The Reality of Owning A Multi-Million Dollar Company
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 08:45 PM

The Reality of Owning A Multi-Million Dollar Company


You want to live the dream, right? Jump from 1,000/month to 10,000/month in half a year? Not exactly. In this video, I explain the reality of owning a multi million dollar company. It’s about more than just sales: it’s about expanding your business.


What’s going on DashClicks? How are we doing? How are we doing? Guys? I wanted to talk to you guys about a little, a little bit of a sensitive subject. I would call it a, and today I really want to focus on the reality of growing a multimillion dollar company, having a huge payroll, extremely high expenses and tons of stress. To just add along to the top of that. Some of you guys may be starting your agency. Some of you guys may be starting your entrepreneur journey. Some of you guys, this may be your first business, your second business, your third business. Some of you guys are trying to hit a couple thousand dollars a month in sales. Some of you guys trying to reach the six figures in sales, maybe even the seven figures in sales, right? So I wanted to kind of go over my personal feedback and kind of what’s been happening internally here at dash clicks and a and a tons of kind of cool stuff to go along with it.
So as always, just give me one second. I’m just gonna pop open the side screen here. Cool. So I got that open. What’s going on? Fill Up Ryan in a bunch of other people that are now on. So I wanted to ask you guys a couple of quick questions and to kind of see where everybody I’m on this vibe is pretty much at right. So if you can, if we can just do a quick poll for those of you guys that are watching live if you can drop in a, where are your currently at with your agency and you can drop in a monetary amount, you know, you can say doing $2,000 a month in sales, doing $10,000 a month in sales. But I wanna I want you to go ahead and just drop that in the chat and it’s not, we’re not playing you know when I’m having a pissing contest or anything like that, I’m actually gonna use this to help you guys because there’s going to be certain parts of your business where you might be at a certain aspect.
You might be at that beginning stage where you might be doing like, you know, a thousand, 2000 and $3,000 a month and that’s completely fine, but I want you to understand where you’re going to be headed. And a lot of the, I would say speed bumps that are gonna come along the way, right? So if you guys can in order to help me out and you know, we can all be open with each other. Just go ahead and in the chat below. If you can drop in, you know, where, where you’re currently at with your business and maybe also drop in at the same point where you’d like to see herself maybe in six months from today, right? If you don’t want to add those numbers, where would you like to see yourself from six months from today? What’s going on, Daniel?
Julie. Natalie Pole. How’s it going guys? So I want to talk to you guys about growing pains and what it’s actually like to a multimillion dollar company with a lot of employees. Tons of expenses, huge payroll. And it’s, it’s, it’s pretty overwhelming to be honest with you guys. So have you guys, have you guys ever dealt with stress? Let’s go ahead and said yes. Let’s see. Yes in the chat. So yes, chat. I’ve dealt with stress. I’ve done that before. I’ve done it before. Philips, it’s still building and scaling. I would love to be in Florida Dash Con. Awesome.
Awesome. To Go ahead and in the chat below guys, just let me know kind of where you’re at with your agency in. He said that in six months. Awesome. So I can’t help you if I don’t know where you guys are at unfortunately. But I guess what I can do with the mom, pop mo. In the meantime, Daniel said yes. Awesome. So what I can do in the meantime is talk to you guys about some of the growing pains that you are Dana. So $20,000 a month. That’s awesome. Do you know a good job? Oh, that’s actually amazing. Congratulations ma’am. So you know, where I think I took the biggest turn points and where we started, you know, every business has speed bumps. I don’t care what business you are, even if you’re freaking Amazon and you’re a multi-trillion or billion dollar company, wherever they are now you’re always going to have speed bumps and you’re always going to have it as part of business, a places where you can go in and optimize and make things better and then go in again and make, go in and optimize and make things better.
Right. Kevin Johnson said, preparing for the title wave. Awesome brother. That’s awesome. So one thing that I want you guys to focus on is growth is great. As long as growth comes with expectations and it comes with a steady ride along the way. You don’t want to grow too fast. And then again, you don’t want to also grow too slow. So there has to be a happy medium there. Right? most business owners, the problem that they have in the problem that you might have is you’re so focused on your end goal that you want to hit that end goal so bad and you’ll do anything it takes to get there versus trying to build a company that actually steps up to those levels and slowly gets to those goals. Right? So one thing I would say, and if I can give you guys any piece of advice today, which is probably the most important is we really want to focus on is having a good growing company that’s stable along the way.
And you’re always gonna have growing pains along the way. It doesn’t matter if you have one client or if you have a hundred clients or if you have a million clients, right? You’re always going to have a, you’re always going to have growing pains along the way. And you know, a, a pattern with social agency. I’ve had it with dash flakes. I’ve spoken to tons of agency owners. I spoken to tons of agency events and people wouldn’t be in groups like this. They wouldn’t be taking courses, they wouldn’t be joining our dash accelerator. They want to be doing anything. If everything was perfect, right? Because there is no such thing. Unfortunately, it’s a perfect world. Right? and you know, sadly to say, unfortunately in business there’s always hiccups and there’s always bumps to go along with it. So where you can be a good business owner, where you should be focusing on is optimization and how to actually get your business not only to where you want it to be.
So in six months, if you want to have a set of goal for yourself and say, you know, you want to go from a thousand, $1,000 a month in revenue to $10,000 a month, and you want to hit that in six months, right? You want to hit $10,000 in revenue, which is 120 k annually in sales, right? So what you’re gonna need to know is that you can’t just magically go from $1,000 a month to $10,000 a month, because the issue with that is it’s that logical, right? What’s gonna happen is if you go out and you sell 20 customers, it’s going to be great, but your systems are going to slowly deterior and you’re going to realize that as you start scaling up and you’re getting more customers you’re going to need to make changes for a lot of things. So it’s not that it’s not possible.
You can do, what I want to say is make sure that you guys are looking at every single hole in the bucket, right? So the way I like to look at a business is there’s one big bucket or in some cases there’s multiple buckets, but for the sake of conversation, there’s one big bucket. And within that bucket, there’s always holes, okay. That, that, that bucket will always have holes in it and holes will always be recreated, right? And what you should be focusing on is how to actually go in and dig in and find every single one of those holes, whether it be a very small minute hole or whether it be a big hole. You need to find every single one of those holes in. You need to patch those holes along the way so the water stops leaking out of the bucket, right?
So when you’re going out and you’re focusing on doing sales, don’t only just focus on selling, focus on client retention, focus on your process, focus on your protocol, focus on how to create a massive empire. And to every teach to everybody, everybody has their own classification of what a massive empires. For somebody, a massive empire might be 10 k a month. Somebody might be a hundred Kmart, somebody my key might be $20 million a month or whatever that means to you. And it means it means differently to every single person. Just make sure that you’re focusing on what’s happening along the way and make sure that you focus on the buckets that are within your business. Cause I’ll tell you one thing, if you run too fast and you don’t focus on the buckets, those holes are going to get deeper and there’s going to be more holes and they’re going to expand in those holes.
Eventually. If they don’t get close quickly, they end up getting bigger and bigger and bigger. More water seeps out, which is essentially your money that you’re making. So really what you guys want to focus on is how can you patch those holes as fast as you can. Okay. That’s a secret to owning a multimillion dollar company. It’s not only how fast you can grow and how much sales you can have, it’s how steady you can keep that ship along the entire way. So I just wanted to come in here for a couple of minutes and drops them. Some of my personal experience with you guys. Aside from also just important, huge thing is team building, communication within your team making deliverables making expectations and setting proper expectations. So those are all crucial, crucial things. Chris said, what is the one thing you wish you knew before transitioning your focus from social agency to DashClicks?
That’s a good question. The one thing, well, see, here’s the thing. So what’s cool about that transition is I’ve already been in the agency game for 10 years and throughout the 10 years I understood what it was like to be an agency owner and all the struggles that agency owners were having because I was having them myself. And that’s kind of the reason why we built that flex is so we can relieve agency owners from their every day and to basically free them up so they can accomplish more. So for us, that was kind of a main goal of Dash Week. That’s always been one of our core values is how can we free up the agency or as much as they can so they can go out and they can do more of the high level stuff versus a lot of the grunt work.
Right. So if I can see what if there was one thing that I knew from social agency to dash collects is how, how to basically handle large workloads efficiently. Because that was one thing when we opened, obviously, and that we’re talking about maybe nine months ago that we definitely had a patch when we started, but we’ve, we’ve started once again, patching those holes really, really quickly and now it’s definitely a lot of a smoother ride, which is great. Let’s see. Another question. Massive insight. My main, thanks for love you. You’re very welcome. Philips said problem solving. Yeah. So problem solving, especially if you’re like an analytical thinker. So my job pretty much at, at [inaudible] is side from being the face of datex and you guys always seeing me and doing all the marketing and the videos.
Really what I do behind the scenes is problem solving. It’s, it’s working with, you know, we’re at the point where we have multiple people in each department. We have multiple people running Facebook campaigns. Then we have a manager there, and then we have a production manager on top that managers the managers. Right? and same thing with SEO and content writing and social media posting and Google ads and all that, all that stuff. Right. There’s multiple people working on that. So really what I focus on is the top level tasks. So I usually deal with my production managers and then my production managers will deal with the managers for every single department. And then those managers will deal with the production for that specific department and the employees within that department. Right? So every day, I’m pretty much every hour I always get, you know, comments, hey, there’s a problem with this, there’s a problem with this.
Here’s some solutions that we can do. And then I’ll go and I’ll approve those solutions and I’ll add my 2 cents and try to make them better and faster. And I guess that’s my strong suit is finding things that are not working efficiently and making them better and faster and automating them and just making that whole process better. But unfortunately that takes time. It’s not something, you know, we get hit with sometimes 20 problems a day and we put ’em on to what we call our production workflow and or development workflow. And then we prioritize them by highest priority, which things need to basically, which holes are the largest within our buckets. We patch those up first and then we kinda work our day or way down and new problems get added in, right? So that’s kind of our development process, but it’s very important that you guys, within your business, you have some type of accountability like that where you’re trying to find the holes within your buckets, right?
So we see that you’re doing something multiple times and it’s not working. Don’t keep doing the same thing multiple times because it’s not, it’s not gonna work, right? Actually figure out a way to fix it and make it better and then it would allow you to scale longer. Another word of advice that I can provide you guys is pretty much document everything that you do and create a process for it because that’s what we do here and it allows us to scale faster, right? So document and create a process and stream. Try to streamline that workflows fast, as fast as you can with accountability pretty much down to the dollar. So that’s pretty much all I have guys. I’m also going to be going live multiple times in the group every single week. I’ve actually reset and I’m still working on resetting up my calendar to structure my workdays better.
And a lot of it is included with coming in here and doing live videos for you guys and doing marketer’s mindset episodes and doing a lot of really cool stuff to help educate and work with you guys. And it’s all completely for free. So hopefully you guys enjoy it. Once again if I’ve said anything in this 20 or 30 minute video that will change anything in the way that you run your business, if you can just drop a number five below a, as always hit the like button comment, engage and I love you guys, you guys in the next month.

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