Ron Douglas Does $2.5M In Last 12-Months Providing Coaching On Digital Marketing
Chad Kodary
Nov 10th, 2020 at 01:00 PM

Ron Douglas Does $2.5M In Last 12-Months Providing Coaching On Digital Marketing


Ron Douglas, CEO and founder of Ron Douglas Publishing did a whopping $2.5M in the last 12-months with a team of 5, providing coaching on digital marketing to businesses.

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Here are some questions that the video had covered:

00:13 How does Ron Douglas work?

01:15 Who’s your ideal avatar or client niche?

01:28 How does your digital marketing coaching program works?

02:24 How many team members are on your team?

02:54 How many active clients do you guys serve today or working with?

05:05 What is your actual pricing model look like?

07:00 What are some great and suitable metrics for webinar marketing?

09:50 Which method is better for successful webinar marketing?

12:22 What was the biggest needle mover for you that really accelerated the growth of your business?

13:43 Are you using webinars right now in your business to pick up new clients and grow your business?

16:00 What’s your favorite automation that you use in your business?

16:19 What CRM system are you using?

16:34 What does your sales process look like?

17:32 Do you have an actual value ladder?

21:31 How much revenue have you guys generated in the last 12 months?

24:26 What is your favorite software tool that you use in your business?


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What’s going on, everybody. We have Ron Douglas from Ron Douglas publishing all the way out of Atlanta, Georgia, Ron, what is it that you actually do? And how do you generate revenue for Ron Douglas publishing?

Well, I do business coaching, specializing and digital marketing and webinars, and we do events related to those topics as well.

Awesome. And as a side note, I know I just recently attended your webinar confidential summit. Which was awesome. So I know you’re partnered up with a Nique and I think a couple other people inside of the webinar con brand. So for those of you guys who are familiar, who have either attended or are going, are you throwing another one of these soon? Hopefully. Yeah. Awesome. Cause it was awesome. So for those of you guys who haven’t attended, definitely check these guys out. I also know I’m inside of your Facebook group. I know you guys have a Facebook group too. What’s a Facebook group called again, webinar marketing, webinar marketing, and it’s all about webinars. So if you guys love webinars, whether it’s live webinars, evergreen style webinars, anything webinar related that’s definitely an awesome group to be in I’m in there all day. And it’s just a bunch of gold coming out of there all day. So Ron, who is your ID? I need to coaching, right? So who’s your ideal profile of the person that you want to work with? Who’s your ideal avatar?

No answers and small business owners who want to increase their reach, have a greater impact and do digital marketing online, build a bigger audience, those types of things.

Okay, cool. And I know digital marketing’s it’s broad because you know, people, when they think of digital marketing, like, Oh, is it SEO? Is it, are we building funnels? So what is it that you guys is it, are you covering the whole scope of digital marketing? So let’s say I come in chunky dairy. I want to grow my brain. I want to grow Dassler because as an example, I come to you break me down. What, what is it exactly that you do? Are you, are you focusing on paid advertising and organic? You’re doing both break that down for me. So the viewers can understand that, you know exactly what it is that you guys do over there. Yeah. Mostly

Paid advertising and presentation funnels is like my specialty, right? So we can put together help you put together a small, a short class where you can get people on, get people registered for free. And by the end of that class, people will want to book appointments or register or of your programs.

So webinar, webinar, format style. Okay.

Yeah. Mostly webinar format, some VSLs, but you know, evergreen webinars.

Awesome. Love it man. And how many team members are on your team? And what’s just a really quick breakdown of them.

Small businesses. I mean, it’s just five of us actually. I mean, I do this from home. I’ve been working from home since 2001, so it’s just a, and we have other companies, we work with that on a project basis when we need to get outside stuff done.

Love it, man. Awesome. and how many active clients do you guys serve today? So obviously you’re in the coaching space. How many, how many people, or how many businesses are you actually coaching and working with? Well right now

We have a webinar incubator going on where we have 30 clients that have paid $15,000 to be into this webinar incubator. And we also have a mastermind called the webinar wealth club where we have about 20 more clients that pay between 25 and 35,000 to be in that program. So, you know, higher ticket, but not a whole lot of clients to deal with, which is,

Hey, we ha we have people coming on this show that they have 10 or 15 clients in there. They’re doing a lot of revenue and they’re, they’re running super lean. So congratulations, you, obviously, whatever you’re doing is working. You’re able to work from home and enjoy your life. With this COVID hitting now you know, we’re actually all remote too, for the most part which has changed our business model. We were always like, no, we have to have everybody in the office. Everybody else will be working together. And then COVID hits and we’re like, wait, people can actually work from home and be way more productive than they are in the office. It makes sense. And we have data to prove it, just throwing that out there so that the data proves it. We are way more productive working remotely. Yeah,

Absolutely. I mean, I come from the corporate world. I used to work for JP Morgan chase on wall street in New York. And I know, I mean, half the day I just be ply fool around on the internet or something. And then I would get my work done, but I only had like two hours worth of actual work. And the other time I’d just be fooling around. So I’m more efficient than you, you think you, Oh, you have a lot more time than you think you do.

Yep. Now I know you come from the webinar space and obviously in this type of business model, we’re all about trying to grow lists. How big is your current list? If, if you want it to send out a message to the world tomorrow, Ron wanted to send a message. How many people you actually hitting? We hit a little bit,

A hundred thousand people with just my personal list, but then we have lists that we work with with our partners, Onyx and gall and Andy who song that’s his lessons like in the millions? Yeah.

Yeah. Those two guys, especially on a good friends with Anika. He, he actually did a keynote at our agency accelerator, virtual summit, amazing individual. I know we between learn and obviously webinars con I look, if I, if I, the second I hear webinar, I’m going to you guys, like, that’s the first thing that rings a bell in my mind. So w what is, what is your actual pricing model look like? I know you said it was 15 K and then you have a higher ticket after failure.

Our mastermind is a 35 K at the moment

5K. So just walk me through to fall. I want to join your 15 K program. Just in a 32nd birds. I mean, what is that exactly? What am I getting? What, what’s the outcome for me? What am I looking for?

Program is a webinar incubator where we help you create your webinars. So it’s a 12 week program, whereas weekly classes, weekly sessions, where we walk you through the entire process of creating a webinar that converts, well, that’s gonna change the dynamic of your business, help you reach more people and work less hours and make more money in the process.

I’m going to, I want to dive deep into metrics as far as like webinars, right? Because you see so many people throwing out numbers in the webinar world of registrations cost per acquisition, cost per application, whatever you want to call it. Right. and then obviously running the traffic side. So most of our, most of our viewers are in the agency space or their coaches, right? So there, there are people either have a digital marketing agency and are looking to pick up more small or medium sized businesses to offer them, you know, Facebook ads and SEO and all that good stuff, or they’re coaches who are essentially looking to pick up coaching clients. And that could be maybe selling to agencies or selling to fitness professionals or whatever the case may be right. Going through and doing like a standard webinar style funnel where it’s registration page, then going to the actual webinar itself and the registration page, then it could be thank you page and going to the live webinar or depending on how you’re doing, if you do it like an evergreen webinar or whatever the case is, right.

And then the end call to action, which is what’s my main goal of producing those webinars to sell. My course, is it to get them to fill out an application. Can you walk me through some metrics that you think that digital marketers or coaches and agency owners should like try to hit? Like, what are some good numbers? Like, what are some good registration costs I’m hitting. If I’m getting people to register for, let’s say a webinar where I’m teaching realtors, how to go out, you know, top three, top three ways you, as a realtor can go out and generate, you know, seller leads or buyer leads or something like that. Right. Just giving you a random topic here. What what’s like a, what’s a good, what’s a good number that I should try to hit for registrations,

Right? I mean, you figure you should be able to get registrations for between five and $10 per registering and for your registration landing page on cold traffic, you should get at least 20, 25% of them registering. If not more on one traffic, maybe 40 to 50% of them actually registering. When I say cold versus warm cold could be paid traffic. They don’t have a relationship with you. They don’t know you yet. And warm is referral traffic blasting your list or your mailing list

At what job? What about, what about shell Bray too? Let’s just say for the hell of it, let’s just put like a hundred people go through the funnel. Let’s just say 25% of them, you got a 25% opt-in rate, 25% of the a hundred people fill out the form name and email. They then get to the next page. Right? How many of those people are actually showing up to the webinar out of those 25 people? What’s a good chill, right?

I would say between five and 10 would be a decent short rate. The thing about it is you have those leads, right? I was talking to someone about this the other day, you know, he was disappointed that he didn’t get a higher show up rate and he just kinda gave up on a campaign, not a process it’s just getting started because you have a follow-up process. Right. You have your replay. And for those that don’t want to watch a webinar, you can have a shorter video format. Right. But sometimes the webinars decoy in a sense that people say, Oh, I missed that. And now they’re looking forward to like, Oh, how can I watch it again? Or how can I learn about this in another way? So you want to give them different opportunities and different formats, you know, once they’re on your email list,

Are you a big believer of the dollar, a dollar for every email you have on your list that you’re generating every month? That, that term that people throw out?

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. You can, for sure. For sure. I’ll get a dollar for, I mean, I think it’s definitely worth that if not more over the long run.

Agreed. Okay, cool. So a hundred people come in 25 people register. Let’s just say we get a 50% show up rate, which I think 50% is even still high on cold. Right? Maybe like 30, 30%, if we’re lucky or somewhere around there. All right. Let’s just say 10 people show up. Okay. Out of the 10 people that show up, make it on the webinar. What, what should I shoot for as a conversion rate of getting somebody to fill out an application

Application, you probably do 30% for application. If it’s a free application, you can get it. I think you can get at least 30%.

And then the big question that most people ask is live or evergreen, what do you prefer? What’s the best method to actually getting my ideal goal, which is getting as many applications as I frequent Ken.

You know, it depends. They both work really well. Depends on how much time you have live will typically convert better for you because you can interact with them live. You can call their name, you could talk, have a conversation with them. You could ask them questions. You can adjust your presentation based on the type of feedback you’re getting from them. Evergreen, you can actually get more applications because you can run it all the time. So live, you can’t just be on live, doing a webinar every, every couple of hours, you know, but evergreen, you have that thing running all day long and it’s you know, could take as many people on it as you can get.

So I’m going to ask like a personal preference question, just cause I’m curious. Cause we’re running an evergreen webinar funnel right now and we’re using, we were, we started using ever webinar. Then we switched over, we saw this new software in the market. That’s called webinar webinar fuel by Anthony Morrison. Not sure if you’re familiar or heard of it. And I know there, there newer software systems, they’re still working out some of the kinks in there good software, but most people are like, you know, there there’s this, there’s this theory of like, okay, do I get super technical and build this webinar? Or it looks like I’m in a live environment. Right. Or am I going after like, dude just put a freaking video on the click funnels, landing page and just call it a day. Right. You know, like, forget about all the other live and fancy softwares and all that stuff. What do you prefer doing? What do you recommend people to actually do?

Well, I think it depends on your market. You know, there’s a certain value to having a ever webinar format with like a live comment box where they could put in comments and you can see other people putting in comments and things like that. If it’s a marketplace that’s more sophisticated as really a custom and kind of turned off by the whole simulated live environment then yeah. You could put it on a ClickFunnels type of page. I mean, really depends on your market and you want to test it to see which which does the best

Makes sense. And in your business, if you can strip everything back and, and you, how long have you been doing this?

Since 2001, I started doing that.

Okay. So you’ve been in the game for a long time, since 2001, if you can think about one of the biggest aha moments or the biggest needle movers you had in your business that really resulted in the growth of your company, what would that one thing,

What would you tell people? You know, it’s, it’s kind of a mindset thing, right? So it’s when you think about your business, especially a small business like mine, and you think about your business in terms of how much money you’re going to make personally. And then you start thinking about how much do I need to make to cover my bills. That’s the wrong approach. It’s hard to grow your business because what’s going to happen is you’ll make more than you need to pay your bills and cover your expenses. Then you’re good. And then you kind of take your foot off the gas pedal. You’re like, okay, you know, I’m good. You have to think of your business in terms of the potential. Like the business has to be a separate entity from yourself. Like I want to grow this business to be as big as it can be to acquire as many customers as I can to, to be month over month growth year over year growth. When you start looking at it like that and separate yourself, because you start to feel greedy after a while, you’re like, ah, I need a hundred thousand dollars this month. You know, a great mall flag. I’m gonna take two weeks off. But what if you’re, if you look at it, like the business did that and the business can do even more and I’m competing against these other businesses, you know, you separate yourself from the business. You can really start to grow your income and focus on growing the business rather than personal.

And do you, so you’re obviously doing webinars, I’m sure you guys are doing a lot of webinars. You drinking your own. Kool-Aid most likely. Are you, are you using webinars right now in your business to pick up new clients?

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. My favorite thing to do is using webinars. I mean the main thing is the webinar shortens the sales cycle, right? If you’re a sales and everybody that’s done sales, you know, you know, a big part of it is prospect thing. And then building that relationship and then following up and following up again and all that stuff, webinar enables you to build that know like and trust to build a credibility, to kind of paint a picture of the big opportunity that they want to jump into and create some type of urgency to act before the end of the webinar enables you to do that all within a 60 to 90 minute period. So it shortens the sales cycle and then enables you to follow up with the people who haven’t seen that webinar. So the webinar could be your sales machine rather than you know, trying to close everybody. I mean, even if you’re, even if you’re good at closing people over the phone, the webinar can be that device where it makes the sale a lot easier by the time they speak to you over the phone. And it screens out the people that are really not interested in taking that call

For us. I mean, for, in our company, we use webinars purely for indoctrination. We indoctrinate the out of people,ubefore we get them on the phone call and it just makes them super hot and super just wanting to buy whatever it is that we’re going to offer them. Uit, it makes it just a sexy phone call in my opinion. Uare you using, are you going evergreen right now or live in your business or are you doing both? Talk to me about that.

I do both. I do both. I have an evergreen webinar that I’m constantly running traffic to and I do live webinars, especially with joint venture partners, you know, other fluent people, other influencers that are promoting our webinars on a commission basis. So I do that and I do swaps like I do our webinars, promote someone else every week. I bring on a series that I do called wealth Wednesday, where I bring on a new guest every week and we do a webinar.

All right. That’s that’s awesome. So a lot of automation comes, especially with building an evergreen webinar. If you could think about all the automations you have in your business right now, what’s your favorite one? What’s a favorite. It could be a zap. It could be a funnel that you got going. What’s your favorite automation that you’ve got that’s going on? That’s like, hands-off, Ron’s not touching. This is just doing this thing.

I would say definitely the automated webinar using every webinar and the auto responder follow-up series.

Okay. Fair enough. And the, all of these leads that you got coming in, so obviously you’re going, if you’re going evergreen, you can be generating five, 10, 15, a hundred leads a day, whatever it is, obviously, depending on how much traffic you’re sending that way, what CRM system are you using to take everything in control, all your leads.

I’m old school men still use a Webber, a Webber, but yeah.

Hey, if it works, what works, right? Don’t don’t break it. Doesn’t work or don’t try to find something else, man. And what is your sales process look like? Are you actually getting on the phone call? I mean, let’s take one step back. So we can maybe frame that question a little bit better. The leads that are actually coming in, are these applications to work with you and your 15 Gaye or 30 K programs? Okay.

No, usually these leads are people that come in for webinars or online summits got Jana. We indoctrinate them, like you said, via the webinar, online summit, the online event. And then, you know, usually I would sell people. I sell people a program, right on a on the webinar. And then I upsell people into coaching that don’t buy that, that, that buy the program. So people that buy the program at a lower ticket, then we talked to those people over the phone and give them a strategy session.

Do you have a value ladder approach where it’s like, Hey, come buy this, you know, hundred dollar offer and then, you know, get a little bit indoctrinated, warm, warm them up a little bit. And then it’s like, okay, now here’s my thousand dollar offer. And here’s my 10 K 15. K do you have an actual value ladder that most people use that term?

The event that you were on webinar con virtual summit, that wasn’t indoctrination process. It was a, the front end ticket, I think was 200 bucks or three,

One 97. I think I paid with an ex or maybe something like that. I was like 200 bucks. Yeah, yeah. 200 bucks. And then, you know, it

Was a three or four day summit, and then we all weekend long, we kept giving people an invitation to get a book, a strategy call to become part of our, you know, we had the two programs. If you have, if you have a webinar that’s converting, we had that webinar wealth club, 35,000, we’ll help you get your webinar, booked, get more people to promote your webinar. And if you don’t have a webinar, we were selling those folks, the webinar incubator to help them create a webinar so that, you know, as one process, my other process is just like in a free registration webinar, a thousand dollar offer. And then, you know, five to $10,000 up. So over the phone.

Gotcha. Okay. And now obviously everybody that goes through the funnel, doesn’t buy, let’s just say, if you’ve got a conversion rate of, let’s just call it 10% for the hell of it. Right. what are you doing with the other 90%? I know you’re probably big on emails or anything else that you’re doing,

Right. Well, we do a messenger, Facebook messenger bots. You know, we, we, we do a weekly, the weekly webinars that we do. So the people that don’t buy it, we offer them ongoing weekly.

Thanks. Is it just constantly like different topics of just trying to get these people on and on and on until they hopefully eventually buy something. Right. Right. Gotcha. Going back to messenger bots, do you see any issues with the whole, because we recently had an issue with messenger bots where we keep sending out Blas and Facebook keeps sending us warnings. Are you running into those issues

As well? Yeah. Yeah. Everybody is everybody good way to get around that a good way has never put a link in the first message.

It’s funny. We ran a message the other day and it was, we, it was actually an account update message. We were just, you know, adding something new to our store fulfillment store, right. We’re starting to offer YouTube ads. There’s a white label, fulfillment service. Right. So prior to that, two weeks prior to that, we sent out a webinar invite with a zoom link, which was stupid. And then we got the first warning and I spoke to my team and they said, Hey, let’s not, let’s not send out the link, which is exactly what you said, which is a good thing. We didn’t do that. And then ask them a question and get them to engage in the bot and then send them the promo or whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish. Right. We did that. And for some reason, Facebook still did the little, couple days suspension on us and gave us a notice. And it was something simple as like what it was is to say, Hey, want to I think we said like, Hey, want to see some or hear something or cool that we just launched inside of our fulfillment store question. Mark says, yes, show me, or no, I’m not interested. Right. If they hit, yes. Then we’ll be like, we just launched YouTube white label, fulfillment ads here is 45% off. Here’s a promo code that you can use. Right. And we still got the message. Is there anything that we’re doing wrong? There,

No run ads. You can, yeah. It’s just, Facebook can run ads to that. You know, if you pay for an ad, they can’t say anything. It’s like 20 bucks or something, you know, but the thing is too. I mean, even if they they, they could, they could ban your page from running messenger bot messages that you could just create a new page and just do the same. You have to start over with your subscribers, but then you can appeal it on a ban. You appeal it, but is it playing the game? Like Facebook pay, pay to play. Sometimes you just gotta, you know, pay or every once in a while pay, not every time, but every, every third message or something, just pay the fee.

Yep. No, I agree. Or what are you using for that ManyChat ManyChat? Any chat? Cool. I don’t think we’ve ever paid to send that a message. Is that something you do right in there and many chat.

Yeah. Right. Or mini chat.

Awesome. All right. So you guys are five people you’re running super lean. You’re working from home in, in your company in the last 12 months, how much revenue have you guys generate in the last 12 months? About

Two, two and a half million

People, two and a half million dollars in revenue. That is absolutely fantastic. That’s super helpful. A partner

With Onyx and gall on some things, but

He’s a beast, man. We’re going to have them on here too as well. Doing a, one of our podcasts here in the near future. And where do you see yourself in 12 months? Fast forward, 12 months from today. What’s like a good goal that you want to hate

12 months. I just want to have another million in my account cash. And I, I’m a, I’m a real estate investor too. So I’m actually about to close on a property this month. So I just used the money to buy cash flow properties. And I just want to hit a certain zone money coming in.

You’re doing the, you’re doing the online stuff, taking the money and investing it in properties. I’m assuming.

Yeah. Yeah. I’m old, man. I don’t want to do this when I’m 60, I’ll be 46 next month. I’m trying to, like

I thought when you came around here, you live, like for those of you guys who were just listening, he looks like he’s 30. I love it, man. So if you want to add another million to your account next 12 months from today, what’s like the one major change that, you know, the avenues to just running more traffic, getting more, you know, what do you got to do? Is it just a traffic game at this point?

Yeah. It’s definitely running more traffic, you know, scaling up, running more traffic and getting it, getting it out there using, you know, multiple channels, YouTube, Facebook,

What are you using right now? Is it just Facebook?

Yeah, mainly Facebook and email ads, but we want to start getting more on YouTube as well.

Email ads. That’s the first side. Is that like Gmail ads and stuff like that?

No, we actually pay for email ads for newsletters. Yeah.

So are you paying somebody with a list of send a blast for you? Is that what it is? Yeah. Wow. Okay. I didn’t even know that was possible

And solo ads, solo ads, but like there’s big publications that, so email drops as well.

Where would somebody go? They want, is there like a company where you’re like, Hey, I’m looking for marketing agencies. I want to send them an email blast. Is there like a com a website that I can go to that offers stuff like that.

Yeah. Yeah. There’s well, depends on your topic really. So, I mean, we’re in a, it was one of our, is a writer writing and publishing related. Gotcha. So w we use this company called writer’s digest. I very hard. Yeah. So it really depends on your topic. There’s another service where you can get a, it’s more, more mainstream traffic, but it’s called the things next, Mark, where you can find lists of people that are selling email drops. There’s also a flat iron media. I actually have a connection anybody’s interested with flatter and media.

Yeah. Guys, if you guys are listening, reach out to Ron, maybe he can connect you guys, but that’s the first time I’ve heard of that. So that’s pretty cool. All right. So last question, before we wrap it up what is your favorite software tool that you use in your business?

Favorite software is thrive cart?

Thrivecart ladies and gentlemen. You heard it first. Ron Douglas from Ron Douglas publishing all the way out of Atlanta, Georgia. Ron, thank you so much for joining us here on this special episode of marketers mindset podcast. We appreciate you brother, and we’ll see in 12 months, once you add another million dollars to your bank account. Thank you. Appreciate it. Have a good one. Bye.

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