Targeting Specific Demographics on Facebook
Chad Kodary
Aug 12th, 2019 at 03:41 PM

Targeting Specific Demographics on Facebook


What strategies do you incorporate for targeting specific demographics on Facebook?
Chad Kodary from DashClicks talks about not just how to target specific demographics on Facebook, but the strategy behind it! This video is a highlight from the first video of our YouTube series, Marketers Mindset.


All right guys. Number three. You Ready? I know this is a crazy one. You guys are probably gonna look at me like, Holy Shit, this guy’s insane. Who’s ever heard of this thing called Facebook? Cause what’s on Facebook? Com. 1 billion users, right? Every day. Yeah, a couple of billion. Billion, probably billions, right? Billions of users on Facebook and Morales. What’s up brother? Brian said, what’s that guys? Did you guys know that on Facebook you can target people that you want to target? Did you know that guys? You can target anybody you want on Facebook. Think about it. We’re going to go after some of the generic ones. Okay, let’s say dentists, okay, and we’ll use dentist, we can use, let’s start off with dentists really quick. Okay. A dentist that’s on Facebook, so let’s say Bob, the dentists. All right, Bob, the dentists and literally Bob, the dentist is on Facebook, the bother. The dentist goes on Facebook and he’s scrolling around to see what his friends are doing and what all his dentist buddies are doing for the evening so they can go drink wine and cheese together. Okay? Now, Bob, the dentist all of a sudden sees an ad, Bob, the dentist sees an ad and your face is on the ad, okay, your face is on the ad, your face is here, your name is here. Oh, it’s getting crazy again. And then you have a CTA, Bob, the dentist sees your ad and the ad says, Hey, Bob, the dentist, or hey dentist, wouldn’t it be cool if I can give you a free cheat sheet that’ll show you how to skyrocket your dental practice overnight and without losing any bookings, just go ahead and click download. I want to be cool if after the download button, it brought you to another landing page that got the information, okay, then brings them to a thank you page. Then it has the book. Okay, and what did he do this for? Every single industry. Okay, who else is doing this guys right now? Bobby loves the AD and loves my face. Yes. Hey, Dr. Love, love the little cookie. Erickson says, you guys are hilarious. What if we did something crazy? What if we did it for you? And what if we did this for tons of people? What if we had a proven, systemized way of doing all this stuff? What if we add proven ad copy, proven landing pages, proven split test, proven videos?
Would you guys want that? Is that, would that be something that you want?
Hey. It’s me. It’s me, Bob the dentist and I’m going to help you, Bob. We’ve got your ad copy here and then we take it to a landing page. Why don’t we drop some fire over here and there’s a headline and there’s another video and some call to actions and some testimonials and accreditations and a bunch of other really cool stuff. Okay. Now what if, what if? Now if we go back to the cold calling really quick, hold on, hold up, hold up, hold up. Wait a minute. Hold up. If you go back to the cold calling, okay, now the cold calling, you can generate appointments, right? But you’ve got to go out and you got to hire people. Which means you need to man your staff. Then on top of that, well, you keep in mind everything I’m saying is great because we’ve done it, but I’m just telling you the hurdles that you’re going to go into, okay? So keep in mind, you go out, you hire a bunch of people, you hire three reps to start, okay? Then you, you’d go out and you start closing deals, okay? You’re doing your cold calls, you’re doing your warm calls, you’re spraying your money gun on people when you’re speaking to them and you’re all excited, okay? And you’re doing the pitch and everything’s great, but wouldn’t it be cool if you didn’t have to do that? We’ve generated leads all the way from $3 a lead, to even $50 a lead. Which most of you guys like, Holy Shit. $50. A lead is a lot. That’s crazy. $50 for a lead.
I’m going to ask you guys a question, okay? If I told you tomorrow that you give me $1,000 and I give you a contract for $2,000, would you take it all day long? Right? You’re doubling your money, you give me 1000 bucks, I’ll give you 2000 and the cool part is you’re probably going to keep that customer for months, years, right? So you’re paying 1000 bucks, but now you just meet 12 grand and you make 24 right? If you sign up for two k a month, does that make any sense to you guys? Because everybody that I see in dash place, and no offense to anybody, but they’re all like, oh my God, oh, $10 a lead. It’s crazy. How can I afford that? Guys? It’s $10 to sign up, possibly a $2,000 a month contract. Or You guys all on the same page as me here.

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