaigns, I would set up split tests, I would, you know, go in and do the tech and press the buttons and you know, do the abandoned cart stuff and I would only be charging these stores like a couple of hundred dollars for like, you know, decent sized campaign and put a lot of hours and a lot of research, a lot of writing.
And then I actually set up the text to do it only a few hundred bucks cause I was working with these stores that only had maybe a thousand, 3000, 5,000 people on their email list. So no matter how good I did, they couldn’t make that much money and still have these hot margins. And then one time I was using a to get some clients and I came across these people and I gave them a pitch and out of like 50 applicants, he hit me up and said, hey, you really stood out. I really liked your style. Let’s, let’s chat further. So I talked to him and I found out they had a store with 90,000 people on their email list. So I was like, I could literally just send out a link and say buy this and it would make a huge ROI.
So I decided to 10 x my rates for that client. And that changed my, my perception of value with my perception of pricing forever after that, once you have a shift like that and your business, you figure out who can really benefit the most from your talents and your skills, you will never fall backwards on that unless you are like seriously hurting for cash. You just keep looking for more of those types of people. So naturally my my clientele all improved, all started paying me more and helped me really scale up and get out of that, you know, hustle, struggle mode. So I want you guys to do that as well. So take a look at that and see who can really benefit from what you have the most and who you can charge a lot more for. The same exact thing.
Like that campaign was the same as the other ones. And just just also to kind of piggyback of what he’s saying. So a lot of these guys are also, they might not, they might be awesome salespeople, but they might not know how to actually fulfill in the back end. So like the stuff that he’s telling you guys just go out and create these posts. He’s going to show you some other posts that he’s done. But guys, you can to fulfill all those orders so we can actually out and we can send those Facebook ad campaigns to funnels into traffic and run remarketing campaigns and do the Google ads and do all that stuff. So you don’t need to have a full fulfillment team, you don’t need to have a full staff. You can simply just go lab to get the client, drop them in and you’re done.
That’s how simple we’re making it, right? So you can go ahead and continue. You know already. I know I don’t already have got a lot of cool stuff up his sleeves going to show you guys. All right. Some more, more posts, more important stuff in some smart, cool stories. Let’s Go pee. What else we got? So first up and if you guys found this lead Gen post helpful. Ah, let me get a yes in the comments. I want you guys to drop it in. If you guys are on the replay, hit pause, take a look back at this and see how you can recreate it for your own business. Because this will work. If you have targeted, people aren’t going to show up just so they can see it. One more time guys. So this is what it is.
All right, let’s see what else we got. Oh yeah, so here was a, a similar variation of, this was the second post where we got the rest of these, this was a shorter version. Just says, do you know anyone with a large audience that wants to create a six figure flagship online course in 2019 or increased current course sales? So this was speaking to friend of a friend. So if you know someone that is blank you know, we can tag them below and we’ve got a lot of people referring their friends. And so this doesn’t mean my reach is limited to my friends list. It means all of my friends list has a big networks. So I was tapping into all that with just the headline. So I said we’re reviewing some of the partner program applications this week. We’d love to see who else we can help crush this within six months or less.
So there’s also a good like hook and promise of, Hey, we want to make you a six figure course within the next six months to be like, Oh really? And then, you know, results drop again. Pass launch clients have done between 40 to 180 k in a week and built out a raving fan base that buys all of their stuff. Who doesn’t want that? You know, I screenshot this now. Yeah. Screenshot this now guys. We might put this one in the volts. Yeah, it might chop this up and put it in the vote. You will never see it again. A screenshot and now while you can screenshot it. All right. And then my line, that’s not specific to everybody else. Well, it’s performance based compensation. So we only make money if you make a lot more. Hit me up if you’re interested. You know, basic call to action.
And then he said so far, only about 20% of the applications will be invited to a call for next steps. We aren’t taking just anyone, only those in the position to win big with us with our support. Let me know. So that was also another exclusivity qualifier. Like really truly we’re getting a lot of these applications things. Mm. Yeah, no, they’re not ready to rock. Let’s, let’s get the best of the best in here. So people especially when you have more authority and more, more audience and more people coming in, you can be very serious about, you know, your screening and your applications. And it’s not just a tactic to get people to think you’re being legit, it’s you saving yourself from future headache of bad clients. So always keep that in mind. The more authority you have, the more audience you have, the more in depth and the more complicated you can.
Your application has a really good qualifier for who you want to work with. But if you’re more starting out, make it sure, make easier and make it simple for people to click through book and call with you and, and start, start working with you. So let me know what you thought about this post versus the other one. So this one had about half of the engagement as the other one. Why do you guys think that is, I’m curious about in the chat, drop it in the chat ride. Do you think that is, and also a piggyback, again, we’re off of what you just said about the whole authority thing. We had a whole, for those of you guys that were in episode eight yesterday with Ryan Stewman, Ryan Stewman jumped on for an hour and talk to you guys. How about how to actually go out and build authority and make power moves.
So tying this whole thing in like already just said, if you have power, right? If you have the authority, if you’re a a figure in your industry or in your space where people look up to and they listened to and they look for you for advice, when you start posting stuff like this, you start like 10 x and your results, right? So like go out and build that authority while you’re doing stuff like this. Go make those power moves. Right. And also a quick note on this one guys, a lot of people say, okay, or anybody, I haven’t been around as long as you, I don’t have a, you know, a bunch of people on my friends list and I have a bunch of followers. I don’t know how the big group, I don’t have big crazy results like you. What do I do? That’s okay.
You think I started with all this stuff too? I did the same thing everybody did, but I just did it kind of on accident. At first I started networking all of these, these different Facebook groups, chatting with people, showing up really being a part of the community. Not just doing it as a strategy but doing it. Cause I was really just doing it. I was building relationships with people in the space and you can go into any Facebook group in the world. You can go in there and you can start conversations, you can add comments, you can add value, you can add these people as friends and guess what? They’re going to start seeing everything you post. So I’m always be very aware of all the stuff you’re putting on your personal profile because I use this in tandem with my group, with my Chat Bot or of my ads.
It’s my email, all this stuff. And your, your personal profile is one of the best pieces of marketing real estate that you own. And it’s something that’s very longterm. So always think about that and think about what you’re posting and how that really portrays you and your brand. They’ll just share anybody else’s stuff all the time. Yeah. Are you guys seeing a pattern here? Because same thing yesterday we spoke about, right? Going out and building that authority, building that powerhouse and starting from zero going into actual Facebook groups. I was like one of the main topics yesterday in the conversation. I’m so happy you brought that up again, just to put like a stamp of approval. Like all the guests that keep coming on, they keep saying the same thing. Value, value, value. Go to the Facebook group, start posting, answer people’s questions, help them. They will go and become friends with you. Start building a network of people. Guys, I did the same thing as you. I had zero followers, right? You can go follow me on Chad Codility at a, at [inaudible] on Instagram. You can go frontal crest me guys on Facebook. Go follow my Facebook page. Chad, you there? He saved me with Arnie. What’s your, what’s your a profiles. If you want to go and you actually want to follow him too, you can go on. You can do that. That’s how you build authority, right? Do like this.
Build Authority, build power guys, and repeat and consistency. You guys cause like when, when I first kinda got on the online scene, I thought, all right, you know so I was selling agency services, I was brokering stuff kind of like a lot of you guys are, so I’d have other people fulfill this stuff and I would go out and the Palette. But I realized I didn’t have any reason to go online and have people looking at me and follow me. So I thought, all right, how can I build an audience? How can I build this this brand and this authority without having these big crazy results? Myself and I, when I decided to do was start a podcast. So I started a podcast and I started interviewing all these people and I boosted up this audience and I was getting all these amazing guests on.
I was getting more and more downloads and it just let me step into the space and show up with a bunch of value, even though it wasn’t directly for me, it was for my guests. But then later on I started learning more. I started doing more stuff with my business. And naturally that evolved into me making some offers, making some groups, and it just kind of skyrocketed from there. So honestly, one of the easiest ways to do it is by starting a podcast or starting a Facebook group and just start interviewing people in your space and it will catch traction. It will build and it will make it so much easier for you to have people paying attention to you and getting real value from what you do, even if you’re not super experienced. It 100% man. What’s going on deck then we just had deck to come in the building. Come on indexy let’s go. Let’s go and bring it in. Thanks. Become into gas, man. We get the GoPro. Well that’s about it. Well come on. You’re welcome on here. What’s going on in, in the building decks? He tell everybody a little bit about yourself and what you do. I help people love their podcast pretty much launch people’s podcasts, monthly production distribution and like get famous and if they want to find you, how can they find you Facebook back to there’s only like one of one. There’s only one Derek t in the world who’s going to type in Dax y one Dexy you will find him. It’s like I said podcast and he’s like, Yep, I’ll let you guys get back.
[Inaudible] All right, so let me know what you guys think so far about all that last chunk about building network, building a podcast group, whatever it is, and don’t get too overwhelmed guys, we’re going to show you guys a bunch of stuff that you guys can do today. I want you guys to pick like, like three things that you can do in the next week. And one big thing you can do out of the stream for today because we want to help the action takers. So let’s get into the next one. Let’s see what we got.
Do it. Let’s do it guys. Hold on. You know what? Wait, hold on. Don’t flip it yet. Don’t flip you. Let’s put right then. Boom guys, we need some love. If you are on social media, hit the like button. Hit the share button, tag your friends, tag your lovers, tag your family members, tag everybody you know. Let’s go guys, if you’re hearing this chat, if you’re in any chat in the world, jumping a 454 right now, let’s get me an army pumped up or we are not going to continue. We’re gonna take a little coffee break and we’re going to come back maybe in a half hour if we don’t get some love. Yeah, let’s go five 50 phone in the chat right now. Let’s go. All right, so, so far I showed you guys the two posts that generated a 55 high ticket leads turned into 35 applications or you know what? I’ve got another cool thing for you guys. This don’t have to be a gift for probably after the Stream, but I had this little swipe file of everybody who has ever said interested in any of those posts. I take them through the follow up sequence over Facebook messenger. That’s, I turned 55 comment leads into 35 long form application. It has a followup. If they said, yeah, I’m curious. Okay, cool. You know, can you fill out the app? Yeah, let’s do it. And then they don’t, we got to follow up for that no matter what situation.
It’s like a manual retargeting and it’s one on one and you can do this obviously without ads. This is like the comments to pm, the application to phone call to close. And I’ll, I’ll give you guys those those followup swipes as well. So we’ll make sure to put that in the description somewhere and we can drop it in. That’ll help you guys out a ton. I will, I’ll drop it in for those of you guys who are in the marketer’s mindset group would just, probably most of you, I’ll drop a link in there and then you can download those swipe files on it. We’ll give it to me after the show. Yep. That’d be a good one because a lot of times people fall off, they forget whatever, and one of them is just like I was really surprised at one of the responses of them.
It was just like something like, Hey I know you’re interested in this thing. Did you get a chance to fill it out yet? And they’re like, oh no, I’ll do that right now for like 70% of the people. So it’s not like they don’t want to work with you. It’s just they forgot. So I’m busy man. What do you, just a quick question cause I want to know too, cause I want to start doing this for dash clicks. So what are you doing? Are you running Facebook? Not even. You’re posting something like this, right? Yup. And then if they comment, are you, do you have like a mini chat bot that’s like automatically like on a comment, you’re manually sending them the links. Yep. Look, you don’t even need software guys just seem to bring it. That’s all you gotta do. Just go out and do it.
That’s how easy it is. Look, 30 people left a comment, which basically means Arnie went out and sent 30 people who link to fill out an application. It’s a no brainer guys. Even if you get five or 50% of the people that fill out the application, out of 30 people, that’s 15 more people than you have yesterday. And this was all what h how many, how long do you think it took you from the day you post it to get those 30 comments? Probably a day or two. That’s it. 24 to 48 hours guys. So how simple that is. Yup. 24 to 48 hours. All right, let’s continue. All right, so there’s those two. Let’s see, we’ve got a whole bunch of other different things in here. Alright, so this is a, this is a post style where I actually use this to get client leads from one of my team members.
So all of my members are amazing and they’re awesome and when they’re being extra amazing and awesome, I give them shout outs that’s directly pointed at landing them clients. So this is something you can do. If your, your clients are awesome too and they’re getting great results, you can ask them to post something like this. You can write it for them and have them post something like this. So what I did on this one is I had to make my team members service a big shiny object and make everybody understand how important it is. So this is my buddy j and he does my content distribution. So, you know, Gary v style taking a live stream, taking a post plastering and all over the place, putting it on a youtube podcast, Twitter, linkedin, all that stuff. He does that and he does an amazing job.
So I could just go on and say, hey, Jay is awesome. He’s distributing my content. It’s really cool. You should, you guys should hire him. And people be like, oh, okay. Or you can do a post like this where you really have to create a shiny object out of whatever it is that you’re doing. And this doesn’t have to be a shoutout post. You can create your own shiny object posts. So what I did here, as I said, digital marketing is changing fast. 20, 19 is going to blindside people who aren’t ready. So people would be like, Whoa, why, what’s going on? What’s happening in 2019 so, you know, catchy headline right there ad costs going up or Gannett reached getting tighter on almost all platforms. Too much noise for writing up on this coming soon. But for now, read this, you have to figure out how to stand out in a unique way.
And can I go to your audience how they want, not how you want to create a willing to produce content and market. So that was pre set up for the content distribution service. Cause it’s understanding that, oh just cause I like to do the live stream doesn’t mean everybody wants to watch a live stream. So I had to create it in different ways that other people like. So I’m the ability to listen to your audience, give them what they want and in the format platform they want, it’s going to be a key differentiator and people who are doing well online versus those who are thriving and building a longterm brand. So once again, and kind of building the case for why you have to be in different places. And now I start introducing the problem of it a little bit more. So I said, a lot of people are going to struggle with this and this is where some people are gonna identify with this.
I started telling the story of okay. I know I did. When I got to start online, I made a bunch of social media accounts, Twitter, Instagram, blog, podcast, Facebook group medium, and I was flopping around and getting no results. So there’s a lot of people probably doing something similar. They’re like, yeah, I’m kind of flopping around and getting no results. This sucks. I’m trying to be everywhere instead of focusing. That changed. And for the last two years I focused mostly on my group cause that’s all I had time for that little over 70 k members. But I knew I was missing out on these other channels. So once again, kind of creating that Fomo, creating that shiny object of what the opportunity is to come. So I’m going into 2019. It’s never been more important to diversify your social media, but I was stuck.
I knew the importance, but I had no bandwidth or skillsets to redistribute all the content I’ve created over time. So all you can you guys see how every single line of this is targeted to push people towards wanting the thing, you know hundreds of videos, thousands of posts, all sitting in folders and my, and my Facebook group, my timeline posting once not used again. What a waste. Right? And that right there is a qualifier for my buddy, age A’s ideal clients, very low, very low key one. So he wants to work with the influencers who have a lot of content and don’t redistribute. So if you don’t resonate with that line, if you don’t have a bunch of contents sitting around, you don’t care as much anymore. But that’s okay because that’s not who we’re talking to. So from there I say, so I knew it was time to step up and start getting on more social platforms.
I hired ages, my content manager. So this is the shift. This is the, here’s all the different problems, here’s all the different qualifiers, what I was going through, what I was feeling. And then this comes the solution time. So the solution was hiring AAJ relaunch the podcast with zero time for me. Just repurposing live streams, launch on youtube. Also zero time, get on Twitter and got over 150 leads. Now that’s over, I think 600 or 700 organic Twitter. Just stuff on repeat. It’s crazy. Get on linkedin daily, over 10,000 impressions. By now it’s like over 50,000 in the last couple of months. The media ROI has been at least five to 10 x. The longterm ROI will be even bigger. It’s amazing. Who’s that? Who’s that guy? I don’t want to create an academy. He’s doing here. What’s going on here? Who Uses Facebook? Anyways? What’s the sick?
I think this is the other, yeah, that’s it. Alright. Am I going too fast? All right, I’ll keep going. Go, go, go, go, go. Screenshots, people. Screenshots. Yes. There’s like a thing. There’s like this like too far. Here we go. Let’s see. Four things. Second, we swipe up our, we’ll get sneaky on your Facebook before maybe. Okay, cool. So I say immediate ROI, at least five to 10 x longterm ROI ROI will be even bigger. Cause that’s obviously the business owner’s main concern. Okay. If I hire a j is it going to be worth it? Yes, you have a good ROI. He’s been great. Learning how to repurpose things distribute it in a way that my audience enjoys. Also brings in leads and sales. We even built out processes for each piece of the streamline of revenue goal recipe. Now you know, 2019, this is a key strategy three strategy.
So you can do all this yourself. I have a team, I’m really learning this whole system or you can just hire a j who I trust with this entire process. What sounds easiest. So once again, all signs pointing to the best option is to just hire a j. So you guys can think about that for you and your offers too. You can lay out all the other alternatives of hey, you know, you could try and figure out your own marketing, but are you a marketer? You can try and you know, hire somebody overseas. But you really think they know what you’re doing. Or would you rather go with a seasoned professional who’s like dash x, Y and z like dash clicks and and you know, do that instead. So always think about how you can make your options the easiest, the best and the best looking, but don’t compete on price guys, cause that’s just a race to the bottom.
You want to compete on value and height and communicate what you do. So let’s see. Let’s see. So I said, okay, he’s opening up three more spaces for the service in January with pretty favorable rates for a three or six month contract to a no bullshit, any more than that new clients and he’d be overloaded. So a little bit of scarcity, also pre-framing on the deal that they’re going to be offered a three or six months contract favorable rates to, and then I said with my network, I’m pretty sure these spots will be gone by like tomorrow. So once again, urgency, getting people to speak up and, and get them speak up right now because if they don’t, they’re gonna miss out on, on a that. So if you’re an influencer with tons of content and to reach redistribute more and you’re ready for massive ani presence without the headache or time suck of doing yourself, do me a favor and leave a comment saying, hey, Jay, make me famous and he’ll hit you up with some details.
Honestly, you really can’t afford not to do it. And then I just added this little random picture of me and agents of friends at dinner and it’s just like, this guy runs my social media. Just, just an attention grabber. I found that in like two minutes. So I’m like, yeah, 47 Mikes 15 comments. And us since then, he’s been able to land at least five clients from conversations starting from this post. And that’s pretty crazy, right? So I’m always think about how you can make yourself to shiny objects and repeat that message over and over again. Why your thing is the best, you know, if you are, you know, selling chatbots. Why is chatbots so cool if you’re selling podcast stuff, why is podcasting so cool? What makes it different from all the other stuff out there? And not just competing with other people who are selling the same thing but beating all the other opportunities you guys have.
So you know, this stream where we’re talking about Facebook posts and how we showed all the cool different ways you guys can use this. There’s a million different ways to do it. We could make this about anything and we could make it shiny. We could make it interesting. We could make you want to do it and be a part of it. So what are you selling? How are you gonna make an interesting leave a comment guys, let me know. What’s the most interesting thing about your offer? Like make it so shiny that I wanted like message you right now and buy it. Let me hear you guys shop in the comments below. People drop it in the comments below us. Let’s hear it guys, if you can think of like what’s one, just one tiny little awesome fact about what you have itself.
If you can’t think about that, we can’t help you that much. You guys, you guys gotta show you guys. We’ve got [inaudible] so, so Carrie says, changing your story can increase your gross revenues. 65% 300% or even 800%. Is that what you’re looking for? Good. Daniel said as a beginner with no testimonials, what would be your shiny offer? That’s, that’s a good question. So I get that from some, from people sometime what you have to rely on there is not so much about your past results, but what’s going on in the industry, what’s going on in the space. So for example, like if I wanted to help people in, you know, something with, with a, you know, digital marketing or something like that, or Facebook, I could say, hey, guess what, there’s 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook right now. If you think your customers are not on there, you are crazy.
I can show you, you know, here’s 150,000 people in your area that fit your criteria of male 25 and 35. I’m also interested in fitness, whatever it is. And, and you can do these little demos to showing people like, Hey, I can get you in front of all these people. Like that’d be like for Facebook ads kind of pitch. You could do something like that. Like I would, I would probably make like a one pitch for like a certain area and then I would just hit up a bunch of of those target businesses. You do a little video say hey I’m, you know, I’m, I’m checking out some marketing right now. I see we have, you know, over 200,000 people that fit your criteria for, you know, a, a, a GM or whatever
It is. And I want to send them to you or some other gym owner like it. If you want that to be, you respond, let me know. Hit me up. Can I borrow it for one sec? Yeah. Get in there. Cause Cause Dave right now said, can I turn $1 into $5 or more with Facebook advertising? I get a lot, I get a lot of the same questions. So I’m gonna whip out the whiteboard costs. Can We go pee and pee real quick? $1 you want to turn that let’s say into five bucks, which means essentially you have like a five times ROI or whatever ROI or whatever the hell you want to call it. Essentially you can do this, but I think we’re a lot of people are misunderstanding is they think that they’re going to drop in this $1 and tomorrow they’re going to start making $5 and unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.
And we have a lot of people inside a dash clicks where they have clients and they drop in their clients and like Jesus, he these, I’m going to drop in $100 and tomorrow I’m going to have $1 million in my bank account and that’s going to happen. And then dance with dash clicks is all about no one. Fortunately it’s not because we are realistic people, right? So we need to set realistic expectations guys, and I’m going to go through that with you really quick on this white boy whiteboards Saturday tutorial, okay? So if you want to turn $1 into $5 you need to have a strategy, okay? You can’t just drop in a dollar and turn it into five. It doesn’t work like that, right? You need to figure out how valuable you can make this $1, okay? And not only that, which you need to do is set a budget.
So if your budget for yourself is $1,000 hairs per month, okay, what am I going to get out of that $1,000 what am I going to get out of it? They’re all looking at it because did Carlos, where are you going to hear that? The GoPro guys, what am I going to do with $1,000 does anybody know what I’m going to do? Drop in the chat, drop it in the chat. If you had a $1,000 right now in your bank account and you’re like, boom, I’m gonna start putting it into some advertising. What am I going to do with one cake? I’ll run some Facebook ads, right? That’d be nice. I’ll take my money and I’ll give it to mark Zuckerberg. Okay, but you need to have a strategy and you know what guys? It happens where a lot of the times you put in $1,000 when you make zero, it happens because all of you guys, you guys want instant results.
You want instant gratification. You want to put in $1,000 today and get back $1 million tomorrow. Unfortunately doesn’t work like that. Sometimes you need to put $1,000 and then have an actual bot with a sequence, right? One, two, three, four, five and all you guys, you’re like, I want to make my money right here. Unfortunately, you can’t make your money right there. Depends on what you’re selling, right? Maybe if it’s like e-commerce and you’re selling tee shirts and stuff like that, maybe you can make money like that. But a lot of you guys are like, even if you’re trying to sell the courses, not a lot of people are selling, right? They’re like, Geez, I’m gonna send somebody to my funnel. They don’t want to have video and pay me nine 97 for my course right now, probably not gonna happen. Probably Not gonna happen on an option funnel.
Two step opt in funnel, unrealistic, right? You need to get them on an email list, okay? Get send them value here. Value here, value here. Value here. Value here may be on one of these. They might convert, they might become a conversion on one of these, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to make that here. But what’s going to happen is you spent $1,000 and you gave that to mark Zuckerberg and now you have an email list because you’re getting $3 opt-ins and I don’t know how much that is. What’s three divided by a thousand? Somebody who’s a mathematician here. Three three, three is a 33 Oh come on. [inaudible] A thousand divided by three jar. But in the chat you get a swag bag. Go 333 derby. And I didn’t say anything cause you already had like 10 Juby. Okay? Juvie said 333 great guys, I spent a $1,000 okay. And I dropped 333 people into a sequence and now I’m sending them emails and I’m sending them chatbots. And under there they’re joining my Facebook group and look at all this value that I’m building for one kid and I really, what do I got to do? What do I gotta do here guys? How much am I selling my course for?
How much am I selling my course for nine 97 right? So for all of your core skies, nine 97 how many courses do I need to sell to make my thousand dollars back? Trick question. Who knows the answer? Drop it in the chat. One, I need one sale. But that one sale might not happen right away, but you’re going to have 333 people on your list and then you’re going to have a remarketing campaign that you’re going to run and you’re going to get $2 off dunes because maybe not out of the 500 people that visited 333 opt in, but 200 and something did it, but 100 and something, I’m not a mathematician. They’re going to be on your remarketing list. Right, and I’m sure you guys is because whether you’re selling courses or whether you’re selling funnels or whether you’re selling free consultations or whether you’re selling e-commerce or group funnels or dashboards or whatever it is that you’re selling, do not expect immediate results because that’s the way that you drive yourself out of the business because people are launching ads, they’re creating stuff, and then they run it for like two days and they spent like three months creating all this content and they press play like out and spent $4 you’re not, didn’t get any leads.
I’m shutting this off and I’d give up. That’s it. I’m done. I am done guys. Give it some time. Come up with a master plan. Give it some time. I want to throw that in there and let some of my energy out. I’ll let you continue, sir. All right. And let me know what you guys learned from that one too. Cause like that’s such an important concept. And not just paid advertising, but in social media stuff to where some of you guys, you might watch this train today, you’re going to go and you’re going to work on post. You’re going to post it up and then nobody’s going to respond. You’re not going to get any clients. You can say, man, Darren, you guys full of Shit you one time and I’m done. I’m done after the one.
Try it one time. It’s not gonna work. And you’re gonna wonder like, what’s wrong with it? Is it the post? Is it this? Is it that? Chances are you probably just haven’t posted enough. You might not have the right connections, but consistency is what you’re going to get you guys to cross the finish line. Okay. So if you’re building an audience and social media, no one’s going to pay attention to you for a while. That’s totally okay. Like I had four failed Facebook groups before I had the fifth one and blew that up to over 70 k members crashed and burned and wasted my time. I didn’t know what the Hell I was doing and I figured it out. I stuck with it. I committed, I showed up every day for my people. And you guys have to too. So I’m gonna show you guys some of these other posts.
Some cool ways that you guys can make some money and get some clients. Let’s see what else I got here. So we showed that one. All right. So I’ll just give you guys like real quick recap. I just wanted to give you guys quick lessons on, on some of this. We don’t have to go through this whole post, but what I, what I do in this post was I, I talked about some of my longer term goals and my vision and how you know, what I do really empowers leaders and, and helps them build community and all that stuff. So I don’t want you guys to not only share what’s cool about your personal life, what’s going on in your business, but I want you guys to share your vision because if you can get people to buy into your vision and remember that they’re never gonna forget you.
So make sure to always communicate that, you know, at least once every couple of weeks go live, talk about your mission, talk about your vision, and your people will create an even deeper connection with what you have to say, where you’re going, and they will want to support you. That vision, I got so much support off of this post opened up a whole new network because, you know, right now I do Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. My program called in groups for profit, but I have a big goal to move a lot of my digital marketing experience and do that in the nonprofit space. So I let everybody know about that for the first time and be like, that’s awesome. You should totally do that. I got all these connections for you. I got this, I got that. And it just opened up the doors for me like crazy.
So I want you guys to think about how you can share your vision and it’s just so cool how once you have a supportive network, they’re gonna go out of their way to make sure that they are helping you because you’ve always been helping them. So once again, I was always value first and you’ll be good to go. So there’s another action step for some of you guys today. Share your vision. Let everybody know. All right, what else we got here? Another one, one thing I want to say, going back to exactly what you just said, just to kind of piggyback off of that, I’m doing a lot of piggybacking today.
What’s one thing that you can do is, one thing that I’ve been experiencing on my personal page is I’ll go out sometimes and I’ll post stuff about dash clicks. I’ll post like, hey come watch this webinar or we’re doing a webinar and I’ll get like 30 50 people commenting and maybe like 50 or a hundred likes, right? And then I’ll post a picture, cute little picture of me and my daughter and I’ll get like 300 likes and like 50 shares and like people are fricking tagging Barack Obama and like they’re like, oh my God. Right? So it’s like, that’s what I’m saying like get into the mindset of a lot of people are scared to be emotional and like actually show what they’re like, they’re, they’re like locking in their brain and they don’t want to say seeing things sometime when we spoke about this yesterday too, because you’re scared of what other people might think of you, right?
The best thing that you can do in life is not care what anybody else thinks about you and just post because shit like this, like this is already speaking from the heart and he’s talking about what’s going on in his life. People are connecting to him, and what happens is when somebody connects you, they’d start buying from you and they start listening to you and they start liking and engaging with you. Just like most of you guys do with me. I know a lot of you guys follow me on Facebook. You see the posts that I post, right? It’s not like random stupid shit like, hey, you want to do a free consultation with me tomorrow night at Shenanigans? No, it’s not. It’s it’s like, hey, here’s a picture of me and my daughter. I’m not selling you anything, right? But I have 300 eyeballs on me in the next post that I do about.
A webinar is going to get engagement, right? So when you’re building up your social media pages, your groups, your personal pages, your business pages, whatever it is, put personality into it, put a little personal touch. Don’t do that. Like there’s so many people that like they have like even websites, they have a website, there is nowhere about them who owns a company. What they do is just strictly like a website, right? Same thing with like their business page posting like generic shit all day of like a garner computer. It’s like we want to do a free consultation with me. No Po get up and like put a video and say why you should do a free consultation with me. Right. Get personal guys. If you guys are feeling that in any way, can we drop like a three 91 in the chat right now? Thank you drew ruby. Appreciate it. Juicy chat has the hottest content. Why? Thank you sir. Three 91 three 91. Judy said three 91. Chris. Whoa, you’re Joey. Eric, Daniel, Dan, Angel. Let’s go. People come. You guys want to see some more there? Show them some more. They’re way shaking. You were shaking. You want to see some air on. You want to show them a little bit more than that.
Let’s see some more guys. So this is the type of post that will immediately separate you from a lot of the other people out there. So this is where you call out common mistakes, common errors, common malpractices in your industry. And so this happened, I saw somebody post up in the Facebook group and say, how do I grow a Facebook group? And one of the marketing groups I’m in. And I saw all of this terrible advice and the comments of just worse strategies people could possibly share. And I felt bad for that original poster and every single person reading that thinking it was good advice. So I had to come in there and and set them straight and I had to show a ton of value and show them I was the real deal. So you guys can do this at any point in Facebook groups, right?
So what you wanna do is you want to find at least five groups in your industry that had at least 5,000 people in them. Have those in your sidebar, in your places. You can go and visit. And what you wanna do is number one, you can turn on notifications. Number two, you can search in the group. Number three, you can go in there, post your own valuable stuff. But well, how I did it with this one was I saw all of these bad suggestions and I came in and I, and I left this comment. I said, oh my God, this is all bad device. Thanks for tagging me. Please don’t buy a fake members hijack members by spending your videos or take over page and rebrand everything. That was some of the advice to, to grow group is it was terrible.
So what I did instead was I gave them two options, said, oh, here’s the best way to grow group with that. Here’s the best way to grow a group without at screenshot people is yes. Screenshot, screenshot one. Now. Yes. So I literally wrote like the how to guide. Like I basically compress my whole, you know, group growth, cheat sheet pdf into a comment and I just gave them all of that stuff. So why would I take the time to do all this? Number one, I really didn’t want people falling that bad advice. Number two, I wanted to look good and set them straight. So if you can go in and you can show off the, you know what you’re talking about people are gonna trust you a lot more. They’re going to be like, oh, I wonder what that guy has gone on.
They’re going to go click on my profile. They’re going to Oh, stumble into my webinar link on my profile, maybe buy my stuff. Who knows? But if I never did that, I wouldn’t have showed up. And you guys can show up like that. AI will take you a couple of minutes to engage in groups and a and get everything going. So let’s see, where else did I stay here? I even talked about engagement and then at the end I said, this is what I used to grow my group over 70,000 members, good luck and I at Arnie myself to drop the money. That’s where he dropped the mic, right where I dropped in the last sentence. The Mike was dropping. Yeah. So that’s another funny way you can make call to actions while staying within the group rules. If you at yourself, you tag your own name at the end of a comment or at the end of the post creating a back link to your profile.
And that’s not really spammy, right. You know, I don’t think so. And I’m pretty tight on span in my group. So if you take your own name and the post, awesome. So I took this post, I added all that value and I showed people how to do all that stuff, but I made it clear gap right here. I said, all right, I want us to learn where the money is at with this. If you want to see how created a six figure income, not just revenue profits from my Facebook group, I put together a free training covering it, blah, blah, blah. I cover this, that, and the third. And so I just took that inspiration from me leaving that comment on that post and I turned it into a post to generate leads for my webinar. And I, I’m going to give you guys another none of the trick right now.
What I did at first was I said, leave a comment and I got a whole ton of comments piling up, piling up, piling up, and then after you go in and respond to everybody and get your comments and your links sent out, you can change it to just adding a link. So the more comments you get at first, the more reach your posts will get entirely. I’m sure you guys have seen tons of posts like this and it works very well. So later when you’re all done responding to people, you’re all done with that post. Just swap it out for a link and then people will run into it later and you’ll be good to go. So that worked out well, people like that. And you know, I got a good amount of, of leads and traffic from just that one post and I showed up as an authority to all those other people see me in that group.
So make sure you guys are showing up in other groups. I’m showing off what you know and really proving your expertise because if you don’t, you’re going to have issues and people aren’t going to trust you as much. So that’s gonna that’s gonna be a challenge for you guys as well. So if this was helpful, let me know what you guys learned from this one. Let me know what you took away. Cause I know we’re talking a lot about different things that are theory but also practice. So, you know, going into groups, showing stuff off in the comments or letting everybody know you’re the real deal. But also these types of posts where you have to be strategic about how you’re showing up and being very consistent as well. So anything to add to that one? Yeah. I’m going to piggyback off of what that I am going to say something.
So I just want to ask a question. So a lot of these, like these are like application style stuff. These are stuff where you’re like, you’re getting people from just knowledge, pure knowledge, and you’re getting them to work with you, right? What would be a good thing, and I know a lot of these guys have a very similar question. What’s a good fee to charge for like building like a funnel or Facebook ads or like building the things that may be chat bots and stuff like that. Like what’s a good fee that you would charge to somebody who’s maybe just starting out, picking up their first client or their first handful of clients? What’s a good retainer fee that they should be charging? I would say really go for no less than a thousand dollars. And that’s like really just starting out. The more you can get going, the more you’ll start to figure out who can really value who can see the most value in what you had to offer.
And that should be going up consistently. Hey, like if your rates have been stuck at the same place for even three months, you’re not trying hard enough to find better clients. You might be in your comfort zone, you might be making a few grand. You might be at that five to 10 k range where you’re making more than you’ve ever made in a job and you start sitting back. I don’t want you guys to do that. I mean, Hey, if you want to do that, if you just want to have a lifestyle business, make five to 10 grand and sit pretty and chill, run some agency clients, awesome. But if you guys want to keep that going and beat that and hit that 10 k 20 k 50 k a hundred k plus mark, you’re going to have to stay a little bit more dedicated and not get comfortable with that five to k, five to 10 k mark.
You gonna have to raise your rates, become more confident and just keep kicking ass. Yup. Guys, let me, I’m going to do a little experiment here. Who wants me and Arnie both together to run their ads for them and build a funnel for them. Who would like that? Can you drop the 300 and the check? If you all, both of us to solely dedicate us building ads for you? Great. Now we’re going to charge you five grand a month to build those ads. Now, who wants to pay five grand a month to us? Can you go up a 400 in the chat below if you would pay me in [inaudible] to build your ads, build your funnels with all the knowledge we know, 400 tributes says yes. Chris says, yes, 400 phone says yes. Don’t worry, we’re not actually building out to see Ron, to add on the spot guys. And the reason why most of you said yes to that, and you didn’t even double think it, you just dropped a 400 is because we’re up here and we’re the authority where it’s showing you guys we’ve provided the value to you, right? So that’s the psychology that you need to think about when you’re going out to your audience, right? Make them think in that mindset where you can give and you can charge more. You don’t have to charge 1000 bucks a month. You should in the beginning, right? Start building up your pipeline setup, start building up your case studies, you know, all that other crap that you guys want to build up and then be the authority in charge, whatever you want to charge. Right. So that’s a little test that I had. I just wanted to sell it to see if anybody would bite on that. Yeah, other you dropped the 400 should’ve spelt the DMF Jack. I’m just kidding. We’re not running ads for you. We don’t have time. I know we had a bunch of other cool stuff. I also know you have your Google doc open there so we can go through any of that.
So let’s see what else we got. All right, let’s see what we, we kicked it off with that one. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna run you guys through a real quick experiment I did real quick. And so I was in my private student group for my course and we do like a weekly group coaching session on something. And so my buddy Jay he saw how I was setting up my pipeline tracking of how I get people in to the top of the funnel, push them through, track it, keep you know, tabs on everything. And what I did was I decided that I wanted to do a a workshop on it. I hosted that in the student group and then I, I had the workshop I showed everybody how to set it up. I showed them some steps they could do and then I was like, you know what?
That was insanely valuable. You know, if somebody has a service based business or their coach and they use this, they’re going to get a lot more clients if they actually pay attention and put it to use. So I decided to sell it and I put the workshop together. I was like, all right, I’m going to sell it for 97 bucks. I’m going to get this going. And then I was just kinda sitting on my couch butts and launched this funnel and I was like, you know what? I really don’t care enough to make this an actual product. I just want to see if people want it. I don’t care. I’m not going to put it in a member’s area. I’m not going to charge 97 bucks for it. I did something interesting. So I put this post together. And basically what I did was I gave it a good headline, said double your sales in 60 days.
If you’re a coach, consultant, service provider, woman, I tell you next we’ll make you a lot of money. No exaggeration, listen up. Not a bad headline, right? That’d be like, all right, well let’s at least hear what this post has to say. Biggest problem, everyone says they want more clients. So there’s two sides getting more leads and better pipeline tracking. Step one is everybody’s train of thought book more calls, do this, do this, do that. Step two is the most neglected. So right here is where I’m getting somebody to, to feel that their mind was doing number one, but they should be doing number two. So this is where I was positioning where people are missing out. So you can use this style of the, in a lot of things, you can talk about your industry, you can talk about what your prospects are doing and how they should be doing this other thing that could immediately you help them with.
So step two is the most neglected piece. This is the advice you hate to hear, but need to hear most. If you want more clients, you don’t need another distraction. You need to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So basically I just made the importance of the pipeline tracking the followup made that the shiny object again. So with all of this, I started sharing some of those results like I shared with you guys, you know, 53 leads turning into 31 apps. This doesn’t happen normally. Want to know how I did it with just a few of these posts. I then I said, all right, so I decided to, you know, host this workshop and I put it in my, in my course, I decided to sell it for 97 worth thousands, honestly views it. Then I decided to, you know what, I’m just going to let people pay whatever they want to access.
It could be a dollar, it could be a thousand, could be the rational 97 suggested price. I don’t care. I want you to watch and implement it and step your game up forever. So here’s the Dealio, I’m offering this on a pay what you want, basis, here’s how it works. And at first the Post said, leave a comment and say pipeline hacks. And so I had all these people calling so I could boost the reach. And then later I edited it to say, you click on this link, Gimmicky. You put any amount in there you come at done and then you email support it already. You can see that. Or with your receipt, I send you the workshop recording and action steps so you can double yourself and 60 days with the leads you’re already getting. So that’s also a pretty good promise, right?
So anything you put out there, any kind of marketing material, you want to make a promise. So I made that promise at the top with the headline and then I made that promise at the bottom again. And I just put together, I googled pipeline and I put a little texts over. That’s, that’s as simple as it gets, right? It took me 12 seconds. So that was my pitch. That was my offer. And I s a little risk reversal. I say, if you don’t find it valuable, I’ll refund you whatever you sent me. No questions asked, but I know you will. So there’s really no risk. Anyways. What do you, what do you say? You n let me know? And that ended up making me like a thousand dollars in sales, like within just a couple of days off of the lazy Facebook posts. One Post, one post, and you guys can learn a few things from this.
Number one, you can do a pay what you want. Offer. Number two, think of how I’m positioning the shiny objects. Again, number three, think of how I’m just making a very simple post. Again, like I told you guys, simple posts is a really great way to get some traction, get some stuff going and I bet you guys can launch a workshop like this. Like if you want to, you want to pay your rent next month, you can pay your rent with a pay what you want posts and put out some great content to your audience. That sound good. If you guys are like scarcely wanted to do a post like that, I want to hear from you guys below comment and pay what you want and I expect you guys to be posting one of these within the next week. The first one who does that? I’m going to go ahead and review your posts and give you some feedback and help you guys make sure you actually making some more money on that. So we’re going to jump into this right now. Just start posting.
I don’t want you out of the check. Pay What you want on the chat. Drop it in the chat. Yep. Go, go, go, go, go. We got also something special for you. I don’t even know what it is. All these got a Google docs. Yeah, we got open here that we haven’t even showed you yet. Plus I got some cool stuff that I’m going to give you after. I don’t know what it is either, but I’m going to make it up as we go.

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