The Sales Agency Plans On Going From $1.2M to $10M In 12-Months
Chad Kodary
Sep 25th, 2020 at 01:00 PM

The Sales Agency Plans On Going From $1.2M to $10M In 12-Months


Robb Quinn, CEO and founder of The Sales Agency explains how plans on going from $1.2M to $10M in annual revenue, with predictability down to the dollar.

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Here are some questions that the video had covered:

00:16 How does The Sales Agency work?

00:53 How many team members do you currently have?

02:53 How many active clients are you servicing right now?

05:09 What’s your actual value ladder look like?

11:21 What does your sales process look like?

17:08 How much revenue has The Sales Agency generated in the last 12 months?

20:45 What’s the number one tip that you can give to any new business owner that will save years of their time?

21:24 What’s your favorite software tool?


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One what’s going on. Everybody. We have the famous Robb Quinn from The Sales Agency coming all the way from Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Rob, what is it that you actually do? And how does your company generate revenue?

My man, so we are completely sales focused. We’re here to build better sales teams for agency owners leveraging traditional selling to create a week salesmanship. This is all we do for agency owners. So freaking live and bleed the sales process.

I love it. And who’s your, who’s your ideal customer avatar or specific niche or are you purely going after agencies or are you also work with other companies to break that down for me really

Over the last two and a half years has been just agencies. Whether that be in any space online from marketing to finance, to fitness, SAAS, et cetera.

Love it, man. And, and how many team members do you currently have on your team and just give me a quick breakdown of what they do and kind of who they are.

Yeah, so we have 13 team members. The core team members are going to be like our sales team. So we have sales, we have, we have three people on the sales closing. They also do some of their own prospecting, but then we have a full time setter. And then a part time setter,

People are closing for your company. Obviously, they’re closed leads that are coming in for the sales agency, right? Correct. Yeah. So you got one prospect or three salespeople and then what else you got?

So we have a director of people strategy, who she handles, basically hiring, firing, recruiting culture assets for the team. Me, we have a marketing manager who, he’s the one that manages a few of the other VA’s that deal with copywriting funnel building anything from the marketing perspective, they deal with like our YouTube SEO blogs. Then we have a separate media buyer who they just, you know, buy

That’s all they buy ads all day. Right.

So there’s them. Our graphic designer would fall under that team with our marketing manager and that’s our main team, the people that meet for like strategy and mind stuff, marketing manager, operations manager people strategy and,

And, and I’ve, I’ve known you for a while. And for the viewers and listeners out there, I know I keep telling the story, but we essentially launched dash clicks in Rob Quinn’s group, which is always a fun story to tell man. So we’ve known each other now for a couple of years, I think it’s been about two years or so. We’ve spoken at events together. We we’ve, we’ve hung out in different borderline States I’ll call it because he brought me through a mastermind and I wasn’t sure exactly where I was. We were aligned to different States that are still unsure about it. Topic is still confusing for me. But so how many, how many clients are you currently servicing right now? How many active people are in your program?

92. I love that

Man. And these are people, obviously this is a higher ticket program, right? So people come in really quick. Let’s just say, I want to join your program, walk me through the pricing model. How much does it cost to actually work with you?

So at the time of you guys listening to this, it’s only $5,000 for it’s a three month program. So we have a $30,000, 12 month program, a little bit more intimate access with us and one-on-one, but essentially you get onboarded and we take you through a few different steps. We do a survey cause we don’t know where you’re at. We actually survey people four times over three months. So yeah, then we do an actual onboarding call to make sure, you know, what’s up in the membership area, but more importantly, what to stay away from

Got you. And this is purely sales training,

Just all sales. Now it’s a sale. We, yeah, so it’s a sales system. So we do prospecting. We show people also how to set up like a liquidation funnel because you know, it’s a little bit lower risk if you put the right way. And then client retention and upselling

Dive into that here in the next couple of questions coming up. Right now, if you can put together your entire list, your email list, your, your followers on social media, your YouTube subscribers your chat bot, subscribers, whatever it is, if you can put all those people together, how large do you think your actual audiences? So if you have a message that you want to say and you want to fire out that message, how many people are you going to hit with that message?

I don’t know the difference in the unique cause there’s some crossover, but the total number, if you add them together is around 40,000. So

That’s awesome. So if you got, you have something to say, you’re shooting out a message to 40,000 people. That’s like filling up a freaking football arena of people who are just going to open up Rob’s email or open up Rob’s chat bot. I love that. Okay. That sounds sexy. Talk to me. Look, we’re in 2020. Now, talk to me about what everybody knows is the value ladder. Okay. do you have any like trip wires that lead into other programs and offers, break that down very quickly for me what your actual value ladder looks like?

Yep. So I won’t get into what we’re working on now. Just what we’re currently using. Yeah. Let’s do that. So we do have a trip wire it’s 27 bucks. Okay. Did your trip wire itself has an average cart value of $54 because of our upsells and down sells. When people come into that, we call them and we do a customer service approach and we booked them on a call. That call is geared to get them to invest in our $5,000 program.

I want to take one step back. I want to peel the onion back a little bit. Let’s just go one step back. And you might not, you might know this, you might not off the top of your head, but let’s say you get a hundred people that buy that $27 out of those hundred people. How many people actually jump on that call with you? Because I know it’s hard to get people to dedicate their time to book a call.

So we actually track that and we have 50% of those people that come in from our buyer leads that actually hop on a call,

Which has high. Do they know that they’re coming on to a call where they’re obviously going to get pitched to a higher end product? Cause we all do the same stuff. They’re very similar style stuff. Do they know that? Or is it more of like a, like a breakthrough call where they’re, you know, you’re gonna help them, you know, find some stuff wrong with their agency and then, you know, maybe give them the offer if it’s a good fit. Yeah. So that’s a really great question. Cause everybody does triaged falls. We actually do do a triage call and we convert the customer service call to make sure they receive the product. And we convert that to a triage call on the same call. Okay. So we transitioned it over. And our last question on that is always, so would it be okay if at the end of this call, if you ask us to want to buy something else, can we make you an offer?

We ask, ask him for the permission. Yeah, I got you. Okay, cool. Keep going with your metrics. Let’s just say you have a 50% call rate out of those 50% of the people. How many actually take you up on your higher level program, which I’m assuming is the next step up in your value ladder right after the $27 purchase. What’s that? What’s the next price died. Five K five K five K three month program. And how many of those 50 people that take the call actually close around 20% or so. And that’s great for high ticket.

Okay, good. The salesman knows his numbers. Hey, you pass the test. Rob, if I can ask you, what was the biggest needle mover in your business and I’m talking about the one thing that generated you the most though, the most cash. What was the one thing that you did that you did in the entire history of your business and the sales agency that made you the most money as a solo preneur, it was identifying my offer and positioning it in a way that was easy to buy from my ideal client. So as a solopreneur, it was that I loved that because most people come on, you know, they’d be like, Oh, we started running Facebook ads, right? Or they’ll say something generic like that. But basically you’re seeing it. It has something to do with your process, right? You actually change your process. You’ve crafted a better offer.

And you found a way to present that offer in a unique fashion to your clients, which made it irresistible and sexy. Exactly. Yeah. Do Facebook ads actually broke our business. We scaled from 21,000 to 115,000 per month in three months. And it like broke us. And then we had like step back and I had to challenge the team to be like, how good do you know the fundamentals? So I shut the ads off and challenged us to hit 150 grand and collected without ads. And it’s like, show me, you know, the fundamentals and what are you doing right now to start conversations? I mean, we’ve dabbled into Facebook ads and obviously you’re running that, but what are you doing? We’re businesses. We need to have daily incoming leads for our sales team. You’ve got three salespeople, right? What are you to fill up their pipelines every single day?

Definitely. So, Oh, real quick. Not the super backpedal, but the biggest thing that made the change, only a company with an actual team cause different than being the solopreneur

Help, we call that help in the real world.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s transparency. If you aren’t tracking all the metrics and then identifying where your revenue’s coming from, then that’s the biggest myths. Love it, man. So anyway, what we’re doing right now is we’re going heavy on DMS. So we’re making sure that we have the right type of messaging. So like today for example we have projected 17 self agenda appointments through organic amongst the team, which a lot of people might be like, hold on, wait, is that 17 for the week or for the day as like, we’re going to generate 17 new meetings today.

Now look, I want to, once again, I want to peel the onion back on that too. So when you say DMS, are you saying, Hey, somebody joins my Facebook group as an example, I go and I send them a direct message using this template. Right. and that’s, what’s basically saying, Hey, jump on a call with me. Is that the process that you buy when you say?

Yeah. So if it’s personal page, Facebook group, LinkedIn, I’m going into other Facebook groups. Methods. Yeah. Good damn strategy. Love it. Awesome.

What was, what was the most, and probably the best successful automation that you’ve created. I know you’re big into like the whole flywheel and all that other stuff that you do out of all that stuff. You could strip everything. If you could take the sexiest automation that you’ve ever created,

What would it be? I’m biased now. It’s the liquidation bottle. Okay.

32Nd elevator pitch. What is it? Liquidation funnel for the viewers that don’t understand what that

It’s a sales funnel that sells a small ticket item to allow you to offset your ad cost. Yep.

And that’s why people do for those of you listening for those of you guys listening. That’s why you’ll see a lot of people in our space doing like a $17 $27 $49 offer. Essentially what they’re doing is like, what Rob is saying is to basically come break even on their ad costs. And once you start running ads, you start knowing what those numbers are. You can even bring up and down your price to essentially self liquid,

Your leads and your leads

Generation, which is amazing too. What CRM are you using right now to track all these leads and everything that’s coming in a go high level. Okay, awesome. And what is your sales process look like? So once you actually get people into your CRM, once you actually start talking to people are you jumping on a zoom? Well, not you, but your sales team, are they jumping on a zoom call or are they doing screen shows? What does that look like? Break that down for me. What’s the time.

Yeah. So it starts with the triage which is essentially a fancy word for discovery ball. How long is that though? About 15 minutes or less.

You’re the first call you’re scheduling is a 15 minute call. Are you using like Calendly or something like that? We use schedule once schedule once. Okay, cool. I used to schedule that’s awesome. So your schedule once 15 minute call sending them their sales rep jumps on a call, kind of figures out. If it’s a good fit, then schedules another call to do a full blown demo of the five K program. Right. And I’m assuming that call is 30 minutes 30 minutes to an hour, but actually the schedule ones and the triage, we actually have a video that goes out that we refer to the transfer of trust, which allows them to know exactly what we do. And if they’re not going to be talking to the owner, they’re talking to a member of the team and then it breaks down like the steps that we have in the sales system.

So it allows them to identify what they’re not doing. Is it like almost like a pre-frame video? What’d you call it that it’s like a pre frame, it’s like a VSL, but more of a homework based VSL. So you feel that that increases your, your show up rate. And I want to know that too also, cause w you know, obviously, you know, we have a program too, that we do very similar stuff. You know, similar style, different things, but similar as far as like the process that we take which is always nice to hear everybody’s strategy. Cause I think it’s really cool what you guys and other people are doing. You know, out of those, out of those calls that you actually schedule, let’s say let’s go back peddle, right. To those 50 calls. Right? How many, you said 50% of those people show up to the second goal or 50% of the people showing up to the first goal?

No, no. So we have a much higher number X look at our sheets, but at somewhere like 80, 85% show up to the triage. Okay. And then we have about a 40%, no show rate. So 60% show rate on the actual sales call. That’s, that’s pretty, that’s very close to what we have to, we have about, we have about a 60 to 70% show up rate on our dash elite goals. So right near to right, right around the same pace. I love it, man. Okay, cool. And then it’s, I’m assuming so 30 to a one hour phone call and are they doing a screen share? Are they talking payment arrangements? What are we doing during that call? All the above minus the actual screen share. We don’t do that as much. We don’t screen share anything. And we typically don’t have video. So we’ll video.

Nope. So the reason behind that though, cause I actually am an advocate of using video. I actually tell our sales team to turn your video, make sure your freaking video is on when you’re on a call. What’s the reason behind that. I want to know real, no psychology behind it. We’ll accommodate the buyer. So if their cameras on our cameras on, I got you. Okay. But it’s not like something where you’re telling yourselves people like don’t turn on your camera. Never turn your camera. Is it because your salespeople are not good looking, we only hire, we hire anybody. You don’t want to decrease your sales. Alright, cool. Look, we know that a bunch of people come into the funnel, but not everyone buys. Right. Right. Okay. So let’s talk, you said you had a 20% conversion rate of people buying your program. What do you do with the other 80% of the people? So that’s where things get nasty. Nasty. Rob means sexy. Very sexy.

The viewers are aware. Yes. So anyway, Wiki that, so anyway, so I have a little bit of an econ background when it comes to running ads, whatnot. So our liquidation funnels set up like an eCommerce funnel. So if they opt in, but don’t buy,

Tell me you’re hitting them with an abandoned cart. My brother, is that what you’re doing? Oh my God. Keep going.

Oh yeah. So if they opt in, but don’t buy to the $27 offer, we hit them with an email that says, we saw you abandoned it. Do you want to buy it for this price? Instead, what’s up with 17, 17. So you know, so that they go there and then if they don’t buy the upsell at 67 may say, no, they don’t want it. It sends it to a page that says, well, do you want it for this price? Instead, I love that. And then if they do buy it, it sends it to the down, sell at the normal price. They say, I don’t want the down sell. It says, do you want it for this price? Instead?

You know, it’s funny that we had a very similar, we have, we have a program that’s called proven prospecting systems, right? It’s a 17, $17 program. You go into the program, then there is an uptown, this is stupid of me telling them the whole backend of the funnel for the people who might actually go buy it. Cause now they’re going to get all the frequent discounts, but whatever, we’ll talk about it for educational purposes, right? When you buy a $17 product and then we hit you with the next step up, which is our irresistible sales formula is another sales training. Right. and that’s $97. And then if you, if you don’t buy that, we bring you, if you do, or you don’t buy that, we bring it to another office is three, three separate offers, which is our dash accelerator program. Dash accelerator programs three 97.

If you’re like, no, I don’t want it. Take me to the checkout page. Next one, we downsize you again to two 97. No, I don’t want it. We down. So you, again, to one 97 on the dash accelerator, you guys, you guys would not believe how many people actually start taking you up on these down sell offers because it’s like so sweet, so good that you don’t want to let it go. So I love that, man. Rob, how much, how much revenue have you? I know you’re big on numbers, man. And I see the screenshots on Facebook and I heart every single one of them with a Jiff. That’s the little famous Jeff, because I know that’s our little thing that we have together. But how much revenue has, has your company? The sales agency generated in the last 12 months.

We’re sitting at the last, Oh, so including last year? Not just this year.

Just let’s say last 12 months, pushback. 12 months. How much roughly, give me a rough number.

I think we’re at like 1.1.

Okay. Seven figure Mark, ladies and gentlemen figures over seven figures with a team of 13 people. Okay. You write in lean brother. You are riding Lena. That’s phenomenal. Okay. Where do you see yourself at fast forward? 12 months from today. Because I know you’re a forecast guy. Where do you see yourself? Fat in 12 months from today.

Yeah. So in 12, I know this doesn’t answer that question exactly. But our goal is $10 million and sold revenue by the end of 2021

2021. So you got a year and a couple of months essentially. So you’re saying you’re going to go from 1.1. Let’s just say you close out. What do you think you’ll close the year out with this.

What are your we’re projecting? 1.2.

Okay. So you’re going to go from 1.2 and then next year you go from 1.2 to 10 million.

So how we’re doing that? A couple things. So you have to have the stuff laid out guys, if you’re going to make freaking jumps like that. But the way that’s going to work is we’re increasing the price of our core programs. That’s, you know, by the time you’re watching this, it may not be that anymore. It’ll be like 10,000 where to increase the price of our elite program, which you heard is 30,000. So it won’t be that anymore. We going to have merge, which is going to be sold on our podcasts, which we’re on a podcast now, but we still on our podcasts and YouTube. Cause we drive a lot of organic traffic through that and we’ll be wearing the merge and every video. What’s your podcast called? Sales truth,

Sales truth, guys, for those of you guys who want to watch it, I’m assuming it’s an iTunes, Spotify, all that good stuff.

By the time people watch this, it will probably be on there. Alright, good. Alright. So there’s going to be the merge. There’s going to be a reoccurring product, which will be on the back end of all of our low ticket liquidation funnels. So we’re going to have that and we’ll sell it separately. So that’s going to be a $97 product. We actually have all the numbers listed out. I’ll have them pull up in front of me. Like how many, when you sell of each thing in order to hit $10 million in collected revenue.

I know in real forecasting, based on historical data. Yes. Yeah. And you know, see, this is, this is a smart salesman, okay. This is a smart businessman and an entrepreneur because you know exactly how much it costs you to get certain amount of results. And what’s, you’re essentially doing is you’re amplifying the revenue or that you’re amplifying the money that you’re putting back into the business. You’re increasing your expenses, which most people get scared to do. Okay? You are increasing your expenses. You’re saying, Hey, instead of spending 50 K a month in ads, we’re going to spend 300 K a month because we know that if we do, this is a result that we can most likely get knocked. Right? So you know your numbers because you have the historical data. I think where most people fail is they don’t have any historical data. They’re running around with their heads off.

They’re not using a CRM. They’re using the Excel. They’re, they’re trying, they have zero numbers on metrics of their closing metrics, on the shelf rates on things like that. Guys, if you guys do not have those numbers and you need to go back to school or you need to take a course or something like that. Okay. Truthful with you. Yeah. I wish it just being me being truthful. Okay. Rob, if you can give one piece of advice to people who are now new people, new entrepreneurs in the space who are coming in and starting their business. And you can go back to the day where you started your business. What would be the one piece of advice you could give somebody to shave years off their life to save them the most time.

If people are just out, my advice to you is to get one thing to sell, to not overthink it. And don’t add anything to it. And your, the process basically in one offer. Yep. So let’s say you’re in digital marketing, like sell one thing. If it’s Facebook ads, Google ads, display ads, whatever, like be that person. And then don’t drive your confidence from the result. Drive your competence to sell it from your ability to find the answers, to get the result. Hello

Man. And last final question I have for you. What’s the, what’s your favorite software tool you’re using right now in your business?

Favor software we’ll shoot Facebook business manager that works.

That works. You heard it. First. Ladies and gentlemen, Rob Quinn from the sales agency all the way from Kansas, Missouri or Kansas city, Missouri. Hey Rob, thank you so much for jumping on. We are going to do this interview again in 12 months. We’re going to circle back when you hit your $10 million Mark. And then all I want you to do is buy me a coffee sound good,

Dude. I’ll buy you two coffees.

All great. Hi man. We’ll see you on the next one. Have a good one, Rob. Bye.

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