Recommended Ad Spend for Google Ads Campaign
Chad Kodary
Aug 13th, 2019 at 02:41 PM

Recommended Ad Spend for Google Ads Campaign


How much should you spend on Google Ads for a Home Services client? The ideal amount will vary based on location and your competition, but we’ll give you our recommended starting number.


Awesome. So we have another question from Facebook from Edgy, and he asks, what is the recommended ad spend for home services for Google ads? So right, if you’re running a Google ads campaign, what is the recommended spend for somebody in the home services niche?
So to answer that question properly, usually home services do have somewhat on the higher end of the higher cost per click, right? And what that basically means is you want to have some type of decent ad spin because the way that usually any marketing company works is, or any campaign that you’re going to run, is you take that campaign and you take that ad spending divided into about 30 days, okay. Or 28 days. And so if you have a thousand dollar ad spend, that might be, you know, 20 or 30 bucks a day or whatever that might be, right?
So if your cost per click on averages $10 a click, let’s just say that for the home services, depending on the location and depending on where you are obviously in the world and what services you’re trying to advertise, it’s going to differ, right? And a good way to use and to try to find some information like that is using the Google keyword planner tool, which is completely free. You can actually Google it. It’s by Google and it’s bought, it’s inside. It’s one of the tools inside of the ad, the Google ads platform. So you can go there and you can type in you know, roofing services as an example and dropping your location, maybe Miami, Florida, and it will tell you what the average cost per click is. So what you want to do is if you’re seeing that the cost per click is $10 or $20 per click or $5 per click, you want to allocate enough ad spend to divide that by the daily ad spend.
So if your daily ad spend is $20 a day as an example and then your cost per click is $10, chances are you only might get two clicks per day for that. And usually depending on your conversion rate, obviously, and then laid going deeper into the sales funnel of having a good, an optimized website, having a sales team to answer. And actually make the sales right, going through that whole process that’s going to conflict and against your conversion rate. Right. So just to generally answer that question, we usually like to start off with a, at least for that specific niche, about a thousand dollars a month in ad spend. Get the ads running for the first 30 days, gather some data, find out which ads are performing best, and then actually raise the ad spin as we start seeing some good conversions.

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