Predictably Sold Over $5M in Marketing Using 3 Frameworks
Chad Kodary
Apr 10th, 2020 at 08:45 PM

Predictably Sold Over $5M in Marketing Using 3 Frameworks


In times like this, without clarity, it’s physically impossible to scale your marketing agency…
Chad Kodary, CEO of DashClicks walks you through how he predictably sold over $5M in marketing services and escaped the hamster wheel using 3 simple frameworks…
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Was… Yeah, well… No, not good as mine set what soup market is mine, said “How are we doing everybody?
Let me get a 400 in the chat, if you guys can hear me if you guys can see me what’s going on.
Oh man, it’s been a while, guys who’re coming in hot during the Corona. Let me go ahead and roll this over to facebook guys, if you guys can you hear me and if you guys can see me, go ahead and drop a 300 in the chat really quick, we’ll switch it out. 300. the job at scaling all market is mindset.
Guys were about to go in today. I got such a special webinar pretty guys today that I’ve been working on for literally the past week day night. I’m so excited to see you guys on your life, aside from this whole epidemic increasing is happening. I really love you guys, I’m so thankful for you guys for joining us. What’s going on, everybody where in the world a You guys strong guys where in the world are you guys from dropping in the chat from merely quick?
Where in the world are you guys from… We got Bellini North Carolina LA Illinois or Lindo, Kansas Utah and why I see “Sandiego New York Virginia Beach, Delaware, Pittsburgh, Miami, with constant Australia Syracuse Canada Saskatoon west up everybody keep them going. Let’s get the chair live. What are you guys from if you guys are coming in right now where in this world are you guys from Goa, and drop it in the chat below Leo up everybody, and we got Detroit, on how… Oh see, you thought What’s up, guys, were gonna give everybody about a minute or two to jump in here where I had blue be a couple of hundred agencies, live with us today here on this very special webinar, during the coronavirus outbreak. I know there’s some crazy shit that’s happening in this world right now, guys, but I wanted to bring a little bit of awesome miss into the world and give you guys an amazing free training. This is a free training that we would usually do in our paid Dale group. I wanna give it to you guys for free.

I want you guys to be able to take away all of his knowledge, and run with it. If you guys are ready to roll, let me get a fight of zero 0, and the child, everybody I on to the chat, if you guys are ready to row, I’m gonna show you guys today, how I predictably sold over five million dollars worth of Digital Marketing Services and escaped the hips were literally using three simple frameworks guys, one, two, three… That’s all it’s gonna be today. It’s gonna be simplicity and it’s fine. Is we got out a whip open Facebook here on my side, check also this into amazing guys, by the way, for those of you guys who had never been on a markers, mindset Weiner before, usually that is where I am in the background, unfortunately, today, our entire team is working remotely actually for the past couple of weeks, so it’s just me here in the office safe and sound, and I’m gonna be doing this on my computer I got my cam up front.

I got all of your comments here to the side.

I also have Facebook comments if you guys are watching on Facebook, “Show me some love 500. the chatted, the Like button, I got you guys on Facebook here, I see all of your comments and I see everything that’s happening and I’m super, super, super excited guys. There is so many people in your live on this webinar, so many people who’s ready to get started guys drop a number 7 in the chat, and we’re gonna get started here in just a minute. I just gotta get all you guys pumped up ’cause today we’re gonna show you guys some craziness something extravagant, something out of this world, that you guys have probably seen before, but never in this fashion, never in this fashion. I’m literally ripping the curtain of… And I’m gonna show you guys all of my secrets. Essentially, the top-level stuff all the golden nuggets are all slam packed into this one hour webinar, we’re gonna be on here for one hour and I wanna make sure everybody stays until the end of the webinar because there’s… Whether you’re starting your agency, whether you’re scaling your agency where a 0u cries for one client it doesn’t matter. This webinar is for you.

Okay, guys this webinar is for you, so let’s go ahead and get started, guys, I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen really quick, awesome guys, if you guys can see my screen, go ahead and drop a 300 in the chart below, really quick guys, 300 the chat below really quick, I wanna make sure that you guys can see my screen, let me also WIP over the side chat amazing, we got a bunch… You guys on. I love it, I love it. Let me just get set up here on the side. Alright, cool, we are ready to roll, what up every body we got so many people on guys. I’m so excited, I haven’t done one of these webinars literally. Well, let me coolmore. I haven’t done one of these webinars in a long time, so I’m super, super, super excited to have you guys with me, your life. I know it’s been a while, I’ve been behind the scenes working on a bunch of stuff, to help scale dash clicks, but like I said during the epidemic, I wanted to bring you guys a little bit of gold. So, let’s without further ado, get started. So today, guys, I credit this presentation I wanna show you how I myself This is a proven process that I literally took predictably sold over 5 million in digital marketing services and escape. The hamster will using literally three frameworks and it’s the same three frameworks that are used, in any business anywhere in the world. The gay guys.

So let’s go ahead and get started.

So guys, the three simple agency frameworks that we use to grow multiple seven-figure agencies is one prospecting.

Okay, prospecting is huge for those of you guys who are in the marketing game. And are you trying to run a marketing agency? You can already know how important prospecting is. Okay, it’s a number one game changer for your agency to go out and actually get more clients.

The next a sales… No, as you can go on Prospect all you want, you can send a thousand people to go ahead and book calls with you, but if you’re not closing deals, LA out, you’re not making any money and guys, if you’re not closing deals, well then you’re not fulfilling any orders extent. So you guys, can you guys drop a number five in the chat if you agree with me that prospecting sales and fulfillment can literally work for any business, any type of business that you are in this framework will work for you.

Okay, now obviously you’re a dog licks.

We’re all agency owners on here.

So this is gonna be specifically for you guys in tailored towards agencies.

So without further ado, let’s continue and get started it. So the major takeaways that you guys are actually gonna get from this specific webinar and let me go ahead and get this out of the way here is the overall goal is obviously clarity on how to grow a large successful agency, with multiple employees, instead of being a high paid freelancer. So for those of you guys right now that are freelancing for those of you guys that are working from home for those of you guys who have not yet reached the level that you wanna reach where kind of like what we have here at social into displaces where there’s multiple people working together to share an overall goal to actually go out of grown agency and be successful. Guys, you’re gonna learn that right here in this training. So kind of hang that also prospecting. I’m gonna show you guys how to capitalize your prospecting framework. So you’re capable of creating a multi-stream automated lead generation approach. If you guys were… I’m gonna show you guys how to create some automated lead generation stuff. Go in and drop a 17 in the chat for your boy real quick up at 17 and the chat. I know that’s why a lot of you guys are on here for sales. I’m gonna show you guys how to create sales structures and inject the 10-year-old proven process into your workflows, to literally calibrate your agency for success.

Okay, and for fulfillment I’m gonna show you guys the inside secrets on why most agencies fail and what happens literally after you on board claims right?

What are the exact measures that you can take to skip the answer? Well, I do, we all know we’re familiar with the term of the hamster wheel. It sucks so many agencies it get stuck in it. Well, I’m gonna show you guys what you can do before you even sign up a client, to make sure that you’re set up for success unaware that client, that cin has literally the best experience possible. Okay guys, now I wanna do a quick Porter quick. I thought this would be fun to do here with the group before you guys drop any numbers in. I’m gonna explain to you what I’m gonna do here and then go in and drop a numbers. Once I say go, okay, if you guys are having the biggest issues take these three things: prospecting sales and fulfillment. Okay, I want you guys to drop the number one in the chat if you’re having prospecting issues I want you guys to drop a two, and the child of your ad in sales issues and I want you guys to drop a three in the chat, if you’re having fulfillment issues go.

No, I had… Guys, what are you guys having? Is it prospecting number one, is it sales number two, is it fulfil it number three now? Well, most of you guys here that are here live on Zoom, with us, look inside of the chat look what’s going on, look at what your fellow people, your fellow agency owners, the users of DOS clicks the agency owners that you’ve seen the groups her friends, all of these people, everybody is struggling with something. But I can see from a majority of you guys and most of you guys are actually struggling with prospecting and sales, it looks like. Okay, so let’s continue now guys, before we get started, this is a one-hour webinar. We obviously are not gonna have time to go super in-depth on each one of these frameworks. So what I decided to do is take something out of the Volt.

Okay, and at the end of the webinar, I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna make you guys a special offer, okay? But you have to stay all the way until the end of the webinar or gay.

We actually get this that popped up here really quick as… So go ahead and make sure you stay until the end of the webinar guys, because literally what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna release this special offer at the end to guys, which is gonna be a more in-depth training. And then after that organ pitting that’s kind of gonna be gone forever. Okay, so stay on ITIL the… And remind you guys something special and let’s continue, I guess for those of you guys who don’t know me, my name is chapter and I’m the CEO of multiple seven-figure marketing companies. And I’m not saying he’s a brain Shang this literally just to show you that I’m qualified to actually share these results with you guys. Okay, so obviously, for most of you guys that are on here, you’re very familiar with Dash, click, which is our white label platform for digital marketing agencies to be able to give us or work with us on white label fulfillment use our software tools, use the platform to manage all of your clients, okay, and then we also have social agency, which social agency is our actual retail agency. Okay, this is the agency that we’ve used. Let me get this out of here too, guys. This is literally the agency that we used our retail agency. So for the past of the past 10 years, over a decade, okay, literally social agency has kind of been my life.

Okay, and for those of you guys who have never seen the quick back story on September 13, 2000 and in this is literally where I started social agency. I wanna do a quick poll in the group, I wanna see if we are kind of in the same network, are quick question and go ahead and drop a number six in the chat. Who year has started their business at their Parents’ house, or still currently operating from home? Aside from the Corona vir stuff ’cause we’re all working from home now, but who hear right now is literally either working from home, they’re operating their business from home or it has literally started at their Parents’ house.

Go ahead and drop a number six in the chat real quick as you guys can see. tons, tons, tons, tons of people.

Wow, there’s a lot of you guys.

Okay, awesome, let’s keep going, guys. This is a picture from February 12th 2015, okay, I want you guys to be aware of something and I think it’s super important to talk about it when building a business, your business, literally becomes your life.

Okay, I don’t know how to explain that better. A lot of you guys might be start-up agencies or you’re in the process of building your agency as you start adding years to your agency okay?

It becomes literally your entire life, it embodies everything that you are, it literally takes over all of your traits you become the brand, you become the visionary, you become the creator. Look at this picture guys.

I’m literally wearing the shirt of the actual mascot, for social agency, and this is back in 2015, this is five years ago, guys.

So for those of you guys who are on here that are looking to actually go out and build a scalable agency, I really wanna give you this business on one lesson, if you’re not prepared to be an entrepreneur, if you’re not prepared to be an agency owner then you really need to re-check where your goals are and really what you’re trying to accomplish, because this is reality, and this is actually like, Okay, so let’s keep going your guys.

So this is obviously a picture of our office, this is actually back I think close also 2015 right around… And this is kind of our office what’s happening now, this is one section of our office.

Now guys, I wanna discuss something that most agency owners, honestly, try to avoid… And I’m gonna be super but… And super honest with you guys and super upfront and we’re not gonna cut any corners here.

Okay, today we’re gonna talk about growing a real business.

Not high-paying 90 to 50. so for those of you guys who are in the agency space, they got a client that’s paying 1000 bucks a month, but that’s got a handful, the client to making a couple of hundred bucks for a month from it, or even a couple of short thousand bucks a month, that’s not necessarily a full-blown digital marketing agency. Okay, what we’re going to cover today is literally the essentials of what you need to actually grow a real business, something that’s scalable.

Okay guys, if you guys are on the same page with me, could I get a 400 in the shop really quick?

I wanna make sure all of you guys are on the same page. 400 and the child really quick, guys for one to the chi.

I wanna make sure everybody’s awake.

And so you said, standing up and do it the webinar, back here.

But I guess it’s fine. We’ll continue doing awesome, so let’s continue guys. So guys who wants to see some numbers here, I wanna show you guys my results from using these three simple frameworks and I’m about to teach you guys I’m literally gonna show you the results, I’m gonna show you the numbers, so you guys okay with that? Can you guys say yes on the child from me really quick if you guys are okay with me showing you some sales numbers and if you’re not, that’s cool, I just want do it. I’ll skip this slide just go out and drop in. Yes, in the chat for me I just wanna make sure everybody’s on the same page here.

I really wanna also get this out of here, give me one sec, guys.

Okay, well, let’s continue anyways. Little bars not going away.

Now, guys, this is from one of our companies, social agency.

Okay, I just wanna throw that out there.

So in 2015, which is about five years ago, which is really when our business started scaling I’m not gonna bore you guys were the first five years, which was really shitty when I made no money. Where we practically had no team or anything else like that.

We’re gonna go in a up-to-date I’m gonna do last five-year spread a 2015. we did 58, 000 in sales, 2016 817000 in sales 20-17-1 million, 230-000 in sales, 218… 1 million, 47200 sales, 20191 million, 60-41000 in sales. Now, I want you guys to know this because you’re probably looking at these numbers. You’re like Holy shit.

How can I get to this, right?

The guys don’t hate me super, but with you guys here Okay, these results will not happen to you unless you actually work for it. Okay, for those of you guys who think that you’re gonna do like a two-hour agency work week or you’re gonna be working from the beach on your laptop and try to grow a six or seven figure digital marketing agency, it is going to be very hard for you to scale that out in order to get to these numbers, you have to have a full-on team working with you.

This is not a one-man show, this is not a one-man operation.

I wanna be able to do any of this stuff if it wasn’t for the team that we had with us, “Okay is everybody on point does everybody understand that? Can you jump in number three? And the child of you guys understand that?

So to make sure that everybody does not think this is like an overnight success, type of thing. This is a five-year spread. So a guy he says five years of my life spread out and showing you guys an opening the book and I’m showing you guys the numbers.

Okay, so let’s continue enough about all the back story and the numbers and all the crazy stuff. Who’s ready to learn these three simple frameworks? 600 in the chat for me really quick. Six under the shop and I’m gonna show you that it’s all the craziness I got. Give you guys a bunch of clarity, I’m gonna show you guys all thought be awesome stuff that’s happening literally right now in the ages who space? So you guys can take it, run with it and have literally the most successful agency, in the world during the epidemic… After the epidemic. Who give the shit about the coronavirus guys were here to run full force and go as fast as possible if you guys are with me. Six-zero, zero. And the chat ’cause we’re about to go in right now, people I just want everybody to know that I err on the chip.

Aright, amazing. Let’s keep going a guys. Let’s start with, probably your favorite and prospecting.

Okay, this is the one that most of you guys, during our poll earlier, we’re struggling with most of you guys. You deletion, the chat. Make sure your ears are wide open in your eyes are wide open so you can literally see exactly what’s happening on the screen.

Now, one thing I wanna say before moving forward with the rest of the presentation, I wanted to make this presentation the most simplistic presentation, because sometimes when we over-complicate things, or when I go to in-depth, it starts to confuse people, but if I can use simple things like analogies and images and just to kind of show you guys what I’m talking about, then it makes the presentation so much better and allows you guys, the viewers and the watchers and the people who are learning it allows it to enter your brain in a way where you can easily say, Ah, I understand it.

Okay, so this presentation is gonna be super clean, super simple and it’s gonna make you say Aha, many times during the presentation.

Okay, so let’s get story.

So first thing I actually wanna do with and what I wanna talk about is, Well what is prospecting?

Okay, what the hell is prospecting? Prospecting has been used across so many different types of terms. Let’s really go through this really quick. Or take prospecting is the first step in the sales process, which consists of identifying potential customers at a prospects, okay?

The goal of prospecting is to develop a database of likely customers and then systematically communicate with them in hopes of converting them from a potential customer to a paid customer.

Her only understand that very simple, very self-explanatory. Drop a yes in the chat.

If you guys understand what really prospecting, it’s prospecting is literally a way to grow your database.

Okay, it’s a way for you to generate lead. It’s called lead generation in the agency terminology, right?

Or in any, pretty much any business, right, it’s a way for you to generate lease away for you to get people to say yes.

I’m interested in your services away for you to actually accelerate your agency because this literally is the first domino that you are going to have in your agency, if you cannot, and I repeat, if you cannot push this domino over you will have zero of an agency, you’ll have zero clients you will literally have ERT members zero revenue if you cannot lay down the bricks for the prospecting foundation, okay?

That domino will never tip over and you will never make any money in this game. Okay, so it’s very important over the next couple of minutes that you guys really understand what it is that I’m talking to you guys about… And I want you to digest and take whatever it is that you can in and try to implement it into your own agency. Okay, so guys, after speaking with thousands of agency orders from all over the world, literally there is dozens of thousands of users inside of Dali. Okay, I started seeing some major patterns. Okay, this is how most agencies prospects, okay you got one guy, one fishing pole. Okay, now I want you to imagine this fishing pole as your prospecting method. So yeah, one prospecting method, you’re throwing it out into the ocean, you got your little fishing poll here, and you’re pulling as hard as you can on that freaking fishing pole. Okay, and then the outcome of that is this.

You catch your little baby, little baby, Mino-Right, and you get all excited.

Okay, so what I need you guys to focus on here in this very simplistic analogy okay, if you’re only fishing with one line and you’re catching small fish, that’s A-U-“dissip okay, because if you are literally casting out your fishing pole into the ocean of customers Okay, what’s going to happen is, you can only real in one at a time.

I’ve never seen anybody cast out a fishing pole and catch 10 fish unless you’re on the freaking Atlantic crab fish and ate whatever the hole it is, where they’re casting nets.

Okay, well, all I’m saying is, think about that fishing poll as one prospecting way that prospecting could be prospecting opportunity can be anything to be nasty mountain.

Could be cold calling, it’s just one way for you to go out and real in prospects again, and then obviously, it sucks when you catch a little mini-fish. Okay, now this is the way that we prospect my focus as a business owner, and as an agency owner okay is literally to get as many of these fishing poles into the water as I possibly can, all working simultaneously to generate leads.

Okay, does everybody understand what’s going on here? Can I see yes in the chat really quick, if you guys are understanding this so far, I just wanna make sure everybody’s on the same page, okay, once again I’m trying to paint pictures for you guys. Can you guys can see this at the 10000-foot overview of what’s happening?

Okay, so my goal and somebody said it here in the chatting Marie said it a whole crew of professional fisherman right now, what’s cool about this is, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these arrows have to be physical people. These can be automations right?

So what if there was a way to go out, literally built the dock like this with tons of fishermen that are all bags going out and casting their lines every single day.

Casting lines and guess what?

And your cast, aligns your catching fish people. Okay, I wish I could move this thing out of the way, but basically says “The more lines that you actually through out into the water, the more fish that you’ll actually catch.

Okay, to make sense, guys, is that making sense to you guys? 200 on the chat 200 of the chat that makes a little bit sensor you guys okay so what I wanted to do, and I figured it was only right that I would share with you guys.

Our multiple prospecting streams. Okay, so what I’ll do is, I’m gonna throw out a bunch of opportunities here in boxes and then you guys can screen shot at the end. Okay, so think about one of those fishing lines is CO-CO-now, a lot of people just through this. So imagine if this was your agency, if all you did was Col… Con… You didn’t do anything else for outbound for outreach for prospecting right? Which interns, is all really much as the same shit. Okay so, if all you did in your business, was just cold coin.

Well, yes, we guys… There’s years where I did just called calling and sold millions of dollars’ worth of Digital Marketing Services just from one prospecting tactic.

Okay, but when you really wanna escalate that to the next level, okay, when you really wanna bring that to the next level, really start making more money start scaling your agency, you need to also focus on multiple prospecting screen streams, and you need to do it in a way. Words automate me to try to automate as much as possible.

Another thing that you guys should know is most people think automation is done by software.

I am not only talking about automated software, I’m talking about automating the delegation of the tasks so that other people can do it.

That to me is a business owner is automation and that’s where a team comes into play. That’s where most of you guys are. Higher sales reps will hire VAs. What I are people to go do. outreach, right? So that way you don’t have to physically go out and do all that Gruber.

So what you really need to focus on for every one of these boxes that I’m going to display here is How can I automate it and I have two options to automate it, I can either automate it with the software where I don’t need a human interaction, or I need to get a human to do this and I’m automating it, so I don’t physically need to do it. Is everybody understand that, three in the chat really quick? If you guys are on the same page as we three in the chat really quick, if you guys are on the same page at T-WAN to make sure we’re all here on the same page.

Awesome, let’s keep going.

So co-con is awesome. Facebook ads is awesome.

Being an agency owner and doing lead generation Facebook ad campaigns where you’re getting opt-in information or people opting in on your ads to get out a free report or… And in society for using… It’s just so many different ways that you can do this, right?

Obviously, just to take one step back, Cook’s pretty self-explanatory, picking up the phone and dialing. You can run Google ads for your agency to start getting people who are looking… Maybe locally or nationally, whatever it is that you’re targeting people who are looking for specific services, your ads can be displayed there, those things can pretty much be automated and that’s automated with software and human interaction, right?

Kind of both LinkedIn outreach. There’s tons of automated software is that you can use that’ll do outbound linked an outreach where you literally probably don’t even have to touch it and you can start generating leads every single day. Same thing with Instagram outreach Facebook outreach, going into Facebook and fetal question a bunch of people, and then ding them obviously doing this strategically, right?Posting YouTube videos.

Okay, shitting you, to video on if you’re going after a roofer shoot you to video.

Most successful lead generation strategies for roofing companies. Shoot the video five-minute video, give some awesome value post it on YouTube, guys. I cannot explain to you how many new users would get a Dasha and how many revenue we generate for social agency for us that we’re taking videos and posting them online. People find the videos people watch or videos. It’s a super important thing that you can do SEL people locally looking for you, right? Optimizing Your Website. For those of you guys who have an agency website, go out, drag and drop is a super easy build, her go out and start optimizing your website, or have athletes do SEO for you, or get somebody do a feel for you, whatever the case may be, optimize their website locally for people looking for your business. Okay, does that make sense?

Logging going out and writing blogs on your actual website, mass emailing sending mass email campaigns, daily to try to get people on line guys, once again, these are all fishing lines that I’m throwing into the ocean every single day that you try to catch fish.Local trade shows, going and opening up a booth at a local trade shows.Joining Facebook groups, okay, join Facebook groups and trying to get prospects from them.

Opening up a call center is basically co-calling on steroids, okay, walking into businesses speaking at events, guys, is everybody understand? There’s probably so much, other ones that are not on here, but these are some of the major ones that we use. In fact, I figured I would share the ones that work best for you guys with that 300 in the child real quick, are you guys cool if after every one of these scenarios that we do, I just literally tell you which ones are the best for us. And that worked.

Okay, awesome, so cold-calling for us was huge for us, it’s probably where we made most of our money. mass emailing was big for us. So he’s… Do a lot of Nats emailing back in the day call center. Obviously, you guys know me, I’m big into the call center in “I love call centers. It’s a way for me to take my co-calling and bringing to the next level.

Okay, and then walking into business for those of you guys who have ever seen any of my trainings, where that’s pretty much how I started.

Okay, walking into businesses and generating hundreds of thousand dollars worth in sales from digital marketing, literally, just walking into businesses. Okay guys, let’s keep going.

What is to see the prospecting softwares that we use? You guys okay with that? Drop a number one on the chart number one on the hot maybe I’ll show you some prospect in software, is that you are going to need to run your agency successfully. Legit everybody a second to drop one, ’cause I need some time to breathe and I also do you guys to level up with me here. You gotta get the action going.

Awesome, alright first thing you’re gonna need is a CRM system, okay?

Without a CRM system, you can’t run your business, it’s not possible, okay, especially if you’re doing it at scale if you’re doing one-off phone calls where you’re backing one or two appointments a week, great you can use your note pad on your computer for that, but if you’re being a real agency and you’re getting 10 15 20 book appointments on your calendar every single day you bet your ass, you need a course and you better get one-click okay, or else you’re not gonna be in business, you also need to scheduling system, okay, you need a scheduling to be able to book these appointments on, be able to go out and send reminders, and things like that. You obviously need a calendar, you need a predictive dialer. And if you’re gonna be using a call center approach now once again these are the softwares that we use okay?

You need a mass email there, you need to software to go actually send out tons of mass emails, you need an SMTP service, which is gonna be used to actually go out and relay all of those emails that you’re sending out if you’re sending 100-500-1000 emails help on… Or each indicates huge… Our own software, we used it, it was our number one to our favorite tool. We still use it till today.

The Insta-reports you guys are not using that you need to really level up these are amazing tools, especially as an agent Tiller to God and help you really scale your agency. Okay, now once again guys, the most crucial software is that, in my opinion, that you’re gonna need obviously all of these are crucial, but having just the CRM system into cited Insta-reports, you can literally start scaling your agency. Okay, these are the three things that you need and they’re very inexpensive, and you can go out and get these tools right here, right now, today. And start literally running. Okay, so let’s continue I wanna really quickly go to the next framework which is sales. So we talked a little bit about prospecting. You understood tons of different prospecting methods that you can use to draw out literally line into the ocean start catching fish. Okay, now let’s go to sales okay, let’s talk about sales related. We what it fails to obviously not… Nobody some on here, we all know what sales is. Got really what is the definition of sales, right?

A sale is a transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives tangible intangible goods. Services and… Or assets in exchange for money.

Okay, now the definition that really makes sense because think about what you guys are doing, you guys, in fact, as an agency owner or not only selling the service, but if you really even think deeper than that, I Tunney selling to, right? You are selling the amount of time that it takes to do a service because usually when you’re in the service business, you are basing the cost of that service, on most of the time, the time that it takes to do that and the skill set required to do that service, right?

So you are literally selling time is what you’re selling as an agency owner okay you need to make sure that you have all of that information on point to know exactly how long it takes you to do everything. You need to know all of the in-depth material that’s revolved around sales. Okay, so guys, I wanna talk to guys about something that’s probably the most important to me. You guys have heard me preach about it. You’ve heard others in the industry preach about it, you’ve heard big names in the industry. Preach about what a value later is. Anybody guys, can you guys do number three in the chat, you guys from O what a value later is? Just drop with three in the child really quick.

Tell me out of your guys, if you guys know what a value later is do me a quick favor, just drop a number three. And the child for me, I need to really make sure that you guys understand this before I move forward.

Okay, get a lot of you guys.

Okay, awesome, let’s keep those.

So guys, this is essentially what a value later looks like, and we got value on this axis and the price on this axis and essentially, as you go up the ladder, the value goes up, in the price goes up right to here’s a definition, a value, a value ladder is a method of mapping out your product or service offering, visually in ascending order of value in price as clients ascend up the latter the price level increases the value level, increases everything basically increases as the person goes up the lab.

Okay, why this is important, okay, for most of you guys who are trying to go out and sell digital marketing services, I see a lot of you guys in the industry selling high ticket items first.

Okay, I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing, to do. All I’m saying is, it’s very hard to scale something like that, because when somebody’s paying top dollar for something they expect usually immediate results fast and it’s very hard in the marketing world to deliver that so soon.

Okay, and also when you’re selling high-end products where it’s like, a 2K a month or three month program or service essentially that’s a really hard pill for a consumer to swallow versus then, swallowing a smaller pill that might be a couple 100 bucks here, on the low end and then after building trust and report it’s sending them up the actual value later. Okay, so let’s go through really quick me one sec, your guys some technical difficulties from Google, of course.

Alright, well shit, I’ll just open it up here on my… Give me one sec, guys, ’cause I really want you guys to see this value letter, okay. They’re very important.

IT guys, really quick. I wanna do a poll really quick while I pull this up, ’cause I think it’s really important. Does any of you guys, right now, are you guys using any type of value ladder, inside of your business?

Can you guys do me a quick favor drop a number 17 in the chat really quick.

Are you guys using a value, better inside of your business right now to go out and sell digital marketing services? Just go in and drop a 17 in the chat for me.

A lot of you guys are and I do another quick poll while I’m pulling this up, what is the number one service that’s at the bottom of your value ladder, what’s the number one service that’s at the bottom of your value later what is that?

Somebody said incites reputation management directory management directory, listings.

Okay, a bunch of stuff to re-management. What else guys let’s at the bottle of your value at our websites, right? Cool, free report marketing audit.

Okay, so a lot of really cool stuff. Let me go head and open this up for you guys.

We get this bad way out of here.

So what I want you guys to see is essentially this right here is our value letter, okay, and you guys can spring out it and make whatever you wanted it, but essentially this is the value later.

Okay, so we have our website which we start ascending first, okay, which we charge literally 49 a month for, and we are a 199 set of feet. And this is essentially an instance like…

And by the way, guys, and you guys don’t wanna do any of the services yourself, in you an outsource.

We put a little mind. Not here for you guys, so you go. These are the services in-dash lakes.

Then we go up, right then after we go and we sell them a website. So think about this really quick.

I go out, I throw my line into the water.

Okay, now my main goal, if I can throw my line out into the water and I have one specific goal and that one specific as literally to sell one specific product and all of my sales Beall my front-ers closers my entire sales team can literally be in the doc pages me and run as fast as possible. I got to one train in. So, one product, it’s not makes sense right now, right?

So what we did was, when we started, when we threw all of our fishing lines out… Well, we had a 20 fishing lines at once, we would start selling our website, this is our entry level product.

Okay, then after that seven days later, we would give him a call and we would sell them our listing service, which was 199 a month at 99 set up, feet okay, then once again, seven days later from that or 14 dates later from that social media posting. 399 a month on a 99-on-time set up fee.

Okay, then after that, we go up from there. There’s usually about 30 days later, 30, 60 days later, is really when we start selling these larger packages, which is SEO and PPC which is 6-909 a month and onset up for 999 a month, right?

And I-

699 set-up fee, right?

And the reason why we do this in this particular order is because once again it’s a lot easier to be able to sell somebody, a 200, the 50 order and then a week later I send them up to another 250 or I’m gonna send them up again to a foreign “Treloar order than keep us sending them up the value at right, that’s the whole point of an actual value it, right?

So hopefully that makes sense to you guys. Let me go had a whip on my screen here, and get to get this out of the way to right, awesome, so you guys get it that you guys understand as far as value out of approach can we drop a five in the “cheveley quick somebody said You deduct the listing.

Now, when you do so, you do you package that and you do a quick up so… And what we’ll do, guys, if you guys have questions, hang tight until the end, I’ll stay out here for another half hour, so if needed and I’ll answer every single one of you guys as questions. Okay, so guys have any questions, I really, really want you to stay until the end. Once again, my goal here today is to serve you guys and to give you all this information, to feed you guys as much information as much gold, a “Megas possible before get before you end up off this webinar, and if you’re for some reason, stuck or if you’re unsure of something, hold that question. And at the end, at the very very end we’ll do a Q and A. I’ll answer all of your questions. Or gay guys. So I hang tight.

So let’s go over our core offerings. Okay, now the beginning of our agency I’m talking about 209-10-11-12. the first couple of years, we had zero core offerings. I was literally a hole of digital marketing services, I would literally sell anything I could to make a… But it was horrible. Okay, and what I realized was happening was and all of these products that I sold, they were always using quick bucks every time we saw the product had to create a new product, and quick bus will be able to track that at the end of the ripple how much money we made on specific products and services, what would happen was, at the end of the year I pull up a Penman I have literally a list of 100 services.

And what I realized was 99% of those services was under a couple of thousand dollars in my 1% of the services, which is all my recurring services which is our core offerings was literally the rest of the revenue.

Anybody here or like the 80-20 rule is kinda similar to that, with these services. Anybody you ever heard that for the chat real quick, just wanna know, curious for the chat. Okay, so you guys… Awesome, cool, let’s continue.

So what I realized was after the 10 years of going out and offering all these services and being the word that I was offering these services, she’s my legal… Just got to be real. So you guys can understand how important it is not to be that… What we decided to do was start offering our core offers, which is Facebook ads, Google it so, so content marketing directory listings, website design and funnel building and social media posting, these were literally the core AI services that we would offer. If somebody asks us to do something, we would literally say, No, we don’t do that, we don’t offer those services, okay, it’s somebody asked to do something.

I know this is really hard for you guys take it.

We do not offer those services, we can help you, unfortunately, it’s not a service that we offer. Okay, turn down business because I’m gonna tell you some of the guys as you start scaling up your agency, if you are literally taking in every service, especially when you have a team, guess on if you’re not doing the work with the help thing is gonna do the work, you have to train all these people to start doing all these different services. And all the systems and ops and all of your structures that you’re building and templates that you’re building, like none of them will ever work because you’re just injecting shit it’s not supposed to be in there in your core offer. Okay, so get creative. What we did first of you guys, I told you guys I would do this for every one of these slides.

These were our top-selling services right here.

Okay, top selling services right here, okay.

In fact, SEL was probably about 60% of our revenue maybe, somewhere around that 50-60% of our revenue is a big chunk of our revenue. Okay, because X is also not only a great offer, but it’s also something that’s scalable.

Okay, and it’s also something that takes time, so the client would stay on longer right?

So we would be able to stack revenue, does that make sense? And then, obviously, website design when we would go with an instant site and what we did a lot of the times, and this is where you can get creative with your core offers, is you can create bundle, offers, right?

You can, Tom. So, Director is in social media and a website and as an example, you can charge them 500 bucks a month. I’m just giving you an example. Okay, so you start getting creative and start bundling your services that that funnel that we would ever do was literally a con website design, we would charge 6-994, that was one of our hotels we would sell So and an intact we’d give them a free website they would pay 49 bucks a month for the website if they wanted that, but if not, we would also part together. That’s a… You got the website for free, you don’t have to pay anything monthly no set up fee just 699 a month, bring. We put them on a contract, but I’m on six month contract. Does that make sense, one of the children, if that makes any sense?

One of the shots.

So these are the core services, so make sure in your agency you guys have core services that you don’t have core services and you’re offering everything literally that you can possibly offer possibly do within your arsenal. It’s not a good idea.

Another thing very important and I’ll throw it out here too.Game-changing for me, make sure the shit in your off for me is recurring.

Make sure that you are selling recurring services very, very important. The only time that we don’t sell recurring services if it’s stuff like this, like website design or funnel building right we have to literally build the website, the centric to re-build a funnel to send traffic to it. Okay, makes you… You only selling recurring services. Let’s keep going.

Alright, let’s talk about sales team structure Okay, literally in sales, there’s two main elements that you really need to focus on. And in fact, for most of you guys who dropped the one in the chat, earlier when I asked you if you were struggling a drop and want to do struggle with prospecting will prospecting is a front that’s what… You need fathers, to go out and actually do the prospecting and your photos come because they can be people on your team that can be literally anybody.

Okay, so what I really want you guys to focus on is, it’s not a crazy structure. Here is two people.

It’s a front or an A closer, the front or as a person who goes out and does all the scheduling for close the closer jumps on and actually closes the deals.

Okay, very simple structure.

Alright, let’s keep going. Our communication pass to actually sell.

There’s only so many ways that you can communicate with somebody to make that sale enter in the sales process, right?

You can even do a Zoom call and share your screen, you can do a phone code, you can do an in-person event, okay? For us, if we’re not selling too much of a technical service most of the time we’re doing a phone call really quick, it’s ‘the easiest way to get somebody on the line quick. Everybody’s got a phone. Most of the people, a lot of times don’t have Zoom. So if you’re doing like I understand that your son like a 200 or 3000-port, I wanna do a Zoom call to share your screen at the whole presentation. Set up, cool. If you’re doing a quick call trying to sell a small end service, you just don’t need to do that, you don’t need to share your screen right if you’re in person and wanna do that, you don’t recommend doing it so much if you’re really trying to scale ’cause you’re limited in the amount of driving distances and meeting people, stuff like that.

Phone calls to literally the easiest thing that you can do. Okay, let’s get going.

Tantra terms as we get this question asked so many times to us, what is the best contract offers that you guys offer?

So we would literally 12 on six months, three months, or no contract, which is a month, a month. Okay, now, guys, when we were selling contracts sweet spot for this is six months, the sweet spot ever… Is six months. We’ve tried year to do 12 month contracts. It’s really hard, okay, it’s really hard to get somebody to sign up for you.

Okay, three-month contracts, sometimes, especially for SEO and services like that, it’s just not enough time to be able to go out and get them the results that they’re looking for, right?

We found that six months was a sweet enough spot for that and then after that, what we did was when we started doing incites and stuff like that, we would also do no contract now if you’re a result-driven, company, okay, and you’re actually getting results for your clients and you can do things like no contract because if you’re giving good results, then they’ll stay with you. Can I get a name in in the chat? Can I get the man in the chat right so that’s really what you wanna focus on. Okay, now it’s so much easier to sign people up when you’re doing monthly month… A month if you are going to do month a month highly, highly, highly recommended that you put them on recurring okay, you don’t send them an invoice every month, and try to collect it’s a recurring service, and you build them every single month, Okay, they gotta build it. Just like any one of your recurring service that you sign up for your cell phone, your internet bill, whatever it is that you have that’s recurring gay car payments, mortgage is all it. Good stuff, yeah.

Let’s get going.

Our monthly price offerings, we want to see that it wasn’t… See, our monthly price offering. Say yes in the chat.

Also a good this what… No secret here.

We follow our value, our 49 a month, 199 a month, 399 a month, 699 a 99 month.

What happened is, and you start off here on the 49 a month in, okay, and then he slowly start escalating people.

Now, I can tell you from experience, from doing this with thousands of customers, the sweet spot that you eventually get to is 699. that’s where a lot of you guys should be. That’s where your goal, your KPI is What is the average monthly value, what is the average recurring revenue that I can get on a per customer basis okay, you should really be focusing and gearing towards 699 per month.

It’s the sweet spot for a customer it’s not too high, where they think about cancelling your services, it’s not too low where you don’t have you’re not getting enough revenue to actually give a really good services or good, or really good like marketing style, legend services and stuff, stuff like that, right?

Six, nine, 09.That was a super sweet spot. And I’m saying that because what are we used to sell low was to sell SEO and an inside for 6-9-9 month that was our top-selling okay, if you go to start packaging that or you go up, the value at right, and eventually most people, most people will stop after sea, not everybody will wanna do paid advertising because paid advertising a super expensive thing about it.

Somebody comes in and they wanna buy. thank but you as me. Well, you gotta care, you out. Lease 000. but a month of our Facebook ads and then you got a charge out last another thousand bucks just for ad spend, right? And then you gotta charge you another 500 bucks or 1000 Buss for a set fee. So, they’re in the whole 3K and then you even start campaign in right?

So that’s why it’s so much easier to think about ways crafty ways that you can figure out how to get people in really, really quickly and start sending them up. The value later works perfectly for it. Okay guys, let’s keep going.

Alright, so we talked about prospecting when you talked about sales. Now we’re on talking about the death of most agencies with Willow of… You guys are also failing is when you get to this point is fulfillment. Now keep in mind, most of you guys probably don’t even have any orders to fulfill because you haven’t knocked over the prospect in Domino yet, right?

If you don’t knock over the prospect and domino well then you can’t sell anything, and then you can’t do any fulfillment.

Okay, does that make sense to you guys? Number five, in the Chanel quick, if that is making sense of everything so far is super clear and I just wanna throw something out there, that the user interface of this slide deck is fucking five, okay? Your bones had to design some shit. And just saying, “Can I get a five on the chapter that just sing? Okay, so I… Let’s keep going.

The film met.

Okay, well, what is fulfillment? I found this quote online and I was actually amazed when reading it. Okay, and I really want you guys to focus on this. Okay, fulfillment everybody you see if you guys are in Facebook groups in your own Facebook and you’re in the industry of marketing, right?

Think about fulfillment, okay?

People always drop that work the filament to fill it a filament fulfillment… Fulfillment right everybody’s always saying, fulfillment white label fulfillment. I need a fulfillment person to do this. Well, let’s talk about what is fulfillment. ’cause at the end of the day, you are selling fulfillment to your clients.

Okay, so check it’s not really quick.

It is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. It’s also the completion of something like the fulfillment of a promise. This word has two related meetings. People often feel fulfillment when something is completed whether it’s a go or a dream or a repair work that you’ve been waiting on, right?

That is actually what fulfillment is.

So if you strip everything and you go down to the studs okay, and you look at this, well this is really what fulfillment actually is this is right here, this is what you’re selling, you are literally selling somebody the feeling of happiness you’re selling somebody the feeling of satisfaction.

Okay, now if that happiness needle, the bigger that that happens on the bigger that that satisfaction needle is the higher and the more that you can charge for your services, okay, when somebody feels like something is completed okay, does that make sense to you guys? Three chatty just wanna make sure that everybody understands that, that really… That’s super in-depth. And I want you guys to really think about that inside of your brain really quick. I really take a step back for one second and forget about digital marketing services forget about business in general. Think about the feeling of fulfillment right?

Why am I stressing on this so much? Well, when you’re selling services what makes people happy, what makes them feel satisfaction?


Well, think about a business, or I think about you as a business owner, what makes you happy, in your business?

Right, generated a lead you get so happy you you generate a new leak, you made a new sale, you’re still tested, you sign a contract for 100 months, a month, you’re fucking jumping in your room off the walls, you’re so happy, right?

These things in life, these are the things that make you feel that happiness a satisfaction in business, obviously, the feeling of happiness and satisfaction in real life, where it’s not business in your personal life, those are different things, right?

But in business, as a business owner, when we make sales we’re ability, the ability for us, it’s to grow our team now, right when we go out, okay and we get more leads, we’re able to fill up that sales pipeline for our sales reps and they’re able to make more money and feed their filing is a business owner.

I get so happy when I see not only myself in, but my team on it.

Why do we all grow together as a company? That is the most fulfilling thing for me as a CEO. The company, right?

So in order for me to get that feeling if I’m hiring somebody, if I’m paying somebody to use those services or software whatever it is I need to physically in-depth in my heart, I need to feel that fulfillment. Okay, so I hope that that really resonates with you guys and that really helps you guys during not only your sales process, but when you’re fulfilling make sure to have that in the back of your mind. How are you fulfilling for your customers, how are you making them happy, right? What does that dopamine that you’re giving your customers either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? That’s getting them to continuously use your services, and stay with you forever.

Okay, so hopefully that makes sense now, guys, let’s go through another quick chat analogy really quick drum roll, points.

We can Lindon in the chat from everybody. Drum roll please. Not that Dr. row please.

I guys… So right now this is how most agencies operate.

Okay, you’ve heard of it. It’s the damn hamster wheel, everybody gets stuck in it. I was sucking the hamster will for years, okay, what happens is you’re running, you’re running, you’re running as fast as you can, literally, you’re just getting no where your attorney, okay, what happens?

The result of getting stuck in a Hamster wheel, there is, is what the result is, it’s you running as fast as you can and falling straight on your fucking face.

Okay, so I want everybody to understand what happens when you get stuck in a Hamster will literally this is the case, okay, and this is the effect of what’s happening now. Those guys with the green shirts those might be your buddies that are running agencies okay, who are literally killing it? They’re getting clients, okay, and they’re just running passing and you’re the guy in the back if you feel like you’re stuck in the Hamra. And guys, I was sucking the anterior years I was… That Andy in the back falling straight on my face.

Okay, does everybody understand like it’s happening right now in the agency space?

Okay, does everybody get this? Can we drop an LOL in the chat if you guys are understanding this really quick analogy, Okay, I need to make sure that you guys are really on point with this day. It a lot of you guys in a… So let’s go over now the top top health out tiny top reason why most agencies fit.

Okay, and these are the things that you do not want to do.

Most agencies fail because they cannot get results of their client, okay, most agents is filled because they make false promises to their customers most agencies failed because they have zero transparency with their customers.

Well, most agencies failed because it zero client communication they felt because they have a… Doing your self-approach when you just wanna be the marketing event while let the customer to do everything themselves, right?

Most an 2 sales because they set impossible expectations from the get-go, before the services have even started or have been sold to.

Most agencies fail because they have zero knowledge of the services that they’re freaking selling and us much, much, much, much, much, much more… Okay, we can go on for DES here, okay?

What I see happening in the industry okay and once again, you’re speaking to somebody who literally speaks to thousands of ages, the owners.

So literally, I’m taking in all that data and I’m just telling you guys like high-level 10000 foot of what’s happening, okay, setting impossible expectations and probably secondly can get results, but setting imposition is the number one reason why most agencies are failing right now.

Okay, because they are going in and they’re making possible expectations, they’re making false promises, and then they’re going… And they can’t get the results for the card is a whole bunch of jargon, right?

That happens with this literally right here.

Okay, so let me show you guys. Our fulfillment retention. Mother measures, this is the stuff that we do, okay, to make sure that we retain the clients, for the longest amount possible here’s some secret soft for you guys get ready screen shot, and you guys are ready for this drop-in on the chat really quick.

“Jop an AS in the child can’t give you the secrets.

The secret cells is. This is like getting that Barbados saw. So Wendy, this is a secret sauce okay, don’t even know if it’s that secret. Maybe that wasn’t a given log, but just drop a dam sing a chat, and I hook you guys up in some craziness.

Now, once again, and I made a statement at the beginning, Okay, I literally told you guys. So this is going to the most simplistic webinar that you’re gonna want for me.

Not confusing it all day, but I really want you guys to focus on what I’m saying and what I’m about to list here, ’cause if you can do these things you will literally had an agency that you can scale.

Okay, so what you have to be a result you have to offer results-based services, you have to offer stuff that you can actually fulfill and get results for. That’s number one, okay Number two, doing weekly phone calls with your customers, with updates on things that are happening inside of their account, okay, can be small stuff that can be a one-minute phone call. Hey, just wanna let you know, and we make some changes to your Facebook guys, and now we’re running some split tests and some offers into all check acute next week.

Not to me, a phone call sent him an email fire or something off weekly touch points. Okay, transparent reporting dashboard. When we launched DAS place, Okay, everything went through the roof. Especially for a retail agencies and taught one body inside of ashes as well.

Is the needle. People like transparency, people or noise they wanna know what’s going on all the time, Okay, they wanna know what’s going on with the money they’re spending where it’s going, especially if you’re running PPC campaigns, for God’s sake, great.

We need to know these things.

The transparent reporting dashboard is the-ish. Okay super important. Okay, “Monthly over… He reports at the end of Monsanto, a report Hey, this is what happened in the last 30 days, okay, this is what happened in last 30 days. You can see a quick overview.

They working together with your client, instead of making them do all the show on their own trying to figure everything out right work together with your client setting proper expectations from the get. This is even done before the sale. Guys, this is all pre-sales stuff, this is stuff that you need to train your sales reps on or yourself, yourself if you’re the ones selling set proper expectations okay, and you can literally tell somebody to their face. Hey, I’m going to get you leads on it’s gonna Casey 25 a lead. And not just what the industry standard is so take it or leave it.

Okay, because, guys, when you go in there and you start your campaign for the first 300 days, and you start generating the leads for 300 a lead, you’re not that far off, and then when you optimize it, Okay, two weeks later and now it drops to 25 a lead. They’re happy because that was the expectation that you set with them, at a time. And then what happens is a month later, well, that drops down to 20 leave and 15 O’ LE. And all of his side, you’re getting lead for like 8 a lead, but you told this guy 25 when you started, he is sitting in his pains with happiness right now, right, and we call that a sharp right?

So I want you to understand the importance of setting proper expectations.

Okay, let’s continue building trust, super, super important, super important trust comes with being transparent, building report comes up, being transparent, okay, I send proper expectations. Once again, is the number one thing here, the number one most important thing that you can do.

Okay, so guys, this is literally the three simple agency frameworks, it’s prospecting IT sales and situate. You can follow these three simple frameworks you’ll be able to create a wildly profit marketing ANC that creates predictable revenue and growth. Literally, just like I… Okay, once you can perfect these three things, if you can perfect the prospecting the needle will start moving here for you.

You drop that domino over Okay, once you can start making sales from all the prospects. He generated bank, the domino falls over and out of the fulfillment side once you can fulfill orders for your client’s bank.

You literally got a win-win solution.

Okay, so guys, as promised at the beginning and guys hang to really create a on a bunch of… You guys have a lot of questions.

Hi, I’m gonna do Q and A year, just like literally five minutes as she’s gonna ask me in drill me away with any questions that you guys have, but I wanna make you guys a really special offer because as I told you guys this was a one-hour webinar. I can’t literally live my whole 10-year life in just one hour and show you guys everything that happened.

So let me go not really quick.

So guys, I want you to drop a number three in the chip a little really quick if you guys are ready, for the special offer.

Okay, job number three in the chat in hell. Yeah, it’s really special. Okay, because you still don’t know what it is.

Okay, that’s how special it is. I came and tell you what it is yet. Okay, but I promise you something.

Okay, so I wanna make sure if you guys are on the same page three, three in the chat, somebody said, “How special super special, okay, this is an offer that we are literally we’ve had actually stored for probably about four months now, and we have not released to the public okay and we will probably not keep it a lot forever. It might stay open for literally a couple of days, maybe short-date less on the week, something like that, and then we’re gonna throw back in the vault. Okay, so I wanna do a quick group exercise before we go into it this to make sure we’re on the same page, Okay, can everybody drop a number five in the chat if you currently fall into any one of these categories, then I list below. And for those of you guys who drove the number five, I haven’t even said anything so thank you for taking advantage and being a leader. I think you Dalmatian Adam require congratulations, I love you guys.

Now the rest of you guys wanna drop by you guys are awesome.

But now with a honestly, okay, we got it five in, say, Yeah… No, you guys are killing me.

So I’m gonna start listing stuff out. “laswell drop a number five, I want you guys to see the struggles of everybody else in the positives, for everybody else. Okay, so let’s go through this relic job, number five, if you can generate enough leads, to keep the needle moving forward and to fill up my “pirin daily drop 85 in the chat, if that is an issue that you’re having.

Got drop-in Marin, the chat. If I can’t close at least two new deals per week, whether it’s small or large price tag, drop a number five in the chat really quick.

Okay, drop a number five in the chat. If I can’t keep clients for more than three months before they cancel services and stop paying my monthly fee.

So at number five and that’s “you drop it number 5 on the chat. If I can’t figure out how to consistently and predictably grow my agency with enough pain clients to call it a real business drop a five in the damn chat come on. People don’t play yourself, and you don’t drop up at five and any of these get you in the heart and you’re just lying to yourself and it’s a sad thing to do, don’t like yourself uncomfortable okay, truly the child, it you Kent hire or build the team. Because, I don’t know, I don’t have enough revenue coming in every month to pay them not even enough for a freaking VA. assistant. Trouble fine Dan chat if that’s you that drop a five in the chat. If I cannot see a future with precise clarity on what needs to be done in or a scale, a seven-figure marketing agency drop 85 in the dam Chapel is that is a category that you fall into a fire on the chip.

A lot of you guys.

Okay, I wanna do one more thing real quick here ’cause it’s gonna be on the opposite side, right? Opposite side here we go, another group exercise to start dropping seven. Yet he tried.

I want you guys to drop a seven in the chat. And do you think the following can have a massive impact on your agency? And I’m talking about massive… Okay, so any one of these things, a list on here, drop a number 7 of anything to get your heart care and you literally think that by having this you’ll have a massive impact on the Regency okay?

Being able to wake up every morning now that your calendars full of new qualified prospects waiting to speak with you for help on how to grow their business even in the chat, if you think that that will help make a massive impact on your agency, even in the chat being able to consistently close at least two deals per week, and is sending them up a strategic value later that’s proven to work.

Drop a number seven in the chat seven of the chi.

Having the ability to keep clients for years versus a couple of short months which allows you to stack, revenue and skyrocket your agency.

Seven in the damn cat.

Creating enough income to grow a real business, which encompasses high-valued assets and value in the marketplace.

Even in the chat, having the ability to hire and build a team not only to grow your business, but the most important thing you guys to help the economy by providing stable jobs to the workforce. You have no idea what type of feeling that is to know that your team is able to actually feed their families, it’s the number one thing, one of the main reasons why I’m in business. Okay, drop us even in the chat. If you feel the same way, and if you would like to do that and become a leader, okay, having precise clarity on the services you’re offering how to sell them and how to scale them. And I’m not talking about selling one service for a 0000 bucks a month. I’m talking about doing 100 months, I’m talking about doing a quarter million dollars a month in sales.

Drop a seven on the child. Do you think that that’s gonna massively impact your agency?

Yeah, I think we’ve got a lot of numbers in the chat here, I think we’re on the same page.

Okay, let’s continue okay?

Who is ready to build a life-changing marketing agency in just one day say yes in the chat. What is literally your whole life to change in one day? And when I mean life changing, it’s not that your physical life is gonna change them that one day it’s the Clary it’s everything that you’re gonna have with the way that you able to see things right? And then you’re able to see business is not being… Oh, I’m a marketing agents. And you’re running or on telling your friends at your marketing agency?

Okay, I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about becoming a real life business owner and an entrepreneur and actually growing a team in building a real business in just one day knowing how to do that.

Okay, say yes in the chat.

One more time everybody. I do Y, yes, in the chat.

And then I’ll show you guys some special-ness I might release some special sauces. On you people. I’m not talking about those sales other people.

Okay, cool, we’re gonna pull some shit out of the Volt today here, ladies and gentlemen, guys, when I love to give you guys, you’re gonna take advantage of the best agency training on the planet, connected with the war-Winning Marketing Services and a full white label Fulfillment Services.

Okay, this is something where you guys have seen us do back in the days, couple of months ago, okay, but it went away, it went away forever, and it ain’t coming back.

But we decided to take that experience, that amazing experience that so many people had and deliver to you guys in an online training.

I welcome to you guys, the day for those of you guys who couldn’t spend the thousands of dollars that it costs to buy tickets to come to our office for those of you guys who couldn’t spend the thousands of dollars on what it actually costs to go out and buy a plane ticket and get hotels and airfare and food and travels those… You guys are probably on average cost about maybe three to four grand just to make the trip to have this experience who has ever heard of data. Can you drop a number three, and the chat from a really quick… Who’s ever heard of dash day?

Yeah, guys, I wanna do something really quickly. This is like a two or three-minute video, I wanna play this really quick, so you can see the experience of what happened at dash clicks. And then I’m gonna give you guys an offer that you can’t refuse is that okay with you guys is present two in the child, really click doing the chop do with the job.

Oh, let’s go a really quick, I’m on you, on the colony in a way in Isilon, to really learn as I… Anna about scalability, have been implemented a team, more importantly an outsource team.

I anointed one a one, one a one.

We have a office and social predominate is Jason Stevens, and I ran wild “Coletti was Mark Elton and I own a software company called hot prospect ion “televote was social deserting all shown Hill and old warriors marketing plan, my own a content marketing agency friars from clean with gross 10 media.

I’m great, I really have on my name, I think, is home rascal in all my expectations that actually exceeded it. I was struck by the forensic of Chad and Angel and they offered a lot of value just having the experience in the discus environment really helped break down those nerves for me and having a group environment, of college was I think something that help me. Turn coin is a little nerve-racking. I’m never got called before actually. I’ve had people coping for me and stuff, but that was full, is nice to break. The ice is definitely a different feel for that side of the business has seen the operations from a different perspective, can see the opportunity to re-think the… We decide. Am I doing things the way they gonna be most profitable or are there some things that I can make? And I like I done the baseball that got, I guess take away was the clarity of what to implement in here. I just see a real scale it and everything is so clear and understandable, it’s amazing how much you can actually get on and learn and understand. Within one day I know I was gonna expect a lot of growth and I was expecting to try and learn from the process and stuff is by… He’s pretty new.

What I received was exponential compared to what I expected.

No, I did not expect a 10% and what I received, I think the biggest one was selling without giving away something for free on the front end, and you’re really kinda giving them value instead of selling to them. That’s huge, to get a ball rolling.

So, can team are just incredible. They’re pretty much sharing all their secrets from being everything they’re really giving you a system and putting in place up, you’re buying it in person. ’cause something that work on any digital marketing is social media marketing, agency new business owners, all of you. So set in finale, paid out on the tape hardwoods prevention at this state, which can take you today is no reason you can’t see it’s just your mindset but… So this is definitely not your next step. Most importantly, you’re gonna give the opportunity to take Agile you’re on at the event line. So, I highly read them in that we ate as quickly as possible.

Now guys, for most of you guys obviously we’re not doing the live event anymore, okay, we have literally taking… We professionally recorded all of the actual footage in 4K and we are now releasing it to the public.

Okay, and this guys will literally be the last course you’ll ever need to scale your agency in 2020. a dam was built literally specific for you the agents in or whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re in the process of scaling, okay, it’s 14. super, super structured lessons. 10 hours of footage and five bonuses. It’s consumable content that you can literally take and finish in one day.

Okay, so these people that came to dating, they literally flew out all the way to our Fort Lauderdale, Florida Office, they spend thousands of dollars between tickets and airfare and hotels okay, and they came here and literally had the day of their life. The attendees love it. So much… Guys are literally flooded with testimonials of people who were at the event on our YouTube channel, people that spend the 40-5000 to fly out and read people that came from all over the world, people that came from the UK, we have people that came from Brazil, we have people that are… They came from all over the country to sit right here. This is our headquarters, and for later to Florida to take this exclusive training.

Now, one thing I want you guys to know we have released a couple of trainings in the past, nothing that we have released in the past was trained in data, okay, these are trainings that literally have been in the Volt for a long time, and were only available to the three days that we did which all three days were sold out and we still get inquire… Is every single day, on when the next says gonna be okay. People are saying that it’s an absolute game changer for my agency. People are saying that completely changed my perspective on business. The whole goal of Dada was to get you out of the freelancer mindset, and show you the ins and out of you. What it takes to run a real business, which is a marketing agency there, is no other training in the world like this, that’s accompanied with not only our softwares we have our education. Or literally strategies or are are literally everything that you can imagine.

Okay guys, anybody excited so far for this? Can we get a three on the hot three in the job? Really quick, three, in the job for something crazy.

Awesome, so I wanna go over really quick. What is… What has she includes? Okay, so these are all of the different trainings that you’re gonna learn ’cause you’re probably wondering. Well, hey, if I get this course or what am I gonna learn right I’m gonna teach you the unavoidable walking. Okay, so you’ve seen me do very similar walk-in approaches, not only am I gonna show you guys literally my exact walk, and approach, I’m gonna demo it for you guys, okay? And I literally give you this step-by-subscript on what you need to do to walk into any business is to sell them to do marketing services. This was the first thing that I did in my agency that allowed you to sell hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in digital marketing services. Okay, now we had angel that came on and did the irresistible email. Okay, we’re gonna show you guys exactly how to master the mass emailing game to fill up your pipeline every single day with new leads, who are interested in the services that you’re offering. Okay, we’re gonna show you the software is, we’re gonna show you how to set up the softwares and literally everything is shown to you like it’s a full bowl, recording of dash day, it’s in a four and it’s like watching a webinar for 10 hours, okay and it’s amazing, it’s all golden content.

Okay, then they’re not… So co-call.

I’m gonna show you guys literally how to pick up the phone and literally prospect using co-call and techniques, so where it’s not an actual co-call, it’s a freaking hot calling every call is a hot call. Okay, now we’re gonna show you guys a simple crest of Rhys. The way that we set up, or see on the CRMS, that we use the tools, so at Connect To literally everything that you need to know to set up a CRM system professionally okay then we’re gonna talk about mindset, for sales, all things like We’re butts and objections of all the things that you get. “harith I’m a daily on a daily, in a daily way where you literally to just overcome and run past it. Okay, that we’re gonna do the Le proof follow-up sequence is we’re gonna show you because who’s ever heard of moneys in the follow-up drive a fight in the chat.

It’s so true, okay, you never do one call close it’s almost impossible okay, it happens, but it’s very rap.

So we’re gonna show you guys the processes that we used to for follow-up, we’re gonna give you guys the scripts that we use for follow-ups or a you guys. The systems, the tools of softwares that we used to automate the follow-ups or literally shot guys at to do all of that from a, Okay now works. So you guys had to go from my favorite title. You’re saying go from zero to 100 real quick, okay, and this is for me was my call center dates.

I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to set up the call center okay?

What tools and softwares to use?

I’m gonna give you all of my sweat files, my disposition list. For those of you guys remember use a culture now important that is…

I’m going to literally give you everything that I used.

There are my calender commission structures like I’m talking about crazy stuff. On top of that, I also give you my actual call center that I use… That you can go out and use. Who’s ready to handle anybody that’s coming in, right?

Okay, which is in the Philippines now we’re gonna give you guys a sure-fire value later. So I’m gonna show you guys go for those he gets… You saw the value out of here I’m gonna go over it in way more in-depth. I machines, exactly each step and how we do each specific step to bring somebody up. The villa okay, I’m gonna show you guys how to do the guiding of the purchase, which is actually some of these are actually done by Angel Records which is amazing, man. If the data together for all these people age is gonna show you literal this step-by-step-by-step strategy. He uses where when he get somebody on the phone call, how He guides them to say yes on the purchase itself. Okay, how many people would like to jump on a phone call, a prospect? There’s not only interested, but actually buy your shit at the… And having a literally a map-quest a navigation of how to actually do that drop at three in the chat really quick. If that’s something that you maybe would like right?

Okay, awesome.

Then I’m gonna show you guys how to red carpet experience. Well, where once a client signs up, now you’re in the fulfillment stage guy, by the way, this whole course was built off of the three frameworks. Okay, it’s prospecting its sales and it’s fulfillment that’s what we teach in this course and a master. Those three things okay and we go in depth and super technical with you guys. So red can experience what happens. We’re after somebody signed up, how do you deliver that red carpet experience with how do you get them to actually buy from you?

Okay, not only once, but multiple times, you can start stacking right then, telephone. We played an awesome game where we had a bunch of the people were initially… You can see how other people co-call, and what their objections are, and rebuttals, and cheating and all that good sectoral see that life.

And then what we did was a DAS print. This was incredible. Every single person, every person that was in every one of our dash dash date events actually left the event with physical leads in their pipeline of people who are interested in their services.

I’m talking about people who got within 20 or 30 minutes of doing this. Got literally five leads, booked on their calendar okay?

Having because we literally within like 30 minutes would like Five book. The leads a book plant of people are interested in your calender jump aside in the chat from really quick, if you think that that would be a somewhat of use to you, right within 30 minutes to generate five qualified leads, right?

That what I did is a closing presentation where we literally show you and go over the brain power of the difference, literally between a six finger agency and a seven-figure agency, and how the derail is a differentiator.

Nation or whatever help is called the actual… What the difference is between that how it’s so important work when you’re at six figures, it’s one thing with… You’re not seven figures a home of the world, okay and I’ve been in both, and it’s telling as from experience. Okay, so I just was… She got some quick screenshots of some students that are winning literally after completing the dash day.

So these are just a handful of students that have taken this training and are using these exact methods. Literally today, right now that actually went…

Okay, so here’s a 100-97 payment for listings and management, Okay, 200-100-44. okay, payment Stripe 90 month. 909 activation fee and hosting 450. it’s not a huge sale but it’s my first sale. Someone to close your first sales 250 bucks, and I’ll get that feeling is okay.

Next one, 4097 strike payment that 97 strike, pay me 300 a month contracts, three months minimum line of those guys…

50-00-94 monthly strike payment 1100 money in the bank.

Okay, 500 a month, ’cause 500 set up fees, 500 a month, that’s probably in Stacie 2000.Okay, look at this listening is, and a bunch of other things.

597 bucks, 997 guys this goes on for days, 3-15-00, on a three-month trial at 1000 a month to Aspen on a paid trial. But you know that does that, right?

248-2700 bucks. I remember this one, this was actually selling an instance for 1500, an SEO 2500 BOS of this guys just did a six months at 700 bucks a month for so basic.

Okay, Lia this came from Facebook, 4k a month guys, this stuff, happens every day. Okay, so I wanna give you guys the deal of a lifetime, we’re gonna give you guys 50%. And this is a limited time offer, this is a flash sale, it’s gonna be going on most likely for the next day or two. Okay, now I want you to keep in mind that the people who came to the life of that spent upwards of like four or five grain just to get here.

Okay, we’re gonna give you guys the entire event recorded professionally in four all available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices to our new education center. Okay, completely structured with all the swipe files that you need to go along with everything for 997, okay.

And once we decide to launch this to the public, it’s gonna be 10-997 retail price.

So guys, for right now, you literally are going to get instant access from 9097 bucks.

Hey, you’re gonna get instant access to all of the recordings. The bonus is everything. Watching it from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. If you guys want this right now, this offers available literally, right now, if you go to join day dot com, you can literally pick this up right here right now, this is gonna be available, probably, for the next 24 hours or so, and then we’re gonna rip it out and put it back in the Bolt okay, we did these dash days, months, ago and we’ve been holding on to these trainings, for a special moment.

This is the moment for you guys, for those of you guys who have wanted to come to Dad, that couldn’t make it for those of you guys who wanted to attend the event that couldn’t make it. For those of you guys who wanna grow and scale your agency, not only 6 segues with literally proven processes and softwares and fulfillment services all rolled up into the dash lick ecosystem. This is what you need.

Okay, so it’s 997, it’s a one-time fee, it’s gonna be when we do retail, it and I don’t know if we’re gonna do it, in the next short re-for months, it’s gonna be 1997 retail price.

Okay, so once you do this, you’re also gonna get instant access to all the bonuses for a limited time offer.

So we may… You guys all the swipe files that are included which is prospecting script sales scripts follow-up sequence is email copy, and much more these are literally plug-in place, you can take these and put these back into your industry or put these back into your softwares into our systems that you’re using. Plug and Play literally run with it. A Satan, you can’t.

Okay, now, guys, I wanna show you one thing really quick, in the word is some Q and A after. Okay, I want you guys… How quick you can make your money donate saying our systems literally, Okay, use our systems to just close one deal. You saw all the screen jobs close one deal at a thousand bucks and Cove, the… As to the course. Keep in mind, the course teaches you how to sell also recurring services s-1000, but might be 1200 ANU. Contract. Let me 600 in contract. Whatever it is, it might be monthly. Most of the stuff that you saw were monthly fees for the people that are winning after taking data. Okay, now you just made a 110 on a profit. Let’s say we did an annual contract of one sale, you literally within one sale, Okay, 1000, but cover the cost of the invite course. Okay, and then you can use our scaling system software is everything that we’re gonna give you guys to do this over and over and over and you just keep doing it over and over again.

Okay, so guys, get done day online right now, it’s 50% of okay, and it’s a limited time offer, to fly a 997 instead of 2 which is a retail price or not catato.

Go to Join dash day dot com. You can get access to this right here, right now, it is live.

You can also get access to this by going into your dashboard in the education tab. In your desolate Ashford.

Okay, and then after getting your education tab, can you’ll see dash data is gonna be available for a very limited time offer that will be available at 4 PM-EST will be inside of your dashboard for right now, you just go to… Were just gonna join data dot com okay?

You go get access to everything here, everything get access to again.

Now guys, any questions that you guys have for me pertaining to the webinar or anything in general? I want you guys to go ahead and use this as an option off, stay on for probably the next maybe 15 or 20 minutes or so and I then I’ll try to ask as much as I can.

Why wouldn’t you want to offer why wouldn’t you want to offer again, I didn’t understand that question a.Will you send us a slide? Unfortunately, slides you’re not gonna available, but there will be replays guys, if you wanna watch the replay the replace will be available.

Okay, Oh, Lisa, why don’t you wanna offer Adat again? Like the actual life. Unfortunately, it’s just so much work and it literally takes a lot of time, a lot of preparation to do a live event, it’s just a lot easier to give you guys the same content from the comfort of your own home, and we’re able to offer cheaper. You don’t have to pay for airfare, and all that stuff, does to make safe a lot easier for everybody. Okay, Chris, is there a payment option available? Unfortunate right now, there is no payment option of Vili. one time fee of 997.Anybody else have any questions? Also strategy questions, now is the time to any questions that you guys have go ahead and ask away. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you guys have once again guys, make sure that if you guys are gonna take advantage of this offer 997 just jump in right now to join day dot com in there, we’re gonna give you access to all the software as we use where you one access to literally everything that we have.

What CRM do you recommend? Christopher S. that’s actually something that’s gonna be inside of Dasha. But we do recommend for right now, pipette help you out in any way, shape, or form. I drive a great CRM, but inside of the course we show you how to set the whole thing up with a bunch of Zain, a bunch of automations and crazy stuff, how to set up your old pipeline, your sales pipeline, all of that good stuff. Anybody else?

How does this stuff relate to this market? Not a year to go. First of all, tour, this was only shot like probably like three or four months ago. So this is up-to-date trainings that are literally up-to-date.

Well, too, are using the place that instead of as and that working… Yeah, so… Yeah, so we’re looking for a replacement for that little… And a “witches-free one with templates that could work to what other questions you guys have him? You applet any questions?

What’s the main difference? roundish accelerator in this one. So these trainings are not really taught in dash accelerator in the cellar or that was an event that we did probably about a year ago.

This is from a more recent event. It also goes way more in-depth in my opinion.

It’s just an upgraded of course. So this is probably going to eventually take over the dash accelerator here in the near future. Maybe not now but it could be.

What do you recommend using data with only one which was starting out, or is it multiple niches? We always recommend niche now that’s always kind of been one of our big things because when you niche down you can do a lot of crazy automations you can really focus your sales team is also focused on one specific niche.

So really, those are really the main nine. Why you should Mitch down? There’s also have other cool things that come with itching down to the fact that most of your results might look very similar things like that, so yeah, we definitely recommend itching down Tor and said, “Nice job perfect webinar thank you very much, much appreciated.

What are the questions you guys got hit me guys, any questions that you guys got?

What did you say about the call center is a part of the training as well.

Railing as Yes, 1-00%. We actually have a full training dedicated to just call center, it’s inside of dash data, it’s called going from 0 to 100 real quick, which is essentially taking the co-calling… Skills and literally going through and doing a call center out of it.

We give you the call center, we give you the script for the call center, we show you had to set up the calls there, we show the tool sets for the call center, we literally show you everything that you want, need to know.

Will you be selling the individual packages in batting? No, this is just gonna be sold as a bundle. We’re not gonna be songs separately. Unfortunately, I need to use Discus for Google My Business. Now, a questions as possible to talk with someone life that’s going to do is open up a live chat and possibly schedule a demo from within your dashboard would jump on a call with you.

I still recommend using it and, no, placement no, not yet, I would hold off on that. And we’re gonna probably update that training here in the near future. For example, if somebody wants to wants just contracts or just co-calling… Scripts will you be a… Oh no, unfortunate. We won’t be sending those separately on the Anthony sorry, about that ’cause it just doesn’t make sense ’cause now when we give you “sigelei scripts and stuff like that, a script is cool, but the strategy behind the scripts and connecting it to all the tools and softwares, and all that good stuff that it’s really what makes the script beneficial, it’s the strategy and the explanation of the whole framework behind it, if that makes any sense.

What other questions we got guys hit me with all the questions in the world, and you have at me with all the questions in the world that you have guys, this is available by the way, right now, obviously, you can see my screen, go to join day dot com in 9907 a one-time fee, you get access literally everything right now, paid. I’m a beginner and a one-man show. Do you recommend for prospecting method should I focus on one or more?

What I would recommend doing for prospecting is keep building the fishing post. What you wanna do is build each fishing for and then once you have the fishing call perfect and you move on to the next fishing pole and you build that benefiting fishing pole is a different prospect method, right?

So really, what you wanna do is just keep building all of these prospecting methods, but perfect them, as you keep going on to the other ones automate them with using a software. Human okay, so don’t try to build all of them in one shot, that’s just gonna drive you crazy, do one step at a time.

Okay, hopefully, that makes sense.

I let’s see… Did you ever do sales presentations on June?

We did new sales presentations on to them. Not much of them, to be honest, because they were also so focused on selling on volume and when you’re selling a smaller end product, if we were using the body ladder, so in a smaller end product first and working our way up the value ladder, you really don’t need to do a screen chair, held “molland product.

Hopefully that makes sense, but yeah, Zoom is great. We have used it in the past.

What other questions do we got guys, by the way, was this training how poking a job, the three in the child if the frameworks of what you guys got from the training was helpful.

Does all include an agent who website, John as… Unfortunately, it does not include mainstay, but family bunch of people.

Do you know if sales gene has a filter where I can give you, businesses without a website?

Yes, it does actually, it does have that.

Have you called you to ask, what else we got? Ask away, ask all of the questions that you need. Get ’em all you can, guys. I’m gonna do five more method that I’m gonna jump off or for more mints, four or five more minutes.

What do we got?

Any last final questions before I jump off here any last fond of questions? By the way, a guy’s hole you guys were coming in at super late.

You can just go join that dot com.

We’re offering a day right now at a 50% of limited time offer in 997, we will retail this in the future, for 2k because it’s a very extensive program. Took a lot of money and time for us and develop this product.

Probably tens of thousands of dollars. Ross actually develop this product, it’s got really probably every simple every sin one of these boxes and downloadable documents is a golden nugget in itself and probably as multiple tools and nuggets inside of that.

So hopefully that helps you guys out.

What else do we got?

Two more minutes that time, but jump off two more minutes, guys.

So I said, excellent value awesome work. Do you recommend an online payment system for restaurants?

Sure, I don’t know what online payment system, not sure but sure I don’t recommend, I don’t see why not.

What else do we got?

Anything else anybody wanna drill away?

Hi guys, I’m gonna cut the webinar here.

I think giving you guys tons of value and an awesome offer.

Once again guys, thank you so much for joining us here on this webinar. It’s been pleasant. I wanna make sure that you guys stay safe, stay humble. This whole epidemic. We’re gonna get over it, so that hang in there and take advantage of the offers while you still came for a dash day just go to join say dot com Holly that helps you guys out. I will see you guys inside of the membership area of Dada how to get the guys by.

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