Recommended Services for a High End Ecomm Store
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 03:19 PM

Recommended Services for a High End Ecomm Store


Should you set up an ecommerce campaign on Facebook or Google? Is SEO the way to go? It depends on the product(s) your client is selling. In this video, I’ll break down my recommendations.


Hey, so Denise from Facebook asked, does dashclicks builds ecommerce websites and what would be a good marketing campaign to run for an ecommerce website?
So yes, we actually do build ecommerce websites. You can get a custom pricing right inside of the fulfillment stores. If you just log in your dash tricks account, you click fulfillment in the main menu on the left rail you will see a bunch of the services. We actually built a website calculators. You just click website design and you can calculate the exact price that you need or the exact website that you need to get an exact price for it. Right. in regards to what usually is the best for ecommerce, really depends on the product that you’re trying to sell. For e-comm, however, two things work really good. If it’s more of a product where it’s not so niche down or maybe a, it’s more of like a specialty product or something like that. Or if it’s a product that’s cool, they can go viral. Definitely like Facebook ads, I would highly recommend. It’s more of like a general product. Maybe a doing like a, a Google ads campaign and hooking up the shopping cart through an XML feed and going that route to doing like a Google shopping campaign. So hopefully that helps you.

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