SobeViral Did $2.2M In Revenue In The Last 12-Months With An Agency & Coaching Program
Chad Kodary
Oct 16th, 2020 at 01:00 PM

SobeViral Did $2.2M In Revenue In The Last 12-Months With An Agency & Coaching Program


Tyler Narducci, CEO and founder of SobeViral did $2.2M in revenue in the last 12-months servicing clients for his agency, as well as his Done For You agency coaching program. He has big plans to hit $6M in the next 12-months.

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Here are some questions that the video had covered:

01:25 How does SobeViral work?

03:00 How many active clients you have right now in your agency?

04:58 In your agency, what does your pricing model look like?

06:43 What was the one crazy needle mover that really took your business’s revenue to the next level?

08:19 What’s the most successful automation that you have set up in your business?

09:04 What’s your sales process?

14:50 How much money you’re spending per month on Facebook ads?

18:56 What’s the number one tip that you give to new entrepreneurs?

20:07 What is your favorite software tool?


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What’s going on. Everybody. We have Tyler Narducci from Sobe Viral all the way out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So you’re not too far away from us. We’re also in Fort Lauderdale. You’re right down the street. Tyler, what is it that you actually do and how do you generate revenue for your company? Sobe Viral.

So what I actually do these days currently in my role, I spend my days building content, helping coach, our members, and our done for you agency program and constantly adding new training, more content, hiring more staff contractors and sales team. How we build up build revenue is just by bringing in more clients.

Okay. And I know there’s two, there’s kind of two pieces for your company, right? So you have Sobe Viral, essentially which is your agency. So you do have an actual digital marketing agency. And then you have your coaching program with what’s a coaching program called again, then Done For You agency program, where you’re working with agencies and getting them into the agency space and helping them scale up their agency. Right. So two sides to the business agency and then coaching program. And is this all kind of tucked in one umbrella?

Yeah, it’s all tucked into Sobe viral. So consider us an agency that has niched found our niche with other startup agencies.

So obviously the coaching program is geared towards agencies. What’s your, what’s your avatar for your actual agency?

Yeah, so our avatar for actual agency, we had been in plenty of niches along the way, but primarily e-commerce. But now as we shift the agency more for startup entrepreneurs, our primary target and our primary avatar is going to be you know, startup entrepreneurs and early to mid stage agencies.

Okay, awesome. And how many team members do you guys have right now? And what’s a quick breakdown to them.

We have a team of 27, which is two account managers, two new account managers in training, one community manager, seven sales closers, and about 15 ads, contractors, and a Partridge in a pear tree.

Are you guys, you guys are all remote or do you have a physical office?

No. We’ve been remote since day one.

I love it, man. You know, right now, obviously with COVID we’re remote as well. We have a staff of almost, I think we’re creeping up to about 60 and you can imagine ma managing all of those people remotely is insane, but it’s actually something that I realized because we were always a big believer in not doing the remote. We wanted everything in house we wanted in our office. We want to have full control. Right. But then when the whole COVID thing happened, we realized how much better remote actually is. It’s actually, it’s 10 X, better productivity goes up through the roof because everybody’s fully focused. Nobody’s running around the office, yelling at each other and it just it’s. Everybody can just concentrate on. I have people barging into my office every day asking me a million questions. So I personally love it as well. So let’s go through some, some other questions here. How many active clients and let’s split this up agency and then the done for you. How many clients you have right now in your agency and then how many clients or agencies are you servicing the done for you program

About five clients in our old agency, like some legacy clients that we keep on and we’ve shifted heavily towards our new niche, which is startup entrepreneurs and agency owners. And we have about 61 active clients on that side.

Well, and that the 61 clients, just so all of yours understand that’s in the done for you agency program.

Right. But we do agency services for them. So we’re running their Facebook ads. We’re in there doing a actual paid ads management as well. So it gets a little, a little gray when you consider that the items that we’re doing.

Okay. Awesome. And let’s say tomorrow, if you wanted to send a message out to the world of Tyler had something he wanted to say and had to send a message out to the world how many people are in your audience? How many people you reaching with that message and that’s taking your email list, it’s taking your Facebook group, your, you know, your chat bot list, whatever it is, you have putting it all together, how much people are on that list.

Yeah. So a growing, but we’re up to about 25,

25,000. That’s great. And what’s the, Oh, I’m not asked this because I ask this in every podcast and I get, I get very similar answers, email. How many people on your email list? Let’s talk about email alone real quick

Alone is about 18,000.

And what’s you send out an email tomorrow, Merry Christmas, everybody. How many people are opening that email? What’s your open rate?

It ranges really. It’s a massive shift in depending on the subject line, but I would say on average, we get about 15% open.

Okay, good. And that’s pretty normal. So you’re right around the normal stage. You’re right around there. And let’s split up the two companies for one second. Cause I want to talk about pricing model in your agency, what is your pricing model look like?

Yeah. So we don’t take on a lot new, a lot of eCommerce stores anymore just because I’ve shifted everyone so heavily into our, you know, our new niche with agency owners. But on the agency side, that pricing model looks like five to 10 K setup fees generally for Facebook ads or Google ads. And then between three and four day retainers on the done for you agency side packages, re-insurance UK to 20 K. And we have a few tiers available as well.

I love that, man. And what’s your value ladder look like? Cause obviously I know in this digital marketing space everybody’s going, you know, buy my $15 training then by my thousand dollar course, then jump into my $5,000 program and then let’s go high ticket, 20 K. Right. What is yours?

Yeah, for sure. So we’ve never done and I maybe I’ve tested it like years ago, briefly, but I’d never really done like a super, super low level product, like a $50, anything like that. Our lowest package is $2,000. And cause just put a ton of value in it and then it goes up from there into a six K package and a 20 K package.

Tell me about locate, like two K what am I getting for that? I gave you two K tomorrow. What do I get?

Yeah, so you’re getting a, a very complex online course. That’s going to teach you how to run your ads for your agency gets through.

Gotcha. Okay. So that’s a physical course, right? It’s not like a full blown.

Yeah, it’s a cubicle course. And you also get access to our group with ongoing support and then also email support as well. So there is support elements that didn’t into that and then the next level up, you start getting active coaching.

Gotcha. Okay. So that’s where the coaching program comes in. You said that was five K six, six K. Okay. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Stir up everything back away from your business really quick, what would you could think of, but if you could think about one thing, the one crazy thing, what was the one crazy needle mover for you? And I like to call it that really took your business to the next level revenue wise. What’s the one thing that generated the most revenue, that one shift that you did,

You know, the honest answer to that is just the biggest thing that’s had the most impact. The fastest on our bottom line is creating new and stronger and bigger packages to bring to the market. What I’ve learned is that the market is there. It’s strong, there’s people that want the help, especially once you’ve built the audience like we have at about 20 K. And if you bring them real, real value packaged and put together nicely, and they’re going to then they’re going to come on board, especially if you built trust and affinity with them. So the fastest needle mover, in my opinion, is just launching a new, better, stronger, higher value.

Got you. That makes perfect sense. And obviously we’re businesses. We need to start conversations daily. What are you doing right now to start conversations and getting people into the top of your pipeline every single day

Content, content, content content. So I have the copywriters I, we do we have post daily in our Facebook groups. We send a daily email out. We said, put daily posts on our, all of our pages. And we also, you know, of course you run ads.

Do you do YouTube as well? You have a YouTube channel.

No, I do not have a YouTube channel. And I did run YouTube ads for a while for the agency. And it just wasn’t, it was like double and sometimes more than that acquisition and the cost of Facebook ads. So we just stopped that and doubled down on our face.

Okay. Fair enough. And what’s the most successful automation that you have set up in your business that either saves you the most time or makes you the most money you give me one.

Yeah. So there, there is not just like, I wish there was one, but I’ll just say we have a mountain of automation set up in Zapier that saved us time in a million ways from responding to FAQ, initiating followup sequences, reminder emails and texts.

Hey, I’ll say Zapier too. I’m on the same page,

Zapier. It just so much in there.

You’re probably getting a shit ton of leads every day. What’s the army using to control all of the inbound traffic.

CRM we use is pipe drive

Pipe drive. Awesome. We use pipe drive as well. They’re great. Love hydride. And talk to me about your sales process. So let’s just say as an example, I’m going through one of your funnels or I see your, one of your posts on Facebook. Am I going in filling out an application? Am I then what’s happening after that? Walk me through that sequence of events that happens after I say I gotta get, I gotta speak to time.

Yeah. So you’re first you’re opting in, and then you’re going into a 10 day email sequence, and then you’re going to be dropped into a daily email after that. So you’re going to be forever contacted. You’re going to sequence. Yes. And then you’re going to go into a daily sequence, which is the Seinfeld

Seinfeld. All right. Thank you, mr. Russell Bronson, for that, we appreciate, you

Got to see a VSL. You’re gonna fill out an application and you’re going to book a call and then we have a one to two call close process, really, depending on which level of buyer you are. And then we have a lot of followup that goes on, whether you’re in our group or in, you know, the still in the, you know, higher end of our prospecting pipeline, where you’re going to get texts emails from our closers. Yeah.

Let’s, let’s go through metrics really quick. Okay. A hundred people fill out an application. This is obviously for the agency side. Cause I know you said that you don’t do too much of your, your regular agency side or the sorry, the agency coaching side. Right? Let’s talk about that for one second. A hundred people go fill out an application. How many people show up, let’s start with that out of the a hundred people. What’s your show up rate

Oh, of the ones that fill out the application. So first you have to consider the fact that not all applications are gonna be able to book in calls. So we filter out people that are just not good fits or not going to be able to afford our services anyway. So we don’t burn out our closers. Second one,

I’m curious. I’m actually curious. I want to go back on that. How do you filter it out? Is it the, the answers that they give to the question that you’re asking and the app

We just straight up ask them, like, are you able and willing to invest at least X into your agency or into your business right now to get going in the next 30 to 60 days? The answer is no, that’s okay. Here’s, you know, our webinar where we’ll show you how to do a ton of stuff for free. And then you can go, you know, and get our free content and our group and, and everywhere. But if you can, then you are, then you are allowed to pass from the application to the booking form.

That makes sense. How many of those people let’s say 10, come in. How many of those people are usually like, no, I can’t, I just can’t do it

Probably. You mean that get filtered out probably about half, probably about 50% don’t qualify. But what that does is it creates a lot of hot, much better calls for our sales team, a hundred percent of their morale up. It keeps their closing ratio up and it keeps actually our pixel really well tuned because only certain people are landing on booking page at that stage.

Gotcha. And then, so 10 people booked five people automatically get opted out because they’re just not a good of those five people that are left. How many actually show up to the actual call?

I would say we have about 15%. No show rate is sometimes it goes higher depending on what’s going on in the world. I know we have in COVID we have like two week period where it was just out of this out of control.

15% is great. Most of the entrepreneurs that come on here, including us a dash Wix, it’s like 30%, 35% usually no show rate.

We do a ton of work. So to reduce that, and I’m not just mean we have automated texts, emails that go out, we have them put a funnel to a group. We have them, you know, in all types of automated stuff, but we also have our sales team contact them directly with a, Hey, this is not automated. This is Angela from the, the team. And we’re looking forward to speaking to you. Just so there’s like an actual really real time, you know, answer the call.

No. So 10 cut 10, come in five, get filtered out. Let’s say four show up out of those four. How many closing? What’s it called?

Out of those four, we’re closing probably one and a half.

Okay. And that half a person is the only pay half,

But that have a person it’s because we were gonna, we’re gonna, we close about we close about 20 well, 15 to 20%. And so I, whatever that would be before

I got it, I was just kidding with you. Let’s say so let’s say, let’s say let’s, let’s expand this out a hundred people. Okay. Hundred people come in based on your metrics, let’s say 20% are 50% get weeded out that you have 50 left out of those 50. You said about 20% won’t show up. That’s all that around like 40 ish people, whatever. I’m not a math guy, but who cares? Let’s say 40 people,

People listening to this are check, adding this up. And they’re like, yeah,

Like Chad, you’re an idiot. Well, I don’t really care. So 40 people show up to the call. Okay. Out of the 40 people that show up to the call, you’re closing about 20%. So you’re closing about eight people, 15 to 20%. You’re closing about like six to eight people on average. And that’s about six K. Right? How many of those calls are?

Well, not necessarily because our, our packages you, you would think that we would sell, you know, a lot more like the middle tier and the lower tier, but our highest we sell the most starters. But then the second, most is our top package. So that average value per client off a bit and skews it more, excuse it. Higher. but, but yeah, it how much does that higher package? The higher package is now 20 K.

Okay. That’s great. Okay. That’s awesome. Okay. So metrics were good metrics like healthy. Yeah. Metrics are healthy. I’m I can’t really complain with what’s going on in the world right now.

Well, yeah, obviously with the COVID stuff, I mean, you look like you’re doing good. So congrats on that. How, how many, I’m assuming you’re running Facebook ads to this. That’s what you said, that how much money you spending a month on Facebook ads running traffic

Last month we spent about 65,000.

Okay. And for 65, K what’s your average cost per application, which is what all of us entrepreneurs are looking at in the coaching space.

Yes. And keep in mind that I’m filtering out half of these. So really what the metric you want to look at for me is cost per booking, which is the one I follow every single day.

Yeah. Well, what’s give me both.

What’s the cost per application? We’re at about like 40 ish cost per application. Yeah. $40.

That’s really good cost

Booked call is right around 80. And, and go higher and yeah, we’re, we’re, we’re happy with those metrics. Again, it has a lot to do with, you know, a lot of data being on the pixel and not allowing the wrong people to get through it.

I love that. And now I’m assuming I know you’re doing a webinar opt in, right. To get those people through the funnel. What’s it costing you on the front end to actually getting out a webinar registration.

So when you say revenue registration, you mean, so we’re, we’re running a, like what’s called a mini VSL so that you don’t have to register for it. It’s just on the application page. It’s about 12 minute video that really explains the program. And then at the end, the call to action is just fill out the, yeah.

So you’re not getting their information until they fill out an out. You’re just sending them to a page.

No, we have the very first page as an opt in page. So we get a name and email and then they get our, our mini via cell Annapolis.

I got you. I got you. So I guess better question is how much is it costing you to get the front side? The name and email? Yeah. About $15. 15 bucks. Okay. That’s good too. Okay. and a lot of people don’t buy, obviously, so 20% close rate, 80% of the people that don’t buy, it’s pretty normal. Right. What do you do with that bucket of people?

Well, that’s the same thing I teach my done for you agency members is like the longterm followup game is, can literally double, triple your business. And so what we do with them is we really lean into our content strategy in our Facebook group, in our emails and in our outreach. And so every time, you know, once, twice a year we’ll do a massive sale or we’ll drop a price for like two 48 hours. And we’ll contact all those people and say, Hey, look, that that, that, you know, that package that you wanted, that you couldn’t afford for, you can right now in the next 48 hours would be take action. And so we get out,

It’s pretty cool. It’s like a rapid fire, a little rapid fire promo. We do those aspects a lot too. I’m sure you get the emails. Right. And that works great. We see huge spike in sales when we do promos and we’ll do that. Like, you know, we don’t like to do too much maybe once every, like two months, depending on the holidays, things like that. Right. that’s awesome. That’s awesome. So talk to me about Sobe viral last 12 months, how much revenue we generated for the entire company agency and coaching put together

2.3 million, 2.3 million ladies and gentlemen,

It’s phenomenal. And it’s honestly the majority of that has been within the last six months. So it’s just like, if you look at it on a graph, it’s just like exponentially in the last six.

So when COVID started, people want it to start age.

Yeah. People want to start their own online business and take their, you know, their, their fate into their own hands. And I don’t blame them. You know, I wanted to do that for myself before COVID, but if that’s the motivator to take control of your own finances and you know, so

Yep. What, what, what’s a realistic goal. You see yourself out in 12 months, fast forward, where do you see you going from 2.2 to what? And 12 months from today,

We’re going to go to 6 million or if we have the same conversation in 12 months,

We will, we’ll get you back out in 12 months. So what are you, what are you going to do? Cause obviously you can’t just do the same thing. What are you going to do to get there?

Yeah. So how we get there honestly, is going to be obviously a much bigger team continual improvements to our processes, constantly building out more SOP for our, you know, our, our employees and our contractors. And then probably a lot more Facebook. Yeah.

A lot more Facebook. And, if you can give one tip nine or you speak to new entrepreneurs a lot, obviously with these new agencies coming in into your program what’s the number one tip that you can give this new entrepreneur that’s coming into this, into the space that will save them a lot of time. So they don’t have to waste a lot of time

Something that’s going to save them a lot of time.

Yep. Something that you shave like five years off there, there trial and error.

Sure. Perfect. So this like I, everyone listening, please stop and like rewind and listen again, after I say it, but stick with something too many entrepreneurs want to throw in the towel because they’ve got inspired off of Gary V video and then they didn’t hit a hundred K in two weeks and it makes me want to blow my brains out. Like it took me years to build up my business and, and you know, it’s accelerating now fast, but like there was other way.

How long has your business been open for how long has it been?

I started so viral in 2014.

Okay. There you go. So those, for those of you guys who are looking for the get rich, quick scheme, it’s not here, right?

It’s not there. Don’t go after that, you know, stick with something. And even like people are saying, Oh, drop shipping, doesn’t work or affiliates, doesn’t work, or agency doesn’t work. Like everything can work, but if you have to like stick with it and actually dedicate yourself to it, you can’t want, you know, to hit a million dollars in two weeks, it’s not going to happen.

Yep. That makes perfect sense. So I got one last question for you before we wrap it up here, aside from dashclicks, what is your favorite software tool?

It’s going to be a three way tie between Zapier, which holds everything together. Facebook ads, which drives so much traffic and revenue and Google sheets, which, you know, gets me my data fixed.

They didn’t gentlemen, you heard her first Tyler Narducci from Sobe Viral all the way out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tyler. We will see you in 12 months to get to that $6 million Mark. Let’s see where you’re at in 12 months. Thanks for having, thanks for jumping on. Thanks. Have a good one.

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